Hi Everyone,

It seems Piero, Ignazio, and Gianluca are settled in Vancouver to rehearse for the concert and get familiar with The Orpheum Theatre.
From the pictures they have tweeted, Vancouver looks like a beautiful city, especially when it’s all lit up at night.

1) On Team Il Volo Blogspot check out the interview Ignazio and Gianluca gave to TG2 at the airport in Italy prior to their flight. It’s in Italian and even if you don’t speak Italian it’s worth watching for the quick look at their career going back about 3-4 years. It really shows how much they’ve matured over the past few years.

2) There are some nice photos of “The Boys” on Mundial taken after their arrival. Could it be that Gianluca has gone back to his curly hair? What do you think? THere is also a video from CTV of an interview the boys did this morning , watch it,you’ll enjoy!!!

3) Twitter, Tweets and Keeks:
Check out Gianluca’s tweet “going to gym” and a tweet to his fans “You are a song written by the hand of God” He is so sweet to his fans!
See the Keek from Piero “Doing what we love to do” It’s Piero playing the piano and Ignazio singing “Unchained Melody” Prehaps a preview from the concert?

If you’ll notice the picture of the lady reporter at the top of this page is blushing. I’ve been telling you all week about “The Boys” being on Hallmark today and they didn’t air it! My apologies for any inconvenience it may have caused.

Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca we wish you success and fun on the concert tour.



Dear Flight Crew;

I am writing to you about the upcoming concerts. I won’t attend mine until September 5th. Please do not write anything here about yours! Don’t spoil my concert by telling me all the details. I do not need to know how cute Gianluca was or how nice Piero looked in a tie. I’ll find those things out for myself. Please, no videos on Team Il Volo. I won’t even look there until September 6th. Please don’t share! I won’t read it if you do!

You may, however, let me know two or three of the songs you liked and also which aisle Ignazio walks down. I wouldn’t mind knowing what time the Meet & Greet started. You may tell me what the orchestra was like. You could maybe just tell me who smiled the most or sang the loudest. I’ll probably need to know if Piero came off stage. Did you get to hear Gienluca’s speaking voice?

OK! You know I can’t wait! You MUST tell me EVERYTHING! I NEED to know ALL, the night you attend or the next morning, if you have to wait that long! I NEED to know what they sang and how they moved! What did Ignazio wear? Did he shave? Did Gianluca have any curls? I will scour all concert videos on Mundial and Team Il Volo just to get a peek of a smile or a move I’ve never seen or one I have seen and wait for – a bounce, a point of the toe, glasses pushed back on that handsome nose.
Please share! Did Ignazio ask for me? Did Piero hug anyone? Did he hug you?

Please keep the rest to yourself.


Ignazio on InstaMessage

On Thursday, August 22, 2013, around 11 PM Eastern Ignazio Tweeted:

“ignazio boschetto ”    ‏

“I’m on @InstaMessage. Go get @InstaMessage and chat with me now. #instamessage


Of course, I had to get InstaMessage first and then reset my password.  I managed to say,

“Hey Ignazio, how do you like Vancouver?”   No reply yet,  I am still waiting!  I’m guessing a lot of fans are waiting to chat with him too!     mfa



Hi Everyone,

WELCOME BACK TO NORTH AMERICA!!, Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca! All your North American fans are delighted to have you back.
We are looking forward to your 2013 “We Are love” tour.

1) Twitters and Tweets..
I know most of you have, but if not, check Gianluca’s tweet and picture from last night, titled “sleepy.” It has given more than 1 Gianluca fan heart palpatations!!!!!
Gianluca tweeted this morning at 9:26AM from Vancouver ” a beautiful, sunny day”

Piero tweeted “we’re here” with a picture of himself in the cockpit of a plane! Don’t fly away yet, Piero!

Ignazio tweets, “excited guys”

The Il Volo Band tweeted that they have arrived.

2) Mundial welcomes Il Volo back to America on their facebook page.

3) In looking at my Twitter feed, Il Volo Flight Crew is trending, we’re very excited!

One more reminder to catch Il Volo tomorrow, Friday the 23rd at 12 noon on the Hallmark channel.

We all wish Il Volo luck and success on their tour. They are opening August 25th in Vancouver.


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Come in and share the love of life, friends and Il Volo!


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