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Site Reminders…

Hello Flight Crew Ilvolovers!

Just a few reminders for those that read and post comments on our site.

Our site’s motto is “Share the Love.”  Please remember that when you are posting comments about someone or something, please keep it respectful.  If you are not sure, try replacing your name, in place of the person or thing you are referring to, and think if you would want your name published in that context for all the world to see?  (in case you were wondering, the last post from June 5, has been viewed by 70 countries on all 6 continents!)

We don’t know for sure, but we have been told that family and friends of the guys read this site and maybe even on the RARE occasion, the guys themselves. 

We’d like to maintain the high integrity this site is known for.  We are not FaceBook (although we have a FaceBook page – your comments there, should reflect the same), or the latest tabloid news site.

We respect everyone’s opinion and know that not everyone will like everything, but let’s keep things friendly.  It’s ok to disagree, but please keep it respectful.

We ask that you remember this for all future posts and the wonderful stories and translations we have coming to you from Daniela, Susan, Giovanna, and others!


If you have a concern, please feel free to send it to our address.  This email is not public and is usually only read by me.  🙂


Pat, Daniela, Jo Ann (Giovanna), Susan, Jana

Song Reminder – Tanti Auguri Piero! Happy 28th!

*** OK, this is just a reminder that Friday, June 11 is the last day to send in your song choices for Piero! ***

Ok folks, it’s that time again!  Time to wish our senior member a happy birthday!  Time to pick the song that will go with the awesome video, that Kelly always creates!

A few tips on the song selection…

  1. Traditionally, the song that is chosen is not one that any of the guys sing….

  2.  We are asking for songs that will go with the video, not songs that you would like the guys to sing…

Send all selections to by Friday, June 11, 2021.

You can start sending your wishes in as well!



Jana and Kelly


Hello folks!


I’ve been reading your feedback and appreciate it!!  I understand your concerns and now I’m having the same…. I’m still hoping they will not block the concert to those outside of Italy!

However, there MAY be a solution.  If you have a VPN, you should be able to view the media from Italy.  Pat has Nord VPN and she is usually able to view things that are blocked.  (if you are not familiar with VPN, it stands for Virtual Private Network…)

I just looked up Nord and they offer a 30 day free trial.  This may be a solution for most of us.  I am NOT guaranteeing anything and this is only a suggestion – BE SURE TO READ THE FINE PRINT…. 😉

But here is the web link to Nord.  I will be trying this myself.  Good luck!

World’s leading VPN provider | NordVPN

I’ve been getting a lot of questions on this from our US and Canadian fans.  This is what I know….

  1. Detroit PBS will NOT be live streaming their concert.  There will be a “special pledge event” that is scheduled for 11:00pm EST in Detroit on June 5, and again on Sunday.  I am sure this will be their hurried cut take of the concert.  Unfortunately, I don’t believe anyone else in the country will be able to view it.

  2. I’ve been told by a few folks that have called their local  PBS stations regarding this concert that you will need to call your local PBS station and request that they buy this special event program from Detroit PBS.

  3. Others have also said that their station has told them there may be a pledge event some time in December, where you may be able to see it in your area.

  4. Personally, I’m hoping it will again appear on Amazon at some point.  Their last Matera concert was available with both CD/DVD for around $25 or so on Amazon until recently and I directed a few folks to its purchase, earlier this year.

*****Here is the Rai1 link:*****

  1.  Rai 1 – La diretta in streaming video su RaiPlay

  2. I also just found this nice little article that confirms that we should be able to watch it on the first link I have above:  Il Volo canta inno di Mameli, Rai 1, 2 giugno 2021, tv, diretta- Soundsblog  — “You will be able to follow both events on TV and streaming on the”

  3. I’ve read the scheduled time is about 9:15p Italy time, so whatever that translates for everyone…. Italy is 6 hours ahead of Detroit time…. so we plan on tuning in no later than about 3p…..