In Case You Missed It….August 13

Hi Everyone,

Kind of a quiet Il Volo day.

1.)  It seems “The Boys” enjoyed appearing with “The Pooh” last night in Salerno. There is a video on Mundial Facebook, but it’s from very far away so it’s difficult to see who is on the stage.

2.)  Ignazio tweeted a picture of him driving home at 5:30 am!

3reporter_aeroporto_megacity.)  Piero and Ignazio both tweeted tributes to Eydie Gorme.

4.)  Gianlucca, on his Twitter page from yesterday shared the video of Andre Bocelli’s message to him when he won the talent contest. There are also glimpses of Piero and Ignazio. It’s very sweet and fun to see them so young again.

5.)  Gianluca also Tweeted today, pictures of him with a fan. He said “I’m speechless by your continued support. Without you we don’t exist. THANK YOU”   Easy to see why we love these young men so much!

Piero, Gianluca and Ignazio enjoy the rest of your vacations, we are looking forward to your return to The USA!

A reminder, Il Volo will appear tomorrow, 8/14 on “The Talk” 2PM Eastern, on CBS.

Thank you all for your kind comments.


Amazing Developments…..

Hi Everybody!

Maybe the 2nd time with be the charm.  I’ve been at this long enough, you think I’d remember not to write the hard copy in real-time; I lose it every time.  But, anyway…

Last night, I mentioned that some pretty exciting things were happening, and then Marie mentioned it in one of her comments on the last blog.  So, are you ready to find out?  😀  I hope so, because we think they’re pretty incredible!

The first thing that happened is that Lynne figured out that Il Volo Flight Crew is on the major search engines now!!


That’s right!  If you go to Bing and search for us, it will bring up our blog, and Google brings up our twitter account.  I think that is amazing, especially for a blog that hasn’t even been up for a week yet!  It’s proof of how much we love Il Volo and how much our site was needed if we could get onto the internet searches in just two days.  😀

This makes us pretty legit.  If people can search for us, they will be stopping by and looking for a great place to join in with like-minded people who love Il Volo.  It won’t just be the group of us anymore.  We can turn into one of the go-to fan sites for Il Volo!

Which is why we are even more excited about what happened next.  In an exchange of e-mails between Myron and Michelle, we were contacted by Team Il Volo.  They told us that they had been religiously following the comments at the other site, were glad to hear that we were starting up our own blog and asked to be our affiliate!


We of course said, “Yes”, because we couldn’t  think of anything better than to be affiliated with a blog such as theirs.

They have added a link to our blog on their site and started promoting us today via their twitter account.  We have returned the favor (you will see that they are noted under Affiliates on the left side of the blog), and ask that we all join together and support them as well.

I hope you guys are excited about the opportunities that have presented themselves.  I know Michelle, Marie, Linda, Elaine, Elizabeth and I couldn’t believe how quickly things had happened for us.  We have a lot more ideas about how to grow our site a little bit at a time, and we want you guys to be involved too.  Like Marie said, if you have suggestions or ideas, please let one of us know!

Good night!


In Case You Missed It….August, 12

Hi Everyone,

1.)  Il Volo is performing today in Salerno at the “Valle dei Templi” as the guests of The Pooh,a popular Italian band. Hopefully we’ll be able to see some video later today.

2.)  It appears as if “The Boys” appearance on The Talk, Wednesday, 8/14 at 2pm on CBS is a go. They apparently pre-recorded it before threporter_aeroporto_megacityey left LA. Selena Gomez is also appearing.

3.)  There will be a repeat showing of Jay Leno with Il Volo as guests on 8/15.

4.)  There will also be a repeat telecast of Home and Family on the Hallmark Chanel, featuring Il Volo on 8/23 at 12pm. Try to catch it again, it was a wonderful showcase for “The Boys”.

5.)  Il Volo tweeted condolences for the death of Eydie Gorme. She was also remembered on Il Volo Mundial Facebook.

6.)  “The Boys” continue to wind down their vacations with beach days and time with their families and friends. As soon as we know, we’ll give you a date when they will return to The USA.

Some Notable Changes….

Hey Everyone!

I know many of you have signed off for the night, but I made a few changes in how the site looks and just wanted to fill you in.

First, how great is the new background artwork?  Beautiful, colorful; it leaves no doubt whom we are showing love for!  Thank you, Elizabeth! 

Secondly, I have turned off the ability to make anymore comments on the earliest posts to the blog.  New people were coming everyday, and people were getting lost in where to comment to keep their conversations going.  So going forward, I think we should try to do as we did at our old home and switch to commenting on the newest post only whenever a new one  goes up.  To help with this, I will keep disallowing new comments on the old post when a new one goes up.  Example: you should be able to comment on this post, but not on any other post on the blog.

And lastly, I received an email from Lynne today, and she suggested that our Welcome Post should be the first post new readers see when they come to our blog for the first time.  Makes sense, since it talks about our history and the expectations for the site.  I was able to pin it so it is always the first blog piece, and all the new posts start after that.  I’m not sure that will be the best way in the long run, but if it gets too confusing, I have the option to make it our “About” page, and I believe it will then be the first page everyone sees.  I will have to play with that a little bit to get it right.

Now, some of these changes came about for some very exciting reasons, but we are still finalizing some details, so I’m not going to reveal them just yet.  I think you guys will be very pleased about them–I know I’m super excited 😀 –so stay tuned!  😉



In Case You Missed it…..August 11

In Case You Missed It

thCAI1VE801.)  We would be remiss in not acknowledging the passing, at age 84 of singer, Eydie Gorme. Ms Gorme was a popular pop and jazz singer since the 50’s. She and her husband, Steve Lawrence toured the world as a duo for decades. She also did some spanish albums, notably “Amor” with her rendition of “Historia de Un Amor”.
Meheaton emailed this to “The Boy’s” manager, Michele Torpedine. Mr Torpedine did respond with his sympathies. I believe some of you received a copy of the e-mail.

2.) If you haven’t yet, check Il Volo Mundial Facebook for some very cute pictures of Gianluca with a fan, she looks so happy and he was very sweet with her.

3.) There is a notice on Mundial to show “The Boys” some respect and privacy in their private lives. Apparently there were some insulting tweets going on because Piero had a tweet from a Mexican actress.

4.) Il Volo will be special guests of “The Pooh” in Salerno on 8/12.  There is still no word on when they will return here to the USA.

Come in and share the love of life, friends and Il Volo!