Il Volo Professional ~~ Italy CD Signing Tour — Pescara and Bologna




Here are days three and four.  Look at those crowds!  They love them.  🙂

~~ Kelly


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Click here —> Il Volo Visits the Headquarters; ~~ Athina via LiJoy


And Don’t Miss Out…!!!





Here is a photograph of the crowd in Milan that Piero posted on his twitter. If you look closely you can see that several people have spotted Gianluca “webbing” in to the Piazza Duomo. He’s cleverly just out of the picture.  Up until now, this information has been kept secret. But we knew all along that they were Super Hero’s.

Now, which one of you is really Superman?


Il Volo Professional ~~ Italy CD Signing Tour–Milan and Rome



Hey Everyone! 

Well, the time has come.  The time that our guys have worked for, dreamed of and –most importantly–deserve.  Even if it is something of a bittersweet time for us.   😉

Italy has finally learned what we already knew and has embraced their countrymen with wide open arms after resoundingly ignoring the critics in San Remo. 

Now don’t misunderstand me.  Nothing warms my heart more than to see The Guys happy and to know that they have that little hole in the heart of their success filled.  Everyone wants to and should be loved and respected–especially at home, and I always smile simply because they do.  But there is a little piece of me that will miss feeling that they “belong” only to me.  But only a little piece.

They are too happy for me to be any less.  🙂

They are three days into a CD signing tour and already about a million steps ahead of me.  Enjoy their stops in Milan and Rome while I try to catch up in Pescara.  😀

~~ Kelly



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Click here —> Yahoo Italia Photo Album ~~ Athina via LiJoy


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Welcome Home Ignazio, and Congratulations!

i - rec ambassadore marsala

After many months of wondering if Marsala would honor Ignazio, as the other cities have honored Piero and Gianluca, the day had finally come for Ignazio! Marsala bestowed upon him the honor of “Ambassador of Marsala in the World!” on February 16 at approximately 17 hundred hours, which is about 5:00pm Marsala time. The ceremony lasted about 45 minutes…and due to the small space where the ceremony took place, the city had staged a “maxischermo” outside of the municipal building, since not everyone could fit inside.

There are several videos floating around out there, but my favorite one has to be the one where he is on the stage in the city and all the townsfolk are there and he is singing Grande Amore and the crowd is singing with him. The crowd is quite good and they already know most of the words to Grande Amore in just a few short days. Then, Ignazio, is Ignazio, gently correcting the crowd on some of their misdirected words and pronunciations! When he is finished, the crowd cheers. I believe his mother was on stage with him, as at one point I think I heard him say “mama” during the refrain of Grande Amore.


Of course, everyone in the city is so proud of Ignazio, their Prince, and now Ambassador! Everyone at home, and around the world, is proud of him, as well as Piero and Gianluca. They are such beautiful souls with grounded thoughts and values. Such a rare thing in this world today!


At last Ignazio has received the accolades and honor of his hometown. But was it too much, too late? If it was, he certainly didn’t portray any of those feelings. He seemed very happy in all of the pictures and videos, and why not? They are flying so high right now, let’s hope they don’t come down for a long, long, time!


Wishing you the best…



Il Volo Professional ~~ Eurovision Song Contest



Click here —> Experience Eurovision ~~ Eurovision YouTube Channel


Hey Everyone!

Now that the shouting and celebrating over San Remo over, it’s back to work for The Guys.  Gianluca recently tweeted that he was in Bologna in the recording studio, so work on what promises to be a stellar album continues (on a side note, let me just say how abjectly in love I am with the Sanremo EP  😀 ).  And I’m sure preparations for their upcoming Eurovision run are in full swing as well.

The Eurovision Song Contest 2015 will be held at the Wiener Stadthalle arena in Vienna, Austria on May 19th, 21st and 23rd.  It is an amazing and prestigious opportunity for them, so I thought we should learn more about it.



Premiering in 1956, the Eurovision Song Contest is the longest running televised music competition and one of Europe’s best-loved television shows.

The idea to have different acts from different countries compete against each other was actually conceived by the EBU (European Broadcast Union) in 1955 by Frenchman, Marcel Bezençon, and was based on the concept of (ironically enough) the Festival di San Remo, which first aired in 1951.  At that time, it was considered a zealous undertaking to bring so many different countries together via the medium of television, since the plan was to broadcast the event throughout all represented countries at the same time, and the technology obviously wasn’t what it is today.

Proof of how well-loved the show is in Europe is demonstrated by the fact that it has been held and broadcast without fail since 1956.  Up to 43 countries have been represented in one competition, and it has been broadcast throughout the world, including in countries that do not actively participate.

Winning this competition allows the winning artist(s) to use the publicity to further their career(s) and can even pave the way for international success.  Winners include such names as Abba, Celine Dion and Julio Iglesias.

Click the links below to learn more.


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Eurovision Song Contest Wikipedia Page

Eurovision Song Contest Facebook Page

Eurovision TV Website

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Vienna is the capital and primary city in Austria, with more than 20 percent of the country calling the city home.  Austria itself has something of a war-torn history in the early to mid twentieth century, but in recent years, Vienna has risen to be recognized as one of the world’s “Most Livable Cities” as well as for its “Culture of Innovation.”

It is also regarded as the “City of Music” for its rich musical culture, which was also noted to me by Myron, our own music educator:

“…Mozart, Beethoven, Schubert, Haydn, Mahler and many other great musicians lived there.  Kind of like New York is for the USA.  In other words: a great place for a music competition.”

 An overview of Vienna’s history can be found on the Vienna Wikipedia Page


 Wiener Stadthalle Arena

The Wiener Stadthalle Arena is an indoor arena and convention center in the 15th district of Vienna.  It was designed by Roland Reiner, and construction took place between 1953 and 1958.   The arena holds roughly 16,000 people and hosts about 350 events per year, but there are several other buildings and sports venues that make up the complex.  Visit the Wiener Stadthalle Wikipedia page for the details, and The Stadthalle Multimedia Page on its official website for pictures and videos.


Grande Amore

So we know that this is the song Il Volo is taking to the contest, and why shouldn’t they?  Have I mentioned that I love it?  Well, just in case there is any confusion, I do!  I do; I do!   😀   I’m not going to say anything else.  Just enjoy the graphic tweeted from our affiliate, AAIV, regarding the song’s debut on the Billboard Chart while watching the official video!

~~ Kelly


** Note: all information for this article was gathered using the websites linked throughout. **

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