ROSEMARIE MEETS PIERO, By Rosemarie and Daniela

Perhaps not everyone knows that between June and July, our Rose Marie Paliobeis has been in Italy and in particular in Sicily.
Her journey began as a 2 week tour to visit Naples, Sorrento, the Amalfi coast and then Sicily, but then Rose Marie, let herself be tempted by another  tour offered by  Dario Mirabile, the friend of Piero, and so Rose Marie, after having seen the Amalfi Coast, Naples and Sorrento (where for but a moment she did not see the guys at the Agnes prize), she reached Sicily and what is the first picture she send me?
It is not possible not to recognize Taormina and the Bam Bar !!
She also went on the Volcano Etna where the day before it had snowed and then sent me this message:
” I am in Palermo, I love this beautiful city! We were in Agrigento this afternoon and went to see the Greek temples. We are taking a tour of Palermo tomorrow and Monday afternoon I will leave this tour go to Naro. I am tired but ok.”
Ok, Naro is approaching and Piero is in Naro, because in this period he is doing school exams.
And here is the picture that she sends me.
A beautiful photo of RoseMarie in the company of Wendy, Joanie, Suzana, Dario and …….. our beautiful and sweet Piero !!!
I’m so glad she met Piero (even a little jealous), and she confirms that he’s a very kind and caring young man, he finished the exams and everything went ok.
But the meetings do not end here, for the following days, Piero will continue to go to greet our ladies, a true gentleman, will spend a little of his time with them.
Here he is in the beautiful photos taken by Suzana Gutierrez of AAIV.
But the thing that RoseMarie told me with such amazement was that Piero remembered very well a gift from her.
” I gave him a bent nail when I saw him in Detroit, it was a good luck piece like the ones Luciano Pavarotti collected and he remembered that I gave it to him in blue box. I was so impressed that he remembered because they receive so many gifts on tour.
We asked about the many gifts they receive, especially t-shirts. They keep some but can’t possibly keep all. They donate others to homeless shelters. “
“He did say they would be touring USA in 2019 but there were no definite dates yet because the manage team is dealing with music, dates, venues etc. He stopped every day to see us, usually at the beach. He was with his friends and family but took time out for us to ask how we were and if we liked Naro. Of course we loved Naro. A small town where everyone knows each other.The other ladies with me have met him before many times but this was my first (hope not the last) time that wasn’t a meet/greet. ” 
“He was just a normal down to earth young man, waving to everyone who greeted him as they drove or walked by. He spent time with us at a friend’s house where we learned to make pasta and pizza. So I can’t begin to tell you all how fortunate I was, and to say how lucky we are to have this young man in our lives. May God keep these 3 safe, and healthy. May they find true love someday and have families of their own .” 
Damn, RoseMarie, this last shot is really amazing, who of us would not like to take a picture with a similar hug?
Yes, you were really lucky, a pity that you could not stop until the concert in Taormina ……. but for that there will be a next time, is not it?
Credit to all owners of photos.

20 thoughts on “ROSEMARIE MEETS PIERO, By Rosemarie and Daniela”

  1. What a wonderful experience. Something you will never forget and will relive many times in your memory !! Lucky you, and how kind of Piero to give so much of his precious time…..a truly great Guy !!

  2. Oh my, Oh my! What a wonderful experience! All I can say is that I wish I were traveling with you!! Thank you for sharing!!

  3. Well, Rosemarie, I am officially JEALOUS! Seriously, I’m so happy you had this splendid adventure! Thanks for sharing! From Texas….Dot

  4. I know you ladies are thrilled to have met Piero Barone face to face.
    Il Volo are the only celebrities I have met and that was at a meet and greet at the Oklahoma City concert. I am very thankful to have been able to attend and hear their beautiful music in person. Maybe we
    will soon get a schedule of their 2019 concerts. I would love to attend another concert. God bless Gianluca, Ignazio, and Piero.

  5. Thanks Daniela for keeping us informed about the boys and our fellow bloggers. Envy is a sin but I do envy RoseMarie and friends for being able to be in Italy and visiting with Piero.

    1. Thanks to you, Gina. I’m a sinner too.
      I’ve been to Naro but Piero was not there and I could not see his House Teca. Sin.

  6. What an amazing trip and ,yes, I too am jealous. I would love someday to have a chance to meet any of the three of them , but Piero in particular. So nice to hear that he is as nice and down to earth as we always thought . An experience of a lifetime
    RoseMarie. Looking forward to next year’s concert!

  7. What a lucky lady you are Rose Marie, I am happy for you.
    When I met him at the meet and greet in Las Vegas he had his arm around me while the picture was being taken, and all that time he was gently patting me on my back. They all are amazing young men.
    Thank you Rose Marie and Daniela

    1. Hi Jill, what a pleasure to hear from you. I must say that RoseMarie did not want to tell us anything, she wanted to keep everything for herself the emotions she felt with Piero …….. I joke, today she was very happy to read all your comments !!

  8. Rosemarie, what a lovely trip! It is so nice that Piero was there to visit with you every day, it made a very sweet memory to take home. Thank you for sharing your joy and the lovely pictures with us.

  9. Wonderful ! So glad to hear Rose Marie had such a grand time. Meeting Piero and getting fotos was like the icing on the cake. So fortunate to be able to go on a grand tour of the home land of the guys, Piero, Gianluca and Ignazio. Happy for you .

  10. What a wonderful experience Rose Marie! I’m sure we would all have loved to be in your place on your great visit to Naro and seeing Piero so often. It’s always nice to hear people say how friendly and down to earth Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca are!

  11. Thank you all for your lovely comments. I was truly blessed on this trip I met Joanie, Wendy and Suzana for the first time in person and that was almost as exciting as meeting Piero. .Almost!!! I’m kidding, it was as if I had known them for a long time..
    Now all of us on the Flight Crew are waiting to see what 2019 will bring us.

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