In Case You Missed it….


Hi Everyone,

Another great concert last night at the Gibson Ampitheatre in Los Angeles. The audience especially loved the solos done by each of “The Boys” There was a standing ovation for each solo! There were more standing ovations and loud applause for the rest of the concert too!

1) To see photos and videos of Ignazio, Piero and Gianluca during the concert see Team Il Volo and Mundial Facebook.

2) Twitters, Tweets and Keeks:
Gianluca tweeted last night “Thanks Los Angeles, you were fabulous!! Great audience!! See you next time!!”
Piero tweeted last night;” #Los Angeles, you were wonderful tonight! “I’ll never forget this concert”!

Check the Keek on Mundial or Team Il Volo to get a look at Il Volo’s new tour bus! Very handsome!

3) “The Boys” finally have a night off, probably crashing in their Los Angeles pad. Relax guys, you deserve it.

4) Next Il Volo concert is Tomorrow at The Fresno Opera House at The William Saroyan Theatre. Beautiful venue! Check out it’s website.


In Case You Missed It…..


Hi Everyone,

The concert last night in Concord seems to have been a rousing success. Lots of noise, lots of applause and wonderful singing from Il Volo. We are waiting for Elaine who happily attended, to give us the highlights.

1) Twitter, Tweets and Keeks from last night after the concert:

PIERO tweets, “Loved the audience in Concord and now on the road, next concert tomorrow in LA at Gibson Amphitheatre”
GIANLUCA tweets, “On the road with the new Il Volo tour bus.”I’m in my little bed and ready to go to sleep, it was a long and beautiful day, Los Angeles is waiting for us”
IGNAZIO tweets ” While i’m singing they take pictures from my phone” along with a picture of Piero and Gianluca taking a selfie with his phone!

2) Please see below a response from The Vancouver Sun to a complaint about the review of Il Volo’s concert in Vancouver.

Hello,  Thanks for your email on Erika’s review of the Il Volo Concert. You might guess that you are not the only fan who has taken us to task for this review. While I personally would not have chosen to start this particular piece … “Opera is in trouble” I must tell you that I stand by our reviewer’s right, first, to express personal disappointment over what she heard, and secondly, to write about it.

Reviewers always seem to be pleasing some and angering others … She should have referred to their music as operatic pop, you are right. But, that said, I assume that your anger stems primarily from the fact that the reviewer did not enjoy the night as much as you yourself did.

She did, however, give credit where it was due and recognized, for example, the fact that some established entertainers hold Il Volo in high regard and the fact that Boschetto sang a “soaring rendition” of Streisand’s Memory.  We welcome our readers’ feedback and I thank you for taking the time to consider our content and call us up on it.

Best regards,
Managing Editor
The Vancouver Sun

Although the Sun did respond regarding some issues, not all were addressed. We will keep you updated if there is any further response.

We wish Il Volo Love and Luck for tonight’s concert in LA.


Il Volo – Sleep Train Pavilion

August 27, 2013 –  Gianluca, Piero and Ignazio guide us through their activities today leading up to tonight’s concert at the Sleep Train Pavilion in Concord.  Be sure to check out all the pictures and the keek; a guest drummer makes an appearance!  Don’t miss it!

Around noon California time Gianluca said,  “Gianluca Il Volo    Goodmorning ! Drinking my first coffee of the day..

“Gianluca Il Volo  #shopping pre concert !

“Piero Barone Il Volo   Just woke up!!!  And I can’t wait to sing at the #SleepTrainPavilloon here in #Concord.. #ilvolo #LIVE #TOUR2013 #WeAreLoveTour”

“ignazio Boschetto   Going the theatre #sleeptrainpavilion   See you there guys..!!!! http://in

“Gianluca Il Volo ‏ Having lunch at the #SleepTrainPavilloon before the #soundcheck

“Gianluca Il Volo ‏ Almost ready! #sleeptrainpavilion!o8Rbdab

“Il Volo   this is our way to get concentrated 😳😂 @piero_barone @gianginoble @iboschetto “

In Case You Missed It……


Hi Everone,

Here we are with one concert under our belts and the next one is tonight in San Francisco! Our Board member, Elaine is very excited and can hardly get through her work day in anticipation of the event! Have a great Il Volo Time, Elaine!

1) Twitters and tweets:
I’m afraid tweets are meager today as “The Boys” get ready for tonight’s concert. Piero and Gianluca did tweet that they had arrived in “San Fran”

2) We did note that again today “Il Volo Flight Crew” is trending on Twitter.

3) See article on Il Volo I “Italian Heritage” One interesting note is that “The Boys” are not going straight home after their tour, but are going to NY to promote their Christmas album “Buon Natale” Here is the link to the article.

4) Look at the left side of our page and click AFFILIATES to read 3 articles, one on each of “The Boys” done before they left for the tour.

5) Also see an article “Il Volo Brings Hit Pop-Opera to Comercia Theatre”. Interesting note in this article is that Il Volo still travels with a parent, For Ignazio and Gianluca, their moms are along, and Piero’s Dad is with him. Good to hear that, it helps having a parent along when you’re so far from home!

6) See “Sound check” video done by CBC in Vancouver, also on Team Il Volo.

We wish Il Volo Love and Luck tonight. Everyone that attends please let us hear from you.


Response to Vancouver Sun Review

So, it’s Twenty-four hours later.  How do things look in the light of a new day?

I know we were all very upset, and as Myron put it to me yesterday, “A lot of us agree that the writer went to a baseball park to watch a football game.”  He also pointed out that only the fans matter, and they loved the show.  Several people have made comments here along the same lines.

Everyone should respond or not respond as is their choice, so maybe a full on blitz is not the way to go.  It is my personal opinion that the author of the piece should know that she was mistaken about what to expect at the show at the least, but I also wanted to be professional and non-confrontational, which is why I wanted to wait a day to gather my thoughts.  If you would like to comment as well, here is the contact information:

Ms. Thorkelson:

Harold Munro, Editor in Chief:


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