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7 Things You Might Not Know About Me: 1.) I never said patience wasn't a virtue. I said it wasn't one that I possess . ;) 2.) So that rude person tailgating your car with their headlights blinding you this morning? That was me. Sorry.... :( 3.) In some ways, it seems like I was born/built to be a nurse, but I think it surprised some people that I made it at all. 4.) There was a time in my life when my only dream was to go to conservatory and be a professional cellist. Sometimes, I still wonder what would have happened to me if that had worked out. 5.) But, you know that saying about finding yourself in a place you never planned yet it being exactly where you were meant to be? Sums up my life. 6.) I dabble in creative writing, and would like to try my hand at something good enough to be published someday. 7.) I am a die-hard, "I will fight you to the death" Rafa Nadal fan. He is my tennis version of Il Volo. :) I feel so blessed that I found Il Volo and that they have opened up and changed my life in so many ways. I'm so busy trying to get through life sometimes, I forget to enjoy it. Il Volo reminds me to do that. :)

In Case You Missed It ~~ Still Water

reporter_aeroporto_megacityHey Everyone!

We know that when Ignazio is not working, he guards his privacy very closely.  On social media–at least–he goes very still.  Well, there is a saying that I think fits Ignazio very well:

“Still waters run deep.”

Now, I don’t know who said that–though I could probably find out if you give me a minute.  But, I think they are absolutely right.  Just because a person is quiet, doesn’t mean they don’t have a lot to say.  I think Ignazio’s recent interview proves that. 

The link to the interview is provided below, but enjoy some other deep thoughts from Ignazio as well–in case you missed them.  


original credit given by All About Il Volo
original credit given by All About Il Volo


Click here —> Ignazio Interview on Telesud ~~ All About Il Volo


“Music for some means a source of income.. But the music is charm! The music is discipline! The music is character! Music is passion! The music is freedom, humility, simplicity, pure emotion!!
Love and respect music!! Whatever genre it is!! Because once you find out how much it’s nice music feed will find a new world to discover!”

(translation by Bing)

Sometimes just a smile to change appearance to life.. Your smile changed my life!! (translation by Bing)


Il Volo Professional ~~ Caruso, China and Countdown to a New Album

Hey Everyone!

Hope you’re having a great weekend! 

Caruso Award 2015

Raffaele Lauro; Bing Images
Raffaele Lauro; Bing Images

Il Volo has been nominated for the 2015 Caruso Award by Raffaele Lauro, a politician in the Italian Senate (Raffaele Lauro Wikipedia Page). 

According to Commune di Sorrento (Commune di Sorrento Article),”the Caruso Award is a recognition given to a personality of the artistic world of Italian culture that has particularly helped to spread the art and Italian culture in the world. A prize, Caruso, which in previous years has gone to giants of the art scene, as Andrea Bocelli, Lucio Dalla, Claudio Mattone, Massimo Ranieri and Carlo Fracci.” 

Congratulations, Piero, Gianluca, and Ignazio!  We’ll be waiting to hear the official word–but of course we always knew that you belonged in the company of these artists.       😉

Count Down to China

All About Il VoloAccording to Piero, the time for vacation is now over, and it looks like they are getting ready to hit the road running.  Il Volo is heading the China before they go to the San Remo Festival.  They will be guests in a Chinese national music festival on January 26 which will be televised live on Chinese National TV.  You can read the article in Italian or All About Il Volo’s summation by clicking the links below. 

Click here —> Il Volo Will Be in China… ~~ All About Il Volo

Click here —>  (Italian article) ~~ Canicatti Web

New Album News

The Guys are still recording–a process that obviously takes waaaayyyy more time than I ever thought.  But it seems like the release date for the long awaited album will be sometime after San Remo, giving me hope that my hunch was correct: that the song they will be singing at San Remo will be on the album. It is talked about a bit in the above article as does Ignazio in an interview that was released recently.  Stay tuned for a transcript of his interview.

celebratingHappy Sunday, everyone!

~~ Kelly



Demystifying San Remo…Kind Of


Hey Everyone!

Gina expressed a desire for clarified voting procedures and what it all means when it comes to the San Remo Music Festival next month.  A very logical request, because I’ve tried to read up on how the festival works and had to speak with two knowledgeable people before I think I’ve finally got it down.  And I’ve always thought of myself as a reasonably intelligent person (nobody comment on that!).

In a simple form, San Remo is indeed a competition in which music is being judged in several categories, but it’s also a bit of a popularity contest in all of Italy and Europe for the artists involved.  When the time comes, it will be a 60% to 40% split between the judges and the fans respectively, so all of the TV shows and appearances that involve Il Volo are to create and maintain buzz about them going into the competition.

The competition itself is full of little competitions within the big one.  Most notably (in the category Il Volo is competing in), there is the competition between artists in how they interpret the music given to them, as well as a competition between the song writers and their songs–which are being performed for the first time ever by the artist assigned to it.  As noted in a previous article about this competition, Il Volo will be singing, “Grande Amore,” written by Francesco Boccia. [Invited to San Remo in 2015 In this scenario, if Il Volo is declared the winner of their category, so will Francesco, as the writer of the song.  To win the competition would give Il Volo another level of prestige and the chance to compete–if they choose–in the Eurovision Competition.

So, what is the deal with the voting?  The voting, again, is two-fold.  There is the voting that is occurring now, and there will be separate voting when the competition actually starts.  When the competition starts in February, there will be Televoting, which will actually count toward the final results.  The voting that is occurring now, is unofficial, does not–as I think I understand it–count toward final results in February, but probably helps with that buzz that needs to surround Il Volo in the coming days, so I say, “Keep voting!”

As far as I know, there are four places that voting is taking place.  Two polls are a “one and done” type of poll, which I know will appeal to many of our readers, one is one in which you can vote more often, and a fourth that is via Facebook.  If you have not been voting and would like to, here are the links:

 One and Done:  (featured on this site already) Blog   (featured on this site already)

Click here —>

s - vote

To vote multiple times:

Music Online

Click here —> Music Online Official

In this poll, you may vote once per hour, for twenty-four votes in a twenty-four hour period.


San Remo 2015 Facebook Page

Click here —> SanRemo 2015 Facebook via Beverly Olsen

Follow the instructions as outlined in the Facebook post.  As noted, it seems that this really influences public opinion, so if you really want to help, try this avenue as well

I hope this answers your questions.  As more information is found, we will bring it to you as quickly as possible.  Thank you LiJoy (conferring with Athina for clarification) and Bev Olsen for your help!


Il Volo Professional ~~ Unici Program Sneak Peek

original artwork by All About Il Volo
original artwork by All About Il Volo


LiJoy and IlVolovers everywhere are waiting for replay of the “Tre come noi” program, and several people are translating.  If you’re anything like me, you are not at all patient, so here is a little sneak peek to increase your curiosity even more…    😉

~~ Kelly

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