My Trip In Sicily~Looking For Il Volo, by Daniela

Hi – just a shout out to everyone experiencing these crazy and unusual weather phenomenas we are having right now… fires, hurricanes, earthquakes, any flooding, etc.  It’s been a really crazy year for weather and I’m sure we will all be glad when the new year starts.  Puerto Rico had a direct hit with Maria and I read the entire island is without power.  Let’s pray that the guys keep missing all of this tragic weather and stay one step ahead!  🙂  One more bit of news – just a reminder that we will only be doing ONE POST per country.  Brazil has 3 concerts alone from Sao Paolo, as well as Curitiba.  Look for Curitiba/Sao Paolo next Monday.

Ok, now on with this lovely story from Daniela… In search of…. 

Summer was at the door. We usually spend part of August at the sea but this year we had the idea of ​​going to Sicily.
My husband is Sicilian, but for 39 years we did not return to Sicily moreover, it was well known that Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca would have had a whole month of holiday and with a pinch of luck we could meet at least one of them.
While I was preparing for the trip we would have traveled definitely train, as my husband does not like flying or even going to the ship.   I keep reading news about Piero and Ignazio, because it is clear that Gianluca will spend his summer at Roseto.
I read right away that Ignazio stayed with Alessandra in Sardinia where IL VOLO had their last concert so I miss the hopes of seeing Ignazio because he will stay the summer in Sardinia.
I focus on Piero.
We had a very detailed program, which included visiting almost all Sicily and visiting many places and monuments.
Meeting one of the boys would be the icing on the cake.
Last year Piero and his brothers spent their holidays in Taormina
The evening before our visit to Taormina, I find out that Piero this year is not on vacation in Taormina, is  in San Leone, darn,  just this year had to change program ??
Even though I was a little disappointed, Taormina is always beautiful, I have seen the Greek Theater, a magnificent place for our guys concerts, and then the Botte where they often go to eat, the Metropole hotel where they stay and the Bambar where we also got a granite.
All places frequented by IL VOLO, but no trace of them.
That night, back to the B & B I realized what I call “the power of the union IL VOLO”, I phoned two virtual friendships known thanks to the common love for the boys. They live near the area where I was and so have come to know me, it was beautiful.   I now  know Melina (of which I posted the review of Taormina) and Nancy.
The next stage of the trip is Agrigento, but passing from Naro, the town of Piero.
I would never go to Piero’s house, I wanted to see the Castle and House Teca dedicated to him.
We arrive at Naro which was almost noon. It was incredibly hot. Beautiful country in the hinterland, with all tuff houses.
As Marie and Jane had told us the roads  more go up and more tighten, we had thought to park down and walk on foot.
We did a long staircase and at last there is the castle, almost a manor that dominates the valley.   We take some photos and enter the courtyard. As I search the door of House Teca di Piero, a caretaker looks out and says “we are closing, we reopen at 4pm”, useless to insist.
We could not wait, we had an appointment at 3pm in Agrigento and definitely would not return to Naro again.
Darn it for the second time.
As we reach our destination in Agrigento, I see on the map the place where our B & B was very close to San Leone where Piero is spending the holidays, not even 3 miles. I’m very happy, I have another chance to see Piero.
The next day we wake up early, we have planned a beautiful hike to the VALLE OF THE TEMPLES, an enchanting place full of history.   We walk for hours under a burning sun, but what we have seen repays us from fatigue.
It’s 2 pm and we have not eaten yet.   I suggest to my husband “we go to lunch at San Leone”?
We park at the harbor and have lunch and then take a long walk to the harbor, the nearby beach and the promenade.
Of Piero there is no shadow. It is very hot and we are tired of the day, we go back to the B & B for a shower and rest.
The next day we headed to the SCALE OF TURKS where Piero posted photos with friends and his watercraft.
Even here nothing Piero, but we still have it all afternoon and my dear husband still takes me to San Leone for an ice cream.
Again we walk back and forth on the waterfront, we stopped until evening, seeing a beautiful sunset and the lights of the night.
My husband was more disappointed for me, nothing Piero.
I thought maybe that day Piero had gone to visit his parents.
Patience. Let’s go back to the B & B.   I connect to my phone that was unloaded and what do I see ??? Many photos of Piero just posted made in San Leone, exactly where we were up to 5 minutes before.
It is not possible, that anger.
I lost hope to see Piero.
The trip continues, we go to Palermo. As we travel, I keep reading the news from my cell phone and what do I find out? Ignatius is no longer in Sardinia, now he is in Marsala.
Evviva, Marsala is closer to Palermo, maybe I can even see Ignazio, my favorite !!
Palermo is a huge, beautiful, chaotic city, full of monuments and my husband’s birth town. After seeing Palermo in the long and wide, we decide to visit  the surroundings also Erice very close to Marsala.
As we climb up the beautiful fortress of Erice what do we find out? Ignazio in those days is at Favignana, one of the Egadi Islands that you can see very well from the fortress of Erice, but to reach them you have to take the ship, which my husband will never do.
But Ignazio, why have not you been to Marsala for a few days yet? Darn, this opportunity is also lost.
Our trip is about to end, we have seen magnificent cities full of history and marine landscapes of an enchanting blue color.
Sicily is truly enchanting, and the delicious food.
We did not meet  Piero or Ignazio, patience there will be other occasions.
Returning home I saw photos of Ignazio and Piero published in the same places I was just before.
Darn, the guys did not synchronize the time with me.
Next time we will be better off, meanwhile Sicily is in my heart !!
Credit to owner of photos that I’m guessing are Beppe’s!

Marylu’s Meet and Greet in Pula!

Marylu, a friend of Daniela’s, has given us her story of her first ever Meet and Greet!  Marylu, you are among friends here who know exactly what it’s like to angst over getting ready to meet these adorable young men face to face only to  go speechless in their presence!  Been there…done that!!  Your photo is lovely!



A few days ago, the photos of the Meet & Greet of the Pula concert were published. Of course I was very curious to see what the camera had captured of all of my previous existential torment and before archiving DEFINITELY the subject, I would like to share some considerations.


I say I expected worse. However, in the photo you clearly see my falsely serene expression, and a faded smile (and patience if at that precise moment I remember having had a moment of pure joy but I obviously guarded jealously without letting it leap out) . On the other hand I notice the Ordinary Sun Smile in Ignatius’s face and these are satisfactions.

Inspired by the painting “Girl with a pearl earring” and sorry if it is a little, I would like to give the title to the photo “The girl (old) with the earring (that’s enough). In the sense that I had only one: the other was quietly on my bedroom’s furniture. Yes, because  I had a last-minute setback, I had to prepare for the concert in just a few minutes. And in a hurry, as I was trying to do three things together, as often happens to us multitasking women, I thought it good to wear only one, without obviously realize: being confused at the end of the evening had already started home unfortunately! When I arrived at the destination someone made it known to me, but I did not give too much importance. I could at least have taken off the surviving earring before the fateful moment we know, but honestly, I had other things to think about. For example how to control anxiety growing ..


And what about the look in general ?! Always in the hurry I wore the first thing that came to my hand (it always says so ..) Now I do not say a dress for evening, of which there is no trace in my wardrobe, even to look scrupulously , but at least the minimum trade union for these cases: an elegant dress, some makeup, a visit from the hairdresser, maybe a heel shoe! Zero of all this: I also wore a pair of old dancers, even tuned to the rest of the clothing, and well that they do not see in the picture.


But how? I say  … Do I get the chance of life, even though I do not know, and I am totally inadequate? Morale says: never give anything for granted in life. Better find yourself ready always, you never know what awaits you at the end of the night: in the future at least have shoes with the heel always on foot, without losing sight of any chronic backache, and a last look also escaped the mirror before leaving home for remedies of the last moment.

Returning to the earring, now that I also think Ignazio uses only one: that I did it to unconsciously attract his attention? .. Who can say it? It could be a hypothesis with a certain foundation !!


After the release of this entertaining meeting, I and Marylu exchanged a couple of comments.


Daniela = I saw you, you were fine, and the solitary earring seemed beautiful. But instead I wonder, there is a cross of arms behind you, but of course everyone comes out their hands, your no, is over under Ignazio’s t-shirt?


Marylu =  Daniela do not put your finger in the sore !! Do not say below but at least over the t-shirt !! I swear … I have a total void. One thing really embarrassing, not to believe. I remember that as Eliana finished taking the picture, I turned to Ignazio and wondered, but before I kissed him? Because he looked at me how to say .. but does this woman not say hello to me? She makes all this confusion and then she does not even kiss me !!

In doubt I let go .. do not let me think, I feel bad again 

Translated by Daniela with Marylu’s permission.



Credit to owner of photo.




ENERGETIX, by Daniela

Our heartfelt wishes and thanks to all the Laborers of the USA and Canada, wishing them a safe and happy Labor Day, if they get the day off!!  It’s a bit ironic, a day to celebrate the workers and unions, the government gives us the day off, but many in retail and other fields of work, have to work!

On September 2, our boys had a commitment to Berlin.

Little was known about this commitment, perhaps because it was a private event.

But the event had already been advertised by our guys with a video some time ago.

 The boys made a photo shoot in Siracusa, Sicily, this summer for the new catalog of the ENERGETIX jewelery line.

On September 2, the new catalog was presented at this event!


The event took place at the Estrel Berlin where many people had the pleasure to see and feel the exceptional guests: IL VOLO.


Foto di Myrjam Minaer



Here are some photos in the catalog.

What about beautiful jewels worn by our wonderful home jewels: Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca.


What is your opinion of the cover photo as “Sicilian picciotti?”










This appears to be a recording of the guys singing, Grande Amore, put to a beautiful artistic impression, presented to the audience before the concert actually began.  

You do not see very well but look at that presentation



Then the guests could hear a real concert of IL VOLO, were they not lucky?


The concert included:











 Grazie Mille and vielen Dank to die fruende  Il Volo Bavaria for this beautiful video of the concert!!  🙂 

Immagine incorporata 10

Here is a link to the Energetix jewelry site.  And as Jana put it, “Hey, this stuff is actually affordable!”  🙂

Also below is a link to Amazon – where else!?  🙂

Credit to all owners of videos and photos.

Personally Speaking~What’s Next??~ by Mary Bohling

The boys have been teasing us a bit about what is next on their recording agenda.  It seems that it will have a Latin flavor since they are working with their friend, Emilio Estefan.  And remembering how we, the fans, love the  tantalizing Latin beat of “Volare,” it would seem that we would embrace that style.  But, just for fun, let’s consider some other styles of past musical icons that they might choose to emulate.

Since our boys have such a propensity for the beach, maybe they would like to try the Beach Boys’ style, one that has stood the test of time with its’ catchy tunes, captivating rhythm, and great harmony.  The guys would really get into spirit of fun following in the Beach Boys footsteps.




Wouldn’t it be great to hear Igna  taking the falsetto part of the Jersey Boys’ repertoire?  He would be so good at it.  He did some improvisations with the high notes of “Somebody to Love” that blew our socks off, plus he has the added asset  of his adorably endearing facial expressions (those eyes!!) to go along with the voice.


Jersey Boys Poster


Remember the Ink Spots?  Most of you probably don’t.  You might  want to look them up.  Their harmony and rhythm were so contagious they always left you wanting more.  Remind you of Il Volo?  Gianluca might have to dig down a bit to match the low notes, but hey, that guy can do anything he sets his mind to, right?  They recorded some beautiful songs that would be great for our guys.


Ink Spots Billboard 3.jpg


Speaking of great trios, let us not forget the Nat King Cole trio.  Talk about sweet and mellow–just the style for Il Volo.  Is anyone more sweet and mellow than our boys?  Gianluca could easily handle Nat’s romantic solos with his own brand of style and panache.


Nat King Cole (Gottlieb 01511).jpg


And “sweet and mellow” brings to mind the Williams brothers, mainly Andy.  Imagine Gian doing “Moon River”  what a treat that would be.  Piero, being the more dramatic sort, doesn’t often show us the softer side of his vocal technique, but he sings with such passion and expression that we know he would be breathtakingly spectacular doing some of Andy’s romantic songs.


Image result


Well, we will have to wait and see what the finished product of the most recent endeavor will be, but  we know that it will be all in true ILVOLO STYLE.  You can’t improve on perfection, and perfection is what they are.

So stay calm and get out your dancing shoes…..Tango, anyone??

il volo tennis meets fashion milan 02
Credit to all owners of photos.
~Mary Bohling~


Personally Speaking~Having Fun Il Volo Style

I Want To Go Home

Penina sent me a video clip from way back in 2012, during a concert, when the guys would stay on stage and entertain the audience while the band members took a break.  They used to do that during concerts in their early years.  It was always quite humorous.  Piero and Ignazio would be the notorious instigators with Gianluca being the straight guy.   They would just let loose and be themselves.  Some of you may remember this one.



Heavy Metal  Rockers?

So, then I decided to hunt on youtube for more of their fun antics and stumbled across this one.  I’ve never even thought of our three darling boys as heavy metal rockers, but they pulled it off!  Or should I say, Ignazio and Gianluca morphed into rock stars as Piero continues in his own eloquent  voice during a performance on House Party.  Not that I even like heavy metal (which I don’t) but I’d watch these guys do just about anything!  Ignazio fits the roll perfectly while we rarely see Gianluca let loose like he does here.  Pure entertainment.



Suit and Tie

I love this one of Gianluca singing while Piero dances to Suit and Tie.  Piero had the dance moves way back then as he does now.  I absolutely love the way Gianluca glides from low to high notes with such ease.  


Love, love, love Il Volo!!


Credit to all owners of videos.


The Price To Be Very Famous ~ by Daniela

A friend passed me this short newspaper article.

It seemed to me to be a nice and funny news that our dear Gianluca is protagonist.

Before summarizing the content I think you all know that Gianluca is friend of Ermal Meta.

L'immagine può contenere: 2 persone, persone che sorridono, persone in piedi

Ermal is a good singer and composer, this year’s Sanremo ranked second.

Gianluca repeatedly said in the interviews that there will be songs from Ermal on their next CD.

And now we come to the article.

L'immagine può contenere: 2 persone, persone che sorridono

The article says that Gianluca was on the steps to attend the concert as any fan but was immediately noticed and surrounded by fans.

Smiling and helpful with everyone, Gianluca greeted everyone with extreme courtesy, but this bustle did not allow the organizers to start the concert.

The security guards  escorted Gianluca came in so that the concert could begin.

Poor Gianluca, this is the expensive price to be very famous, from the comments of so many fans Gianluca was really courteous and helpful.

This is the comment of a fan on the facebook page of Ercole Ginoble.

Good morning sir. Ercole, I would like to publicly commend my compliments to you and his lady for how  have grew up your sons. I had the honor and the pleasure of meeting them at the concert of Ermal Meta and I have been disarmed by so much simplicity, gaiety and availability from a person who in his short life has a megagalactic success, sang with the greatest and could be full title of the arias …  I have seen some singers who are not coming close and that they do not even remotely salute the fans … I think this attitude is not only fruit of the character but also and above all what you as parents have sent you !!! It could be my son seeing age, but if before I was a fan , now I love him more !!! Paola

Credit to all owners of photos.


Wind Summer Festival~~~ AND~~~ Pula, Italy, Notte Magica concert!


Daniela sent us these excerpts from the festival:

In June, at Piazza del Popolo in Rome, we held the WIND SUMMER FESTIVAL, where our boys also participated.

The broadcast was recorded and made available on television a few days ago.

IL VOLO in great shape has proposed a small medley of L’AMORE SI MUOVE e GRANDE AMORE.

As always, they have involved the whole audience.

The presenter said announcing it was, “Proud to have them as  guests because they are famous all over the world.” 

Here is the medley video.


Image may contain: 5 people, people smiling, people standing, crowd and text

In the backstage of the festival, the boys were interviewed.

The interviewer had already interviewed the boys at their debut so he dived in the past. 

He tells the guys that it’s been so long since their last interview. 

The director of the WIND SUMMER FESTIVAL is Cenci, which we remember, he had the idea of ​​joining the voices Piero, Ignazio, and Gianluca when they were at TI LASCIO UNA CANZONE. 

Cenci says that he had the idea of ​​joining them but the magic of these guys made by Tony Renis because he made them have incredible contacts and that maybe the guys without these contacts, perhaps would not be here.

The presenter goes on to say that the guys have conquered the world.

The boys confirm that they have worked so hard and now they have more security and that they have so much success thank you to  the fans.


Thank you, Daniela, for always keeping us in the loop!

And now, moving on …



Pula, Italy, July 28, 2017…the final concert for the European leg of the Una Notte Magica World Tour.  Whew!  It seems like they have been on tour forever.  I wonder what it must feel like to them?  Listening to the following video you will hear the same magnificent voices you heard way back at the beginning of this tour.  Such superb professionals who have mastered their art above and beyond all others.  Following this concert they are on a well deserved holiday for the month of August with friends and family.  Then it’s back to work as the rest of the world awaits them on this phenomenal tour!


Image may contain: one or more people and crowd


Image may contain: 3 people, people smiling, people standing


Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, people standing and beard


Image may contain: 3 people, people smiling


Credit to all owners of videos and photos.


~~~Daniela and Jane~~~