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Hi Everyone,

It’s a slow knd of day, but that’s good news for Il Volo, they can continue to rest up before tomorrow night’s concert. It’s especially good news for Marie and her sister as they are going to see a well rested and ready to go Il Volo in Pittsburgh!!

“The Boys” rode nine hours on their bus from Montreal to Pittsburgh, they tweet that that they have arrived and looking forward to their concert tomorrow.

Gianluca tweeted last night “Insomnia!”, then tweeted this morning, “going back to sleep, I just slept 3 hours last night!! it’s not enough” I seem to remember that even when home in Italy, Gianluca was up at 3 or 4 in the morning tweeting. Prehaps his insomnia is not a new thing. I’m sure that being on the road and sleeping in different beds doesn’t help. Take care of yourself, Gianluca, stay healthy.
Gianluca tweeted later “Eating a big plateful of fruit as usual!!”
Piero tweeted and sent a photo of himself kissing a little girl, he said; “I heard our music style since I was her age.”
Piero tweeted last night “Pittsburgh we’re on our way!” He tweeted earlier this afternoon, “#Pittsburgh!!”
Ignazio, where are you?, let’s hear from you!!

Check out Team Il volo for a short article about the appearance of “The Boys” at the Audrey Ball in Houston.
We would also like to wish Team Il volo a happy second anniversary, congrats to all of you!!

Mundial has some good photos and videos for you to check out.

Tune in tomorrow for some info on the Pittsburgh Concert.


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