Piero Barone

Piero is the oldest member of Il Volo. He was born on June 24, 1993, and his hometown is Naro, Agrigento, Sicily [pop 8700].  He has an older brother, Francis, and a younger sister, Maria Grazia.

He got his passion for singing from his blind grandfather who discovered Piero’s voice when he was 3 years old. His grandpa wrote songs, and Piero sang with him. He said that singing with his grandpa was at first a joke and just for fun, but it soon became a passion.

He gives credit to his father for helping him realize his dream. In an Italian TV show interview he was asked about singing in church  at weddings to make money to pay for singing  lessons. He studied piano at this time as well, and his father was glad to help, but  Piero said,  “It felt good to pay for myself. ”  He also plays the drums.

To Piero, music is everything, “Like food and oxygen.”  Growing up he listened to the music of Luciano Pavarotti and Placido Domingo, his first album purchase being one of Pavarotti’s.  He has said that highlight of his musical experience so far was singing and recording with Placido Domingo, his idol, on the group’s rendition of “Il Canto.”

Ignazio calls Piero the “intelligent part” of Il Volo, his favorite subject in school being Math. He likes race cars and has said that he would like to be a Formula One Race Car Driver.  Horror movies are his favorite, but his dream leading lady was not chosen from among them.  When asked who his celebrity crush is, his answer is, “Sorry Brad; it’s Angelina Jolie.”

He is known by Il Volo fans for his red eyeglasses and owns more than 25 pairs of glasses in total.

Myron Heaton, our own vocal coach in The Flight Crew, wrote this to describe Piero’s voice:

“In America he might be called tenor to tenor-baritone.  In Europe he would be called Heldentenor, in German, Heroic tenor. This type of voice was made famous by the composer Richard Wagner in his operas.   A robust voice with a clarion texture or timber with unusual endurance.   A voice that can stand out over the chorus if needed.

“At his age, it is possible that his voice will keep dropping in range, and he ends up being a tenor-baritone going forward.  A lot depends on how he and his voice coach handle the sound which can…become tight and closed in.
“Piero is a very fine musician…”

Note: Mr. Heaton is not a vocal coach for any member of Il Volo, but speaks from his own experience as a teacher.

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    1. I cannot believe you unfriended me in facebook. I am according to everyone that knows me to be loyal to the death, honesty is amazing and standing up for anyone of my friends unseen. I just would like to know why uou unfriended me. Thanks, Iris

    2. Piero Barone feilz cumpanol ,. Much much best happy birthday,feilzcidad to you ♥ cards for you mi hijo corazone yo soy mama dulce,

  1. Two more days and it is Piero’s 20th Birthday. PIERO, Gaetano and I wish you a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY. i know you would not believe this comment, but my husband and I don’t listen to any other music. We wish we were on the east coast to celebrate your birthday with you. Cherish the life that God has given you all of you, and thank you for sharing it with us.

    Keep the beat and I will be there to listen.



  2. It is wonderful to listen to your music. I have watched your concert in Pompei many times and enjoy your solos. I hope to see more of your concerts on PBS. Thank you for giving us such cultured talent.

  3. Saw you on March 3, 2020. You might remember us. We were in the orchestra with baseball hats on. In fact you even came down off the stage to sing to us. We came back stage for a meet an greet time. I, Lillian was in a walker to aid in my walking. We really loved your performance and watch you on YOUTUBE all the time. My husband and I were delighted to meet you all. Of course, Piero, you are our favorite since we first watched your performance in Florence in 2016 with Placido Domingo. We wish you and yours, a wonderful and Happy New Year in 2021. Please put more new things on YOUTUBE. LOVE YOU LOTS AND WISH YOU GOD’S BLESSINGS.

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