“It’s time to go…” Gianluca

It’s after 6 AM on the East coast,  Wednesday, August 21, 2013, and all is well!  According to Twitter time, about 2 hours ago Gianluca tweeted:

“Gianluca Il Volo                                                 

It’s time to go. it’s not easy being away from family, but I can’t wait to come and sing for you all to live unforgettable experiences!”

Less than an hour ago he followed with:

“Gianluca Il Volo     

Are you excited?? The #WeAreLoveTour2013 is starting!!!!!”

Gianluca, we are so excited!  We can’t wait to see you, Ignazio and Piero on the #WeAreLoveTour2013!      mfa



Hi Everyone,

1) It appears as if the time has come! Piero tweeted that he was on his way and Gianluca tweeted he was leaving tomorrow the 21st. We suspect they will meet in Rome and fly to North America from there. We still don’t know if they are flying directly to Vancouver or going to LA first. We’ll let you know.

2) Everyone is excited about “The Boys” being in a Disney film. We do not have any official word but we suspect Disney will film their concerts and turn it into a film. One Direction debuted their own film today in London called “All About Us”

3) Check out Gianluca’s tweet with a picture of his new watch. It’s a UBOAT by Italo Fontana. It has all kinds of dials and knobs, he seems very proud of it.

4) We’ve gotten some terrific poems in our comment section. We Have a lot of very talented Il Volo fans!

5) In checking Twitter feed we note that Il Volo Flight Crew-Share The Love is trending!! We couldn’t be more excited about the interest in our new “Baby”

6) The comments on ‘What is your favorite Song” will close Friday August 23rd at 8PM Eastern time. To all of you who did not pick one song please do so, so we can make it one favorite song!

7) A reminder again to watch “The Boys” on Hallmark Channel, Friday the 23rd at 12 noon.

Lets all get ready to welcome Il Volo back to North America!



    If I had a star everytime Gianluca, Piero and Ignazio made me smile, I would be holding the night sky in my hand.

        Helen Bridgforth (quoting Judy Thurman)


        I am astounded to report to you that as of 3:00 today August 20th, we have had 10,000 Views to this site in 12 days. We have joined together 18 countries to do so!

        That's how many stars WE made shine in OUR BOYS night sky!




Hi Everyone.

1) The time is near, the first concert of 2013 is August 25th in Vancouver! Rumor has it that Il Volo will be arriving in North America on 8/21/13, we all hope so!


Piero sends us a picture of his very colorful shoes, have you all seen them on Instagram?
He also sent a picture of himself on a Vespa, he tweeted “I’m Italian”.

Gianluca was the most prolific on Twitter this weekend. He tweeted “I love chocolate cookies” “I ate too much” “listening to JTimberlake” He asked his fans what suit he should wear at the first concert, his black suit is his favorite. he tweeted to his fans that he had 50,000 followers and is very grateful.. He said last night “It is time to go to sleep, you always fill my heart with joy everyday, I love you all” You fill our hearts with joy too, Gianluca!
Today he tweets “off to the beach”

Ignazio tweeted a picture of himself and said “sleepy”. He did indeed look as if he needed a nap. He also tweeted that he is excited for the new tour to begin!

3) Il Volo Mundial and Team Il Volo had announcements on the upcoming Christmas Special, “Buon Natale” It will be on PBS stations at the end of November. CDs and DVDs will be available at that time through PBS, in stores at a later date.

4) A reminder to watch “Home and Family” on 8/23/13 for the re-run of Il Volo’s appearance. Hallmark Channel @ 12 noon.

5) Thanks everyone for sending us your choices of your favorite songs. Many found it very difficult to choose just one!

Come in and share the love of life, friends and Il Volo!