I saw this article, and the title immediately attracted me and I read it.

I found it very interesting, and in some respects, this article confirms what we knew.

I will summarize the content because the article is very long and I will post photos of Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca to make it less boring. 🙂

Music Superpowers 01

Music is always with us. Since mum hummed the lullaby, there is no sad or happy moment of life that passes in silence.

There is music for every moment of life, a party is not a party without background music and adolescence would not be the same without an accompanying soundtrack, to the point that just hearing a song of that time causes us to relive the emotions.

Two neuroscientists have discovered that for our brains MUSIC IS EVEN MORE IMPORTANT THAN LANGUAGE: words came later.

Music Superpowers 02

Listening to a melody is not just pleasant. According to science, the notes enhance memory and make us more creative, but also healthier. It can lower blood pressure and heart rate, and reduce the rate of cholesterol in the blood.

Music is a kind of brain restorative.

Even in the office we collaborate more if there is music in the background.

A live concert could solve even the problems of social integration in complicated contexts, given that Arabs and Americans after listening to music together show greater understanding of each other.

Music Superpowers 03

Sharing music improves relationships. If you strive to find hits that appeals to the whole family communication will improve.

And it can become a therapy: the notes enhance the effects of medicines to lower the pressure with a reduction in heart rate and cholesterol in the blood also adds to the benefits.

Listening to music before, during and after an operation removes the anxiety that precedes surgery and reduces postoperative pain.

Analgesic and anti-anxiety effects have also been observed in cancer patients, who are less tired thanks to music during chemo and radiotherapy; while in those who have suffered a stroke, music accelerates recovery and improves mood and quality of life.

It could even be used as an anti-rejection drug.

Music Superpowers 04

Every musical genre has a different effect on the brain.

HEAVY METAL, this music is good for the angry, because it is a way to channel negative emotions.

JAZZ, is perfect for synchronizing brain and heart and relaxation.

RAP and HIP-HOP, is useful for those who are depressed.

POP, ideal for improving physical performance and feeling less tired.

CLASSIC, is the most effective in giving positive effects to the whole organism.

Music Superpowers 05

Here is the original article of which I made a summary.

Best5 Article – click here

What to say, I think we are more than happy to read that if we listen to the beautiful songs of our boys several times a day, they make a balsamic and also a healing effect on our body and mind.

Therefore we must not feel guilty if during our days we want to take a little of this sweet restorative medicine.

I would also say that the combination of POP-CLASSIC is perfect for us.

So, what are you waiting for ….. just put a CD of IL VOLO and enjoy your life, and if you want to sharpen your sight, a nice video of Gianluca, Ignazio and Piero is good for your eyes and is good for your heart !!


Music Superpowers 06

All photos are taken from Mollysianna. Thank you!

14 thoughts on “MUSIC AND ITS SUPERPOWERS by Daniela”

    1. After reading these things, we’re not worried about listening to too much music, do not you, Cynthia?

  1. Daniela thank you so much for your terrific post. The music of IL Volo is powerful and healing in so many ways. They were always with me from the operating room to radiation. These gifted young men have lifted me up out of depression and anxiety. Gianluca, Piero and Ignaizo, bring so much Joy and Healing to us all. The wold is a better place when IL Volo sings!

    1. Vincent, I think I understand that what I wrote, for you, is not just theory, but you really lived it, after an operation.
      I do not believe that Piero Ignazio and Gianluca, realize the beneficial power they have on people.
      Thanks for your words Vincent.

    2. oh, this is nice to hear, Vincent, thank you for sharing your story.
      I appreciate.
      yes, for me too, their voices are healing. and have helped me much.
      and it makes me feel “at home”… safe.

  2. That is definately positive in my case. My feelings & thoughts & positive thinking return s when I listen to Il Volo. In fact the senior centre I go to once a week plays Il Volo for me when I am there & I notice every one stops talking when their music is being sung. They also will play other songs for the other ladies but I notice when other songs are being played some people continue to talk when the that music is playing but with Il Volo they stop & listen. I think that is amazing plus I can enjoy Il Volo’s music in peace. CONTINUS YOUR EXCELENT WORK BOYS.

  3. Also they have been working on my son. He has been to a couple of concerts with me & does not like them but when I visit him he will put their music on for me & I don’t ask him to do that & he said now recently their OK. So they have won him over for me.

  4. So if listening to their music can change the world & our way of looking or listening at or to it then it is going to cure our souls & possibly the world a little at a time.

    1. Loretta, you wrote some wonderful words.
      It is good to see that the music of IL VOLO enchants even those who do not know them.
      Surely this music has a power that comes from our ears and spreads pleasantly in our hearts.
      Maybe the world could only work better by listening to this music.
      Meanwhile, we try to spread it as much as possible!

  5. Your right Daniela there is one woman at the senior centre who doesn’t know when to quit, even she stops for a few minutes. its a good thing she does I wouldn’t be able to stop myself from saying something. That one song they play for me is too important to be spoiled.

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