10 thoughts on “professional

  1. Hi, missed the il volo concert wii theybe coming back to the states like n.y.city .that is where I missed there concert.i thought maybe they will come to n.y. For the tree lighting.they did it a few years ago. I truely was upset because I had hip surgery.i e mailed there manager about when they will return. On Gianluca video they would be in Italy July -Sept then return to the states to release there album Grand Amore. Rosemary

  2. Hi! Got your e mail .i was so upset .i spent a lot of money on there ticket.i had some great posters for them . I want to buy a meet greet pkg.i am 65.every one says I look and dress like I am 50.my hip is doing fine.please let me know if they will be coming back to the states Rosemary

  3. Eternally is a masterpiece. See if you can find Myron’s comments on Eternally on the page where he reviews the CD. Sorry, I do not remember what that page is called–or even when it was!

  4. let us always remember to thank the Arrangers of their music for giving them such a beautiful harmonic score to sing !

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