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Hi Everyone,

1)Everyone is still talking about Il Volo’s appearance on the Talk yesterday. Everyone agrees they were spectacular!! To watch again go to Mundial Facebook to see the video. You can go to ilvolotumblr to see some very handsome individual closeups of all the Guys.

2) A reminder Il Volo will be on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno tonight at 11:30pm on NBC. It is a repeat performance, but worth seeing again.

3) Check out Piero’s Twitter page for a picture of his water park ride with his sister. There is also a keek of their performance of “Surrender” as guests of The Pooh.

4) Take a look at Gianluca’s Twitter page to see his adorable Keek of “swinging”, of course there are also some of his great pictures.

5) Ignazio has not tweeted much, but there is a picture of him with one of his friends on Mundial.

6) They have such a good time being home with families and friends it will be hard to tear themselves away to start their tour.


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Music Notes– by Meheaton

Hi Everyone! We have a new feature here on the blog!  Most of you know Myron, but for those that don’t, he is a voice teacher and recently took some of his students to see Il Volo perform in Chicago.  He has sometimes served as a regional judge for music competitions over the years, and has mentioned before that he loves to discuss the music.

We thought he would add a different aspect to our little home, and he will be talking about music: the boys’, performances, history, etc.  We hope everyone will find it interesting if you don’t know much about music, and will engage in discussion and share your opinions as well.  So, please enjoy his first piece!  Kelly

Il Volo appears on “The Talk” Wednesday, August 14, 2013thCA07MTVP


The guys were in fine and, may I say, well rested singing voices. We Il Volo fans have all become used to very high vocal standards, and this was no exception. Wonderful. If I were to be a little, tiny bit “picky”, I felt Piero had a really special and excellent day. Gianluca and Ignazio were superb but this song works well for Piero.

Backup:  I always wish for live orchestra – the Toinght Show does it, The Talk does not.

On this show the instrumental computer track was started a bit early as the group was just being announced. Thank goodness Gianluca (who starts the song) was on the ball and got it perfect. Having seen them live in Chicago to sing this exact song, I can tell you that the opening on the instrumental track is tricky. More proof of the high quality of musicians they are.

The entire segment ? I loved it. They were more relaxed and engaging than ever. They had fun with the ladies. My big thing about these talk shows is giving the guys more time to show their natural personality. This show has gotten better and better at doing that and today was warm and funny (Gianluca joking about Selena Gomez being his guest in Italy when she comes to take a cooking class and Ignazio joking about the eyes of one of the ladies) — one of the best Il Volo chat segments on network tv so far. I only wish Jay Leno would do that on the Tonight Show – have them over to the desk in the prior segment and chat with them and then have them sing in the next segment.

The TALK is always special because it was the very first American network show they ever did when they were 16 years old ! Back in fall of 2011.

Thank you, Myron!

In Case You Missed It…..August 14

Hi Everyone,

1) The highlight of the day of course was the appearance of Il Volo on “The Talk”! What can I say they were charming, funny and sang “Can You Feel The Love Tonight” like angels!

I was really pleased to see that the hosts gave them some time and asked good questions. Sharon Osbourne complemented them on their English. She also said she would be attending their concert at Radio City in New York. Gianluca was charming when talking about their fans. Ignazio was a riot flirting like crazy with Sheryl Underwood, he’s so funny! When he was singing his part, they showed a glimpse of her swooning! They got a long standing ovation!!

2) Check some photos on Mundial of Piero doing a water slide with his sister and a picture of the family barbecue.

3) Lreporter_aeroporto_megacityook on Mundial of more pictures of Ignazio partying with friends, they look like they always have a good time!

4) Gianluca’s Twitter page has a collage of him and Elvis in like poses, it was from one of his fans.
Gianluca also is using a new social media called “Brabble”, check it out.

5) See Mundial, they posted a video of “Beautiful Day”

I hope everyone got to see them today, if not I’m sure Mundial will have the video and you can catch it on Utube.


In Case You Missed It….August 13

Hi Everyone,

Kind of a quiet Il Volo day.

1.)  It seems “The Boys” enjoyed appearing with “The Pooh” last night in Salerno. There is a video on Mundial Facebook, but it’s from very far away so it’s difficult to see who is on the stage.

2.)  Ignazio tweeted a picture of him driving home at 5:30 am!

3reporter_aeroporto_megacity.)  Piero and Ignazio both tweeted tributes to Eydie Gorme.

4.)  Gianlucca, on his Twitter page from yesterday shared the video of Andre Bocelli’s message to him when he won the talent contest. There are also glimpses of Piero and Ignazio. It’s very sweet and fun to see them so young again.

5.)  Gianluca also Tweeted today, pictures of him with a fan. He said “I’m speechless by your continued support. Without you we don’t exist. THANK YOU”   Easy to see why we love these young men so much!

Piero, Gianluca and Ignazio enjoy the rest of your vacations, we are looking forward to your return to The USA!

A reminder, Il Volo will appear tomorrow, 8/14 on “The Talk” 2PM Eastern, on CBS.

Thank you all for your kind comments.


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