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 Hey Everyone!

You’ve been discussing Pompeii since that night, so I won’t bore you with anymore talk.  Here are some of the pictures and videos…if you haven’t already seen them.

~~ Kelly


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21 thoughts on “Il Volo Professional ~~ PBS Pompeii”

  1. Thank you Kelly, wonderful compliation of the Pompeii Concert… It will be shown on PBS in the Detroit area first…Last night I was wishing that I could fly in just to be able to see it there … But us Il Volovers who do not get the Detroit PBS will have to wait patiently for the Pompeii concert to come to our PBS station in the area in which we live…Kelly, it is nice t have these tidbits to hold us over until then… Good job Kelly, keeping us calm in Il Volo Land…

    1. Does anyone know why they scheduled their U.S. Tour in February, with all the snow and bad weather we had last year?

      1. It goes with the March release of their album. I agree, the weather is risky, but I’m just praying for the best.

  2. Ohhhhhhhhhh… I can hardly wait to hear Piero sing “E lucevan le stelle” one of my most favorite pieces in opera and I am not a big opera fan so you know it has to be good if I know this piece! I have already written to my local PBS station about this concert. So far I got a reply back telling me they were “Looking into this special”. I suggest the rest of you contact your local PBS and strongly urge them to get on the wagon re: IL VOLO in Pompei

      1. Thanks so much! I LOVED Piero’s aria! He is sooo good, he gives me goosebumps!

  3. You and me both, Pirate. When Piero sings an aria, I can almost believe I would like opera. Well, of course I would love any opera that Piero was in. I have called my local PBS station and made my desire to see the Il Volo Pompeii Concert aired when the station has a membersip drive in August. He told me that they have already received some requests for that concert, so I am hoping that a lot more of the Flight Crew will call their local PBS stations.

  4. Snippets, and short videos have been coming in on tonight’s Locarno Switzerland Concert…Now I know that Marie and several others have a Grande Amore for Ignazio so I want to state before making my complaint about him, is that I only have his best interest at heart…

    This man cannot, I repeat, cannot sing Unchained Melody sitting down…From now on Ignazio, you must stand up and sing this great song to us in your own beautiful style… Sitting down you may be singing with all your heart, but your feet are going crazy because they can’t move around the stage as you are singing… After viewing this video several times I have come to the conclusion that Ignazio’s legs and feet have a mind of their own…

  5. Yes Jeannette I agree he has to stand but I would have liked to take control of that camera who was shooting the picture of him singing. I did not want to see the crowd or the orchestra except at the end when I found out what he was doing. Most of the camera was not on him. Its HIM I want to see.

    1. Loretta, that drove me crazy as well… I think we got a full minute of a brown coat, and another minute of the crowd taking pictures of the person we wanted to see, our Ignazio… But at least we got to hear him sing a song we have been wanting him to sing for us for the last two years or more…

    2. Loretta,
      I think sometimes the stage direction could be
      improved upon, I don’t think the Gianluca , Ignazio,
      or Piero do the arrangement. I believe this to be
      an amateur video that’s why it was all over the place.
      Regardless, Ignazio singing this song is magnificent,
      his vocal quality is incredible.

  6. We are so on the same page as always. I love your posts you have a gift for writing & your right I have wanted to hear him sing that song for so long & him crawling on his knees toward the conductor was priceless. Could I possibly have a copy of that by sharing it on your facebook or sending it to me?

  7. Jeanette and Loretta, I agree with all you said. This song is just beautiful for Ignazio. When he hits that high note I just melt. He nails it! I found myself trying to reach into my computer screen and move the camera back ONTO HIM instead of the conductor or crowd. I think certain songs of theirs work well for them sitting, but agree this one needs him to be on his feet. He stands so tall and handsome and has the music flowing through him as he sings and moves his body. I think there would be even MORE passion flowing from him (if that’s possible) had he been on his feet, but I’ll take this version any day as we have waited for him to sing this to us after seeing the snippet of it on instagram! Thank you Ignazio. You and your incredible voice are such a gift to us.

  8. I agree with all the comments concerning IGNAZIO’S preformance!! It’s impossible for that child to sit still, especially when singing!! I am getting goose bumps just writing about this! I hope and pray that this piece is on the new DVD! We have waited long enough and I’m not getting any younger!!! Dot….in Texas!!

  9. It does not help Ignazio that those long legs of his have to dangle from him sitting on the piano. Dangling legs just have to find something to do, as Jeanette said: those legs and feet have a mind of their own!
    Sadly there is still no video of Piero singing his aria, I guess everyone was just too spellbound to film it.

  10. Well I sent a message on twitter & said I hope it is on the new CD coming out. It also amazed me that he started crawling on his knees towards the conductor. Only he could do that he is one of a kind I am biased he can do no wrong

    1. Loretta, where did you see Ignazio on his knees crawling towards the conductior??? I guess I missed this video.

  11. This song always stirs my soul, and with Ignazio singing I could hardly breathe. I also have been waiting for this moment. Thank God for him and Gianluca and Piero also. I would not want a day to go by without them being in my life in one way or another. Love you guys!
    Just wanted to comment–Ignazio is not on his knees when he gets off the stool. I think it looks that way because the stage is recessed. And yes he can hardly contain himself when he sings—such passion! Thanks for sharing!!!

  12. Piratesorka, I found a video of Piero’s aria on you tube, Luana Bertoncini recorded it! The sound is gorgeous, but it was taken back from the stage! If you can find it, I don’t think you will be disappointed! I WOULD SEND IT TO YOU IF I KNEW HOW,!

    1. I found one video of the aria but it wasfrom the back of the stage. It was soooo lovely. His voice just makes me melt. I’m not disapointed at all. Thanks Dorothy.

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