Waxing Poetic ~ Mary Bohling

on April 4th this album went platinum (50,000 sold).  Its video has been viewed more than 19 million times. ...Soaring.
On April 4th this album went Platinum (50,000 sold). Its video has been viewed more than 19 million times. …Soaring.

Our baby birds have grown strong wing feathers and are eager to try them out, slowly at first, then as confidence grows, they soar into the heavens, singing as they go. Sing sweetly, lovely ones. Sing for the world to hear. We know your dulcet tones and thrill as they touch our hearts. Fly high with joy and send your sweet notes back to those who love you and wait for your return. Fly cautiously. Be alert. Be wise. Be aware of dangers along the way. But also be fearless in your quest to bring your glorious music to the world.

You are love. You are our loved ones. We watched as you spread your baby wings and moved to the edge of the nest, looking eagerly out upon the endless sky. We watched as you bravely took the first steps out of the nest and into the unknown. We held our breath and silently cheered you on. We kept our eyes on you,watching each new adventure with pride. We saw your wings get stronger and stronger, taking you to new heights, sometimes out of our range of vision, but we knew where you were, and that you would fly back to us.

We tracked your flights, we held you in our prayers. We gloried in your successes and always held you in our hearts. You have grown well, our fledglings, into magnificent, beautiful beings. We have loved you well, and we long for the day when your journey will bring you back to us. So soar on. Fulfill your destiny. Touch other hearts as you have touched ours. Spread your vision of love to a world which so badly needs to hear it.

If we listen closely we can hear a soft whirr of wings overhead, and know that it is you spreading your message of peace, love, and joy. And we are listening for that whirr to become a gentle roar as you come home once more to our waiting hearts.


Il Volo Professional ~~ Photoshoots and more Guest Appearances

Hey Everyone!

Last week, Il Volo made a few guest appearances and started work on a new music video.  Thanks to All Things Il Volo and All About Il Volo for their help on this!

~~ Kelly


Video shoot ~~ Next up: “Canzone per te”

Il Volo Recording New Video Gallery ~~ All About Il Volo


L’Areana Protagonista


L'Areana; All About Il Volo
L’Areana; All About Il Volo

Il Volo Apperance on L’Arena (translation included) ~~ All About Il Volo

L’Arena Protagonista Photo Gallery; photos curtesy of Giuessepe Rallo ~~ All Things Il Volo

Striscia la Notizia.

Il Volo on Striscia la Notizia ~~ All About Il Volo

~~ Il Volovers Italy Official

~~ All Things Il Volo

Easter Pizza? Sure, We’re all Italians Here! ~ By Leelee

Hi everyone!

You must see this video. Chef Pasquale is too cute for words. Pizza Rustica is an Italian tradition at Easter time.

My Mom always made it with pepperoni and hard boiled egg, but there are so many variations and you can put in it what you like (as like Chef Pasquale). As Mom got older, it was too much for her and time consuming to make the dough, so the store-bought dough works just as well.

Here is a blurb I found on recipes.wikia.com: “Unlike the flatter surfaced pizza commonly made in homes and restaurants, Pizza Rustica resembles a pie that is filled with cheeses and meats, which may include ricotta, mozzarella, provolone, and Romano cheese combined with meats such as sausage, salami, and prosciutto, or perhaps mortadella and soppressata instead of the sausage and salami. The ingredients are then baked within a pie dough crust and covering. The dough may be either pastry dough without sugar or yeast dough, both of which encase a savory filling of meats and cheeses.”

Happy Easter to everyone. For those of you who do not celebrate Easter, I wish you all a Happy April.


Mary, Mary, Mary

Last week Mary Bohling commented on a post. She said, “That’s why we love them.” No Mary. Here are the reasons:

p - being sillyThey take life seriously.

a - oh so tired

They are continually alert to new ventures.

Conde Nast - AAIV (2)They always show how much they love one another.

i - jumpTheir feet are always on the ground.

DSCN0243 hands only 3

This has nothing to do with this article. I just wanted to show you a blow-up of my favorite part of my favorite picture. What can I say?

a - Dancing with the stars

They are truly Manly men!

Conde Nast - AAIV with creditThey are always smiling, always happy

i - aa

They share only their most professional photography with their fans.

p - piero and dadThey do it all on their own without help from anyone.

a - sanremo win

They are always calm and keep their cool.

g - So handsome this march

They’re not so handsome that their pictures are distractinggggggggggggg. 

So you see Mary, for these reasons and a hundred more, we love them.

Did I mention they sing?


Come in and share the love of life, friends and Il Volo!