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    1. Ann, there isn’t anything here. This is just a picture. If you go back to the actual post and click on the link, “Campeche Concert Livestream”, you should get the concert.

  1. Hi, missed the il volo concert wii theybe coming back to the states like n.y.city .that is where I missed there concert.i thought maybe they will come to n.y. For the tree lighting.they did it a few years ago. I truely was upset because I had hip surgery.i e mailed there manager about when they will return. On Gianluca video they would be in Italy July -Sept then return to the states to release there album Grand Amore. Rosemary

  2. Hi! Got your e mail .i was so upset .i spent a lot of money on there ticket.i had some great posters for them . I want to buy a meet greet pkg.i am 65.every one says I look and dress like I am 50.my hip is doing fine.please let me know if they will be coming back to the states Rosemary

  3. Eternally is a masterpiece. See if you can find Myron’s comments on Eternally on the page where he reviews the CD. Sorry, I do not remember what that page is called–or even when it was!

  4. let us always remember to thank the Arrangers of their music for giving them such a beautiful harmonic score to sing !

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