Il Volo Professional ~~ Танці з зірками on Sunday

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Hey Everyone!

On Sunday, Il Volo will be appearing at guest stars on the dancing show, Танці з зірками (@tanci1plus1).  It is my understanding that it is a Dancing with the Stars type show that is currently in the semi-finals.

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~~ Kelly

5 thoughts on “Il Volo Professional ~~ Танці з зірками on Sunday”

  1. Thank you Kelly for posting this……and somehow I will find their appearance in the Ukraine. They love him in that part of the world and I’m certain they will go wild to get the boys on stage. I’ve seen some of their concerts in that part of the world and the are vigorous in their appreciation and adore the boys. Thank you for posting the show. Any opportunity to see them brightens my day.

  2. Kelly, I think we’ll have fun, who knows if the kids will only be guests or if they will dance too.
    Hope to see the broadcast !!

  3. Well we know they can dance from the show in Italy. Piero and Ignazio really seem to enjoy dancing whenever they can and Gianluca certainly looks more comfortable and seems to enjoy dancing also. There doesn’t seem to be much that they can’t do! Well I pretty much think Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca are loved all over the world. The difference may be in how people show their love and appreciation in various countries.

  4. I presume that our precious sweethearts are on their way to Kiev Ukraine is it the last of their appointments Kelly? Perhaps they can go home & rest for a while? or is that wishful thinking?

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