Il Volo Professional ~~ “Qui dove il mare luccica”


On September 6, Il Volo participated in a musical tribute to Luciano Pavarotti in his hometown of Modena, Italy.  It was a free concert held on the ninth anniversary of his death.  I can only imagine how our guys felt being a part of such an event.

Enjoy!  ~~ Kelly






Granada, Torna surriento, O sole mio, O surdato ´nnammurato , Libiamo ne’ lieti calici, Caruso


Photos: Restaurant “Europa 92” BIG LUCIANO – dinner in memory of the maestro , ~~ Ristorante “Europa 92” Facebook




TRC news
Il Volo at 1:58 and 3:25


Photos: “Qui dove il mare luccica” ~~ Luciano Pavarotti Foundation Facebook



Il Volo Interview to Gazzetta di Modena on Youtube



Photos: “Qui dove il mare luccica” ~~ Enrico Ballestrazzi Facebook


20 thoughts on “Il Volo Professional ~~ “Qui dove il mare luccica””

  1. Spent the whole time with RA1RAdio2. The boys sounded great. Wish we could see the full presentation on video.

  2. The guys were great as always , have endured well compared with those who only studied opera.
    Of choral performances I liked Libiamo with soprano, very nice amalgamation of the voices .
    Caruso instead I have to say I prefer sung only by IL VOLO in my opinion interprets it in a marvelous way .
    I still think the show has made ​​known IL VOLO to people who still had not heard ( classical music lovers )

    1. I have read that Il Volo will attend Bocelli’s concert in Marostica (September 14 ).I don’t know if there they will be singing as guests ? (It is the only one concert in Italy for Bocelli.) It is not confirmed by boys, but Gianluca shared photo with Bocelli, he met him a few days ago.

      1. I saw the picture with Bocelli , but I have not heard anything of the concert . Sincerely in two or three interviews I did not like how Bocelli spoke of the boys .

    2. Yes, I have read also one interview and after it I had miscellaneous feelings. But boys sang Granada with Bocelli at Bocelli and Zanetti Night and I think that then Bocelli spoke well about them.Besides that Gianluca did not meet for first time with him and he received a special message from ( his idol) Andrea Bocelli on Ti Lascio una canzone in 2009. But who knows what Bocelli really thinks about them ?

      1. In effect at the time of TI LASCIO UNA CANZONE Bocelli was very nice for the youths (especially Gianluca), but their success was not yet consolidated. Over time I’ve seen interviews where the question of what do you think of them the only answer Bocelli gave is: “they are very lucky” (never say that they are good or who have worked so hard). The last interview the day before Bocelli and Zanetti, the question again and again the same answer. Also, if you’ve noticed in Granada of that final night in the acute Bocelli is started after the boys and has retained longer as if to prove that he can, in fact, the first thing he does after Piero Granada final touches the arm Ignazio if to say to him “by the six went well.” Maybe they’re all my conjectures, however, I leave me a little bitter taste because the great artists are also seen by these behaviors. Also I have to tell you that knowing the Italian press maybe Bocelli also said some nice things about them that giornalist have deliberately cut.

    3. Daniela, you definitely have a better view of this topic,but when I read the Italian articles (with using a translator), I do not feel – think that journalists write badly about boys, but maybe I have read only the good articles. 🙂 Which newspapers or magazines write about them according to you in a negative way ? Have a nice evening !

  3. Of my friends who were there said that the boys were magnificent and the audience highly appreciated them so much that they even asked for an encore .
    As usual, not all newspapers admit the success of IL VOLO , here we are said to “give to Caesar what is Caesar’s . “

    1. Daniela : Why is it that the Italian press is so hesitant to give our guys much deserved accolades? I have cousins that live in Rome and when I mention that I have attended their concerts and how much I love their music, they say it is old fashion music that caters to the American audience like Bocelli! Maybe Bocelli feels that his time is passing!!

      1. Annette , the Italian journalists ( not all ) have a relationship with IL VOLO not too cute , I wanted to respond but the speech is too long for a comment so I decided to put my comments in full and give it to Marie because I want to hear your opinion everyone on this topic so I think that within a few days you will read my opinion .
        Naturally I expect that you’ll tell me yours.

      2. The answer to those who say it is old fashioned music is to say no, it is not old fashioned music, it is TIMELESS music, whose beauty will never, ever go out of fashion!

      1. Yes, first picture in the video is very nice. I have to say, in my language, fešáci (handsome men).

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