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To everyone except Jeanine:

The best way to spread the wonderful WORD of Il Volo is for each one to tell one. I know most of you exceeded “one” within a week of the amazing discovery! Over the past few months I have noticed that a few of you have told your stories. Let’s hear it. Who have you passed Il Volo Love to?

Put your hands down and listen!
Boys, put your hands down and listen!


Here’s one of mine:

My travel buddy Sister, Debbie, and I were coming home from the Pittsburgh Concert. So, of course, we had to stop in Washington, Pa. at the outlet mall. After a really hard morning of shopping we were famished. We stopped at the Waffle House across the street. My sister and I both had on our brand-new Il Volo Concert T-shirts. Our waitress noticed. She said she knew who they were. She had recently seen their PBS Special. Another waitress overheard her and as they walked away, waitress #1 was telling waitress #2 all about Il Volo. Score an easy one for our side!

Now You!


Jeanine, I know this question is too hard for you.  Try this one;  Who in Oregon and surrounding states have you not passed Il Volo Love to? 




Hi Everyone,

Well another year is almost over. What a year it has been, not only for Il  Volo, but for us adoring fans. Lets look back a little. In January and February we were panting for news of concert dates and Il volo appearances. We were frantically asking manangement for news, remember? In February we did celebrate Gianluca’s birthday and he sent out that sweet video, thanking his fans, remember? Finally in March we got news that Il Volo would be on tour in North America and that they were doing 2 PBS specials at the end of March in Miami, remember? There was a lot of scrambling for tickets because of the short notice, but Michele and Elaine (who did not know each other then) got tickets and came to Miami for the shows, remember? The Boys then hit South America for a promotional tour for over 3 months, remember? They did some TV here, like “Home and Family” and “Kelly and Michael”, remember? They went home for a short time and were back here in August to start Their North American Tour, remember?  We, who were lucky enough to go to their concerts (some, more than one!) shared our pictures and memories with everyone here (Piero jumping in the cab with Mary, Marie and Loretta in Detroit) remember? They hit South America running in October and and finished up here in December with TV performances and promotions for “Buon Natale” shown on PBS, remember?     They also snuck in an appearance and a song for the nationally televised Disney Christmas Parade, before they went home, remember? Il Volo appeared at the Mall of America and Mary B,  Allene and Jane had the opportunity to have a private meeting with them, remember? They finally left for home December 10th and did  concerts at 2 Bascilica’s in Italy, one of which was at The Bascilica of St Francis of Assisi, remember? Those are the highlights, I’m sure there are more. I can tell you this ,Il Volo did all of us proud, with their impecable professionalism and glorious voices. They met their fans with courtesy and love, they did lots of interviews and patiently answered all the same questions in English, Spanish and Italian with good humor, remember? They were simply IL VOLO, three special young men that we are so proud of for their soaring voices and unique personalities!! We all remember that!!!

Best memory of all? starting this site “Il Volo Flight Crew~Share The Love” at the beginning of August. We all never cease to be amazed how we took off, soaring like Il Volo and how all of you have made this site what it is today in 5 short months, incredible!!!!!

Twitters, Tweets and Keeks:            new york

Gianluca, Gianluca has been prolific with his tweets, here are a few of them: On the 25th, “Goodnight, hope you had an amazing Christmas with your families, from your GG” On the 26th, “When I care about someone I really care” On the 28th, “I just shaved my beard off” and today, “I need to go to the gym NOW, getting weight!!!”

Piero, On the 26th, “I’ve been 3 days at home with my beautiful family, had the best time”, Yesterday, “Sicilian desserts” with photo of some amazing looking pastries!

Ignazio, Our ignazio is a bit more communicative on his off time this year, “On the 25th with photo, “Ready to go out” 28th, “I’m feeling little sad” 29th ” Waking up and feeling happier”

Click this link to see a short CNN article about Il Volo,

We’ve had a good year here, sometimes we disagreed, sometimes we had little arguments but none of us ever wavered in our love for Ignazio, Piero and Gianluca. We have supported “Our Boys” and each other through thick and thin. We expressed our love and admiration and wandered all over the net to get any glimpse and hear any song.

To Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca, we wish you a Happy, Healthy New Year. We wish you success and happiness wherever you travel to next year. Keep your families close and stay humble.


To all of you, Happy and Healthy 2014!!! I hope you haven’t missed much!!

HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL!!!!                new year




Hi Everyone,

How is everyone doing? Have you all survived “The Boys” leaving to go home? I know we’ve been sad, but happy for them. There are still some taped appearances coming up. Mlla has been gracious enough to send us pictures from Assisi. Those “Little Things” help keep us in touch! Il Volo also has another concert to do in Scala on December 18th.

Piero, Gianluca and Ignazio seem really happy to be home even with a few concerts to do before Christmas. We’re hoping after that they get a little R&R until after New Years!!! We’ll just have to wait and see.

Twitters Tweets and Keeks:

Gianluca: “Hi everyone, how are you today? I just want to tell you that i’m thinking about you and that I can’t wait to start the journey again” “Having lunch with my family”

Piero: “Finally with my brother” with a picture of him with his brother, Francis. “In Assisi with my beautiful family and the beautiful surprise of the Minio family” Photo with all having a meal.

Ignazio: Well, no tweets, here’s a picture of him, in case you forget! (Hardly likely!!)tumblr_mvehb2bDuv1s08vxqo1_500

Please see the beautiful photos from Assisi, they look so handsome in their tuxedos!!

Enjoy Michele’s feature on Christmas in Italia.

Team Il Volo has an artical from Yahoo Music called “O Holy Night!! Il Volo sings Christmas classics A Cappella”

Remember these dates 12/18, appearance on  “The Talk”  12/ 25, appearance on the Disney Parade on ABC.  There is still another christmas concert in a Basilica in Scala on 12/18, we’ll get you more information on that as we get it.

Though we miss them, it is so good to see and hear how happy they are to be with family, enjoy Guys, have fun!!fire




Hi Everyone,

Only 5 days left until Il Volo goes home to Italy to spend the holidays with their family and friends!!  Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca hit the ground running on November 17th in LA and have not stopped yet. They did have a few days off here and there, but have been busy pretty much most of the time. They have done tree lighting ceremonies, appearances and signings. They have taped songs for TV shows and been on radio programs and done interviews. They went to The Mall of America and had money floated on them as they sang! They, of course met with our 3 ladies, Mary, Jane and Allene! This past Sunday they appeared at a wine and dine in Detroit, attended by our own Christine! They went from there to Detroit PBS for the new showing of their special, “Buon Natale”. They were in Washington on Tuesday and then headed for Boston and New York!! They are now headed for Orlando. They will finally fly home on December 10th. It will not stop there: on December 14th they are part of a Christmas Program at The Bacilica of St Francis of Assissi in Assissi, Italy. The program, according to our friend Mlla will be broadcast throughout Italy on December 25th, Christmas day! We have no way of knowing if the program will be aired here in the USA, if I get any information I will let you know!!!

Twitters, “Tweets and Keeks:

Gianluca: “flirting is a skill”, ” The White House, Washington DC! “Taking off bye, see u in Orlando,”

Gianlu,ca Instagram
Gianlu,ca Instagram

Piero: “Welcome to my new house” “I really like this city and the people #Washinton DC” About 2hrs ago, “Taking off #Orlando”

Piero, Instagram
Piero, Instagram

Ignazio: Last night “Buonanotte Washington.!!!” About 2 hrs ago “On the plane going to Orlando”

Ignazio, Instagram
Ignazio, Instagram

Check Team Il Volo for three articles “Detroit welcomes Il Volo for a VIP wine and dine“, “LA Art interviews Il Volo” and “Il Volo at The Mall of America (Mn)” These articles are accompanied by some excellent video’s.

Check out Mundial and All Things Il Volo for some really good photos!

Piero, Ignazio and GIanluca have just finished a long tour and are just about to finish another Promo here in the USA. They must be in awe of the places they’ve been and the people they’ve met in the last four years!  Through all of this they have been the model of professionalism, they have always been gentleman, and they have always treated their fans with love and respect!! . It is no wonder they have such loyal and devoted following. We  admire and love them. Enjoy the next few days, Guys! soon you’ll be home with your families!


Music Notes: Buon Natale – is finally here! – By Myron Heaton

 Here, once again, is our very own Music Man.  Myron, I hope you really like this show.  It’s my favorite.  ~Marie

(Courtesy Detroit PBS)
( Detroit PBS)

I was hoping to have had this out sooner but my order of this program had not arrived yet when the PBS special came on television tonight. So here is my review of the television show on PBS – December 2, 2013. This was filmed on March 27, 2013 or as they called it at the time –“ Christmas in March in Miami “. Try to get your head around that image ! 

In quick summary, I want to say that this program was really excellent but given their schedule that week it should not have been good at all. More on that later.

I don’t usually describe the staging of a song but this was excellent: curtain closed, the boys walk in through the audience shaking hands as they keep walking and while the orchestra (out of sight) plays intro to Panis Angelicus. They make it to the stage just in time to start the song. Beautifully sung – period . Then this is done the curtain opens to a very lavishly decorated stage with full orchestra and the song Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree. The whole transition was excellent. Nice lively rendition.

With the boys up on their round platform they sat on the edge and sang I’ll be Home for Christmas. Another great orchestration and using the alternate introduction made famous by Bing Crosby. Nice singing and very rich in tone. Gianluca gave a wonderful mellow sound to the 3rd verse. This was followed by the boy’s now-famous medley with the big band Sinatra sound – Medley: Jingle Bells Rock-Let it Snow-Wonderful Time of the Year This is always a powerful performance and they always have fun with the audience. When you compare the “We are Love “ concert which was filmed the night before this program, this audience was a lot more “alive” and responsive to the boys.

Perhaps the best song and best performance of the night: The Christmas Song(Chestnuts Roasting on an open fire) – the orchestration was fantastic and it starts with Gianluca singing in a most incredible and mellow tone. He is inspired by the great singer Mel Torme – who, by the way, was also the composer of this great song. Torme was known as the “velvet fog” – nickname because his voice moved so smooth and because he was a great jazz improviser. That was Gianluca right here and right now. To make it even more wondrous, Piero – who normally pushes tone rather strong came through with his own wonderful, mellow vocal sound. Ignazio followed with some jazz rifs and echoed by Gianluca again. Mel Torme would be proud. Truly great performance of this wonderful song.

Up next a very nice rendition of Ave Maria – Schubert version. As Gianluca points out there is another famous version written by Johann S. Bach and arranged by Gounod. Here, I am afraid, we had some evidence of the tired voices from the stressed out week. More on that later. Santa Claus is Comin’ to Town – changed the mood right away with a lot of cute facials and footwork from the guys. This was fun. This section concluded with their very fine arrangement of O Holy Night. Giving each boy a good solo section and also using very nice harmony is part. The singing here is just absolutely glorious. Great orchestration but this is all the guys. This is what Gianluca, Piero and Ignazio were created for. This is what the original meaning of the words “Bel Canto” really meant. Absolutely pure and simple beautiful singing – period !

The next section starts with Silent Night which was not quite as good as they have done and part of it was the rather dumb position they are sitting in – ugh ! They looked so uncomfortable from the start. Singers don’t sit on the floor with their legs crossed up under their arms – sorry Gianluca. Fire the stage director. They have sung this song much better on prior times (the Today Show last year, for one).

A let-down to a highlight. Elvis’ Blue Christmas – sung totally a capella ! ! !

Starting without any pitch from orchestra (nice to have perfect pitch) and sung with no orchestra, or piano or guitar. Just PURE GUYS ! That was fantastic and very pretty. This was followed by another of my favorites that they have sung before Notte Stellata (The Swan)–another “Bel Canto” example of singing. The version of White Christmas was sung vey nicely but I felt they should have stayed with the original key which is lower by two steps and therefore better range for all. They carried it off. The concert ended with Feliz Navidad along with Belinda. Nice audience sing-along. Good ending to a program.

As I said above, this concert came off in truly excellent fashion – great music done with great quality. Congratulations boys, but no due to planning. There should never have been a plan that forced the boys into filming two entirely different concerts for television BACK TO BACK – one day after the other. “We are Love” on March 26 and Buon Natale on March 27 ! This is bad vocal planning and vocal care. I also think it takes advantage of the boys’ good nature and their extraordinary professionalism ! The proper plan should have been a week of rehearsals for the first show and two days off and then a week of rehearsals for the second show. These two concerts came off because of the three most wonderful young men in the business today.

Bless you Ignazio. Bless you Piero. Bless you Gianluca. We love you and wish you all a great and restful Christmas with your families.



VIP WINE & DINE in DETROIT ~ By Our VIP Christine Pegnato

Hey Gang, Got a nice email from Christine today.   She said I could share it with all of you.  Thanks Chris.

(Photo Judy Therman)
(Photo Judy Thurman)

Christine Pegnato Today at 9:49 AM

Hi Marie.

There is a photo on a site called “Virtual Tour Bus”, it shows Ignazio on a plane to Boston and he is wearing the base ball cap I gave him (among other things as Christmas presents) at the Detroit Meet and Greet! I wrote a little note to him that said to wear it with his blue sunglasses, and in the photo, he’s got the blue sunglasses on and the cap, isn’t that a hoot!

Oh Marie, the show was to die for! PBS said this was the first event of this type such as an exclusive meet and greet and it seemed to be a resounding success. IL VOLO has strong ties with PBS, so maybe they will do something like this in another city next year, and if close enough we will go! I’d have to hock rings of mine to get the $1000 of course!

Doors didn’t open til 4:30 and we were there at about ten after four and there is a huge window to the restaurant and the fans were saying, “there’s Ignazio”, “there’s Piero”, they could be seen from the window. I just about died! Jo, who I was with, and Loves Ignazio as much as you do, if that is possible, was peering into the window with her nose on the glass, I wouldn’t have the nerve! Then since they knew the fans were coming in and the doors were opening, they disappeared in the back.

We waited til about 5 pm when they came back out to sing. I held my breath for that 1/2 hr til I turned blue. I am kidding! It was so wonderful! This was a four or possibly five star restaurant and the food “looked” so sumptuous but I was so nervous, I couldn’t eat. This lady across form me was from Alberta Canada, she was a Piero fan, in her early 70’s and she was so nervous at seeing them she couldn’t eat either! I got to ask Gianluca to sign my calendar (I made a big one for myself, with pics which are about 10″ x 12″). You can never have too big of pictures of IL VOLO)! I got to talk to him (GG) for maybe 10 seconds, they rushed them through each table.

I talked to Barb Vitali, She was real sweet. I asked her where she was from, she said Bologna, who else do we know from Bolognia, let me see….. She has an accent. I asked her about the future and she said  that they had to get together and plan their upcoming projects and they need new songs before they tour again. Hopefully they will miss us so much, they will insist on touring soon!!

When they got done singing (only sang 2 songs in the beginning and O Sole Mio right before they left) Ignazio says, “okay, when are we gonna eat?” How cute! They did NOT eat, but hopefully the restaruant fixed plates for them to take with them. They were only in our midst for 1 hour from 5 to 6, then they had to go do a live broadcast on Detroit PBS which some friends and I went back to our hotel and watched.

Ignazio was so funny on that show! He kept pinching Pieros face and Piero finally had enough and tried to hold down Ignazio’s hands on the table (this was live TV). Then Ignazio kept messing up Gianluca’s hair and Gian didn’t even get mad, he kept straightening it back, but Ignazio would mess it up again! The interviewer from PBS asked them who their musical influences are and of course Ignazio said “Stevie Wonder”, and when it was Gianluca’s turn he jumps up out of his chair and yells “THE VOICE Frank Sinatra!” He was so wired during that show, we laughed so hard, b/c he was making these faces too, you’d have to see it. They are also doing PBS shows in Boston and Wash D.C.

I can’t describe how exciting it was! They may do something like this again. Keep putting pennies or nickels in a jar to save up!!! Marie, it was a night I will NEVER forget.