The Life of Gian


Gian has always been a fan of using social media, and he has certainly mastered the art of doing so.  His pictures always look so inviting, and one immediately wishes that they could go to wherever he is…or maybe that’s just me…  😉  Anyway, its his turn for me to highlight favorites from his account as reshared by another.

~~ Kelly


Who doesn’t love pictures of him with his beautiful mom and brother?


Speaking of brothers, there is way too much handsomeness between these two…

Most of us would sing along with Gian anytime!

@gianginoble11 #LetMe #Zayn #instagianluca #morningsingalong

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But if he’s not careful, I’m sure one of the top modeling agencies will be itching to snatch him up in no time…

@gianginoble11 Hace calor ☀️🔥 It's hot ☀️ 🔥 #beachscene #model

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Hmmm…Gian with a guitar?  I could probably get behind that…  😀

@gianginoble11 #guitar #newhobby? #beach #instagianluca

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Eye Spy…Ignazio



While Piero and Gianluca are old pros at using their social media platforms, Ignazio generally chooses to keep a lower profile.  So, I don’t know about you, but when I see him several times in one week, I take notice.  🙂  Here are a few of my favs recently.

~~ Kelly

*Do you have a caption for this photo?*

*Happy Wedding Day!!*


And of course, I love hearing him alone at the piano … in a moment of quiet…

Piero Celebrates Dr. Francesco

Hey, Everyone!

Aside from our absolute amazement at their talent and adoration for their remarkable personalities and open hearts, I think the thing we most love about Il Volo is their devotion to family and friends and their lives before they become the international stars that they are.  Truly, being Il Volo is simply a part of very full lives, and they don’t forget that.

We also love that they share their families and their families’ lives and anything that they feel is important with us through social media, inviting us to grieve, celebrate and contemplate with them.  It’s an enormous privilege that many artists don’t allow, and is another reason that Il Volo is so special.

This week, The Barones celebrated Francesco and he completed his post graduate degree (Masters equivalent) and became Dr. Francesco Barone, and we join Piero and Il Voloers around the world in congratulating Francesco on this accomplishment!











I’m Smiling Because ~~

“Carry your candle, run to the darkness
Seek out the hopeless, confused and torn
Hold out your candle for all to see it
Take your candle, and go light your world
Take your candle, and go light your world…”

Kathy Troccoli ~~ “Carry Your Candle”



Carry your candle and light world today.   ❤

Why are you smiling ?