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Another Birthday? Tanti Auguri, Gian!

gg22It was a beautiful day in Detroit on February 11 this year, close to 40 degrees and a slight chance of rain. The Detroit Il Volo Gals met at our usual haunt about 5:30p, at Antonio’s in Dearborn Heights. Donna and Chris had all the decorations up, ready for the rest of us, when management said they had to move to another table, as they had a funeral party of 40 coming in! So, they packed everything up and moved a few tables away, but this time we were by the virtual fireplace, so it was nice and cozy. 🙂

This year, our crew consisted of Donna, Chris, Lorna, Barb, Ginny, Magdalena, Sharon, and myself.

When we walked in, they were playing the music from We Are Love and we knew we were in the right place. Since it was a few days before Valentine’s Day, several of the girls brought extra treats and sweets for all of us. Magdalena brought a beautiful bouquet of roses for all of us to share and take home.grp-2


Before dinner, we had a chance to play a few games. The first one, no one had to think hard, it was “turn over your plate to see who had Gian on it!” Well, Sharon won that one and she got a nice Murano glass bowl. The 2nd game was “how many words can you make out of Gianluca?” I don’t remember who won that one, but Ginny won the next question of who has the closest birthday to Gian’s? Hers being Feb 13! She got this beautiful vase with colored stripes. sharon-gianHowever, she wanted to trade it for Sharon’s bowl, which she did and then they were both happy! Donna is always so generous and brought gifts for everyone, making sure no one went home empty-handed.


We placed our dinner orders. Magdalena had the Bocelli Carbonara and a few others ordered the Il Volo Pollo. No one seemed to order any of the specialty drinks this time – Nutella Hummer or the Gianluca special.


grp-foodLorna brought the cake and balloons! Did you know you can get these huge individual letter or number balloons now from Party City? Lorna brought “22” and “GG” to celebrate the occasion.


Soon, we were all stuffed, and had our carryout boxes waiting, but were all ready for dessert!


We took lots of pictures and chatted and wondered what the new concert was going to bring. Several of the girls are going to Italy again. Ah, how we all wish we could join them. We splurged on the cake and meal and decided we still had at least a month to lose some weight!


It was time for dessert! We moved the balloons to the cake table and we cut the cake and caketook more pictures. We did not sing Tanti Auguri this time, as we were keeping it low-key due to the funeral party. The cake was as lovely as it was delicious. Of course, we are not too sure who Giovanni was, but decided he must be a friend of Gianluca’s! However, all we noticed was the picture of Gian that Lorna chose.


During dessert, since Ginny’s birthday was so close, Chris brought two special brownies, browniecomplete with candles for both Lorna and Ginny. Lorna’s birthday was Jan 10, so we celebrated their birthday’s also. Ginny also got a few bottles of Prosecco….


Before we knew it, it was time to go home. Magdalena passed out her roses and we took some more pictures.


As we left, the weather decided it was going to rain. As I recall, for each party for Gianluca, it rains in some fashion. I remember the first one was freezing drizzle and I think it rained last year, as well! But that never matters, as it’s always warmth, laughter, and friendship inside, sharing precious moments that only happen a few times a year!

From the Detroit Il Volo Gals, to all of you – Happy Birthday/Tanti Auguri, Gianluca!


See you soon in Detroit, at the Fox! And for us lucky ones going on to Chicago! Ciao!




Radio City Music Hall – New York! March 4, 2017



Pictures courtesy of the guys’ Instagrams, Leonora, Vincent, and Barbara.  Thank you!

Also, thanks to “Nankat” – we have the link to the concert on YouTube:

videos by Nankat: 

I also saw some wonderful clips of the concert on Instagram and Barb Vitali said “Goooo Boys! On stage now!”  Guess they’ll always be her “boys” as well! 

We just got a few emails on last night’s show, so I will include them here….thanks for staying up so late to send them!!

From Barbara…Of course it was wonderful. I’m spoiled however having been in Firenze for Notte Magica last summer. But I was thrilled they did sing Grande Amore! The orchestra was great, the first violin wonderful but no programs were provided so other than the conductor no one was mentioned. They were funny and ever adorable.  Voices get stronger and stronger. A beautiful evening but there was nothing like that Notte Magica last July in Firenze.  (Barb – awesome you were there as well!)

Great Performance!  A full house of ILvolovers  rocked Radio City music  halls Saturday night. The boys were at the top of their game, standing ovations were everywhere and the cheers of love and approval were loud and strong, with “I Love You” going to IL Volo and back to the adoring crowd. A real Love fest. There is no Super Bowl, World Series  that I enjoyed  more  this outstanding concert. Three cheers and many Bravos to IL Volo and the symphony musicians that did such a wonderful job.  Vincent from Brooklyn, NY

A big thanks to those that have sent in pictures, quotes, and reviews!  Please remember to add your city/state/country, to your name.  Keep them coming.  We try to get our reviews posted within a day or two of the concert, so you have about 24 hours to send in your emails.  Again, the email is:


Ten days and counting til they are here in Detroit!







The Flight Crew wants YOUR Input!

nottemagica-headerAs the guys start off their Notte Magica Tour in the United States, we are going to follow them in a new direction! We want your input – front and center! Any and all Flight Crew Members are invited to send us your personal insights, quotes about the concert, and any personal photos/videos from the concerts that you’d like to share. We’d like to make our concert posts extra special – from you and for you!

Leelee and I will be posting about the concerts and we have created a special GMAIL account for you to send us your stuff. It is: .   (please be sure to note the “dot” between Crew and Notte) Here’s what we’d like you to do, send us a short quote, favorite moment, and a picture of the theatre/marquee with their name on it, if possible, etc. from the concert you attend as soon as possible after the show, or after the meet/greet, if you were lucky enough to attend. We will use as many as we can, but please do not be saddened if we do not choose yours – you can still write your impressions of the show in the comments section! For the quotes, we will use just your first name and state you are from, so please be sure to include that in your email. When sending your email, please include in the subject line: Venue/City/Date. If you have any further questions or concerns, please send to email above.

Ok Pennsylvania!! You are in the hot seat now for tonight!! As everyone knows, the first concert is always the most special and we want to know all about it. It has all the surprises; everyone is counting on you to tell us all the details! Will they tease us with some of their new songs?

Of course, we all wish we could be there with you tonight. For the lucky ones at the meet/greet, be sure to tell the guys we are waiting for them in every city!

Hope you have a great day getting ready, and relaxing, and doing your hair, and nails, and having a nice dinner, and trying on your special outfit/s once or twice, or three times – all the things that lead up to the anticipation! Is this your first concert? We want to know that, too! OMG! I get so emotional, I’m tearing up with joy and anticipation for you right now as I’m writing this, and I’m not even going for 2 weeks!

Have the best time of your lives tonight and stay safe when you get there, take a moment, look around you, take a deep breath, close your eyes, open them. Do this once or twice blue-nightduring the concert. Try to imagine, or remember, the night in Florence. It was a warm night, with a soft breeze, and the late afternoon sky; tinged orange and pink by the sun, turned into the beautiful deep blue of the night…


Also, see the “news on the new CD below” and

the reminder about them on the Today Show – NBC!





Calling all Ilvolovers!  We have one (1) 2nd row with meet/greet ticket for sale for the Detroit concert on Thursday, March 16.

Retail price is $450.  Willing to sell for $400.  If you live in the area, we can also include transportation to and from the Fox – we are reserving a Ford Transit, with door to door, service.

Marie is attending this concert, along with myself and many others.  You can sit almost right behind Marie – she promises not to block your view of Ignazio!  🙂

Please pass this info on to anyone you think may be interested and post where applicable.

If interested, please contact me directly at ASAP.

Grazie, mille, mille!!


Name That Tune…

Just a disclaimer here – this site is not promoting any kind of tax software….however, we are promoting Il Volo and their next concert tour of Notte Magica!!  Coming soon to a theatre near you!!

A funny story… 3 persons, unrelated, have unknowingly, seen the same commercial, yet describe it totally differently!

I watch very little TV, but was watching my favorite game show and not really paying attention, in fact, I think I was half asleep.  All of a sudden, I hear… “do, do, do, dooooo….” and my brain picks up, “do, do, do, da….”  Huh, what?   What was that my ears just heard?  Why, I could have sworn it was, what was it…?  Then I realized it was Pavarotti that was singing it. And before I realized it, the commercial was over.  Ok, it will be on again.  Sure enough, it was!  Yes, my ears heard it correctly!

I was so excited, I couldn’t wait to tell someone.  So, my dear friend Ginny was near, I started to ask her if she’d seen much TV lately and if she saw this cool commercial.  Before I could tell her, she was asking me the same thing.  If I had seen this cool commercial lately with Kathy Bates?  No, don’t recall, but she said it was Kathy Bates and about this scary house and kids.  Wait, yeah, that sounded like my commercial, but I didn’t realize it was Kathy Bates.  I asked if she heard the song.  No, she didn’t remember any song.

Ok, TWO persons, one and the same commercial – two totally different reactions to it.  Third person you ask?  Marie!  Lol!  I mentioned it to her and she knew it instantly!

Anyway, you may already know the one I’m talking about, but if not, judge for yourself and see if you recognize the music.  Ok, remember “Name That Tune?” show?  Ok, you can name this song in how many notes?  🙂

Click here: Name That Tune…

On YouTube it says it’s part of the 2017 Superbowl commercials, but how can they have the commercials already when the Superbowl hasn’t been on yet??