It’s February ~ Gianluca’s Birthday Month


Let’s kick it off with this Birthday Tribute from Josie, our Brazil Flight Crew ~ “How Gianluca Came to my Life” :


In a sleepless night I was surfing channels and I stopped at RAI that was showing the debut of a talent show (Italia is 4 hours faster than Brazil). Although I do not like this type of program, I stayed watching because it was very well produced, with orchestra and the children amazingly singing those traditional Italian songs that I love (my family is Italian from Venice and Naples).

When Gianluca was called I was blown away with that shy boy and angel face, and when he started singing I was paralyzed listening to that voice so beautiful and special. From there, every Saturday I watched the show and when I went out I recorded to watch later and I forwarded to the point of his presentation only to watch him, so I just watched him over and over.

I think he has enchanted me because of his charisma. I think we elect an idol by their charisma, because there are so many good and beautiful singers, but only one comes to our hearts and takes our breath away and becomes part of our life.

When he joined Il Volo I was disappointed, as he won the contest




I expected him to do a solo career, but now I think he made the right choice, because as solo maybe he would not have all the structure that was given to Il Volo.

I am so proud of him to have reached adulthood with the same charisma and not be afraid to show his true feelings and emotion, and his voice that fascinated me years ago has been changed for the best.



(photo credit : TheILVOLOversMx)


I have not seen him in person yet but he follows me on Twitter.  It was a great emotion because when he read my tweet, liked, retweet, and followed me, it was as if he had seen me and winked to me smiling!

I have thousand of good reasons to love him, but it would be too long…

I confess that I follow Il Volo only because of him, but I have a special affection for Ignazio, he’s a good and funny friend and has a very sweet voice.

Josie Franco


Aww, what a lovely and well written story, Josie!  As one of the biggest fan of Gianluca myself,  I also share many of your feelings toward him but most of all I adore your candidness. Thank you for sharing!


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  1. What a nice story, Josie! All 3 of them captured my heart in equal ways. I just saw a pic of Gianluca getting his makeup on for the show in China. Please tell me….how does makeup improve on PERFECTION?? 🙂

  2. Gianluca is very talented and what a voice he has. I hope you will meet him someday. Thank you for sharing.

  3. I agree with you Josie he blows me away with his impressions of a song he is a true crooner one of the best I have ever heard. He doesn’t have to follow Frank Sinatra or try to sing like him or anyone else he i salready perfection. Don’t think I don’t love the other guys their voices are unequaled also & Ignazio is my precious

    1. Hi Loretta. Yes, he loves Sinatra, but I think he is creating his own style of sing, and all of them are very talented, no doubt of it,

      Many of us have a precious favorite, no problem, after all, they are 3 voices and one soul.

      1. Hi Josie, yes, we all have our favorites. Like you, Gianluca, from the very beginning captured my heart. In person, he is very shy but I think that now, he has come out of his shell. They are all so very handsome, but Gianluca is magnificent. I can’t wait to see them again in person and awaiting their new CD is almost unbearable. Our boy will be 20 in a very short time. He will be out of his teen years in 8 days. He will be a mesmerizing man. I have loved our 3 idols for such a long time. Their music is what makes me happy everyday. I’m 69 years young and feeling younger as I listen to the voices of IL VOLO. My great grandson, Gerhardt, will be 2 yrs old on 2-11-15 , same day of Gianluca’s bday. He knows who the boys are. When he opens my tablet, IL VOLO ‘s pict is my space saver. He smiles and says “VOLO grt. Namma”. It’s the pict of me & my sister during M&G. Gian’s arm around me. UNFORGETABLE. I hope you get to meet them soon.

  4. FYI…can also pre-order newest CD online at Barnes and Noble now. I just did. Cost of CD is $18.94. Express shipping 1-3 days is 2.98. Along with tax …total is 23.64. February…please come quickly!! 🙂

  5. Josie,
    Thanks for sharing such a beautiful story. I think all three have a special place in my heart. Each one has his own special look, silly ways, charismatic and serious sides. <3 <3 <3

  6. A very special 20th Happy Birthday t0 Gianluca and many more to come. Be true to yourself and lead your life with Love and your heart. God will see you through. Also have a Happy Valentines Day <3

  7. Josie, this was so beautiful, I felt every word you wrote it was so touching and well expressed. I especially love the part you said”I think we elect our idol by their charisma because there are so many good and beautiful singers, but only one comes to our hearts and takes our breath away and becomes part of our life” the other day a question was asked to us at Mass “what motivates you to jump our of bed in the morning”. I felt a little guilty because I know who motivates me to jump out of bed in the morning, but I will keep it to myself or I will have Marie down my throat as I have had others ??? I truly love all the boys and I don’t think there will ever be anyone like Il Volo, something like this comes but once in a life time and I am so happyto be witnessing this phenomenon

    1. Hi Deanne, I opened my heart, and is very nice to know that others people have identified with my story.
      But your crush is no longer a secret, is not it Marie?

  8. Josie your story says exactly how you feel and it is lovely. Gianluca also captured my heart when I first saw him on the Detroit PBS special and will forever remain there. I love all three as they are all charming,handsome,talented and extraordinary human beings but I have to admit that Gianluca is my favorite. I hope you have the opportunity to meet him someday. I have and he is everything that you imagine him to be: sweet,kind.affectionate and oh so charming !! You just want to hug him and never let go !!

  9. Josie, I want to thank you again for opening your heart and trusting me with handling your story! Do you know so far there is 41 share of your story on Facebook. Well done! We sure can feel the love…tonight!

    Btw, have a safe trip home guys, we love you!

  10. Josie, like you Gianluca is very dear to me. The beautiful way you describe the effect Gianluca has on you, resembles all what Gianluca means to me as well!
    My wish is also to experience an Il Volo concert, which involves me travelling from South Africa to the USA. But as Gianluca often says “Why not’!

  11. Happy Birthday Gianluca. May you be blessed with many years doing what you love best–singing. You have touched many lives with your beautiful voice. Stay true to yourself and never change. Jeanne Thomas

    1. Happy 29tg Birthday Gianluca. May you have many, many more. God Bless you and your fantastic voice. You all have very unique voices and I listen to them every day. Again have a very Happy Birthday.

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