They are coming back! Aren’t they?

Ciao tutti!

I just wanted to take a little break from the Italian lessons to take some time to reflect on today –IlVolover’s Day!  Yes, just six short years ago, they met and sang O Sole Mio and truly the rest, as they say, is history!  I’m sure that six years ago, the guys could never have dreamed back then, of what they have achieved already in a relatively short time?  Imagine if they would have said no to the American contract?  How empty our lives would be right now and we would have never met each other, or the rest of the other ilvolovely fans around the world?

Jana 2015-04-25 13.53.30

I take them with me each day on my walks.  I’m up to about 2.5 miles now and they are truly my inspiration that keeps me going for the almost one hour trek.  There are days when I come home from work and am pretty exhausted after a long day, but I know they are there waiting for me and the feeling I get when I put them in my ears is invigorating!

They fill my heart and soul with their voices and reminds me that there is still hope for the world.  The theme for Eurovision is Building Bridges and I can’t think of another artist that truly just lives that theme every time they sing and share their joy with the rest of us.  They should win just by their living example alone!  Oh yeah, and they sing pretty good, too!  Lol!

Jana 2015-04-25 13.53.30

Yes, they fill my heart, however, I made this special picture frame with their name on it and, unfortunately, it will remain empty until I can fill it with me and the guys!  I made this frame last fall with a group of close friends.  One asked what picture I was going to put in it.  “I don’t have it yet…,” I replied.

Springtime in Michigan is very special, as well as for other states that have to battle the ice, cold, and snow of harsh winters.  The smell of spring was in the air today as I went for my walk.  The sight of tulips, daffodils, crocuses, and hyacinths, greeted my eyes and nose with a wonderful hope that it was going to get warmer and warmer each day and the blossoms on the trees lent promises of leaves that were to be there soon!

With that same promise of warmth and spring, we must keep that eternal flame of hope that they will be back to visit us this year!!  I keep remembering the anonymous Ilvolover that rewrote the song of Il Volo is Coming to Town and the ending words of “can’t wait to see their smiles, can’t wait to feel their touch!”  You could say that those who have not seen them in person don’t know what they are missing and you would think, no, that is not true, they DO know what they are missing!  But for those of us that HAVE seen them in person – we KNOW what we are missing (and why our hearts ache) and as much as you say you think you know,  you really don’t… With that first note they sing, just like Gianluca as Spiderman, they spin their web and envelope you with their magic net that keeps you hypnotically stunned until their final notes are sung!  (will we ever run out of adjectives, similes, or metaphors to describe them?)

Jana 2015-04-25 13.53.30

They say distance makes the heart grow fonder, but not sure our hearts could grow any fonder of the guys if we tried?  However, if they don’t come back until next year, our hearts are pretty much going to explode until we can see them again!  Let’s also hope that all of us Ilvolovers are still of this earth and don’t become Ivoloangels watching from above!

In the song, “American Pie” by Don McLean, he says it was “the day the music died…” – a remembrance of that fatal crash on Feb 3, 1959… that killed Buddy HollyRitchie Valens and  J. P. “The Big Bopper” Richardson. How ironic is it that 50 years, 2 months, and 22 days later, the music was once again “reborn” with the 3 voices of Il Volo on April 25, 2009?

So, my friends, my heart and soul are filled daily with their most precious gift, but the frame around my heart will remain forever empty until I can fill it with a picture of me and the guys!

So, guys, if you are reading this, in the words of the lyrics sung by your own countrywoman, Sophia Loren…from the song “Bing! Bang! Bong!” (and movie Houseboat) please hurry back “presto, presto, do your very besto!”  Grazie, grazie!

Ciao, for now…


Il VOLO SANREMO ~~ Jeannette

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Thanks to Jeannette, here is an excellent way to spend an hour or 10 or…  If you somehow didn’t love Gianluca before, wait until the end of this first one. I just need to hug that Boy! ~Marie

All seven songs from the album.. Six are actual videos, and the song Romantica does not have a video but it has audio from the CD.

This album has gone platinum only two months and is still making record sales… I hope you enjoy the videos and Romantica which is in audio…

1. Il Volo a Sanremo 11/02/15 Grande Amore

Il Volo a Sanremo 11/02/15 Grande amore. L’emozione di Gianluca from Giulia Sammarco on Vimeo.

2. Il Volo Ancora.Sanremo 12/02/15

Il Volo canta la cover Ancora.Sanremo 12/02/15 from Giulia Sammarco on Vimeo.

3. Il Volo Vacanze Romane. 2015 – Porta a porta

Il Volo canta Vacanze romane.2015-Porta a porta from Giulia Sammarco on Vimeo.

4. Il Volo Canzone per te.2015-Porta a porta

Il Volo canta Canzone per te.2015-porta a porta from Giulia Sammarco on Vimeo.

5. Il volo Piove.2015 – Porta a porta

Il volo canta Piove.2015-Porta a porta from Giulia Sammarco on Vimeo.

6. Il Volo Romantica

7. Il Volo L’immensità.2015 Porta a porta

Il Volo canta L’immensità.2015 Porta a porta from Giulia Sammarco on Vimeo.

Jeannette initially sent all of this to a couple of friends who don’t know Il Volo like we do. I left the rest in, I figured it wouldn’t hurt to see the Video one more time. Ha!
Thank You Jeannette and what lucky friends you have. ~Marie

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Il Volo won the Sanremo music festival with the song GrandeAmore ..

They made a music Video of Grande Amore, The video has received over 21 million hits.
Video of Grande Amore…

Piero-Playing the scene from the movie Back to the future from 1980’s
Ignazio playing the scene from the movie Ghost from the 1980’s
Gianluca playing the scent from the movie Spiderman… Recent.

English and Italian lyrics to the song Romantica
You are romantic
Loving you is like being revived
In simplicity
In reality
Of another time

You are romantic
Friend of the clouds
That search a bit of sun up there
As you do

You are music
That inspires the soul
You are my corner
of Paradise down here

And I, next to you
Am returned to life
I will tell you,
Will trust you,
With my dreams
Because you are romantic

You are music
That inspires the soul
You are my corner
Of Paradise down here

And I, next to you
Am returned to life
I will tell you,
Will trust you
With my dreams
Because you are romantic


Tu sei romantica,
amarti e’ un po’ rivivere,
nella semplicità,
nella irrealtà
di un’altra età.

Tu sei romantica,
amica delle nuvole,
che cercano lassù
un po’ di sol
come fai tu.
Tu sei la musica
che ispira l’anima
sei tu il mio angolo
di Paradiso quaggiù.

Ed io che accanto a te
son ritornato a vivere,
a te racconterò,
i sogni miei
perché romantica
tu sei.

Tu sei la musica
che ispira l’anima
sei tu il mio angolo
di Paradiso quaggiù.

Ed io che accanto a te
son ritornato a vivere,
a te racconterò,
i sogni miei
perché romantica
tu sei.


You Need Us

Once the glow of Eurovision dims…
you will need us again.

When your countrymen run out of hugs
for their newly declared sons…
you will need us again.

When you tire of your toys
and need a reminder of how wonderful
those first few tours really were for you…
you will need us again.

We saw your faces…
we encouraged your awe and your glow.
To see if it’s still possible…
you will need us again.

We’re here…
we’ll keep waiting.
Cause that’s how much we love you…
and we will need you again.



Greetings, Good Things, and Goodbyes with Gianluca!

Teach Italy.jpg final one ~Jana smaller

Lezione 3, Part 1

Buongiorno clase!   Il Volo had a great time this past week. It’s always great to come back to New York! We loved our helicopter ride, but were a little scared when they told us Ignazio was flying! As Piero promised, I will introduce the –ire ending verbs.Gian for Jana's ost

One type follows the pattern of sentire (to hear) and the other follows the pattern of finire (to finish). The present tense endings are the same for both. However, the difference is that the verbs that follow the pattern of finire add –isc in all forms except for noi & voi (we/you plural).

The endings for present tense regular –ire verbs are as follows:

-o                -iamo

-i                  -ite

-e                 -ono

Today’s (oggi) verbs!

(I am going to put them all in caps, but they aren’t necessarily captilized…) Also, many verbs can have more than one meaning. You need to pay close attention to the context of the sentences…


SENTIRE – to hear, to listen, to feel

io sento – I feel                     noi sentiamo – we feel

tu senti – you feel                  voi sentite – all of you feel

lui/lei sente – he/she feels    loro sentono – they feel

APRIRE – to open


DORMIRE – to sleep (Ignazio likes to dorme!)


PARTIRE – to depart, to leave


SEGUIRE – to follow (you will often see this on Instagram and Twitter “sigue mi” – follow me!)


VESTIRE – to dress


Now for the –ire verbs using –isc. Remember it is used in ALL except noi/voi. It’s a little tricky, as the regular endings for –ire verbs are: o, i, e, iamo, ite, ono. For the –isc verbs they are:

-isco             -iamo

-isci               -ite

-isce             -iscono

NB (note bene – note well!): Remember in your pronunciation of these verbs with the added “sce” endings – The letters “sc” before e or i (also a) – sound like English “sh” sound – as in Nasce (from Grande Amore)

FINIRE – to finish


CAPIRE – to understand (I think we’ve all heard the “capisce!? – you understand!?” in many movies, etc.)


PREFIRIRE – to prefir


There are a few other –isc verbs, but we will not touch on them right now.

As bella as our songs are, we cannot walk around speaking in canzone all day! So here are some molto importante parole!

molto – very

bene – well, good

buon/buona – good

importante – important

parole – words (Grande Amore)

canzone – song (Canzone per Te)


ciao – hello/goodbye (Ciao, Ciao Bambina)

arrivederci – goodbye (Vacanze Romane)

buongiorno – good morning/good afternoon

buonanotte – goodnight

salve – hello/goodbye

buon pomeriggio – good afternoon

mi chiamo Gianluca – my name is Gianluca

a domani – until tomorrow

a preso – see you soon

grazie – thank you

prego – you’re welcome

ragazza/ragazzi – girl/boy              ragazzi – boys/guys (“uncle Bruno” says this a lot to our guys…)

bello/bella – beautiful (ending will change depending on whether noun is masculine or feminine)

casa – house

lingua – language

mamma – mother

padre – father

nonna/nonno – grandma/grandpa

fiore – flower (Canzone per Te)

classe – class

lezione – lesson

difficile – difficult

mare – sea

notte – night

amica/amico – female/male friend (not to be confused with “girlfriend/boyfriend”) (Romantica)

amici – “all” friends

– yes                 è – is

no – no                   me/mi – me

parlare – to speak

studiare – to study

Some phrases using “buon” –

che buono – this is nice

buon compleanno – happy birthday (although they “sing” tanti aguri…which is more like best wishes)

buon divertimento – have a nice time

buona fortuna – good luck

buon viaggio – have a good trip

Now a few important sentences!

L’Italiano è una lingua bella ma difficile.    Italian is a beautiful language but difficult.

Studio l’Italiano.                                    I study Italian.

Parlo l’Italiano.                                      I speak Italian.

NB: The Italian language has a “backwards” accent on their words.  The reason some words have accents over certain letters is that it means that the word means something different without the accent. We will go over that next time in Part 2.

Other Notes:  you will notice that many of the verbs are very similar to English verbs, so they should be easy to remember.  I have also skipped a little grammar here and there.  Ignazio will lead you in more grammar on Lezione 4.  As well as a little review!  We will go over some irregular verbs in Part 2.

Ciao, clase!

GianlucaDSCN0302 - cropped marie2

A Note From Your Editor


Hey, Everyone!

It’s 4 am here in St. Louis, and I’m supposed to be up in a little over an hour to start my day.  But since I’ve been awake since 2:30, I’m guessing it’s a moot point by now.  🙂

It seems natural that in the quiet of the night, I turn to Il Volo–and in turn, you–to occupy my mind instead of concentrating on the ticking of the clock.  If I’m not going to sleep, I can at least be relaxed.

Plus, it’s the one time of day I’m not thinking of the next thing I have to do before the day is over.

Provided my kitty will allow it.  She hates when I’m using electronics and not paying attention to her.    😉

But I’m way off of my point.  I’m writing tonight to say, “Thank you.”

Thank you all for loving and supporting us in this venture called the Flight Crew.  Thank you all for loving and supporting each other everyday.  Il Volo has made us family, and all of you have made this site what it is as much as anyone that formally writes and contributes.

Thank you for all of your kind words on my pieces when I post.  Thank you for the warm “welcome back” and condolences over the losses of my aunt and uncle.  I want you to know that while I couldn’t always respond to your comments, I saw them all.  I always do.  And I appreciate them from the bottom of my heart.

Thank you, Myron, Jeannette, Danielle, Jana, Kitty, LeeLee, Ann, LiJoy, Elizabeth, and Julie for adding your touch to the site.  I love what you have brought to us and the help you give unreservedly.

And, Thank You, Marie! Between the two of us, you’ve done the lion’s share lately, and I can’t tell you how much I appreciate that.

Linda, Michelle and Elaine, I know you have so much going on that you guys can’t be here as much as you like, but we miss you.  🙂  Hurry back, Ok?

Well, I’m finally starting to get sleepy.  Have an awesome day, and again, THANK YOU!

~~ Kelly

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