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Il Volo is becoming a phenomenon in the world… I just love them so much, they make my little world of Jeannette so happy… If I start feeling lonely or blue because I am alone, I just put on Il Volo, maybe a CD or one of the DVD’s and they fill my world and I am not alone any longer…
I read everything I can about Il Volo and that fills my day with happiness… I say this but I know I am not alone in doing this… They are a phenomenon because there are thousands or maybe even millions of people just like me where Il Volo has changed their lives for the better…Not only with their beautiful music but with their beautiful selves… They are loving and they are charming, they give themselves to us without reservation… They love their fans as if we were their family… We then become their family… The Il Volo Family is a community of love for each other not only love for Il Volo
Again the word phenomenon has to be used… In all my years on this earth I have never experienced a Phenomenon like this …Il Volo is bringing the world together by not only with their beautiful music, but with love and joy for all … All ages, cultures and countries… From the Americas to China and all points in between people are joining together with caring hearts…thanks to Il Volo, and that my friends is truly a Phenomenon.


Bits and Pieces

I am so fortunate! You folks send me all kinds of fun things. Here are a few:
penina - ignazio

Penina took this picture.  It was the first sign raised just for Ignazio. “We were so excited to see, finally, some recognition.”


  Look What Mary Strickler found in Naples………Florida!

mary sign 1“I took a picture with my iPhone this morning while walking my labrador Addy and wanted to share it with you. It is a photo of a new cross street sign which leads to another entrance into our neighborhood. It was opened to the residents at about the same time my husband and I went to, of all places Sicily, last year.”


Also from Mary, this Youtube video I had never seen before. The making of “Cosi.” It’s just too cute.


Now here is “Something Else Italian” from Ann.
Ann sends me many things I share with you and use in my own writing. She always makes me smile! You’ll smile too. Here are just 6 of them!

 3 other guys who did an OK job with the song.

ann sei 3

What do you wish for? Toss your coin in ” Fountain of Trevi” and return to Rome!!!!!!


National Italian-American Foundation (NIAF)
National Italian-American Foundation (NIAF)

Darned Italians have stolen all the blue water and hidden it in Venice!


ann sei 2


Italian-American Page
Italian-American Page

s - Ann & NIAFThanks Penina, Mary and Ann for sending me great stuff.


Comments from Jana’s post on Voting for your favorite Eurovision performer

  1. I managed to get 2 votes in & they are under 3200 & a if everyone on these sites started voting they should be ahead really fast.

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