Piero closeup singing

Happy 28th Birthday, Piero!

Please accept our sincerest apologies… there was a slight error in the recognition of the person that chose the song…. it should have been Barbara Lenox!  Great choice, Barbara!  🙂

Happy Days Are Here Again

~~ Barbra Streisand

Tanti Auguri, Piero!  Tutto il nostro amore – The Flight Crew…

(My apologies if anyone was missed…Jana)

And, I also missed a few… So sorry Penina, and here are a few others…..

Wishing you a wonderful birthday!  Looking forward to hearing your magnificent voice and seeing your lovely smile again soon.  Hugs from Toronto!  Penina Honig


Molts d’anys! from Mallorca – mateu martorell boned

Dear Piero

Happy Birthday, I think your voice is VERY beautiful !    I could listen to you, all day long !Heart Eyes
Christine mattison

13 thoughts on “Happy 28th Birthday, Piero!”

  1. Oh, wow! What a great choice of songs by a lovely lady with whom the
    delightful Italian boys traveled and learned from for so many months!!

    Thanks for all your efforts to keep us connected with their ongoing
    wonderful stories that bring a sense of AWE into my life!! thank you
    again and again!!

    Happy Birthday to the “senior” fellow who is such
    a positive influence on Il Volo as they “fly” across the world………..

  2. Many thanks to Kelly and Jana for compiling the birthday wishes for Piero and posting them, Great job.

    Again Happy 28th birthday to Piero, our IL VOLO “senior” guy!


    Elisa Marie

  3. Happy Birthday Piero: protect that wonderfully voice. You have the most spectacular voice and are one of the most spectacular proformers I have ever listened two. ILVOLO is a treasure.

  4. Happy Birthday Piero, your voice makes so many people smile 😊 Stay well and safe God Bless

  5. Thanks a million for a very fine job! 👍😜❤️ I am proud of being part of this fine group❤️ Thanks for taking the time – and all the Best. Greetings – Kirsten, Denmark 🇩🇰

  6. Piero, Happy Birthday to one of the sweetest guy on earth! Met you in Mesa, Arizona in 2020. Beautiful manners and beautiful songs make you a STAR in every and all sense of the words STAR! You have my heart, my thoughts, and my love always and forever! I know God listens to you in heaven. Thank you and to Giann and Ignazio for your beautiful music and I love when you tease each other. Birthday hugs!


  7. An incredible job you guys have done here .. the video is wonderful too and I’m still reading through all the wishes !! Loved seeing them all in white and Piero having the time of his life .. only wish dear Ignazio could have been there. Not sure where he is, but hope he’s ok. Love them all so much, and thanks again for your amazing hard work in putting this together 💞

  8. Nice choice of pictures and very appropriate music. Looks like they’re celebrating in Sicily. Satisfaction from a concert well done and a whole new year full of happy days ahead. Many happy birthday wishes to the man with the golden voice and the beautiful smile!

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