An Aside for a Saturday Night

You know, all our new contributors are working hard and I have several really nice things of theirs to publish, but I had to stick this in for a moment.

Mary Strickler sent me this video. It is just tooo cute not to share. Hold on for the end it’s waaay precious. It’s not our Boys. It’s 3-year-old Jonathan.

Did they clone Ignazio? (Mary and I have seen him grab a baton or two.)
If so, I’ll take one, please! I’ll take two if there are any extras.

Couldn’t get it to embed, so click here ↓


18 thoughts on “An Aside for a Saturday Night”

  1. Wow theres a conductor in the making, he has all the right moves. He will have to make sure he hangs onto the baton a little tighter & make sure before he starts he blows his nose. In a way he did remind me of Ignazio doing something like that.
    Is this Mary’s grandson if it is then she knows what get him for Christmas & birthdays. Very funny & very cute. Even on the floor he was rolling keeping time to he music

  2. That’s about the cutest and most remarkable thing I’ve seen in a long time!! My nose always starts to itch when both hands get busy, also!! Thanks so much for sharing! Yes, I could see a little of the Ignazio syndrome in him!!

  3. Wow! That little one has talent! He has learned this music and was spot on with his conducting. I think he is amazing. Thanks for sharing this, I really enjoyed watching it.

  4. That was great fun, and he clearly put 100% of himself into it. I do have to wonder what the average conductor does when his nose gets itchy. I wonder what instrument this young child will eventually pick up? Thanks for this Marie and Mary!

  5. This is a priceless video! Couldn’t stop smiling and had to give him a round of laughing applause at the end! Then l went on Youtube and Google and found more. He is from Arizona and has guest conducted all over the US with real symphonies. He now plays violin and piano, studying all three disciplines with master artists, still with this same joy and exuberance but now with a maturity well beyond his years. A precious boy who will “command” our attention for a long time!! Thanks for this!!!

    1. Thanks for the research Carol. I wondered since the video was 2010. Not at all surprised. Some people (not mentioning any Il Volo names) are just born with it in them!!

  6. I am so happy that Jonathan’s video was so enjoyed. I would have believed it was Ignazio when he was 3 years old had I not known better. Ignazio is who I thought of when first saw it because of seeing pictures of him when was a little boy. There are other videos of Jonathan when he was a little older guest conducting for symphonies, as Carol mentioned, and one of him playing the violin. Wonder what he is doing now as an 8 year old.

  7. Wow, Jonathan was feeling the music! I love to see videos of very young kids who show their love of music early in life…not unlike our Il Volo Guys. I’m sharing this video, it’s wonderful! Thanks for posting it…it made me smile, and that’s always a gift!

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