Hi Everyone.

1) The time is near, the first concert of 2013 is August 25th in Vancouver! Rumor has it that Il Volo will be arriving in North America on 8/21/13, we all hope so!


Piero sends us a picture of his very colorful shoes, have you all seen them on Instagram?
He also sent a picture of himself on a Vespa, he tweeted “I’m Italian”.

Gianluca was the most prolific on Twitter this weekend. He tweeted “I love chocolate cookies” “I ate too much” “listening to JTimberlake” He asked his fans what suit he should wear at the first concert, his black suit is his favorite. he tweeted to his fans that he had 50,000 followers and is very grateful.. He said last night “It is time to go to sleep, you always fill my heart with joy everyday, I love you all” You fill our hearts with joy too, Gianluca!
Today he tweets “off to the beach”

Ignazio tweeted a picture of himself and said “sleepy”. He did indeed look as if he needed a nap. He also tweeted that he is excited for the new tour to begin!

3) Il Volo Mundial and Team Il Volo had announcements on the upcoming Christmas Special, “Buon Natale” It will be on PBS stations at the end of November. CDs and DVDs will be available at that time through PBS, in stores at a later date.

4) A reminder to watch “Home and Family” on 8/23/13 for the re-run of Il Volo’s appearance. Hallmark Channel @ 12 noon.

5) Thanks everyone for sending us your choices of your favorite songs. Many found it very difficult to choose just one!


“You can’t have Ignazio” Linda shouts!
“Can if I want,” Loretta pouts.
“Just leave Gianluca alone,” Kelly touts!

“Don’t put Piero in this poem,” Elizabeth pled.
“Oh, certainly you can,” Fran and Mary said!
Being Gian-ites Ann and Elaine share instead.

Panina and Stephanie think Ignazio’s grand.
Michele can’t make them understand.
She saw him first, weddings all planned.

Helen definately wants Gianluca too.
Now, what on earth, are Laia and Christine to do?
Teresa nor Allene have a clue.

Of course, LeeLee wants to steal them all away!
Sheridan and Marti where are you today?
You’ve got Jeanie and KittyKam to sway your way!

Josie loves them all but, Lynn’s lips are pursed.
Did you know that in voodoo Marie is well versed?
Sure, sites all fun and games until someone gets cursed!


Like Poetry? I’ll be asking for your’s soon!



Hi Everyone,

1) It’s pretty quiet in Il Volo Land. We are still awaiting the return of “The Boys” to The USA. We are hoping for their arrival, prehaps by next week, but no definite dates are available.

2) Gianluca tweeted this morning that “I have a cold, it makes me so nervous” I’m sure his mom is taking good care of him and giving a lot of chicken soup.

3) There is a sweet picture of Gianluca and his beloved Nonno.

4) Piero sent an Instagram of himself on a Vespa!
He is still frolicing on the beach with friends as vacations draw to a close.

5) No new word from Ignazio, he enjoys his privacy, it’s well deserved after being in the public eye so much.

6) Please take a trip around our Blog. Take the ” So you think you know The Boys” quiz.

7) Weigh in on our poll “What is your favorite song?”



I promised some folks a poem here. Considering your conversations today, I changed my mind.

I/we am/are overprotective where Our Guys are concerned. Especially Gianluca for me because of one, non-music, video. Not long ago someone mentioned the YouTube video, “A Thank You to All My Fans/Gianluca Ginoble 2013”.

(Wait don’t go there yet!)

If you’ve lived long on the old site or you’re new here and still haven’t seen it, I envy you! I wish I could see it for the first time, again.

(wait for it!)

Be Forewarned! This is your last chance NOT to love him delightfully, deeply, dearly!

You can remain happy as you are or you can fall hopelessly for the most grateful, most humble Birthday Boy who ever lived – who made the sweetest video there ever was. Oh, be sure to sit down about 3/4 of the way through. His voice goes into an even deeper register that will tear at you!

This video sustained me through a long winter of no event dates.

Be brave! Go all in! Go Now!

Been there? Go again!


We Have a Winner! What Is Your Favorite Il Volo Song?

And the Winner is …

1.    I Bring You To My Senses
2.    Il Mondo
3.    Un Amore Cosi Grande, We Are Love, Splendida and El Triste
Thanks for voting everyone, and THANK YOU for your thoughtful comments!  We want to let you know that “I LOVE THEM ALL” received a lot of votes.  We agree – we love them ALL too! 
What Is Your Favorite Il Volo Song?

One of the Crew suggested that everyone vote on their favorite song!  Is that even possible?  I will have to think long and hard – I have so many favorite Il Volo songs!

Please let us know which one you like best.  Post your vote in a comment below and we will count them over a few days and let you know!   This is going to be difficult, very, very difficult … ~ Michele

Come in and share the love of life, friends and Il Volo!