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  1. If it’s an addiction, then it’s a good addiction! I want no cure, I just want more!! Laura, no one can ever get enough Ignazio, right Marie?? Just ask Loretta if she ever gets enough!! 🙂

  2. The boys are magical. Their voices cast a spell and there is no turning back. Oh to be 50+ years younger!!!! 🙂

  3. Yes, I too, would Like to be 50 years younger, Barbara. But Marie, the sign and your comment were right on. But my addiction is worse. I need to get “fixes” every single day! It is Piero that sends me into orbit with that magnificent voice of his. And it doesn’t hurt that he is a very nice looking young man!

    1. I echo your sentiments exactly. Piero captured my heart the first time I saw him on PBS. Looks, voice, smile, the whole package. Being 50 years younger would be just right!

  4. What do you know this stupid icon worked.
    Right Linda I begin my day with looking at Ignazio & listening to him sing & end the day the same, Your right Linda I don’t want a cure I have been hooked ever since I first saw him. I loved him when he was heavier & I am mszmerized by him now, As far as tirning back the years I am still looking for that perfect elixir. I don’t want him marrying anyone else but me.

  5. I LOVE THIS!!!!!!!!! LOL!!!!!! 😀

    I have caught something far worse than all of you, I’m afraid. This March will make it two years since I caught my first crush and two years later, it’s still going strong! I fell hard for Piero’s voice and there’s absolutely no going back for me. His voice just keeps getting better too!! The fact that he is RIDICULOUSLY handsome and adorable doesn’t make it any easier!!!!

  6. Oh, my God, we’ve all got Ignazio fever BAD, don’t we? I love you all! As a side note, I went to Roberto Amade’s Face Book page (he’s the singer that our Ignazio is performing with at the Marsala concert tonight) and told him I liked his music and I sent him good wishes for a nice show. He actually wrote me back and said that he loved my comment and he’s amazed at the love we have all shown for Ignazio and Il Volo and now for HIS music as well. If you haven’t checked him out yet, look him up. He’s on YouTube, too. He’s almost 32 years old and is yet another good-lookin’ Italian, I’m telling you! There’s a LOT of handsome on that stage in Marsala tonight! Oh, how I wish I could be there!

    1. CORRECTION! The concert is TOMORROW night, Feb. 2!! Sorry about that…I always tend to be a day ahead for some reason. All my other comments still apply, though! Love to ya’ll!

  7. Elaine….Where are you when I need you???? We Gianluca lovers have to stick together! Too much Ignazio on this page, even though I love him and Piero, too. But Gian is my first and true love…Don’t care HOW OLD I am!!!

      1. Helen, I am with you. Gianluca,s versatile and uniquely glorious voice gets my heart beating faster. What a precious and good looking young man he is!

  8. Hi Helen, here I am. I was busy reading Gianluca’s tweet! He has quite a few interesting tweets today. He mentioned in one of the tweet that February is the best month and I couldn’t agree more because there is his birthday, valentine day, and my anniversary with him! Oh yes, I have been feverish for almost a year with Il Volo, with my dearest Gianluca in particular. I am hopelessly in love and devoted to you…GG. Who cares about age, I am young…at heart…

  9. Isabel: I listened to Piero singing Where Do I Begin earlier & in my estimation there is not another singer than can sing it like him. Granted I haven’t heard Ignazio or Gianluca sing it but for now he is the best for that song.
    Ruth in my estimation as far as handsome goes Ignazio outshines them all. His smile brightens up my world.

    1. I completely agree Ms. Foley. No one can sing quite like him.I absolutely CANNOT get enough of Piero’s solos!!!! I think his would be the best version of ANY song he EVER sings!!!!! I have to disagree with you though and say the Piero is the most handsome. My comments here might be just a leeeeeeeeeeeetle bit biased……… I wonder why? 😉

  10. In my book they are equally handsome and talented. I love all three but Gianluca’s voice speaks to me the most. Their smiles are the loveliest and sweetest but Gianluca’s simply takes my breath away. They all brighten my day but Gianluca lights up my life!

    1. Elaine and Helen—-Ditto !!! Ditto!!! Ditto !!! I am head over heels in love with Gianluca. GG is so-o-o very, very special in so many ways and I can never get enough of his voice, his beautiful smile and his sweet, kind nature. I must admit that sometimes I feel like I’m 18 again which is not such a bad thing at my age. I loved all the R&R music when I was a teenager and even went to all the R&R shows but never felt this way about any of the singers or groups back then. Took me almost 70 years to become a true groupie !!! My son says ” Ma-a-a-a !!!! they’re too young for you !!! ” and in his second breath he says ” I think it’s great that you’re a groupie at your age ” I agree !!!! Without a doubt I love Ignazio and Piero and all of their voices are truly astounding, but Gianluca will forever hold that special place in my heart.

      1. I hear ya, Joanie! I’m an old rock ‘n roll hippie myself. I never thought I’d be so in love with Il Volo or “operatic pop”! But, it happened, and all I can say is, “I’m SO glad they’re around!” They make me so happy, it’s spooky! My grown daughters think I’m a little nutty, but they should be used to that by now! (I tell them, just because you’re old, doesn’t mean you’re cold!) I love coming here because we can all share our unabashed “impure” thoughts with each other, and it’s so much fun. Life should be fun. And tha’s another reason I love Our Guys… and everybody here!

    2. Thank you, thank you, Elaine…I knew I could count on you to use EXACTLY the right, perfectly lovely words!

  11. If this is Italian “food” then I never want to go on a diet!!
    And a day is not complete without hearing Ignazio sing Il Mare Calmo della Sera–I don’t care he was only 14 when he sang it–it is stiilll my favorite of all favorites. And I would LOVE to hear him sing it now! just thinking about it—-ooooooooh!

    1. Penina, my twin. It’s my very favorite of all songs! Emotion just doesn’t play better than that kid, at that age – OMG! It’s on my desktop for immediate listening!

  12. All of you have it baaad! LOL Isn’t it fun? We passionately adore 3 very remarkable young Italian men. Piero recently tweeted, “You are like my family”. That is how I feel about all of you! And the boys too! Marie do you remember my words after the concert? I could not believe it was over, I needed more Il Volo immediately! Allene, Barbara and Isabel, don’t know what you are going to do, Piero is most definitely mine!!! Sigh! Head to Toe, Inside and Out that is one perfect man.

  13. Lijoy! I remember! We both just stood there after most people left, I suppose we were waiting, just in case it wasn’t really over.

    I also remember you talking about the “back” of Piero!!! Ha!

    1. Marie your memory is impeccable! When Piero took off his jacket in front of me with his back pointed my way. Yeah! Somehow the Flight Crew has to attend a concert together! I’m praying for it to happen!

  14. My favorite Italian meal is fillet of Piero, rare, hot, and spicy, garnished with a sprig of passion and accompanied by sides of “Non Ti Scordar Di Me” and “No Puede Ser” and a glass of sparkling charisma. For dessert a generous portion of “Where Do I Begin?” A L.A. gorgeous and a hot cup of sexy. Aha, delicious and satisfying!! Is it dinnertime yet?

  15. Mary, I would take a two sides, one of Gianluca and one of Ignazio to go with that Piero dinner! 🙂

  16. All of you who have actually heard them LIVE IN CONCERT and have actually MET them are the luckiest people on the planet!!! Maybe if I keep hanging around you, some of your luck will rub off on me……….

    1. Isabel, I have been lucky enough to have seen them in concert, and be assured, it wasn’t enough! I remember just sitting there not believing it was all over! They are all fabulous, and I’m in love with all three, but since we are talking favorites here, I have to reclaim Piero again! Such a handsome young man, and that voice!! P.S. My son is beginning to understand that my heart is big enough for him and them!

    2. I hope so too Isabel! I have seen them in concert once and have not had the pleasure of meeting them either. I am extremely jealous of those who have! Not that I would be able to say anything to them–I am sure I would be completely tongue-tied and speechless.
      That doesn’t mean I don’t hope! 🙂

  17. I have had the great fortune of attending two concerts and, let me tell you, I am still suffering from PCSD !! (Post Concert Stress Disorder). I don’t think it will ever go away because you can never get enough of them. You just want more and more and more !!!!!

  18. Well, girls (!), you simply have outdone yourselves!!! Thank you, all you Gianluca lovers…So glad to know you’re out there in force!

    It’s so much fun to see how cleverly some of you support your favorites,,,,,Mary, filet of Piero, indeed!!! What time is dinner served? Set a place for me. I’ll have Gian gelato for dessert..Cool and yummy!

      1. Penina, Hot sauce on Igazio might be too much for Marie. Haven’t heard yet if she’s coming to the party, but hot sauce will be available for those who want it. You’re coming,too, aren’t you?

      2. Ignazio IS the hot sauce! And yes, I am coming! Wouldn’t miss it for anything!

  19. Mary, I’ve been gone all day. I hope it’s not too late to accept your invitation! I’ll even take some leftover Ignazio. A cold plate of Piero would work too!
    Penina, hit me with some sauce!

    1. Marie, I don’t think Piero is ever “cold”, if you catch my drift, and I’m sure you do! And yes, Ignazio IS the hot sauce! ;-D

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