Thank you, Lisa Brehm, for your time and effort on this video!

Hey!  Come on in!keep-calm-and-love-il-volo-27

Welcome to our humble home!  We’re so glad you found us!

We think the video above and the picture to the right pretty much sum up the crew.  We’ve all felt a little out-of-place among family and friends over our devotion to Il Volo, but here, it is perfectly normal, so we’re sure you’ll fit right in.  All you have to do is Keep Calm and Love Il Volo!  🙂 

So, please, have a look around.  To get started, click on “A Welcome to The Flight Crew” and read our formal welcome post to learn about our history and our mission and then join in, have fun and share your love of Il Volo! 

The Flight Crew

Come in and share the love of life, friends and Il Volo!

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