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Mary be ours

This photo shows what so many fans of Il Volo will be feeling this winter as the guys greet their adoring public in person.  The words on the poster say it all….how close and personal we feel about them.  The months and years that we have spent following their every move, watching their expressions, meeting their families, reveling in their success, immersing ourselves in their music, loving them as if they were our most intimate family members.  And on the night of the concert we say, BE OURS TONIGHT, for tonight you are ours alone.”

We know that they have a much larger calling,  We have watched them develop from humble, small-town boys into world-wide celebrities.  We wished for them the success that they have achieved, and yet it’s hard to let them go.

They got their start here in our country at Universal Studios, and we were charmed by their excitement at being in LA and recording there.  They cut their teeth touring here, and we welcomed them with open arms and hearts.  They seemed to belong to us even though they spoke our language with some difficulty and endearing accents.

Now we are part of a world-wide fan base, and we miss the intimacy that we once felt.  Oh, they still love us.  They have enough “fan love” for all.  We can see that in their attitudes.  And when we see them in concert this winter, we will be saying, “Be ours tonight,” for tonight we have you all to ourselves….and we will cherish every moment of this time with you.  Because, Gianluca, Ignazio, and Piero you ARE OURS, and we will continue to love you, follow you, pray for you and wait longingly for you to come back to us.


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  1. Mary, You hit the nail right on the head. I feel just as you do about our boys and their success.I don’t like loosing them, but they belong to the world now. Joanie G

  2. So true Mary. I feel the very same way. I’m seeing them in March in Dallas. I can’t wait for the concert but I know I will be sad when it is over.

  3. I think I have been ‘teary’ since I saw Ignazio ‘cry’ after singing “Alleria” in honor of Pino Daniele.
    I told Marie that the boys are my ‘tranquilizers” during the stress times in my crazy life.
    I am planning my first “Meet & Greet” in March. Hug all of them or just grab Ignazio.? I want Marie to be jealous if I can get a good picture.

    1. Gina, I don’t think I saw that video of Ignazio singing ” Alleria” where did you see it? As for making Marie jealous, its good for the old girl to get a bit riled up, keeps her healthy!

  4. Mary, thank you so much for putting these words down on paper for all to see. These are the words we keep saying, keep thinking, keep shouting from the depths of our hearts. No, we are not their home country, and it is perfectly understandable that they want to be well regarded where their heart lies, but it is in the USA where they really began their professional journey. We loved them then, we love them now, and we have no intention of ever stop loving them. They are part of our families, part of our lives, and a hugh part of what brings joy and happiness to our days. We laugh with them, cry with them, pray for them, and encourage strength when things get crazy; even though they are not truly aware of the kind of support being given. We may convey our love a bit different than in other areas, however don’t ever doubt our sincerity. You, and the actual “music” you bring, are definitly a breath of fresh air amid the somewhat questionable entertainment presented in the world today. Yes, we have been waiting our turn, and whether it has been patiently, or impatiently, that wait is about to be rewarded. Soon it will begin, and the USA will celebrate our chance to say, we honor you, and love you, as always! You will be “ours”, once again!

    1. That was beautiful Kitty. I have nothing more to add except the tears running down my cheeks. We love them with all our hearts and always will more then they will ever know !!

  5. No, sorry, I’m being selfish and don’t want to share! Ignazio is mine, mine, mine! Mom, you had your chance to come to Detroit, but no, you wanted warmer territory! So, I get him first!! I’ll tell him you couldn’t make it so I get your hug, too! 🙂 but I’ll be sure to pass it along to you? Lol! Wow, just a few more weeks for the Buffalo folks! They will be here before we know it! See y’all soon in Vegas!

  6. All of you have said just what I’ve felt and do feel for these wonderful guys and especially Ignazio! The emotions are so strong, that the words are hard to get out for me, so I THANK YOU for all your expressions that mirror mine! Love, Love, LOVE Il Volo, and all the wonderful people who love them with me! <3

  7. Mary, wonderful words! I can’t wait until they will be ours again tonight, over and over again as they travel across the US very soon!!

  8. Wonderfully, wonderfully written, Mary and Kitty. I still have a hard time letting of the feeling that they are ours. But I know that Piero, Gianluca, and Ignazio now belong to the world. Deep down in my heart, they will always be “my boys”.

  9. Beautifully said as usual Mary and thank you Kitty also. They have and will continue to be such a big part of our lives!

  10. You have written this so beautifully straight from your heart Mary and it is exactly how we are all feeling. It made me feel very emotional. We knew them as fledglings but now they have left the nest and are in flight all over the world ! Their success, especially in their homeland, is what they have been dreaming of and believe me I am over the moon happy for them but at the same time I feel like hugging them close to my heart and never letting go because they have been and forever will be our boys . I can hardly wait for the many nights that they will be ours again in February and March !!!

  11. Oh, Mary that was put into wonderful words right from your heart.
    And I can’t wait until I hear them in concert and see them in person.
    We ladies all have different names and come from different states
    but you can tell who our common denominator is, I L V O L O.
    They use their music, love, passion, heart, emotions, talent, joy,
    happiness, voices, and even their good looks to lift the spirits of all
    their fans. And I think we love their families too and thank them
    for giving these young men such good upbringing, really helping
    them plant their feet on the ground at a very young age. I pray
    for these guys to stay humble and grounded all through their
    lives and I believe they will. I’ll see them in person for the
    first time at the Oklahoma City concert. March 20 is not too
    far off thank goodness. I’m looking so forward to the concert.

  12. Ditto to everyone but jANA MINE, MINE, MINE IS my expression of iGNAZIO & he has been MINE since the beginning & always will be. You or Marie still don’t have a chance.

      1. Ok Crew! Let’s try this !
        From Louise:
        ” I hope all of you will have a wonderful time with the boys when they are in America and Canada. Am wishing you a lot of love with Il Volo. (To all of you) Thoroughly enjoy greetings from the Netherlands.”
        Pretty close I think, I hope!
        I’m using a Google translator plus I recognize some of the words. A subject I used to study was written only in Dutch so we had to struggle with a dictionary and a lot of guesses!
        Ineke! Can you keep a watch on Louise and her unqualified translator here! Help!

      2. Dear Lynn and Marie, You were both very close. Already Italian is hard enough to translate, and now also Dutch as well!!! Nicely done!
        Here is a third translation:

    1. Translation:

      Dank u Louise. Groeten! Ik hoop dat u ook naar Il Volo snel te zien. Liefde naar u terug!

      (Thank you Louise. Greetings! I hope you also get to see Il Volo soon. Love back to you!)

      1. OK! Marie! The Dutch is all yours! Better you than me and my floundering around. Administrators have it hard! You never know what you ‘ll face! Suffer!!!! Not Louise! Just the translating!
        Oh! I’m so jealous! A train trip, Il Volo concerts and Ineke. What could be better. Enjoy!
        I’ m talking to the parrot, trying to convince him to go with you on the train trip. All the way! Singing Grande Amore to you and Ineke! How long is the trip?

      2. Your translation is better. Mine came straight from Bing.

        The train ride is two days. About the Grande Amore singing parrot…I would throw Igor off (or under) the train in the first 10 minutes. Even Ineke couldn’t save him. They’re from the same country. She may even have known him before Pirate did.

  13. Mary, what can I say about this post! All has been said and it was beautiful! Now, Marie….grab, no….embrace….yes! My big problem is which one to “hug”first! Unless you come down here (I still have those extra tickets) “what happens in Texas, stays in Texas”!!!! Aren’t we in for a wonderful time??♡♡♡

    1. Yes Dot! Embrace! Just start with whichever one is nearest to you at the time. Then do it all over again!!!

      Please don’t tempt me with Texas! Ineke and I will be on our way to New York around then. She would like to see ground zero and I can’t wait to see it with her. We will have seen the Boys twice by then and soon heading out (on a train) to Las Vegas! WaHooo! More Il Volo hugging!

  14. Mary! And all the other lovely ladies who send us their heart and soul when they write about Il Volo, thank you! I couldn’t possibly come close to the thoughts you all express! I’ m glad you all do it for me!
    I know those of us lucky enough to go to the concerts will be thinking of those who couldn’ t go when we’re at each one! And we’ll take lots of pictures and video! Right, Crew?

  15. Mary, you have a beautiful way of expressing your thoughts Those words are so true. It was difficult for me to read it through my tears. I so want to give you a big hug ~~~ will do so in Las Vegas!!!!.

  16. Dag Louise, voor mij zal het de eerste keer zijn dat ik een Il Volo concert zullen ervaren. Ik woont in Zuid-Afrika, en ziet er naar out om op de 4 de Maart in Miami te arriverren voor het eerste van 3 Il Volo concerten. Ik ziet er zo naar out om de jongens levend te zien. Ook gegroet. Ineke. (Ik was geboren in Den Haag.)

    English translation:
    Hi Louise, for me it will be the first time to experience an Il Volo concert. I live in South Africa, and I look forward to arrive in Miami on the 4 th of March for the first of 3 Il Volo concerts. I am so looking forward to seeing the guys live!! Greetings to you as well. Ineke. (I was born in The Hague.)

  17. Marie and Kitty, your posts had me in tears. Happy tears that is. All the words were exactly how all of us are feeling about these incredible human beings. We are happy for their incredible world wide success but we miss them terribly. I can’t wait to meet all of you who will be in Las Vegas. I love you all.

  18. I’m speechless! What a beautiful way to say what we all feel. Thank you both for expressing our feelings in writing.

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