~Il Volo Super-Guest to Sanremo ~ by Daniela

Today in Italy several pages have reported this news:  IL VOLO will be in Sanremo as super-guests.

Of course I can not describe the happiness  all of us feel with this news, but we will have to be very cautious because last year it was reported for certain their presence but then it was not true.

I chose the article published by ZON.IT and written by Antonella Esposito.   I will translate it for you.



Sanremo is coming closer and with it comes the first rumors about the hosts and the name of IL VOLO stands out.

Sanremo is always Sanremo.  Claudio Baglioni will present the festival. He is also responsible for the entire organization and choice of the songs and the list of international guests. He wants to  respect more than ever the historical phrase that has made it a world famous singing contest.  Baglioni,  (the Roman songwriter) is making his first Sanremo beautiful as he will be conducting (he is Sanremo’s artistic director) and also for the guest series which he will propose. 

In short, Baglioni will do his utmost to make a beautiful figure in conducting his first Sanremo festival.

Many different names have been mentioned, from Miriam Leone to Ilaria D’Amico, by Sabrina Ferilli to the brothers Fiorello, but no confirmation so far.  Half  certainty seems to concern the boys of Il Volo instead.  As announced by TV Sorrisi e Canzoni, the return of Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca would be almost certain.  The three artists after winning the GRANDE AMORE song in 2015, would be ready to re-enter Sanremo 2018, the first time led by Baglioni and his co-conducting team still top-secret (at least until January).

The news of Il Volo in Sanremo had already been given in the previous edition and then denied. Fans of the trio representing beautiful singing in Italy and overseas, can not but stay on edge and trust in the confirmation of the announcement given by the weekly publication of music and television. However there are some details that leave us uncertain and hoping.

IL VOLO has recently been involved with recording tracks that will feature the new album released in 2018.   Also in October, there are photos that portray the three artists working on the disc, in the company of their producer, Emilio Estefan, husband of the famous Gloria.

Everything suggests that the stage of the ARISTON (the name of the theater) could be a launch pad for the single, which will open the brand new Sony Latin music CD.  What better place than Sanremo to present what the trio called “a pop revolution”?  

We will  learn exactly who will be on the list of international guests  at the preview press conference, scheduled for January.  Until then, the confidentiality, chosen by Baglioni, for this 2018 edition, will have the best of any chatter and gossip.

We just have to cross our fingers …… meanwhile, below is Il Volo in Sanremo 2015.


Credit to owners of photo and videos.

~Personally Speaking~ Tribute to Ignazio via Cappiddruzzo di Ricotta!



I am so happy to say, “We did it, we did it!!”   Penina and I made our first ever “Cappiddruzzo” di Ricotta…a Tortello in honor of Ignazio!

Jane says…

It was not hard.  The recipe is very easy. (See earlier post from 11/6/17 for recipe.)  I used the pre-made pizza dough you can buy in the refrigerator section at your grocery store.  I have to add a correction to the original recipe…roll the dough out to 1/4 inch thick, NOT 2-3 cm!    The ricotta-chocolate chip-vanilla-cinnamon combination is delicious.  I think they taste best just fresh out of the oven!   Besides sprinkling the finished top with sifted powdered sugar, I dressed it up a little more with a drizzle of melted Nutella…all the while listening to IL VOLO serenading me in the back ground!

Tortello 4 (1)


Penina says…

I found it very easy. The dough that I had came in a big thick rectangle. I was able to pull it apart into two thinner rectangles because the dough looked layered and I just turned up a corner and started pulling. It was a lot easier to roll it out that way as it was already a lot thinner. I started out doing what it said–folding it over twice.  Then I had a lot of filling left, so I went back and cut off the parts that were just empty dough and re-rolled them and made a couple more to use up the filling. I have plenty of ricotta left–I may try it again with the pizza dough in a few days (after we eat these up!).

If you have bought dough this is a no brainer.  How hard is it to stir up the ingredients? My grandkids could do it (okay, two of them couldn’t!).  The hardest part is rolling out the dough.



Now we are ready to sit down with a cup of Lavazza coffee, and feast on our creations!  The only thing missing is YOU, our fellow Flight Crew members.  How we wish we could all sit together at the same table and share our friendship in person, while enjoying a special treat in tribute to Ignazio, (and of course we can’t forget his brothers, Piero and Gianluca!)


2017-11-10 22.08.02




Credit to owner of Ignazio photo and to Nina, for the inspiration of the Tortello!

~ Il Volo – C’e Posta Per Te ~ Medley Notte Magica

Many thanks to Victoria, one of our Flight Crew, who  sent in this beautiful video clip that her 90 year old Il Volo fan friend sent to her!  Victoria was wondering who the woman with the dark hair was and what was the story behind this video?  So, I turned to our faithful and ever ready Italian Correspondent Extraordinare,  Daniela, who gave us the tender story.


The story is simple.  There are six children, 5 females and 1 male.  The woman with the dark hair is their mother, who has made many sacrifices for them.   Four years ago they lost their dad who was a sailor.  They were not wealthy, but led a simple life,  but always cheerful and their dad was always there for them.  These children had promised dad to take care of  their mother, but for 4 years she is always sad.   

So the children, to reward her, take her to this program to show her all their love.  To surprise her, they called IL VOLO,  knowing how much she admired them.   Piero, Ignazio, and Gianluca, gave her nice words of support, a bracelet, and sang for her.  The whole family was invited to the concert in Rome.

 The presenter is Maria De Filippi who in Channel 5 is really an important person.  In this video you will notice that she looks admirably with the boys as they sing.

Credit to owner of video. 


This article previously published on Patrizia Ciava’s Blog and translated by Susan Ambrosini.


Gianluca, Ignazio and Piero are three normal guys in their early twenties, friendly, cheerful, funny, playful.


But when they go up on stage they become huge. They become ageless. Almost intimidating. They make you feel that kind of awe that is aroused by true talent. A talent that is made up, not only of their powerful voices, but also of their extraordinary capacity to immerse themselves in music and convey intense emotions to those who listen to them.


Usually, those who have important voices set their performances on their vocal skills and focus on virtuosity, while these three young artists use their beautiful voices as a tool to arouse empathy and emotion, as a painter uses colors, a poet words and a composer notes. This obviously entails a special sensitivity by both the performer and the listener, and you can’t try to explain rationally to those who don’t possess it what you are experiencing. Harmony and beauty in its many forms, touches deep chords of the human soul and is not always explainable in words.


Artistic talent is a divine and mysterious gift. As John Paul II wrote, in a letter to the artists: “No one better than you artists, ingenious creators of beauty, can imagine something of the pathos with which God, at the dawn of creation, looked at the work of his hands. A glimmer of that feeling has shone so often in your eyes when you, like the artists of all timescaptivated by the hidden power of sounds and words, colors and shapes, have almost felt the echo of the mystery of creation with which God has wished in some ways to associate you with. “

Unfortunately, recognizing true talent does not stir the same reactions in everyone; in some it elicits admiration, in others envy, because it makes them realize how insignificant they are.

Real talent can be daunting.

And it can be annoying. Above all, it is annoying to a certain kind of press that would like to be the only mediator between artists and the public. They would like to exercise unlimited power, become supreme judges to determine the success or failure of an artist, if he does not fall into their limited circle of friendships and interests.

Mass orientation techniques fail when the public recognizes true talent, hence the angry and scornful rage of certain journalists. The conformism that they try to impose crumbles in the face of true talent, which is free from genres, time or fashion.

So, dear boys, be prepared to endure many insults and humiliations. Those who cannot fly as high as you will do anything to clip your wings. But that’s exactly what will give you the magnitude of your worth and of your success.




Credit to all owners of photos.


Need The Name of That Plumber…Please!

Here is one Marie sent us awhile back that almost got lost in the shuffle!  It’s too good to be missed. 

Whether you call them faucets or taps there is no

argument that Italians make the best ones. The latest

design provides Chianti, or anything else Italian,

whenever you need it 🙂 I’m getting mine fitted next

week – one with Prosecco and the other with Barolo ❤️



What would YOU order?




Photo Credit to Wine Trail Adventures


Fun Credit to Marie!

Il Volo Music As Therapy ~ by Antonella Esposito

Il Volo’s music as a therapy against a delay in expressive language? It is possible and it really happened. Talking is a young mom.




IL VOLO: “THEIR MUSIC HELPED MY BABY.” The testimony of a mother.


IL VOLO, the world-renowned pop-lyrical trio, who have  had a long history of success, has become the protagonist of a song therapy phenomenon, so-called music therapy. This is a psycho-emotional phenomenon that would help with the aid of music to overcome more or less important pathological events.

Tell us how your son discovered the group.

M.S. :  C.’s story with IL VOLO begins in February, 2015, with Sanremo.  He was only 3 years old when he was fascinated by their proud voices. When I bought the CD he listened to it by playing the songs.   In the evening he asked me to search the movies and lyrics on the net. He wanted to know everything about those three special guys.

So an irrepressible passion for IL VOLO has exploded. Then what happened?

M.S:  Meanwhile, C. had started logo therapy because of a delay in expressive language that forced him to express himself with a reduced vocabulary and all his own. He did not cooperate and to get it in tune with the therapist I came to an idea: if he had done well and with commitment did the exercises, at the end he could sing the songs of Il Volo. This tactic has produced good results.

When did he meet his idols?

M.S. :  In August, 2015, at a charity dinner held in Roseto, C. met his ‘Laluca’ (so called Gianluca Ginoble). It was the first conquest, when I saw him talk to the singer I was excited, until the day before he had never spoken to strangers.

Did he meet the other members of the trio?

M.S. :  Sure! On August 9, 2015, we were at the Chieti concert. We go in and C. sings all the songs, sees the boys and wants to greet them, but I do not know how to do it. He attracts the attention of a Gianluca companion who kindly takes us to the gates.   The gates are closed and security does not allow them to go further.  The little boy weeps and shouts.  Piero hears the child cry and says to security, ” Let that baby and mom pass.”   Ciro holds him tight and he also looks at Gianluca.   Unfortunately with Ignazio Boschetto, there was no meeting.

Since then did you start to see improvements?

M.S. : Yes, that’s right. The new CD is released and C. is more and more enthusiastic, and then a book on the trio is released.  Every night I had to tell him a story about the boys adventures.  Meanwhile, C. had achieved steady progress. 

You’ve done everything to create contact opportunities with IL VOLO …

M.S. :  Of course, because I saw my baby happy and benefited.  C., thanks to the music of Il Volo, has made giant footsteps.   He began studying singing (he was enrolled in a singing school) and as a song (for admission to the school) he performed PER TE CI SARO.

IL VOLO is now part of your child’s everyday life, which has identified almost a model to follow in them.

M.S. : Exactly. Even when he notices that someone behaves badly, he blames him and advises him to listen to their music, because he will do so well, because they are the best.

To what extent is your child’s therapy today?

M.S. :   He’s still doing therapy. The road is long, but today it is unrecognizable for the improvements he has made. I can only do thanks to my doctors and my family, Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca who unknowingly helped my child with their GRANDE AMORE.


Previously published on zon.it, and translated by Daniela.

Credit to owner of photo.

Film Press Conference Un Amore Cosi Grande ~ by Daniela

Back in September at the Venice Film Festival, there was a  press conference for the presentation of the film, UN AMORE COSI’ GRANDE, where our boys will be present as actors.  It will be a beautiful romantic film. 

  Here in Italy the film will be released in February on Valentine’s Day.    It was said that a first vision will be released by December, and only in Verona.


 I sent a message to Federica Andreoli, the producer of the movie, Un Amore così Grande.

I told her that IL VOLO’s fans of Flight Crew  wanted to know if the film will be distributed to America as well.

Federica kindly answered me.   These are her words.

“Hi Daniela, we are now finishing the film editing and then going to the musical part! The film will also be released in other countries beyond Italy and I also hope in America … a hug and good Sunday.






The following is the Press Conference.  I will translate from the 10.05 minute…what the producer of the film says about the participation of Il Volo.


“What can I say, I’m the one who wanted strongly the boys of IL VOLO.

“The boys of IL VOLO, why? Because today are the most beloved, most followed Italian guys, in Italy and in the world.  They are the ambassadors of Italian music in the world, so it was the right choice  to have them in this movie, a film that must bring young people to the lyrical world.

Today they are not here with us, they send greetings because in a few days they will leave for a South American tour, the 7th will be in Mexico with the first concert, a tour that will see them busy for a couple of months.

Negotiation with them was not easy because they are always around the world, so finding them, talking to them by phone, it was not easy.   We put in 15 months and we did it.   They read the subject and fell in love with the screenplay.   I have to say a special thanks goes to their manager, Michele Torpedine,  because he helped me so much in this negotiation.

And then I chose them for another reason, because I’m a fan of theirs.   I had a dream, to make an event, a movie with these three guys and I succeeded.   I can say that the first ciak, the first “take” of the boys of IL VOLO, is in my movie.   As a producer and fan, I have  double satisfaction.”

Here is the video promo of the film.

Credit to all owners of videos and photos.