Ignazio turns 27!!

Yes, folks, it’s hard to believe our baby-faced darling, is turning 27 and possibly, he’s found love?  🙂


Ok, I think most of you know what to do by now, we’ve actually gotten some early requests for his birthday video song!

A  few clarifications…. I know there are some new folks out there…

  1. we ask for a song that will go with the birthday video that Kelly puts together, NOT songs we would like them to sing (we really have no direct contact with the guys…)

  2. usually the song that is chosen is by ANOTHER artist, not them, or Il Volo

  3.  I have a personal request, please do not send more than 3 song choices.  I know there are so many to choose from, but you can always save them for the other 2, or for next time.

  4. Also, please send wishes/songs to the GMAIL account only.  Any wishes or songs written on the FaceBook page will not be captured.

As always, we appreciate all of you!  Please send your song choices and wishes to:  ilvoloflightcrew@gmail.com.

If possible, please put in subject line either SONG or WISH.  This lets me navigate all of the emails more easily.  🙂

Please send song choice NO LATER THAN, Friday, September 17.  This will give Kelly a few weeks to choose and create the video.


Grazie Mille,

Jana and Kelly

3 thoughts on “Ignazio turns 27!!”

    1. Definitely doable by adding one simple extra step :

      5 Only people born in and/or resident in Boston can suggest songs.

      Sounds fair to me. We can’t be the only two.

  1. To Thordis

    We might be the only two! Trouble is little or no exposure here. One night in ‘20 at the Wang doesn’t do it. Wouldn’t you love to see them with Pops? Ignazio could take on Keith Lockhart. Great fun. Good luck Oct. 4. Vincero!

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