At this point, after being RED with rage 😡 for what we read, we smile with this article, 😀 very unique.

I want to warn you that it was written in an ironic tone, so read with nice irony what this journalist writes that he realized that his colleagues are exaggerating.

IL VOLO Change 01

Il Giornale Article – Click Here

We have this against the three of Il Volo. They are unlucky, they sing old stuff, music of the past, someone claims that they are good for the Americans who know nothing and are fond of the memory of Luciano Tajoli and Claudio Villa. Others say that they are like spaghetti bolognese, a typical tourist export dish but non-existent in Italian kitchens and tables.

Barone, Boschetto, Ginoble form an unpleasant and presumptuous trio. Easy to understand the reasons and just as easy to get out of this situation. They are doing everything wrong. They should begin to adapt to contemporary styles. The Decalogue (Ten Commandments) is simple and I go to illustrate it:

1) Necessary tattoos, clearly visible, arms, hands, possibly face. It goes without saying that strong, aggressive messages, to power, to capitalists, to the bourgeoisie must be evident.

2) The piercing is indispensable, chosen from the lip to the nostrils, from the ear lobe, tongue and eyebrows.

IL VOLO Change 02

3) Excessive composition of music and texts of great provocation, with strong words, possibly vulgar, something that lends itself to the rhyme with bunch, boy, sollazzo, bad luck, embarrassment, shame, terrace, weir (they are all words that in Italian rhyme with an Italian dirty word)

4) Appropriate use of various drugs, even revealed in an adolescent past and the invitation to use them with caution.

5) Convenient outing on sexual desires and confession of a very harsh childhood, repressed in a family on the edge of poverty.

6) Eligible participation not at the Papal audience but at the rave party. Better to perform in a social center and not to sing for His Holiness the Pope, old and sly stuff, from sacristans and astute clerks.

IL VOLO Change 03

7) Intelligent add to their names a pseudonym that steals the attention of most. Type PieroAx, IgnazioZ, Gianlucaebbasta. (In Italy there are these 3 rappers: J-AX, FedeZ, Sferaebbasta)

8) Adequate some typical postures of repertoire and trend: gesticulate, make movements and gestures uncomposed, agitated, dis-articulated, closing ring and middle, instead showing, bystanders, index, thumb and little finger.

9) Indispensable to decorate oneself following the latest dictates of fashion, showy clothes, shoes by astronauts, colored glasses.

10) Useful haircut called pompadour undercut with overlying tufts and shaving at the bottom, any ridges are still allowed, possibly painted by resounding colors.

Only by observing these rules could the three losers enter the list of favorites, win high marks in report cards of teachers in the Sanremo jury and find the right national glory. That said, briefly. Indeed ….. on the fly. (in Italian: AL VOLO)

IL VOLO Change 04

Instead, among the messages to support arrived, I point this out, which was published by Cristiano Malgioglio, an Italian singer-songwriter.

Reposted from Cristiano Malgioglio –  

How genuine they are, these guys of IL VOLO. They are so big and known in the world that they have remained wonderfully simple. They enjoy success without crickets for the head … And this is very beautiful. Among all the participants of Sanremo they were the ONLY VERY INTERNATIONAL GROUP. THANK YOU FOR AFFECTION. I LOVE YOU.

And here is the answer of Ignazio and Piero.

I = Love

P = We just wanted to thank you for what you wrote

I = Thanks

P = We love you

IL VOLO Change 05

IL VOLO Change 06

But why do Piero Ignazio and Gianluca have to change?

We who know them well do not want them to change, nor their style, let alone their way of being.

I personally hope they do not change anything, I like them that way.

And what do you think?


Credit to owners of all photos and video.

126 thoughts on “HOW TO CHANGE THE GUYS OF IL VOLO?? 😲 by Daniela”

  1. No never change. I loved these young boys and their music when they were 15 year old teenagers, stay the same!

  2. The comments made by the first one shows the jelosey of that writer. He/she does not know real talent. IL VOLO. keep doing what you love to sing. The words of your songs are harp strings to the heard

    1. Maureen, the article is ironic, who wrote it thought like the others would like IL VOLO, certainly not us.

    2. Stay as you are….that other stuff…garbage! I attended your concerts in wallingford,ct….the best. Tiamo, Maria Coppola

  3. If they changed as the above suggestions, I wouldn’t follow them anymore. They are unique and have a magnificent way about them.
    Classy, clever, talented, amazing men. 💖🇨🇦💝

  4. Thank Daniela. People love them for being who they are. Their fans are tired of the mentioned “you must be” the so called rebel group that see the world as ugly. Unfortunately Eurovision judges thing that way. They want some political message. Mahmood might do well. He is 26 and not some teenager so he should have the ability to survive Eurovision.

    1. Gina, maybe Mahmood will do well at Eurovision, and I wish it to him, but Eurovision has lost the opportunity to see three fantastic guys again: Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca!

  5. Il Volo – Do not change! You are loved and respected for who you are. Just like Bocelli. Stay true to your genuine love of music!


    1. Alejandra, IL VOLO is so, there are those who love them and those who do not appreciate them ….. we love those guys very much !!

    2. Please DO NOT CHANGE. YOU MEN are the BEST that could happen in our WORLD today. WE LOVE YOUAS YOU ARE. DOnot listen to anyone who says different. YOU are LOVED by MILLIONS. LOVE you THREE HUGS

  7. Whoever wrote this is ignorant of art. So sad beauty in song gives love to the world. I am hoping this is not the Italian way or maybe this is the wayOur Italian culture is headed I hope not….It is not old it is timeless .If you appreciate beauty then IL VOLO personifies this in their music and I hope it will live on forever. Good and love are never obsolete, it is only the ones who try to diminish it that promote erroneous thoughts. God Bless these young men …..sing on with your wonderful voices and promote beauty and good all over the world…..Your fans love you they are your true critics forget negative noise and FLY HIGH IL Volo FLY HIGH,

    1. Rose Marie, the article is ironic. We do not want the boys to change, nor the writer … maybe the press journalists want this change.

  8. Why should they change , we love them they way they are. Should they change to please these idiots , no stay true to yourseves . You don’t have to impress the Italian press .

    1. Kimberley, I immediately started by saying that it was an ironic article, before someone did not understand. I loved it too.

  9. Thank you Daniela. This is what I think….I loved them 10 years ago as young teens. I love them now as young men. I love them just the way they are and hope they always stay true to themselves!!

    1. Ditto, I hope they never change and if they try new things with their music, please keep coming back to the good stuff that we love so much.

      1. Arlene, we grant this to them, boys open new roads, but always return to the high road.

    1. change is not always for the better, Love these 3 as they are and if they do add a change in style it should not take over there wonderful style and beautiful voices and personalities. Keep the traditions going don’t stupid critics who know not what they are talking about change you wonderful young men

      1. Marie Scire, some critics do not really know what they’re talking about. Traditions are at the base, they should not be forgotten.

  10. Don’t ever change boys. You are absolutely brilliant as you are. Wonderful voices, beautiful faces always smiling, huge characters. Big hearts. Will love you forever❤

  11. There is No need to change. Look at the following they have world wide by every age group.They express their appreciation of their audience. Apparently they are envied for being clean cut,successful, handsome Gentlemen.We love them the way they are. God Bless Them..

    1. Excellent points. I fully agree. They have their own IL VOLO style and are hugely successful with it. Yes the tongue in cheek article was fabulous. Very good humor.

    2. Ilona, ​​what beautiful words you used, they are envied to be clean, successful, beautiful gentlemen !!

  12. GREAT piece! The irony is hilarious and sad at the same time. The judges and press KNEW/KNOW that real music without gimmicks is Musica Che Resta! That’s why they all know Puccini, Verdi, Bellini, et al. They also know that the world adores Il Volo and the proof is in their popular votes and the venues that they continue to pack without exception. So…….the press ridicules them and the judges resort to corruption. That’s the tell. People only cheat when they know they haven’t the talent to bring it home. 😁 Il Volo won bigger than anyone because they have honor. Love those guys.

    1. Leslie, you have made a clear analysis of all that has happened, and you are completely right about the events that have happened, but on one last thing you are right: theirs is MUSICA CHE RESTA.

  13. They’re wonderful young men, I don’t want to change who they are. I think they’re amazing ,their talent indeniable and their feet on the ground. Their fame hasn’t changed them and that alone says loads of how they are. We the fans love them for what and whom they are.

    1. Totally agree Jane they are perfection. Their style will last far longer than the so called popular ones today that will only last until they are forgotten tomorrow .True stars last forever.

    2. First off the journalist should have his tongue frozen.
      Secondly IL Volo ( the three most talented, loving and wonderful guys) are unique and there is absolutely no reason for them to change. They are loved for who they are as performers and their out going personalities. So by the grace of God I hope they continue as they are and ignore their critics. Loved by the whole world. 💙💙

      1. Blanche, even if they were injured, they ignored the critics for 10 years,
        and they will continue like this

    3. First off the journalist should have his tongue frozen.
      Secondly IL Volo ( the three most talented, loving and wonderful guys) are unique and there is absolutely no reason for them to change. They are loved for who they are as performers and their out going personalities. So by the grace of God I hope they continue as they are and ignore their critics. Loved by the whole world. 💙💙💙

  14. I’m an American who resents the Italians who think I and my countrymen know nothing of Italian culture. Quite to the contrary: that many of us have a broad knowledge of Italian art, music, fashion, etc. enables us to appreciate Il Volo’s unique blend of traditional, classical and pop. I loved them at first sight. My taste in music besides these 3 young wonders are classical and jazz. I am an Italian-American and have been to Italy several times and return again this spring. Amo Il Volo!

    1. April, they are not the Americans or Italian-Americans who know nothing about Italian culture, on the contrary, it is Italians who seem to want to deny their culture

  15. They should never change they are wonderful the way they are very loving, caring and respectful and I do love their music, when they sing they get to my soul. They dress for success and they do it well.

  16. I love the article, thank you Daniela for translating, it’s a pleasure to read it. IL VOLO and changes, no,never please. They are perfect just as they are. It’s a great pleasure to watch and to hear them. Amazing singers and beautiful .personalities. I hope they never change, it would be a disaster. We love them as they are and love their music.

    1. Jolanta, I’m glad you liked it ….. I dare not think of Piero with a pierced
      from nose to ear ….

  17. Just looking at this in a little different way. Daniela began the post saying it made her smile and it was very “tongue in cheek”, meaning I think that she thought he was not serious about his change ideas. If you look at it that way the article was actually a compliment to Il Volo for being “old fashioned”, for not having all tattoos, nose rings, bad behavior etc. It did seem that he was saying some journalist prized these “modern” things like raunchy lyrics and not a good family life, but maybe not him. He made it sound as if the traits listed were not to be admired.
    Of course we all want our guys to stay as sweet and wholesome as they are, and i believe if after 10 years they have not been drawn into the crazy musicians world, they never will. Love them. I saw they just announced the Italy tour dates. Checking to see if maybe a trip to the Arena in Sept might be possible. Anyone else thinking of this??

    1. Yes Janet, that’s right, the writer himself of the article does not dare to imagine the boys of IL VOLO, conformed to current fashion. We like them, just because they are different from the current way of being. This is their novelty, being modern without being necessarily transgressive or rude. Bearers of good examples!

  18. I think some of those commenting didn’t realize the article was tongue in cheek?? I thought it was brilliant. So much so that I would love to have it published on every FB page of every “journalist and music critic” The problem I see is that the press and music critics have had a long life of people hanging on to their every word as gospel truth. Now that they are being called into question, they have to defend their original comments even if they don’t really believe them anymore. This is called cognitive dissonance. Il Volo has unearthed a fan base of individuals who will no longer accept mediocrity in music and this San Remo Festival is just the beginning. I’m enjoying the various comments I’m reading from those who have criticized them in the past and are now applauding them based upon their performance and professionalism and the rancor of the press at the festival.. And Ultimo’s behavior helped as well!! So thank you Ultimo! Not coming in first at San Remo is really a win because they increased their worldwide fan based. But in reality winning by the votes of juries who have no real music experience whatsoever is really no win at all in my book.

    1. Roxanne, I was really afraid that someone would not read my first lines that prepared the ironic article.
      I too found this article very clever, so I decided to translate it for you.
      I’m having fun like you, reading the comments of critics who do not know what excuses to add in their defense. The vase has been broken, and the shards are still around. Unfortunately there are also retaliation !!

    2. Touché, Roxanne.
      i have not watched Ultimo. What behavior was it? please share the link here. thank you

      1. There are several links and I’ll post as I find them again. Basically, he was 100% positive he was going to win and everyone around him told him as much, and when he didn’t he couldn’t even extend a congratulatory hand out to Mahmood. Posts say he slammed his fist against the wall and was rude to the journalists etc. The biggest insult was not appearing for the photo shoot with TV Sorrisssi. Typically this magazine has the first three winners of San Remo on their cover but Ultimo refused to show up. Also, on Sunday, everyone, artists, press, photographers, press etc. have an after party of sorts and he refused to go to that as well. Needless to say his childish behavior didn’t leave a very good impression on anyone, fans included.

      2. All true Roxanne, but I must also say that in the press interview soon after Sanremo, Ultimo, who did not hide his anger, told reporters if they were happy to have had their day of glory by lowering his votes and added that it was a week that he and IL VOLO suffered unfair behavior from the press room

      3. Daniela, thank you for this info. makes me realize not to be quick to judge. i have not seen the actual video clips of Ultumo’s ‘behavior’ and don’t know his motives. so i’ll give me room and space. sure he is upset about not winning, but perhaps his anger is not about that but about making a statement to the biased press people

  19. Daniela, please look back at “San Remo Still Controversy”
    At the bottom of the posts Penina and I have some ideas.
    Can you tell me if the email addresses are correct.

    I love this post “How to change the guys of Il VOLO “ Very tongue in cheek😁

  20. I very much agree with JD and Roxanne, tongue and cheek all the way and a clever way to point out how the jury and journalists (buffoons) will vote for foolishness, attention grabbing, illegitimate music, which is just what they did this time, just to have it their way. I think they may have just helped propel IL Volo to more positive recognition= a lot of new fans! As Daniela says repeatedly, they will never give up their style-it suits (Armani) them and their own tastes in music mind set and they are smiling all the way to the bank.

    1. All true Mark, you’ve hit the mark. These critics wanted to destroy IL VOLO ??? Instead, their bad and unjust actions have raised our guys even more. People, who first mocked them, driven by horrible newspaper articles, are now admiring their behavior.

  21. We all love the way they are. Andrea Bocelli, Michael Buble, Kiri te kanawa didn’t need to change to the lowest common denominator. By the way we have just booked our tickets to the IL VOLO concert in Lecce Italy July 2019! Now to arrange flights from New Zealand. Very exciting.

  22. I’m thinking about going to Verona! Have started looking at the price of tickets. I’m a travel consultant if anyone else is interested.

  23. I have to say that I really enjoyed the sarcasm and irony in the article. Our boys of Il Volo – who are now young men – will still be around 20 and more years from now, while the so-called winners will no longer be heard from. Stay true to yourselves Piero, Ignazio, and Gianluca! I say LONG LIVE IL VOLO! – Allene

    1. They will not change Annette, in 10 years (and are the years of growth and change), they would have already done so.

  24. Il Volo, you are such a breath of fresh air. What they call music here in America is mostly just noise, dirty words, vulgar movements and not much class.
    You on the other hand have class, beautiful voices that we can understand the words, “Not Italian but learning” , never a dirty word, always considerate of your audiences and each other. genuine love for what you do, always gracious and thoughtful. What more can I say. We love you just the way you are. Please never change. A devoted fan. .

  25. 🇺🇸 they are so Internationally famous , that says it all . Whatever they do it will be done in the same ethical royal fashion they have always used I love them and their families for sharing so much with us. Their voices are a gift. Thank you Daniele . Why change perfection?

    1. Thanks to you, Kay. Do you know what their strength is? That they are exactly like that, there are no forcing.

  26. PLEASE DON’T CHANGE The reason they have so many fans is because of their music,Keep up the good work Daniela

  27. I wouldn’t change these three beautiful, caring, sweet young men for the world. They have nothing to prove to anyone. They perform for thousands of people, giving of themselves at every performance. They are clean cut young men, and they don’t curse when they sing, their voices blend beautifully, when they sing together, they have different voices with different octaves. Each voice finds it’s place on the scale where it’s supposed to be and what comes out of their mouths is pure magic! They’ve been together ten years . To be who they are and what they have become is amazing! At such a young age, they have fans all over the world! If in time, they decide to separate,( it might happen ) that’s ok,too. It’s their lives, and what lives they have, doing something they love doing, and getting paid to do it! They bring so much joy and pleasure everywhere they go. There’s something really amusing, this person is telling them that they are doing something wrong! I don’t think so! Doesn’t sound it to me. Please continue with what you are doing.We love you guys just the way you are.

    1. Susan, this person is describing how others (press room) would like to see the guys from IL VOLO, the same as all the other singers.
      But we like them because they are different and in an improving way.
      We do not change for the worse, thank you NO.

  28. In reading over this post again, I have to ask if anyone would honestly think that the Trio would ever be so fame starved that Piero, who wishes to sing opera (the real thing) one day, would dye his hair chartreuse, plaster his face with tattoos or have piercings in his lips and nostrils. Would anyone expect Ignazio, who has an acne issue, that must be difficult to contain, going out of his way to draw more attention to his face in a clownish way. One person on another face book actually referred to him as a pockmarked asshole-imagine how that must hurt if he ever sees it in print. And Gian is an elegant type, for the most part, he likes nice expensive things, but once in a while wears holes in his pants. Can you see him with aqua blue hair and tattoos? These three guys are a class act-they don’t scream into the mic, they are Bel Canto and pop opera style. They may experiment a little, musically, once in a while, but will never give up their passion for the melodic lyric ( hope this is a real term). I don’t think we have anything to worry about. For what it’s worth.

    1. No, Mark, I just can not imagine Piero Ignazio and Gianluca in this way. I only laugh at the thought.
      Do you remember when in Piazza Duomo in Milan they showed up with their pants with holes?
      We were already worried about their change, but they have a limit, and the limit is to never slip into rudeness and vulgarity.
      So many people after Sanremo are rediscovering their talents.
      I believe that they will always make “raids” in opera, especially in concerts.
      Like to them …… and also to us

      1. Ah yes the the hole-y jeans. I am wondering how to get in touch with the guys because I do a pretty good job at mending jeans, in fact my kids college friends would bring their favorite jeans so they could wear them longer. Maybe I could do the same for the guys! No charge. 😉

        The translation cracked me up (made me laugh) thanks.

        I ❤️ Il Volo music and their hearts

  29. This article was written as a satire. It used humor and irony to ridicule, expose, and criticize people’s stupidity, and was done in a very clever manner. I really enjoyed it. What attracts me to Il Volo is their clean, mature look, the fact that they are well dressed, (love their fashion sense), and of course their beautiful voices which harmonize with each other perfectly. I get goose bumps every time I listen to them. They give back to their communities, and are very sensitive to people who are less fortunate than they are. They are examples to be looked up to, and not frowned upon. Who would ever want to change this??

    1. Susan, I’m glad you enjoyed this ironic article, so you did not think about the expenses of the last days.
      The moment is approaching and I am excited for you too.

      As for our boys ….. but who wants to change ??? We, absolutely not !!

  30. Thank you Daniela for the article and thank you IlVolovers for al your wonderful comments. Our beloved Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca should remain as they are – true to themselves and true to their incredible talent, their beautiful kind and loving hearts. It would be easy to listen to all the naysayers wanting them to change and become what others want them to be. It is difficult to continue on the path they have chosen the right path because they believe in themselves and their managers and their family are faithfully guiding them with their love. They are extraordinary young men with extraordinary talent and true love and appreciation for their fans. They are a breath of fresh air in this music industry where they stand out as individuals with their golden voices that bring so much enjoyment and pleasure and I along with all IlVolovers celebrate their 10 year anniversary and wish them many more years of success in their lives and careers. I know they have changed my life in the most wonderful way with their angelic voices. May God continue to bless these special young men always.

    1. What a pleasure to read your comment, Marie, happy with your return.
      You’re right, Marie, they became handsome and talented men ….. and we love them!

  31. Speaking of talent…what a wonderful job you are doing with this site. The other day someone said you were a blessing. I second that notion.

    1. Marie, you’re too good, thank you very much.
      It’s your fault, if I started writing for this site 🙂

  32. I remember well the article with photos they had in Rolling Stone magazine. Posing with motorcycles and Piero was so daring (and HOT) to pose with no shirt and his jeans somewhat lower ….how soon these journalists forget!

    1. Connie, I hope you did not read the last article on IL VOLO of that newspaper, really horrible, I would say disgusting !!

      1. i don’t know about that article on that newspaper or magazine. ….
        you mean, they take those rolling stone pics of our guys… then insult them in their own magazine? please clarify
        grazie, Daniela. (but if too awful and you don’t want to go there, that’s ok too.)

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