Note from Myron

Hi all,
This is a correction.   The Palms front desk had the wrong information (up to now) about March 25.
They were telling people that the date was sold out  – FULL !

That is not true.    THAT  IS  NOT  TRUE.  There still are rooms available for March 24 & 25 at the Palms.

2nd topic:   The contract for the event is going in this afternoon.  It was delayed to settle some details and that is why there has not been a “code”  for our group rate.  By tomorrow that will be settled.

In the meantime,  I have been told to tell anyone coming to go ahead and book the palms at regular price and when the code is settled they will change it on your billing after the fact.

Spread the word around.

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  1. Thank you Myron. I haven’t made my air reservations yet but I want to leave on the 27th and hopefully catch a couple of good shows (JLo) As far as you know, are there several people who are leaving on the 27th? Ann Scavo

    1. Hi, Chris and I aren’t leaving til Monday afternoon (3/28) and flying in on 3/23. However, after IV, don’t think I’ll be able to afford anything else! Jana

      1. Hi ladies, my sister Norma and I will be attending the concert as well. We will be flying in from Oakland/SFO to Vegas on 3/24 and leaving on 3/27. We are staying at the RIO since we get our rooms free. I’m so excited that I tell anyone who will listen to my ranting about IL VOLO and not roll their eyes at me, that the best singers in the world will be appearing at our favorite playground next year. I was given a hint by my daughter that for my 70 bday 3/17, I might get a very special gift. She asked when the concert was too. That would be AWESOME. I can’t wait to meet you all.
        Marie, how do we get our flight crew badges. I will wear it with pride and honor.

      2. Hey Prese, Badges are on this page upper left in the gray, “Flight Crew Badge”. For the best color consider having Office Depot, Staples, etc. print it out for you.

        You and Norma are on the list.

    2. Ann, Judy Thurman and I are arriving on the 23rd and leaving on the morning of the 27th. We have booked a room in the Ivory Tower at The Palms.

    1. The Il Volo Fan Faire runs on Friday, March 25 from around 4:30pm to 12:00midnight (however, it is closed ) during the concert.
      Activites: There is still some planning going on but at the moment the rough draft includes an Art and Craft Faire of Il Volo inspired items: art work, jewelry, hand made Il Volo quilts. – pre-dinner social time; banquet catering from the outstanding Italian restaurant in the hotel; (concert in the theatre) and return for meet and greet for those with meet and greet tickets.

      1. can you tell us what the group rate discount is and for what dates it is valid for?

  2. Just found out that the Canadian dollar has increased to 33 cents for $1.00 so for $100.00 is costs$ 33.00 to buy so I won’t be staying any longer than I have to & there goes my buying shoes. I was going to look for a store that sells grasshoppers & keds, bummer

  3. Thank you Myron for all your efforts to coordinate everything. I know you and Jeannette have worked hard to make this a very special event. When I first tried to book a room at The Palms, I went online. It said “no rooms available those dates.” (Judy Thurman and I already have our airline reservations, so one way or the other, we have to stay in Vegas from the 23rd to the 27th of March.) So, I then called the hotel’s 800 number…I was told the very same thing. Not one to ever throw in the towel, I did what I should have done in the first place, I called the hotel directly. Although I was told there weren’t many rooms still available for that time frame, they were still able to accommodate us…even in the section of the hotel we wanted to stay. Beverly Olson

  4. I don’t know anything about the Palms so don’t know where our rooms are. I reserved them through the hotel directly. No problem. I didn’t get meat and greet tickets when I bought my concert tickets. Can I get them now? Joanie G

  5. Hoping to share a room with a female IL VOLO friend from this group. Haven’t purchased room reservations yet (but got row B seat for the concert!). 2 queen beds was $367 with all fees, and they said they couldn’t refund the discounted amount so to wait until your code is available, Myron. Will you let us know here as soon as available or somewhere else?

    If one of the women here wants to consider sharing a room 24th and 25th, you can reach me on my contact page by clicking on jrd1776 above. And if you want a refresher as to what type of person I am, here’s the expanded version of an IL VOLO experience I wrote in 2014:
    The abridged version for our Flight Crew is here:

    So grateful I’m back home to see this. (Spent the last 35 of 70 days helping and supporting my aging parents. Grace that I could do it, and so grateful to start catching my breath.)

    Grande Amore!
    ~ Jeanine, Compassion’s Doorway

    1. Hey, friends, I am so delighted that I’ll be roomies with one of the first ladies I connected with through IL VOLO (years ago now!!). See you at the Palms and the Pearl for an amazingly wonderful time!

      Still watching for Myron’s code for the Palms discount on rooms. He said it will be coming out today, and he’ll post it here and everywhere he can.

      As my friend and I discussed, this Sharing-the-Love Flight Crew attracts such a wonderful group of people.

      Grande Amore,
      Jeanine, Compassion’s Doorway

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