(Throw WAY back Thursday) In case you missed it – by Nurselin61 – Aug 31, 2013

Hello folks!  I had planned something else for today, but my plans changed, so I thought I’d go back and find an old post.  This post had 126 comments!!  This was written by, I believe, Linda, one of the “foundresses” of this site with Marie.  The comments are amazing.  A few of you are still out there commenting – Loretta, Myron, Kelly, Allene, and several others I recognize, and many I don’t, and many that we haven’t seen for quite a while!  Enjoy – it will take most of your morning to read through this – it’s over 7000 words!  🙂

(there are no pictures, but it looks like people had put links to various sites, as they were referencing articles and interviews, etc.  Take a look and see what you might find.  It is interesting to see these comments and see how much as come “true” 🙂 – what things have changed and what has stayed the same!)

The John Saroyan Theatre at the beautiful Fresno Opera House was sold out. More than 2400 people stood and gave Il Volo a standing ovation!! The Theatre was sold out and the applause was deafening for the more than 2 hour performance!!
Our Elaine drove 200 miles in Labor Day traffic to attend her second concert this week! She tells us it was well worth the trip!

1) Twitters, Tweets and Keeks:
Gianluca tweeted last night “Thank you Fresno for the sold out! What a wonderful concert!
Piero tweeted # feelings # live # concert.
See keek of Piero rehearsing with the drummer before concert on Mundial Facebook.
See Keek of Paul Sorvino singing “O Solo Mio” with Il Volo at LA concert, also on Mundial.
Ignazio, no tweets? (some things never change!  🙂 )

2) Have a look at Il Volo Tumblr of the audience during the standing ovation last night. Anybody here recognize the age group of that audience? Hmm.

Please check our resource category on the left side of the site for things Il Volo.

The next concert is September 1st in Phoenix, wonder if they’ll ride the Il Volo bus to this concert?
After Phoenix they’ll be in Chicago on September 4th and Detroit on September 5th. Many of our Flight Crew are looking forward to these two concerts, as they’ll be attending! More on that later.

Love and Luck in Phoenix, Guys!!



lynngbal4 says:


If Ignazio picked either Marie or Loretta to sing to, they would both have to share the couch, because neither one will let the other get Ignazio alone. And when the song is over, he won’t have to walk them back to their seats, because they will have melted by then. Talk about a spectacle!!!



Lynn he wouldn’t be able to walk back anywhere because we would be both sitting in his lap & he would have to sing to us & seeing as the audience is there well they could hear him sing as well.

After all this hype I probably won’t even be able to utter a sound. Shocked into silence either by seeing HIM or by Loretta’s antics. Either way I’m toast. I just don’t want to drool. Please God, don’t let me drool.

It’s hard to drool if your chin is on the floor!
Y’all better all write about your experience at the concert-Marie, Loretta, Mary, & anybody else who is going. I will get to see them only through your eyes!



Allene I don’t mean to be cruel but if by mature you mean OLD then he won’t want you at all as Iganzio won’t me either or Gianluca won’t want Marie or anyone over 20. We are over the hill & had the biscuit. But we can still dream & listen & look oh its fun looking.

I meant to say DROWN out my voice I need all the drowning I can get.



For all you Ignazio lovers, I found the sweetest quote from him:

“It’s not important the beauty as long as she has a heart and gives it to me.”
Now, if that doesn’t make you melt, I don’t know what will!

kyalpn says:

Oh boy…

Either “they” haven’t seen it yet, or they are still weeping in a puddle somewhere…

That is truly beautiful, though.



What a beautiful and heart-tugging quote from Ignazio. And Loretta, I know about daydreams, I have plenty of them!




Gianluca said in his tweet “Look at me carefully” Has anyone worked out why or what he meant? Maybe the Elvis TShirt?

“confused” in Vancouver!



We’ll probably never know, but the only thing I can see is that his right eye looked swollen.. A sty or small infection, maybe?


4thforbridge: You are SO smart and perceptive, Now I see what you mean about his right eye, I was too busy looking at his left, normal eye, that is so big! I hope he’s allright! I can’t wait to read how the Phoenix show went. Even when sick, they say “the show must go on”!


They are staying in all those hotels, I don’t know if they are four star or not, but maybe the linens aren’t in the best of germ-free condition and it caused an eye infection, but then, maybe they bring their own pillows, I know, what a silly think to conjecture about, just wondering out loud.


He probably has either a sty or conjunctivitis, sometimes known as “pink eye” easily picked up from someone else. Consider how many kisses, hugs and handshakes they do on a daily basis. Antibiotics usually quickly takes care of it.


Thanks, guys, that makes sense. Poor baby!




Still in a puddle over Helen’s comment! I would give him my heart and the Pink Eye I caught from Gianluca!
Hey, I don’t have to choose!



Pink Eye?!?!?!?!?!








Yep, i got to hug all three and they hugged back. Then we all stood with arms around each other for the photo, then were politely moved on by assistants. So not a lingering one, but a hug just the same!






Look at minute 26 of this interview. Is that what Loretta is goong to be like with Ignazio?

http: //youtu.be/ D1EpYo_2Iew (no gaps)



That’s exactly the visual I have of both Loretta and Marie.

I have seen this interview and wish that I could speak Spanish. It looks like they are having such a good time but I can’t understand any of it. The closed caption to English doesn’t help.


I;ve seen this before. Pausing the video at 25:57 minutes in, talk about “meet and greet” how about cease and desist! Gianluca was a willing particpant though! Also at one point, I have to look for it, Gianluca kisses the interviewer’s (in the red) neck, really goes after her and she gets all flustered. Hope their moms to Latin America too – to keep an eye on ’em!


So many Latin american girl lovng Il Volo, Soooooo many girls, yet so little time! No more shy Gianluca from was on the Italian TV show. That was ancient history, 4 years ago! Well he is latin, therefore a latin lover! Geez I hope my post isnt’ misconstrued or misinterpreted. I am easily shocked, but I have seen this video before and was shocked then!




Yes, Loretta. One of the things that I was able to make out from the conversation was that she was in the hospital. I believe she s a cancer patient. They were so sweet to her.




It doesn’t surprise me they are so classy young men with hearts of gold.



Did you watch Loretta? They guys are really animated in this video posted above. Ignazio, so cute and how tall he has gotten in last couple of years, what a growth spurt. Piero is really interested in that cell phone of his. It looks like “all hell can break loose” in Latin American interviews, I’ve never seen them so off the wall in US interviews, but they were having fun which is good!


Myron Heaton says:


I am looking forward to the Phoenix concert myself. It would so nice if those on this site who are going could meet up in the lobby of the Comerica Theater prior to start of program – Some of you I have been “talking with” since months before this wonderful site started and it would nice to finally put a face with that name. I will locate near the V.I.P. check-in table and will hang out there just in case any of you are around.




Enjoy the Phoenix Concert Myron! I hope those going to the Phoenix Concert meet up with you.




We need some kind of Flight Crew convention. It would probably closely resemble an AARP convention (:



Oh Lynn that is hysterical. Thanks for the laugh because it’s so true 🙂
Myron, have a great time tomorrow night. Don’t forget to give us the details!



If we were able to get IL VOLO to meet with us & sing a couple of songs, we’d have better entertainemnt & more fun than an AARP convention!


If the working plan for an “authorized” Il Volo International Fan Club gets approved they will have such a convention in Las Vegas every year or every two years. This is now being discussed amongst various entities.


Thank you for ALL your efforts, Myron!

What fun we will have at this convention! I’d definitely like to see a concert there as part of the festivities. Maybe various levels of Meet & Greets. Perhaps live interview questions from the fans. Hmmm… If there’s a Disney movie in the making, perhaps there would be some usable footage.

I’m sure you all are making wonderful plans. I just found my enthusiasm over-flowing.

Have a glorious time in Phoenix! And I hope the performance of Maria will be the emotional masterpiece that it usually is.

In gratitude and delight,
~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway



Check out on Team il Volo the mediocre review of Il Volo by Donald Munroe in Fresno. He didn’t pan the performance, and he made it clear that Il Volo doesn’t try to be opera. But he was obnoxious about Ignazio and his funny antics on stage. It really bothered this reviewer that people in the (sold-out ) crowd absolutely loved the guys. What is wrong with these people?




I guess critics are critics and have their own opinion, but “sweet” voices, please!! Didn’t like the fooling around? Well hello! they’re teenagers and of course are not sophisticated, they’re not supposed to be and it’s exactly why we love them!! These critics have no taste, they just love to pan the performances. Too bad, they don’t know what they’re missing out on!!



I think he went in with his nose out of joint because we objected to the first review. These critics like to feel like they can’t be criticised. What bugs me is that he too acted like Il Volo relies so much on amplification. I repeat, however, when placido Domingo and Barbra Streisand choose to sing with teensagers new to the business–that means Our Boys are pure quality.


I’m glad he was forewarned. Truly, I must have read 100 responses to the first reviewer, and every one spoke highly of Our Boys and their performance.

Good point, Sheridan, about Streisand and Domingo choosing to sing with IL VOLO!

I just popped a short response to the Fresno review:

“What draws us with delight into IL VOLO Land? …magnificent voices, warm open hearts, authenticity to the point of silliness on occasion, Love, energy, enthusiasm, glorious harmony, powerful voices, impressive musical arrangements, Loving spirits, joy, fun, heartfelt emotion, Love…

Thanks to this reviewer for acknowledging that this is not your cup of tea IN CONTRAST to the enthralled audience.”

~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway



Ok…don’t shoot me, but I don’t think this review is that bad. I think he makes it clear that they just weren’t his cup of tea…like Jackie Evanco and One Direction aren’t. Win some and lose some…



I’m with you guys. The wonderful thing about Il Volo is that they are natural. I know they plan the back & forth & practice, but they do what comes naturally to them in concert. Sure they are young, not jaded, they are fresh and they make me laugh! That’s the beauty of Il Volo. Of course, somebody that didn’t see them last season wouldn’t understand the “woorrlld” thing, but it tickles me every time I see it! On another note, I found a very nice article on them at ‘Teenink.com/reviews/music’. Written by Branderz of Chicago IL entitled “Il Volo: Three Young Tenors Destination: World Wide by Il Volo”. Sorry, I don’t know how to attach a copy -I don’t even know how to copy! ( my son is going to help me tomorrow.). I hope you can find it. Have a good evening everyone.




I found the article on teenink.com. It was written in 2011.
I agree with Kelly that the Munroe review wasn’t all that bad. At least he acknowledged that maybe it was just him. Maybe he just doesn’t “get it” because he doesn’t like that kind of music. If I were sent to review a concert of some rap artist, I know I wouldn’t get it, & I would hate it. At least he understood about the whole package of IL VOLO: good looks, youth, charm-but he said “nice voices”. He missed that part; their voices aren’t just nice & sweet. They are amazingly powerful.

I like what he said about Piero’s magnetism on stage; I agree. But I feel that all 3 guys have great stage presence. They all smile & respond to the audience well, from the videos I’ve seen.

Elaine, when you’ve rested from your long trip, I hope you will tell us what all the laughing was about when they sang “Maria”. I saw a video of it, but the camera concentrated mainly on Piero & the girl sitting with him, so I couldn’t see what was happening with the other 2 guys.



the only thing I really question is his comment on finding three teens in town that could do as well. Having taught voice to teens for many years I would say to him that it really is quite rare to have voices like that and the right voice teachers. Also, most singers in that theater use mics.



Lynn, you’re right, all three are charming with great stage presence. They each have their own character and charisma, no one outshines the other.


Hey Lynn, LeeLee and Helen, I like that idea of a convention AARP indeed! We may be –er – old, but we’re not dead!,




I know I am getting into hot water here, but I saw that Maria treatment in LA and thought it did not work. It distracted us from an incredible song that is passionate and serious – not funny. I don’t think that Il Volo intended the humor – I think they were planning on the romance side of the concept. But you can never know for sure how audience people will react and kill the moment. In L.A. Piero got the wierd girl that caused laughs but in Fresno Gianluca got the girl that was wierd and caused laughs. (while he was singing to her she kept looking at Ignazio – WWWWWWWWierd ! They should have brought the girls out for Surrender or something lighter. I usually don’t find fault with Il Volo staging but this is one time I do. Maria = romance not funny.



Myron, I know the guys wanted to share the singing of “Maria”, but I loved it when Gianluca sang it as a solo. It was like he was acting the part of Tony, with all the emotion he put into it. I like all 3 of them singing it, too, but it lost something in the sharing of it.

I have a question for you, since I don’t know any language other than English. Piero’s & Gianluca’s operatic solos- aren’t they sung in Spanish? I know “Caruso” is in Italian.



I have been watching a video of the LA concert on you tube that is 21 minutes long. It has the segment with Paul Sorvino who tells the story of the writning of O Sole Mio. It is a pretty good video if you can overlook the person talking over the singing at times. The title is Il Volo Agosto 28 2013. It was uploaded by Elizabeth Algazi. You can’t see much, but there is a little bit of a lot of songs.




I fully enjoyed last night’s concert at Fresno. Our guys were truly amazing and they delivered another outstanding performance. I particularly love the three opera solos. They were all powerful and I can feel their passions. I almost cried when Gianluca was on his knees because it was his passionate singing and that YouTube video that gave me this second chances to see them. Thanks Ginaluca!

Mundial and Team Il Volo have a few videos from last night. Make sure to check out El Triste. It was fantastic! I wish someone will post another video on Maria because it was hilarious. Gianluca’s Maria kept looking and waving at Ignazio. Gianluca sang his heart out but still was useless! Our sweet Gian was very nice though, he played along and made that awkward situation to be the funniest moment of the show. It’s really fun to see our guys being so playful. And it didn’t ruin the song. The singing was still fantastic.

I guess I am done with all my concert unless there is another miracle (please, pray!). For those of you that are going in the coming weeks, hope you will enjoy the concert as much as I did. And please give each of our guys a big hug for me. This is my only regret, I should have go to the M&G.

Gianluca, Ignazio, Piero, you guys are amazing. Thanks for those wonderful time. Love an



It makes me so excited for Chicago!




Someone whom went to Fresno concert could tell me what happened whem they sang Maria. I watched the video and read some comments, but I didn´t have a clue. For some comments it seemed that Ignazio was making some funny thing and distracted the girl who paid more attention to Ignazio while Gianluca was singing or if the girl was so stupid to embarrass him that way.

I think they ruined the song bringing girls to stage. This song is so intense and dramatic (his solo last year prove it) that people laughing when he was singing was a little disrespected to him. Maybe they could bring girls in Little Things.



I don’t think they meant disrespect, it was just a spontaneous moment if comedy that Gianluca picked the wrong girl, and she couldn’t hide it. 🙂



Josie, please read my post above regarding “Maria” at Fresno. That was not a bad arrangement at all. I think it is a good way to interact with the audience and bring some surprise element to the concert. It really was fun. Hey, our guys are so young, it is good to lighten up a bit. Gianluca owns the drama of Maria in his solo. So why not do something else this time as a trio. There is no disrespect at all from the audience. Everyone was just enjoying the moments. Kelly is wise to see that it was a spontaneous moments and Gian was able to make the best out if it. Way to go Gian, I am proud of you. Kisses for you…




One of the great things about Gianluca is his ability at times to poke fun at his own movie star idol image and good looks. I saw one video of him at an interview where he messed up his hair and put on this really funny face. He is also a good sport–always! On Il Volo Mundial this morning there is a picture of his mother and Ignazio’s mother. The caption also said Piero’s father has accompanied him. The parents are the key to the lovely behavior of these young men. All three guys are all old enough to tour on their own–BUT, their parents are with them anyway. I think that says a lot!



Sheridan, I saw that too, I think he was trying to impersonate Charlie Sheen. Gianluca is so funny. I loved what you said about him making fun of his own movie star idol image. That, he is, paaaleeese, someone put him up on the big screen, he said he wants to be an actor and Justin Timberlake tackled it and is not an actor to begin with (how about Justin’s 20 minute performance at MTV awards, fabulous), anyway, Gianluca can do it. His paesans, Scorseze and/or Coppola need to cast him quick!


It does say a lot for them and their culture, Sheridan. I don’t think fame will change them. They have lofty yet humble goals. You really can’t compare them to anyone else no matter the age. They are a special and different breed of human being. They are Our Boys. They are perfect!




I just watched a video of the Maria episode and saw Gianluca’s girl waving at Ignazio, but a man’ head blocked most the girl’s antics. However, I noticed when they were standing up that Gianlucs’s girl looked about 6’2″–she towered over him. That in itself looked funny.



I saw the video many times and I´m not sure if the girl was waving to Ignazio or to the girl with him. At the end the two girls held each other as they were friends. Anyway was very wierd her behavior. I twitted to Gianluca to next time choose a nice girl or maybe a lady.


Perfect indeed, Marie! We now need Loretta to give that Dan Monroe a piece of her mind for what the critic (everyone can be a critic) what he said about Ignazio not being sophisticated and not funny. I think he’s a howl! And I absolutely HATE when they single out one over the others, this is twice now that reviewers have said Piero has the most talent. Yes, we know Piero is talented with that voice and he has that sexy Italian swagger going on, but, hello, the other two have just as much magnetism. I can’t wait for the Radio City Music hall review. In that big city, surely there are some really good reviewers who are going to recognize how all three are awesome. So the girl was sitting with Gianluca during Maria and kept looking at and wating at Ignazio. Did they let her loose from the insane asylym for one night? If you are sitting next to Gianluca, then you look into HIS eyes, right? What accounts for stupid people?


You are so right, Christine. I have always paid special attention to Piero beause he and his voice together remind me of a young Placido Domingo. I adore Placido Domingo. BUT… I also happen to love and admire Gianluca’s voice and Igazio’s voice. Each one brings something into the performance. They are very different but the combination of their voices and personalities are what makes them great. I also think that Our Boys would not like having themselves singled out, one over the other. They are friends, and they recognized each others talents




You all know that I’m an Ignazio woman but, if Gianluca was looking at me that close, with those eyes, I would have melted into them. And occasionally glanced at ….you know!



Marie, I don’t know…what to you mean occasionally glanced at ==what? I honestly don’t know. Is it printable? Anyway I am so confuuuuuused Marie I didn’t know you were an “Ignazio” woman! I have to start paying more attention to your posts. Nothing wrong with that, he’s gorgeous too. He’s a man of few words though, Gianluca is on twitter all the time, he must get a rise out of how people pounce and write a response when all he is writing is that “he likes cookies”. While it won’t make the headlines, it is still a nice way for him to keep in touch with his fans, whereas Ignazio will go for days and days without writing nothing, Niente!




Well I AM an Ignazio woman & I will only melt if Ignazio looks at me & no one else can entice me away from my precious, He is MINE, MINE, MINE.



AT LAST!!!! You don’t know how LONG I have waited for MINE! MINE! MINE!!!!




Oh, here she goes again!! with the MINE MINE thing, I bet Marie will have something to say about that. Loretta dear, he’s really MINE!!! 😉



She’s baaa-aaaaakkk! Lol


All 3 of them are baaa-aaaaakkk, Kelly. It is getting so close to their concert time, I guess we couldn’t expect them to be silent for long. I love it (:


By Branderz, Chicago, IL
More by this author
Email me when Branderz contributes work
The author’s comments:

What really inspired me to write this was, due to every other upcoming band, or artist, getting reviews-and I thought about writing one as well-they as well needed to be reviewed. And, plus, I am in love with their music as, mostly, everyone, else is.

Have you ever dreamed of being in the spotlight? Have you dreamt that you’ve seen three vocally, and beautifully, talented young men just coming from out of the blue and sang like maturing forty year old singers?
Il Volo; the band that first started out no more than two years ago competing on Italy’s most popular Television show, “Ti Lascio Una Canzone”, after Gianluca won the show, they each began taking small steps with each other, by still performing with one another in the music world. Still unsigned, and yet, left still hoping, they began going around their own home country: Italy; inspiring young people to reach their dreams and also doing what they do love and are best at: Music.
After an appearance at a showcase their manager, Humberto Gatica, discovered them and showed them to the biggest name in the music industry. Immediately they were signed on as the first ever international boys band to ever be signed with a national record. Compared with the Jonas Brothers, they thrive the media and their fans to know that there is no comparison whatsoever.
The only thing that sub-sides to being compared is the music they do. Operatic pop; a cross between Pop and Opera styles of music. And, further on out, they will be sure to take over the world one day and be successful. With countries, especially their home country, that have given them a Platinum and Golden Records, each from Malaysia, India, France, Germany and tons more.
The only aspect they have in mind is really clear, they want to share their music with the world, they don’t care for the riches, they care for the love of their music going into other peoples’ homes.
My message is also clear to those that reading this article as well: Listen to it, research them and fall in love all over again with these three young singers that will make your mouths drop and wanting more.

Edit: Diane provided this link to be copied/pasted in your browser for the letter:
linkink.com/review/music il volo


Poor Linda you are having hallucinations again, Did you take your pills dear? I have an IN with Ignazio which is so strong that it can’t be broken so all your pining are to avail. I had to bring out my MINE to emphasis the bond between is so strong. When he sees me he will run to me with open arms. I can’t wait to be in his arms again. don’t cry Linda your special man will come along.




Hello Stephanie I have found the article you were referring to on google (see above) I live in the UK so the only way to get all the information on the boys is via your site, you tube Il Volo Mundial Official and by following the very very talented boys on their twitter account. I have just recently got the brabble app and I was very very surprised that Gianluca, Piero and Ignazio accepted me as their friend. A very lucky lady indeed and a good birthday present. I just love their music very much it it very addictive and have recently bought their We Are Love CD on Amazon. Enjoy reading all your article on this new web site.
On google I just typed teenink.com/review/music il volo
Best Wishes



We are of like minds Diane! Thank you.


Wait just a minute! You Canadian wench! Who raised you! How can you lie like that? and in public too. You know he belongs to me! Saying MINE a thousand times won’t change the facts, Missy!


Ha Marie, I knew you wouldn’t let THAT pass. To think that Canadian wench once called YOU a wiley woman!!!

So you know Loretta, I don’t need my medication as much as you need yours. I sure hope you take your meds in Detroit or Marie will really have her hands full!!:/


Its unbelievable how jealous & out of touch you two are. Open you eyes girls HE has only eyes for ME. The sunset is waiting for us to ride off into it.. HEis preparing forour life together so PLEASE do yourselves a favour look elsewhere for your beaus STOP giving yourselves so much suffering. Marie Gianluca is waiting for you with his sweet face & heart & also Linda he can go with you as well. He is a treasure also. Get it with it girls & realize I am the BEST.for my precious.


Loretta, Sweetie, If he didn’t love me so much you might have a shot. No, now that I think about it, Linda would probably be next. You’re pretty scary! So, sorry!
p.s. I would take Gianluca too! In a heartbeat!
p.s.s. I don’t share!



Marie how can you say I’m scary when you haven’t even seen me, we have never MET remember???or are you having memory lapses. Ignazio & I have met & not only have become friends but more than that. He thinks I am the most beautiful woman he has ever seen. So dear beauty is in the eye of the beholder so I have it made, neither of you girls have a chance in H____.. You can prance around all you want & Linda you can follow what Marie is saying & agree but the fact remains I AM THE ONE & ONLY FOR MY PRECIOUS.





Hey everyone, wouldn’t you all love to be a fly on the wall in Detroit?
I wish we could see the fight for Ignazio (poor guy) I hope they don’t hurt him jumping into his arms!! The bail money is still available!!!!



lol I know that I wish that I had gotten the M&G tickets just so I could keep my eye on those two. Mary is just going to have to handle them herself, poor thing. Hang in their Mary, don’t get run over by them. You had better hold on to that bail money Linda S. I agree, I wish I could be a fly on the wall in Detroit.

Linda, it is a good thing that the MG is after the concert, so Ignazio can still perform in Detroit. rotfl




Thank You!



You girls are a hoot! I just love reading your “bickering” back & forth.





Sorry Sheridan I didn’t look down far enough to see your review, Also saw a review by Linda so don’t know which one that was but at least he heard from the back seat.



I just didn’t like his inferring that they were one of those “boy bands,” meaning mediocre talents but a lot of show. G-R-R-R






Uh, Oh! Hey I was just calling that plan B. Plan A wasn’t working out so well. Man! I can’t get a break. Elizabeth will kill me if I even say Piero. Maybe I’ll just try for Myron. Hey, Myron! You married? Is some other wench going to come after me now?


Marie, if you go after Piero, you will have Elizabeth, Mary & ME to contend with. I can’t wait to see what Myron has to say about this!







OMG – I cannot wait until next week to find out the results of the Loretta and Marie Show!! You gals are way too much fun.

Sorry to say gang, when it comes to Piero, Gianluca, and Ignazio, it’s every girl for her own! I personally have no preference, so I would be thrilled to be on the couch (for the song, of course – ahem) with any of them. I’m sorry if I’m stepping on toes, but a girl’s got to do what a girl’s got to do!!



LeeLee, at this point, I would be glad just to be in the audience at one of their concerts. I would be in heaven to sit next to one of them & be able to have any one of them sing to me. But none of us girls have to worry about that. They won’t pick any of us grandmas to sit with them on stage! Maybe Elizabeth has a chance.


Lynn, I agree about being in the audience. But wouldn’t it be nice if they chose older like us? I can say I’m not a grandma as I don’t have any kids, but I guess I’m old enough to be someone’s ‘young’ 🙂 grandma.

Loretta and Marie, please don’t make spectacles of yourselves if they pick you to go up on stage. (Oh, who am I kidding?)




Go for it LeeLee long as its not Ignazio’s couch



But Loretta – if Ignazio picked me, how can I say no?




If Ignazio picks me for his couch they’ll have to close the curtains. Are there curtains? I hope so!



Marie, bring your own just in case.








There’s no security guard that’s going to let you two crazy ladies near that stage. I think there’s a restraining order out there.



After this conversation, if there isn’t a restraining order, there will be one by the time they get there.

Loretta – I’ll try and send my ‘Ignazio’ vibe from him towards your direction. Marie, the only reason I’m not sending it to you is because you’re willing (I think) to go to Plan B (Gianluca). Loretta doesn’t seem to want to budge (you know – the old MINE, MINE, MINE thing).

Linda – don’t put that bail money away yet. Only a few more days.


ROTFL Linda, maybe you should call the Fox Theater and alert them about those two. Where is Mary, she is being awfully quiet. I am sure she will not know those two in the M&G or so she will say. lol

d hug to you all!

I hope everyone enjoyed reading all these comments –


Dandelion Wishes, Dreams, and Il Volo?




Several months ago now, our group at work did a painting event for charity. The painting that was chosen was entitled “Dandelion Dreams.” You are probably wondering how this relates to Il Volo, but wait and see!!

I canvassed the internet, looking for things related to dandelions – wishes and dreams. There is a plethora of notations! Many references were about weeds vs. wishes, nice little sayings, a few poems here and there, even a song or two, and of course if you blow on the seeds of the dandelion flower, you are granted a wish and it comes true. How many of us, as children, found such joy in blowing the seeds into the wind and watching them float away? How many dandelions were wished upon and how many came true? I found several nice sites, which I will reference throughout…

There is one saying in particular I found, through Google Images…..it said, “we made a wish and you came true…” How many of us were possibly wishing for something like Il Volo, but just didn’t know it when we were younger? Maybe some of us wished for imageshappiness, love, friends, joy, or maybe even just some beautiful harmony, in a world filled with discord. Maybe we thought our wishes never came true; that they were just whimsies of childhood, and quickly forgotten as we matured into adulthood, as swiftly as the wind carried the seeds toward the skies.


But, unbeknown to us, the Universe was listening. It took a while, maybe 20, 30, or 40 years or more even, for some, however, far off in the land of Italy and Sicily, our wishes were heard. In the cities of Montepagano, Bologna, and Naro; our little seeds and wishes were planted – and they grew. They grew into Il Volo! Our precious Gianluca, Ignazio, and Piero. A culmination of all of our wishes. Our wishes may have seemed selfish at the time, but the Universe was wise and knew that the purity of the heart of a child, was truly selfless. It knew, when these three voices were joined together, the dreams, hopes, and desires of not just those who wished for them, but for those all over the world would share in this miracle.


Each breath they take and each note they sing, carries the sweet seeds of sound to ourimages0AR4AT1F ears. As the notes enter our spirit, we feel joy and happiness. We also find the love and the harmony of new friendships. All of this, from one little dandelion wish!


From http://www.flowermeaning.com/dandelion-flower-meaning/ I thought the meaning of the dandelion flower below was very fitting to Il Volo and the many difficulties they have faced already in their career.

What Does the Dandelion Flower Mean?

The common and humble Dandelion has a surprising amount of different meanings. The Dandelion means:

  • Healing from emotional pain and physical injury alike (how many of us have said they have healed us?)
  • Intelligence, especially in an emotional and spiritual sense (all 3 are very wise, even at their young ages)
  • The warmth and power of the rising sun (O Sole Mio!)
  • Surviving through all challenges and difficulties (each one of them have had to overcome some personal challenge)
  • Long lasting happiness and youthful joy (even when they are 70, they will still be Il Volo, like at the end of L’amore Si Muove video!)
  • Getting your wish fulfilled (they still wish for the US Grammy, could that still be in their future?)

Since the Dandelion can thrive in difficult conditions, it is no wonder that people say the flower symbolizes the ability to rise above life’s challenges. (remember, in the beginning, even their own country did not recognize them and some critics still despise them! And yet, they continue to sing to sold-out concerts, world-wide!)


There is also a song, whose words reflect their essence….

From a song by John Adams, called Dandelion Wishes… (select phrases from the song) https://www.musixmatch.com/lyrics/John-Adams-11/Dandelion-Wishes

“How would it be if I never found you

Would I be me? Would you be you? Everybody’s searching for the one, Oh but darling you found me Everybody’s searching for the one Oh but maybe there’s two or even three?

Dandelion wishes Blow in different ways If the wind should change directions If my wishes were to fall would you love me anyway?

How would it be if I never found you Thankfully, we’ll never know!”

Oh, how some of those words just ring so true with our guys, don’t they?

So, the next time you see a dandelion, make a wish – you never know when or how it may come true!


I think Cynthia asked me about my other little  piece of art – below is a little triptych of my painted wine glass…my Tuscan sunset from just a little over a year ago!  🙂  (yes, this was a first, never before attempted, free-hand – very impressionistic!)






(musical notes photo found on Google Images…)


My Grand Adventure ~ by Jeannette Giglio


We called ourselves, “Il Volo’s Fabulous Five…”


We landed in Rome on May 10th. The Rome Concert was our first, on May 12. It was better than any I had seen in the states. Il Volo is more comfortable on stage in Italy and the audience responds with singing along, as well as clapping. When we went to the 19113905_1977407632503664_7370121447132028124_nmeet and greet they were happy to see us. We had badges on with Il Volo’s fabulous five, our name, and the state we come from. We wanted them to know who we were and not forget us. We told them we were going to several of their concerts in Italy and they were happy to hear that.

We left Rome on Saturday 5/13 with two cars to Montepagano in Abruzzo. That is the little village where Gianluca lives. We spent the night at a B&B and the woman who ran it spoke no English, and us five together speak about 10 words of Italian. She was delightful and through hand gestures and Google Translate on our phones we got along just fine. The next day we went to the tiny church where Gianluca and his family attend. He was not there of course because they were on tour. We walked the streets of the little village and the people in the square treated us like super stars. They came out of the woodwork to greet us. It was just an amazing day. And the beauty of the tiny village was more than we could have even expected. It sits on top of the mountain looking down at the City of Roseto and the Adriatic Sea. The next day we went to Roseto and stayed three days in a beautiful hotel on the beach. It was just amazing. During that time, we went to our second concert in Ancona. Again, they were terrific. We met up with friends and it made our days there so very special. We also went to Marco Cardelli’s Dad’s Pizzeria, Don Franchino’s which was fabulous. Joanie, Suzana and their friend joined us and it was a great time had by all. Please forgive me for forgetting your beautiful friend’s name Suzana. I just met so many people and sometimes the names just do not stay with this old mind.

We left Roseto and went on to Assisi to the beautiful Basilica of St. Francis of Assisi, well almost. We did go to one Cathedral which was beautiful, but was not able to go to the Basilica where Il Volo sang on Christmas a few years ago. There was no parking and we just had to move on down the road. The beauty and history were great. From there, to Bologna, which was a short overnight stay, and then on to Verona.

OMG! Verona was just a magical place. I could go on for hours talking about all that happened there. We spent three days in Verona and went to two concerts in the Arena. The Arena was a sell-out crowd which was loud and fun, they made the boys come alive and they were even better than in Rome or Ancona. They just get better with each concert.  At the meet and greet Gianluca shouted “here come the Americans” and then all three sang our National Anthem. We sang along with them and so did the Italians. It was so special that we had tears in our eyes. We watched a Soccer game in the square with about three thousand people. Wow, when their team won the crowd went crazy and in a good way. They sang, and they marched up and down the square. It was just amazing to watch. Then in the middle of all this happening we ran into Gianluca and his family. He was quick to give hugs and kisses and so did his mother. So much going on in Verona that I just cannot put it all in. We met so many friends, there was even an antique Race Car exhibit going on the first day we were there.

From Verona, we flew to London for three days and attended the concert at the Royal Albert Hall. This is like Radio City Music Hall in NYC. You know you have arrived when you play the Royal Albert Hall. They again were happy to see us and gave us lots of hugs and kisses and thanked us for coming to London to support them. Gianluca gave me a hug and cheek kisses and thanked me for having the fan convention in Las Vegas which was last year, I was so surprised when he thanked me. It truly was very special that he remembered me from the Fan Faire. We toured London on the big double decker bus and toured the entire city. Another beautiful concert and Il Volo shined at the Royal Albert Hall.

From London, we flew to Palermo, with a short lay over in Rome. There we had a driver for the rest of our tour of Italy. He picked us up at the airport and we spent part of the day in Palermo and saw the sights and ate at an outdoor restaurant on the beach. Just beautiful. He surprised me. I had told him my father was born in Villabate just a few miles from Palermo center. He took us to Villabate and I was able to walk the streets and saw where my dad grew up before coming to America. In the square, there was a plaque with my father’s Great Grandfather and his Grandfather’s name. Wow that made me cry. We went by the meat market that is owned by the Giglio’s and they are my cousins. They would be the grandchildren and great grandchildren of my Grandfather’s brother Tommaso, who stayed in Villabate. I did not go in and introduce myself because I was with the other ladies and I knew if my cousins knew I was a Giglio from the States, they would want to spend time with them. We had a schedule to keep.

It was then on to Marsala, where we spent two day in a beautiful B&B right on the Square of the city. Oh, so beautiful. This is the home town of Ignazio. We went to the beach which was just beautiful. Met up with some friends we know from Facebook which was delightful. Two days did not seem enough time to enjoy the sights. We did a lot and then it was time to leave and on to our next destination.

Naro was the next stop – home town of Piero. Tiny little town with narrow streets. Amazing how our driver would drive without a care in the world as we kept our hands over our eyes. We went to the top of the hill and there was the Castle where Piero has his Museum. We spent a lot of time there and the two young ladies that showed us around were just so cute. They spoke no English but our driver did all the translating for us. They then wanted us to go back to town and meet their dad. They took us to a little restaurant and the dad treated us like we were long lost relatives. We had a great time, food and drinks. We had a B&B in a vineyard there in Naro. OMG, was it beautiful. It was probably the most beautiful B&B we had stayed in. It was hundreds of years old and the view was amazing. High on the hill overlooking the town of Naro. We had only stayed there overnight, but wished we had planned one more day at least.

Next was Siracusa. We stayed in a beautiful hotel there and it had a Romeo and Juliet balcony overlooking the square. It was just wonderful to be able to hear the music and sound of the city from our balcony. We spent a lot of time taking pictures and enjoying a restaurant by the sea. We were outside and we planned to only order drinks. They 18582570_10202831851873245_413411820531021061_nbrought the drinks along with enough food to feed an army. We never did bother to go to dinner because what they brought us for happy hour was a full meal. I was sorry to leave Siracusa so soon, again I could have spent a few more days enjoying the different areas around the city.

Next on our grand adventure was a flight to Malta. What I beautiful island it is. Our first day was pretty much taken up with the flight there, getting our hotel room, dinner and taking in the view of the area. We met up with Madeline and her friend Tanya on our second day there and they showed us the beautiful areas of Malta and a lot of history. It was a beautiful day. On the third day we took a boat cruise that was very enjoyable along with a bus tour. The bus tour was not quite what we expected and we were tired after that long tour on the bus and was ready to relax. Madeline came back that evening and we had a wonderful visit . She is delightful and we enjoyed spending time with her and her friend. It was a whirlwind adventure but a fun filled three days. Back to the airport and on to Taormina.

We are now leaving for Taormina, the true gem of our entire trip. Again, the narrow streets, but our driver had no problems with them. We were dropped off at our B&B which was in the center of all the action. Our apartment was just a few steps from the Bambar and the restaurant where the Il Volo group family, friends, and management team hangs out. We met up with Piero at the Bambar, and he chatted with us for quite a while before leaving for his apartment. We later ate dinner at the same restaurant as the Il Volo group and after dinner they put on a mini concert. Singing and laughing and just having so much fun entertaining everyone there. It’s hard to believe that they are superstars and yet the next night here they are at the Greek Theater and you know that they are superstars and powerhouse entertainers. We went to three concerts and each one better than the last. They were energized by the crowd and gave their best performances because of it. Taormina was my favorite place in all of Italy. So beautiful and five days was not enough. I could stay there for a week and just enjoy all the beauty Taormina has to offer. But I will again make sure there is an Il Volo concert in Taormina after all they make the vacation worthwhile.

Our grand adventure came to an end, but all five of us have left our hearts in Italy. It is, after all, Il Volo-land. It was wonderful going to see their towns in which they live. It brought us closer to them in our hearts. It was great to meet so many of our Facebook friends throughout our travels and most of all it was so exciting to see Il Volo in concert in the grand halls and arenas, and the smiles on their faces when they recognized us. It truly was, “THE GRAND ADVENTURE for IL VOLO’S FABULOUS FIVE!”







Tanti Auguri, Piero! June 24, 2017

Twenty-four years in the making, and one month in the planning of your birthday party, by the Il Volo Gals of Detroit!  Lucky for us, your birthday was on a Saturday this year!  1-pieroThat made it easy for us to plan and make sure everyone would be able to come and enjoy and relax and have fun.

As we were putting the final touches on your party, we could see from Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, that you had a jump on the festivities for yourself!  Lots of champagne, a little vodka, pizza, and some whipped cream possibly?  I’m sure you made it last all weekend, including a boat ride and swimming and lawn games with friends.

Saturday, June 24, 2017, proved to be a most beautiful day in Detroit, Michigan.  Gorgeous blue skies, a light breeze, big puffy white clouds, and about a cool 75 degrees.Picture11  Might have been a bit chilly for the pool, here…but we had a great time as always.

We invited our core group of 6 and a few others.  Betty from New Orleans tried to make it up here, but due to the storms tumbling through the Louisiana coast a few days prior, it was difficult to get a flight out.  However, she said she would be sure to be here for your next birthday – a quarter century it will be!

Target time for arrival was about 4p.  Lorna and I got there about 4:30p and a short time Picture5Donna arrived and everyone was there.  Emilia would be coming later to join us after she got off work, after 9:00pm.

We brought so much food!  We partied at Sharon’s, like always, and spread out our pot luck smorgasboard of cheese/crackers, chips/salsa, and fruit.  We brought chicken, salmon, brats, sausages, and hot dogs for the grill.  We had a nice healthy salad and green beans, too.  We even had some pulled pork!  And who could forget the wine and champagne and our toast to you!  Of course, everything was delicious… We ate outsidePicture6 under the beautiful early evening air, Picture14enjoying the serenity of the rushing water of the fountain in Sharon’s koi ponds.

There were special gift bags around the table where the cake was displayed with your picture on it.  Several of us contributed little gifts to go in the bags….as we also celebrated a few other birthdays on Saturday.  We impatiently waited until about 9:25p, when Emilia finally got there.  We were like little kids, peaking inside, Picture9wondering what was in the bags.  You may remember Emilia is the one who brought you the box of treats and sweets in Detroit at the meet and greet.  For us, she made peanut butter bars, oh so tasty!

Emilia finally arrived!  We greeted her and she had a bite to eat.  Then it was time to sing Tanti Auguri to you.  After 4 or 5 attempts, I think we finally got a good version!  Ok, finally, Christmas had come in June and it was time to pass outPicture3 the presents.  I knew what was in there, so my camera was ready to take pictures of the one special gift from Chris, along with a few others.  I took pictures of the faces of happiness and surprise, and sheer joy.

Oh, you want to know what was in the bags, too? 🙂  Well, some very thoughtful little gifts, ranging from personalized calendars and magnets, to Sicilian lemon candies and a Sicilian Lemon candle from Yankee Candle, to a wine bottle stopper, M&Ms, some sweet Picture12treats and photos from past events!  It was quite the little treasure bag – a big Grazie Mille to Chris, who had been planning this for months, as well as Lorna!

Then it was time – time to have some cake.  We hesitated in cutting into the beautiful cake, but we managed to cut all around it to save the beautiful picture of that handsome Picture13fella on the front.  The cake was chocolate with chocolate frosting with a strawberry filling between the layers.  It was almost as sweet and wonderful as you.

Before we cut the cake and were trying to figure out the selfie sticks, Emilia ran around and took selfies of us all (after she figured out the selfie stick!) 🙂

After the cake was done and we had stuffed the last crumb of the peanut butter bars into our mouths, we collapsed in chairs, looking at all of our presents.  Picture10We also put on the Pompeii concert to listen to that.  Soon, it was nearly midnight and time for us to say goodbye.

We had a wonderful evening… we helped Sharon clean up and put away the food.  Believe it or not, there were still nearly 3 whole bottles of wine left!

No games were played at this party, just the usual fun, laughter and togetherness we share in loving Il Volo!

It was hugs all around, as we said our goodbyes.  A few of us, including myself, stayed the night as we stayed up to watch another concert of yours!

To all the guys…you give us reasons to party, to have fun, to remember, and to hope, and for a few nights a year, forget all our troubles and be thankful you are Il Volo and we can Picture4share in this special experience that we all know and love.  You give us joy and inspiration to keep going sometimes, day after day, when we think we can’t go on, but when we look into your eyes, our problems fade away... Until next time, Piero!  Have a wonderful year!

Jana and the Detroit Il Volo Gals….

Chris, Lorna, Ginny, Sharon, Donna, Barb, Magdalena, & Emilia



“Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness…” July 4, 1776! (2017)


First, let’s wish Signora Eleonora Barone, a very happy birthday!!  🙂

Now, a short lesson in American history…

The unanimous Declaration of the thirteen united States of America

When in the Course of human events it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

(from US History.org)

Congress debated and revised the wording of the Declaration, finally approving it two days later on July 4. A day earlier, John Adams had written to his wife Abigail:

The second day of July, 1776, will be the most memorable epoch in the history of America. I am apt to believe that it will be celebrated by succeeding generations as the great anniversary festival. It ought to be commemorated as the day of deliverance, by solemn acts of devotion to God Almighty. It ought to be solemnized with pomp and parade, with shows, games, sports, guns, bells, bonfires, and illuminations, from one end of this continent to the other, from this time forward forever more.[7]

(from Wikipedia) 

Ok, I admit, American history was probably my most hated and boring of classes I ever had to take in high school.  It was not helped by Sr. Angela Marie, a well-meaning, 4 ft,, soft-spoken, 80 year-old, little Felician nun.  I barely passed with a grade of C.  I can’t say I remember much of that entire year of American history, except I was so glad when it was over!  I don’t ever recall having to read the declaration of independence, but I do remember Whitney invented the first steamboat, or was that Robert Fulton?  (yes, I think Whitney did the cotton gin!) Ah, I probably slept through most of it.
However, as we grow older, we learn to appreciate the things we often hated most, like rules, and how important some of those things were; like understanding American history!  (did you know that in an interview many years ago, Ignazio said he loved history – so smart at such a young age!)   I can’t say I recall ever having heard the first paragraph of the declaration of independence, although as a class field trip in 1976, we went to see the movie 1776!  It was our 200 year birthday of independence for the United States.  I recall getting these HUGE chocolate candy bars, wrapped in red, white, and blue and I think Betsy Ross was on there somewhere.  I also remember thinking the chocolate was not that great, not even Hershey grade.  Ok I was about 11 – I was discerning, even back then…
Ah, “the pursuit of happiness…”  Yes, I must tie this into the guys….  This declaration of independence gave us our freedom to be happy.  And to follow our guys, is our greatest freedom, joy, and happiness!  We know the guys love America and America loves the guys – at least our little part of it!

So, on this one special day of the year for the United States, let’s all join, from every nation, country, and continent, and stand tall, proud, and brave, and united together, in pursuing our happiness and greatest passion – Il Volo!

Wishing everyone a safe, and happy, Fourth of July!  Wherever you may be.  Last year, Lorna and I were in Verona at their “last” concert from the Grande Amore tour.  Talk about fireworks!  Best 4th of July I ever had!!  🙂


Since everyone seemed to love it on the last post, I thought I’d post it again!  Here they are, our beloved Il Volo, singing our cherished national anthem, the Star-Spangled Banner!  From 2013, at Dodger Stadium! (did you know the star-spangled banner refers to the American flag?)


I hope you enjoyed this as much as I did!  🙂


Notte Magica – The Movie Event! June 21, 2017

This is a spoiler alert for those of you who haven’t seen the movie yet!  Close your eyes and look away…..

nottemagica header

On Wednesday, June 21, 2017, a group of the Detroit Il Volo gals ventured to Bloomfield Twp. Michigan to the Maple Theatre to see the Notte Magica movie.  I had heard a few reviews/comments from Victoria and Jane, so I kind of knew what to expect.  They both told me there were a few clips that we hadn’t seen before of them playing around, a short bit from the Home and Family show and a quick excerpt from the LA concert at the Dolby.  They also showed a quick pic of them with Priscilla Presley.  Yep, that was all true – I think I had seen a few of the clips before, as well on some form of social media.

Then, as they both said, it went into the Florence concert with a few subtitles here and there, but basically it was similar to both DVDs of the Italian and PBS versions and in English.

However, as I recall, there was a constant camera going back and forth in front of us when we were there.  I have to tell you, with all the camera work going on, it was clear that this movie was part of their master plan of the future.  The footage that was shown in the movie was far superior to either of the DVDs.  Many shots and scenes were the same, but there were others that were not shown before here and there.

It was almost like being there, right in the front row.  Third row for me again.  Unfortunately, Lorna was not able to make it.  Every so often Gin would say, “there you are, I see you!”  Well, I must have blinked at that moment, because I didn’t see me!  lol!  However, nearer to the end, after the last orchestra solo, I saw Lorna and I sitting in the audience.  They flashed the same shot twice, just for us, to be sure we saw it.  🙂

Of course the guys were amazing.  I thought it was going to be too loud, but once it got started, it was just fine.  There were about 35 tickets sold, not too bad.  Not sure how many persons actually showed up, but I’d say there were at least over 25 in the theatre.  We had the 6th row all to ourselves…. no one was in front of us.  We clapped during the Libiamo song and clapped and cheered at the end of most of them – just like we were at the real concert.  Every once in a while, we heard those behind us clapping.  I sang along to Tonight and Maria.  It was so loud, I’m sure no one heard me…

I have to say, seeing them on the big screen, so much larger than life, was incredible.  The close-up shots were fantastic and so close and clear, that you could count the hairs on their chins!  It was almost the entire concert, but no songs other than what was shown on the other DVDs.  They did not show Adeste Fidelis, which I can’t figure out why they sang it and then just cut it out of the final cuttings.  O Come Let us Adore Him – yes, O Come Let us Adore Them!!  Any time, any place, we will be there!

I even brought along a new fan with me that evening.  I had converted her over at work.  She is a busy person and had not really heard them sing much, although she did say she looked them up on You Tube.  She is a “younger” fan and she thoroughly enjoyed herself, the movie and meeting us more “mature” fans.  When it was all over, I asked her if she had a favorite and she said it was too soon to tell and that each one is so unique, unto himself, that it was hard to choose.  She sent me an email a few days later and said she was still deciding!!  🙂

Before the show, we enjoyed a meal at the little café, right inside the theatre lobby area.  A little pricey, but nice and convenient.

We also met another Il Volo fan group from the area – Lynn Delaney and friends.  This was her second time of seeing the movie.  She said she enjoyed it the 2nd time, just as much!

The only comments I have about this is that I did wish they had included the Adeste Fidelis and I thought a really nice touch would have been to add the Grande Amore from the LA concert, to really tie in the 2 concerts.  Not sure why they seemed to emphasize both concerts and only about 5 minutes or less was spent on LA.  But, of course, they didn’t consult with me on this – if only they had, it would have been better!  🙂

So, for those of you who have not seen it yet and it comes anywhere near you, I would highly recommend it.  It is just about 2 hours long – they tag it as 110 minutes.

If they decide to release it on DVD, it is definitely going to be part of my collection!

This is the write-up from the IL VOLO website…

A concert-event that brings to life magical moments from Il Volo’s World Tour 2017 – from the backstage of their March performance in Los Angeles to the birth of their tour with Plácido Domingo in the magnificent setting of Florence’s Piazza Santa Croce. The event features the concert along with never before seen, cinema-exclusive footage.

This trio of young Italian tenors, today’s operatic pop phenomenon, have delighted audiences in prestigious venues worldwide.

Il Volo started their US tour with a sold-out show at New York’s Radio City Music Hall and then performing in 15 concerts. The cinema program highlights a recent concert at Los Angeles’ Microsoft Theater, where Maestro Placido Domingo joined the trio on stage.

Ignazio, Piero and Gianluca are now touring Europe and Italy.

This film-concert is distributed worldwide by Rising Alternative beginning from June 2017.

Images including stage and media appearances, rehearsals with Plácido Domingo, backstage moments and audience reactions during the US tour will precede this first concert exhibition, mastered for 2k Digital Cinema presentation in surround sound.

This title has already been booked into cinemas in about 20 countries: in Finland where it opens on June 7, in Spain June 13, in the USA beginning from June 13, in Italy June 15, in Switzerland June 15, in Ecuador June 19, in Slovakia  June 20,  in Mexico July 9 and 13, in Austria September 14 and in Brazil, Peru, Colombia, Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Germany, Denmark, The Netherlands and Ireland on dates to be determined very shortly.

Updated cinema show times by country are posted on http://www.ilvoloincinema.com

This project is a tribute to the Three Tenors. In 1990, José Carreras, Plácido Domingo, and Luciano Pavarotti performed their legendary concert at the Baths of Caracalla in Rome, and now, 27 years later, Il Volo’s Piero Barone, Ignazio Boschetto and Gianluca Ginoble honor the legend of The Three Tenors by bringing this iconic classical music to new and familiar audiences. Il Volo grew up listening to them, being fascinated and inspired by their voices and legendary achievements.

NOTTE MAGICA Tour 2017 kicked off with the concert in Florence – Piazza Santa Croce with the great orchestra of the famous Teatro Massimo di Palermo conducted by Maestro Ramón Tebar. As a special guest, Maestro Plácido Domingo also participated in the concert, conducting some of the operatic arias and popular songs.

Il Volo “Notte Magica” in Cinemas will show the group on tour and then singing some of the most famous Neapolitan songs and arias from the Italian and international opera repertoire – all of which were sung by the original Three Tenors.

NOTTE MAGICA – a magical night tribute to The Three Tenors’ is a project conceived by Michele Torpedine, Il Volo’s creator, manager and producer and is distributed in cinemas worldwide by Rising Alternative, in collaboration with Sony Music Masterworks, Sony Music Italy, C Major Entertainment and SpectiCast.

“A tribute to such artists and to such an event could be considered presumptuous, but in fact it is not, as we have not the slightest thought of comparing ourselves to our idols, our artistic inspirations,” say Il Volo.

“I am very happy to be with Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca conducting them in this magic night under the stars in such a beautiful city: Florence! I really love these guys. They are performing such a great repertoire around the world – some of the music my colleagues and I performed in our own concerts”, says Plácido Domingo

For those of you in Canada, it looks like the closest for you would be Vashon, Washington, which is between Seattle and Tacoma on the map.  It doesn’t look like they have added any additional locations since a month ago, but you never know – keep looking!

Notte Magica – Warsaw, Poland – June 26, 2017

We were all happy to hear that Igna had gotten some rest and was back to singing again!  Lucky for us, they knew little Polish and spoke mostly in English at this concert.  I don’t think the voice of God helped them with this one though… 🙂 

Here are some short excerpts from the concert.  Thank you to Lisa Joy and those who uploaded to Instagram!






Here are some You Tube links Daniela found, thank you to owners!

Ignazio thinks something is very funny…. 🙂

This is a comment by a Polish girl

 Wspaniali utalentowani śpiewacy! To był fantastyczny koncert! Wysoki poziom muzyczny! Dobrze, że w Polsce, nie tylko we Włoszech są wielbiciele bel canto. No i udało się rozkręcić publiczność tak, że byli szczęśliwi. Dziękujemy

 Wonderful talented singers! It was a great concert! The high level of music! Well, in Poland, not only in Italy are devoted to the BEL CANTO. Well, the audience was able to please, so they were happy. thank you

This is a very nice article, written from Prestigemjm.com.  Thank you Judy Thurman for posting the link!  Article translated into English by Bing Translator…


It was a magical evening with Il Volo!

O’ Sole Mio, Torna a Surriento, Granada, My Way, Tonight, En Aranjuez Con Tu Amor and many other Italian and English songs wybrzmiało with full force in Warsaw Torwar. Trio Il Volo enchanted even the Polish audience, which in a special way she thanked handsome singers and for performance. It was an amazing evening, which for a long time will remain in the memory of Polish fans.


The trio came to the scene immediately after the uwerturze to “La Forza del Destino” Verdi, with a huge aplauzie the audience that at the sight of Il Volo leapt from chairs. Also revealed fans with the banner and the shouts of delight. Musicians greeted with the song “Nessun Dorma”. The next two also sang together, and these were the “Granada” and “Mattinata” and then each of the Italians presented solo. After the party Piero audience zaintonowała “Happy Birthday”, and one of the fans gave him a red rose, due to per birthday two days earlier. the 24-year-old thanked. After each song also echoed with applause and even during the singing, especially after he. It was a real hurricane of applause. Which one has the greater applause? Hard to say: each that evening earned great recognition, and the audience appreciated the trio in trójnasób. And it’s standing up! Sami singers well played and often turned to the people sitting in the front row, to teach them some of the words in English. Thanks to zaanonsowali several times: “ladies and gentlemen”, and then develop the delight!

In the first part of the concert, extremely beautifully sounded “Ave Maria Mater Misericordiae”. During the chorus the viewers sitting on the Board Torwaru raised up cards in the national colours of Italy. The trio–not emotions this gesture. -A surprise with the flag was adorable. Thank you, said Gianluca Ginoble from Il Volo. While singing hits “My Way” and “Caruso” viewers have lights in their phones. Made that the mood in the Hall did a truly magical!

Live audience react, was laughing and applauding in the second part of the performance. Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca finally sang real gems: “O Sole Mio” and “Libiamo Ne ‘ Lieti Calici”. While the “Grande Amore” sung on the bis sparked rage in the audience! Lively atmosphere even rozsadzała Torwar! It was also thanks to the musicians of the Orchestra Music Theatre in Poznań, which was conducted by Diego Basso. The audience appreciated the artistry of instrumentalists, rewarding their thunderous applause, a standing ovation.

-The most zdumiała me the reaction of the audience that in so enthusiastic way was: just like on pop or rock! You can see that artists have in Poland many admirers. I think that is what is most beautiful is that the people who came to the concert, were largely very young. Perhaps in such a way worth it to educate young people and bring them to classical music. With Il Volo and their popularity is actually going on. I am very pleased that our Orchestra musical theatre so impressively presented and in solo moments beautifully played. All together have created a wonderful climate- said right after the concert, Przemysław Kieliszewski, Director of musical theatre in Poznań.

-I am thrilled! I was on more than one concert, the boys and I believe that we presented a great, and the action with the Italian flag fared quite sensationally! I saw their faces – they couldn’t say anything, because you just have to sing-but they were very surprised. The audience was very hot and I think our singers were thrilled! not the serpent of delight Natalia Rosiak, Blogger and fan of Il Volo. At the end of the concert by the trio the audience ran to the scene, przybijała, “five” with the guys, awarded them with flowers and gifts.

-On the background of a red-white-black scenery trio Il Volo presented to truly bring! Their vocals impress the entire Torwar, a final Grande Amore literally powaliło all. It was an unforgettable evening: a magical evening with Il Volo! said Janusz Stefanski from Prestige MJM.

A few pictures, courtesy of the photographer from Prestige MJM…



trio maestro


Link to the happy meet and greeters and a few of Piero – credit to owner… https://www.omgvip.com/il-volo-june-26-2017/



Nice job guys!!  Igna, take care of yourself, only a few more concerts to go!