Il Volo’s Flip Side ~ Kitty

Note:  Kelly just sent me a picture, on my phone, of her computer.  I don’t think that big hole belongs there.  She tripped over her cat. Until she gets back on the net I have to direct you to our affiliates, All About Il Volo and All Things Il Volo for concert pic’s and video’s. As you know they are both always on top with concert followup.  Kelly sends her apologies.  I don’t think she killed the cat. ~M



I sometimes refer to Il Volo’s concerts as “pause/play” events, because they have this wonderfully free and natural ability of manipulating, (in a good way), the emotions of their audiences, by masterfully combining beauty, with youthful joy. The beauty of their voices in song, causes you to “pause” and drink it in, while their youthful on or off stage antics and interaction, invites the “play”; changing the the kissatmosphere, keeping up the element of surprise, and the anticipation of what might happen next,… hence, keeping also the control. Assessing their audience. “Pause/Play”. Two hours later, you leave thoroughly entertained, mentally lightened, and feeling something close to euphoric! You, have just experienced, the charisma of IL VOLO! Keeping this in mind, I think that if you watch closely, you can see also, that this same type of thing occurs on a smaller, but none the less effective scale, with interviews, press conferences etc. Have you ever seen them lose control of rome concert june 2015any situation? If, for whatever reason, there happens to be a lull, or awkward moment, one or the other of them will do or say something to distract; like Ignazio’s commandeering of Piero’s water, right in front of the press. “Pause/Play”. It’s just who they are, and it’s amazing to watch; unless of course you happen to be the interviewer! “Pause/play” can change things in a moment, so don’t get too comfortable! … It’s kind-a like being in Italy, and courageously deciding to go into an Italian restaurant for dinner. One minute your wrestling your spaghetti into submission, and your’re really feeling you’re handling things quite nicely. Ahhh! I did it! Feeling very proud of yourself, you sit back to enjoy your wine. OF COURSE, there’s wine! Suddenly, in just the next minute, you feel a tap-tap, on your shoulder. You turn around, and you see a VERY attractive Italian gentleman standing beside you. WOW! He leans down, ……takes your hand in his, …..and in meatball1his VERY sexy voice, he says, “MI SCUSI SIGNORA, LO RIPORTARE IL POLPETTA, SI?” ( “I bring back your meatball, yes?” ) …… Ohooo, the pain of it all!??  

“Il Volo can suddenly bring you back from peaceful bliss, to the craziest of antics, in a split second. No matter where they are, or what you might be expecting from them, don’t count on it!  Just like with the “escapee meatball”, you just never know!!  Take a look...”Ready?”  Enjoy!   


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  1. Kelly I hope you are OK. I live with three ‘orphaned’ cats (thanks to grandsons) and at my age I turn on my ‘cat radar’ to be sure they are not tripping me. They bring some joy peppered with annoyance. Will miss your posts.

    1. Well if tahat happened to me I would hope it was Ignazio picking up my meatball so than I could ask him to sit with me & enjoy the rest of the meal with him to look at, then I could be seventh heaven

      1. Loretta,
        I have problem, when I sent mail to you, always came to me message undelivered Mail Returned to Sender.I’m sorry to have to inform you that your message could not
        be delivered to one or more recipients. It’s attached below. I do not know what to do…I think the problem is connected to video. I will try to send you at least lyrics. This song you could buy on:

  2. Kelly, I am glad you are ok. Cats have 9 lives…we don’t! I loved your post above. Take care. We will anxiously await your return here. 🙂

    1. Let me make sure you understand. Note is Kelly. Post is Kitty. Kelly fell over her kitty. Not our Kitty who wrote the post! I’m confused too and I posted it!

  3. Poor Kitty — Poor Kelly, My alex is my best friend, but he knows how to trip me up.
    I want to share my story about Sunday. PBS aired the Pompeii concert here . wonderful, however the city turned off the electric power to my neighborhood. My house was the only one on the block with power. All the neighbors came over to my house but I was glued to the T.V. watching our boys. We now have several new converts to Il Volo. I wouldn’t let them utter a word or interrupt. Joanie g

  4. Kelly, recover quickly. I hope. Kitty your post is on the money!!! Our guys just capture our hearts & I, for one can not get enough of Il Volo!!! They are amazing young men!!!

  5. Kelly hope you and your kitty are ok. I know I have a cat and as much as I try I get tripped up by her sometime. Great post as usual about the way the guys are that’s why I love them so I now how amazing their vioices are but I also the the interaction between the three of them either in interviews or on stage. I especially love seeing the on Porta Porta where they really seem to be relaxed. Those shows are fun to watch. Take care Kelly.

  6. Granada song is wonderful, I love this song ! <3 Especially I love the passage just after the first minute when Piero sings his impressive high notes ! Have you heard the new song of guys,“L’amore si muove” (“Love moves”)? I love this new song ! <3 <3 <3 The song has a great and strong energy ,has the power to evoke melancholic,sentimental, but also romantic emotion , but it is catchy and one has the desire to sing along the chorus.The sound is more modern and different than on the previous albums, but the voices of boys are again in splendid harmony. In my opinion it's fantastic and impressive song… Ragazzi, meraviglioso canzone ! <3
    My mom said it simply, this is beautiful song, as always, from the boys. 🙂

  7. L’amore si Muove,English translation :
    Love Moves
    There is no pain when you are here,
    It feels like a dream
    And there is something in your eyes that never leaves me
    I am not afraid if you stay here
    Because love closes my eyes
    I would like to kiss you now, yes
    I wish it were so
    Love moves
    It takes you away if you if you want
    He takes your hand without telling you where you are going
    Love moves
    and it makes no noise, you know
    It is a gentle breeze that never lets you down
    Like a gift, so unexpected
    A surprise, you are there by chance
    There was something in your eyes
    That I will never forget
    Love moves
    It takes you away if you if you want
    He takes your hand without telling you where you are going
    Love moves
    and it makes no noise, you know
    It is a gentle breeze that never lets you down
    And I think about what would be,
    about what we will be,
    about the love that takes us away
    Love moves
    It takes you away if you if you want
    He takes your hand without telling you where you are going
    Love moves
    and it makes no noise, you know
    It is a gentle breeze that never lets you down
    Love moves

      1. Lydka Than k tyou so much for that song PLEASE send me the song & the words to the song in English to my email, I am ever so grateful
        iluvilvolo@rogers.come that song is magnificent of course it would be because Il volo is singing it.

      2. Loretta, I think the song is available on iTunes and someone said it is also on Amazon.

  8. Thanks Lydia for the translation! I have a tablet and have not been able to hear the song! Anyone have a suggestion? And, do we know if this is the song on the new video? Hopefully in Texas, ….Dot…

    1. Dorothy,
      it should soon be published a new video and it will be this new song ! I think the boys were shooting him in Abruzzo,in Montepagano,about a month ago. Translation of the song I found on one page, I do not know Italian,unfortunately.
      Here is a small sample of the song with images from the new clip :

  9. Kitty, that’s one of the things I love most about our Guys…they can act so silly one second, and the next second, they’re back to serious business as only they can do it! And Lydka, thanks so much for posting the video of the new song…I hadn’t heard the whole thing yet, and I’ve got to say I LOVE IT! <3

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