Notte Magica – Moscow! June 18, 2017

nottemagica header

We just learned that Spain has been cancelled.  We are very saddened by this as I heard their last 2 Ukraine concerts were cancelled as well.  Enjoy Moscow!

To paraphrase James Bond…. “To Russia, with love… from Il Volo!”  Did you know that according to some trivia, Italians refer to James Bond’s character as “kiss, kiss, bang, bang!” ?  Tonight, Il Volo did not need any guns to keep a captive audience; their mere presence alone was enough to stun and hypnotize their fans.  From beginning to end, they kept you on the edge of your seat with one amazing feat of song after another.  They dazzled with death-defying high notes, to spine-tingling low notes, and arias!  Always amazing; always getting their man (or woman), to experience new heights, never before seen or heard.  Giving us chills and thrills as only they can do!  Their voices lifting you to the highest mountain-tops, to the depths of the deepest oceans.  From Crocus City Hall, here is,

Il Volo!

(with a little help from the voice of God!)  🙂

with a little bonus, they speak in English!

(how many hands does it take to carry all the flowers?)

Link to the entire concert, thank you Daniela for finding this!  Thank you author, Olga Anacheeko (sorry, not sure of last name…)  for posting!  🙂


Many lucky fans ran into them in the streets from Red Square to the many pictures taken in front of St. Basil’s Cathedral below…

igna fansall st basilsbarbara st basilsgian red sqpiero michelewith the fans

And some pictures from the concert…. thank you to Lisa Joy and those persons that she shared the posts from for all pictures above and below!

trio moscowignadolls of themgrazie moscowThank you, Moscow!

The happy meet and greeters!




Well, do you? ~ by Marie…

Buongiorno a tutti!!  🙂

(posting a wee bit early this morning!)

Way, way, way, way back

Flashback Friday!

While we are waiting for Marie to return to her seat (we really must take those pictures of Igna out of the cockpit!), “Ok, come on, good girl, follow the dimple….” I thought I’d repost a poem she wrote many years ago….

– Do you “one click” order from Amazon and Barnes & Noble?

– Do you hum Their music at Walmart? The Doctors office? Work?

– Do you know the location of Abruzzo, Marsala and Naro?

– Did you pay $400.00+* just for a closer look?  *price updated for 2017!

– Do you know what the letters “TLUC” stand for?

– Do you feel the need to use words like Buonanotte, Grazie and Bravo?

– Do you look for that freckle on the end of Ignazio’s nose?

– The small scar on Gianluca’s right cheek? Piero’s little cross?

– Do you plan to spend the rest of your life celebrating Their lives?

Well, do you?

I already knew you did.

Welcome, this is exactly where you belong.



Notte Magica! – Naples – June 8, 2017

nottemagica headerNaples…the city Gianluca so lovingly always refers to before they sing O Sole Mio!  Beautiful Napoli…..  This Naples concert was the last official concert of the Notte Magica tour for Italy.  Next, they brave new cities and countries, like Bulgaria, Ukraine, and Poland!  They will be back in Italy again in July to make special appearances at various summer festivals and events.  It is never a dull moment for the guys…

As always, credit to all owners of pictures and videos….

To start out, here is a little something that Daniela sent my way…. What, did someone mention My Way???  “And now…. the end is near….and so I face the final curtain….”  No, just a temporary intermission for Italy!  🙂

Last night our boys sang under the stars of this incredible city: NAPLES.


Naples is an Italian city of 970 214 inhabitants, the capital of the Campania region, the center of one of the most densely populated metropolitan areas of the European Union. It rises almost at the center of the homonymous gulf, dominated by the Vesuvius volcano

The “theater” of the concert is: Arena Flegrea, the great outdoor theater in Naples, was designed in 1938 by the young architect Giulio De Luca.

naples arena

Constructed in semicircle, in the example of Greek theaters and amphitheatres, white travertine is set and conceived with great clarity and monumentality: grandeur of spaces, width of curves, rhythms and proportions of volumes and surfaces. The exterior solution is very intonate both in the atmosphere and in the traditional pictorial taste of the region and the landscape frames the complex with great harmony. The best technical equipment for a perfect stage and acoustic performance, a grand 1000 square meter stage, 16 individual dressers and a total capacity of 400 people behind the scenes, make it the ideal venue for music and outdoor performances for artists and great recall tournaments. The Arena Flegrea and the Verona Arena are among the most beautiful in Europe. With a capacity of 6,000 seats, it is the second arena concerts in Italy and one of the largest modern arenas in Europe.

Thank you, Daniela!  🙂

First let’s take a look at the happy meet and greeters!


And a little of everything here, thanks to Pamela.  Watch for Igna’s conducting debut and lesson!


This looks like nearly the whole concert, done in 30+ single videos!

A few pictures….

piero mich igna


19105902_1286305884800950_8792742388336384563_nThe orchestra, saying a fond farewell to the guys….


And now, it’s off to Germany!  Auf wiedersehen!  Hallo Düsseldorf and Hamburg!


Notte Magica – Malta! June 8, 2017

nottemagica headerJune 8 – another magical night for the island of Malta.  Malta, a small, island country, south of Sicily…. I have a very good friend of mine, who is Maltese.  We met in the 6th grade.  She said she was Maltese.  I’m pretty sure I said, “where is that, never heard of it!”  Lol!  Of course, she proceeded to tell me and proudly talked about her background, her island, the capital of Valletta and the island of Gozo.  Did you know there is a church there that was bombed in the war and the bomb never went off?  It’s still in the church!  Her parents were born in Malta, but she was born here.  I fondly recall the memories of calling her on the phone after school, with her mom answering the phone…each time, it was the same…. her name was Mary Rose, although she preferred Mary.  Her mom would answer….”Mar-ah-rose, it’s Jah-ha-na…”  And so it went for many years, unless her little brother answered the phone – he was about 3 or 4 at the time and he answered it the same every time, “hello, who’s this?”  🙂

There were not a lot of videos or real pictures of this Malta concert, so I had to do a little digging to find what I could.  Enjoy!  Credit to all owners!  🙂

trio malta

trio stage malta

Davina Gouder Malta 2017

audience 2 malta

grazie malta

gian malta

igna gian

piero malta


Few videos….

ilvolovers.argentina@Regrann from @ignazioboschetto – Lancio la sfida!! Io c’ho provato..🙈🙈😂😂 #lamuccapazza#regrann



I hope you enjoyed your tour of Malta!

Next stop, Naples – June 10!





The Wind Music Awards! June 5 & 6, 2017 – Arena di Verona! – by Myron Heaton

The “ WIND MUSIC AWARDS” and some other thoughts for this summer of Il Volo 2017.


I was pleased to view the Wind Music Awards presentation today and to see that our group, Il Volo, was presented with an award honoring 1myronthe fact that their Notte Magica has achieved a Platinum album level of sales (meaning sales of a miniumum of 50,000).   Also, in this category, Amazon lists “Notte Magica” as number one in sales. There are also some other awards they have won this year having to do with sales and honoring the fact that they are the best Goodwill Ambassadors that Italy has ever had to the rest of the world.

During the presentation the guys sang Nessun Dorma again, which makes sense since this song has a very, very wide audience around the world – opera lovers or not. But only one song is not a good way to judge a singing performance. Usually we have 15 to 20 songs to use for source material, but I will say that the guys’ singing artistry was very fine as usual. If I were to make one tiny comment it would be that they sounded a little tired – vocally – which makes perfect sense. After all they have been on tour ever since the last part of January with only a few short breaks and further more they have more to do yet up to near the end of July. That is a lot of concerts. One good thing I noticed when they started here in the USA in February was that they are avoiding having two or more concerts back to back to back. That sort of poor planning really hurt them during the 2013 Latin America tour. If you play Trumpet and break it then you can go out to a store and buy a new one but if you ruin your voice you cannot go to the store and buy a new one. The human voice is very resilient, but sometimes we push it too far and it does not bounce back fast or, maybe, at all. The Latin singer Jose Jose is an example of that sort of thing. He can never sing again – ever. You may remember that for the Latin Grammy awards show a few years back the boys sang Jose’s “El Triste” on a program where they were giving him an honor. He received the award and could barely talk – sounded like gravel – too much over singing, too much booze, too much drugs, and too much bad living. Thus, Il Volo sang his song for him.

I have written about this already, but want to share it again. When the boys came to Las Vegas this March they had been already fighting the desert-dry throat since Los Angeles so here our people made sure that there was humidity on stage and plenty of water bottles.  My point is that because of taking good care of themselves, vocally, they sang one of the best concerts of the whole USA tour.  This sort of thing has to be handled and taken care of from one moment to the next through all 2 ½ hours of the concert. But these guys are very smart about handling themselves. I sat in the front row and (as a vocal coach) admired tremendously how well they adapted. The singing was SUPERB! Less well trained singers would have coughed or broken phrase or sang out of tune. I know because I have heard some very famous singers give way to exactly that.

But not our boys. They had it under control from beginning to end. This is what professional singing is all about. Not just the money. All that and the fact that this program is THE most demanding set of songs that they have ever put together for a concert. The famous tenors did this program when they were in their 50s, but our boys are doing it in their early 20s. Bravo !

We need to hope that they keep this pacing steady as they head into the next batch of concerts. I am so proud of these guys.

My two cents worth….(Jana)

On the 2nd day of their performance, the guys did a “360 loop,” opting for a change in dress from their formal wear for Nessun Dorma, to a more comfortable leather and jeans, to sing their cherished hit, Grande Amore!  The guys didn’t miss a beat, battling downpours of rain – even stepping out from the stage to get a little wet – all for the love of their fans!

They were also presented with a new award this year.  They received the “gold” award for audience attendance.  This seemed to be calculated only using the concerts from Italy during May 2016 to May 2017.  The gold range level was from 40,000 to 100,000 audience attendance.  Per Daniela,

The concerts from May 2016 to May 2017 are taken into account. I believe, but it is my opinion that only Italian concerts are taken into consideration, at that time (2016) the concerts in Italian palasport had already been made, only Florence And Verona that you also saw (6000 + 12000) then concerts in 2017 in Italy but only until May, so the major ones were Torino 11.000 milano 11.000 Verona 24.000 (both night) Roma 12.000 (both nights) then others have more capes small Ancona, Roccaraso  Livorno and Bologna.

Last night they were good, admirable for being differentiated from the rest of the performances and also brave to bring a piece so busy on a very light evening. They have shown yesterday that they are serious professionals, elegant, mature at their age. Today they are three boys in jeans and leather jackets, show their age, have been addicted, certainly more suitable to this type of audience, they were cool and nice. They sang under a rain shower and Torpedine accompanied them to the drum. Bravo in both cases, have shown two faces of IL VOLO, they can do it.

Thank you to Daniela who sent us the link to the show!  Watch it before it is gone!

Here they are singing just Grande Amore:

Here they are singing Nessun Dorma!

A little sad… this is from 2015 – listen how the crowd sings along 2 years ago!

This is Maria/medley from 2016 WMA:

Here are some pictures!

trio with awards

trio gold award

igna rain

Ignazio and the rain!

igna rain 2

trio with hosts

I think this is so cute – they are all looking at the award at the same time, the same way!

looking at award

The last 3 years of memories for the WMA – what will the future hold for them next year?  Only time will tell….  Maybe they will win a movie award of some kind for Notte Magica or Un Amore Cosi Grande?

We can only hope, but no matter what, they continue to soar upward and onward, setting their own flight path and no one can stop them!


Hope you enjoyed this post by Myron with a few bits from Daniela & I.  Photo/video credits to all owners….

Ciao!  A presto!





Notte Magica – Taormina! June 1, 3-4, 2017

nottemagica headerOnce again, I sit before a blank page, wondering what will appear from my fingertips?  Three more beautiful concerts, gone in a flash.  They made the ancient stage come alive once more.  Sicily – home to Piero and Ignazio.  A special feeling for them.  As in the picture below, they say they sang their first concert in Italy from that stage.  It was there that Italy first heard, live, the beautiful words of “Memory” sung by Ignazio, Gian’s “Can’t Help Falling in Love,” and Piero’s “No Puede Ser.”  In those moments, Italy finally knew what they had been missing; what the Americans already knew!  They are greeted by friends and family wherever they go, but home is always a special place.  As you watch the many videos and pictures that came through, there was no doubt that Piero and Ignazio were having a grande time.  Even Ginaluca joined in the fun on occasion!  I was fortunate to hear a little bit of the June 1 & 3 concert live, thanks to Ivolomusic on Instagram, however, they did not seem to do it for the last concert – but I was home, ready and waiting!  I heard Piero’s solo and Tonight from Ignazio and a few others.  Glorious as always.  The same, yet different.  The stage and the lighting there was beautiful, as only Taormina and the Teatro Antica can be.  So, here we are with some clips and pictures of some of those glorious nights.  I apologize, I might not know which night is which, but the video usually indicates it.  Credit to all owners.

This picture below from Il Volo music – they say “our first concert was on this stage!”Image may contain: 3 people, people smiling, crowd

Image may contain: 4 people, concert, night and indoor

Image may contain: 3 people, people smiling, people sitting

Picture above…. saying goodbye to Taormina… (wonder if Igna had been having some bad hair days? He seems to be wearing this Madrid cap in many photos!)

Look at the beauty and lights of that backdrop below!

taormina stage

Ok, don’t know how they do it, but it looks like this is a good portion of most of the concert!  June 1, 2017   Enjoy!


And this, the guys having a little fun in the streets! Note Maria Grazia filming with her phone… 🙂  Dani/Daniela, or if anyone can translate what they are singing or saying, that would be fun!  It seems like it’s impromptu?


One more thing to add that I thought was pretty cool, if you missed it.  This is from Il Volo Music’s FaceBook page. I think you can actually hear the orchestra flub a bit!  If you keep watching the videos, there are some really great ones! (Watch for Piero in his dressing room in the 2nd one… 😉 ) Hope the link works!

Yes, 3 more down and still many more to come!  The guys do get a bit of a break, but are then off to Malta on June 8!


Just a little side note….don’t know how many have noticed, but our Il Volo Flight Crew Instagram account has been deactivated.  I hear this has been going around, as well as some getting their virtual hands slapped by FaceBook.  Please be cautious out there on what you post.  I don’t know how they are making these decisions, but I know a few of our crew members have been affected by it.

Also a special shout-out to Jane & Daniela for keeping this site at a cruising altitude…. 🙂



The Wind Music Awards – Set your DVRs!

Ciao, Amici!!  It’s time to set those DVRs to record the Wind Awards on Monday, June 5 and Tuesday, June 6!   Aren’t you glad all you have to do is push a few buttons?   Remember the “old” days when it took reading a manual and your teenager to help you figure out how to program the old VCR?  🙂  There is something to be said for modern-day technology!  🙂

A little info here on the Wind Music Awards, thanks to Daniela, who translated this article, Il Volo is guaranteed a win for Notte Magica, as it has gone platinum.

Here is some more from the translated article….

I’m sending you this article to clarify the prize assignment method.  As you see it is based exclusively on sales data. The Magic Night CD is Platinum, so it will receive the prize. We all cross our fingers for the live prize that is based on the audience presence at the concerts, but we do not understand whether foreign ones are also taken into account.  The live prize is set up this year for the first time.

Also re-confirmed for this season the desire for music in the summer on Rai1 with Carlo Conti and Vanessa Incontrada who are now paired. In June, two races on Rai1 come to the Wind Music Awards, an event that will give the audience a great musical performance thanks to the presence of the most beloved singers! So much music, performance and laughter in the two premiered shows on Rai1 in the early evening. Many great stars of Italian music will be rewarded for their recent recordings and will perform on the prestigious stage of the Verona Arena for the Wind Music Awards. To present the two evenings, live on Rai 1 starting at 8:35 pm on June 5 and 6, 2017, will be Carlo Conti and Vanessa Incontrada. Do you want to know who will be there? We immediately discover the news and latest advances coming to you directly from Verona Arena!


Here are the first names of award-winning artists:

Alessandra Amoroso, Baigio Antonacci, Benji&Fede, Loredana Bertè, Mario Biondi, Boomdabash, MicheIe Bravi, Briga, Decibel, Francesco De Gregori, Elisa, Elodie, Emma, Fabri Fibra, Francesco Gabbani, Ghali, Giorgia, Raphale Gualazzi, Rocco Hunt, Il pagante, Il Volo, J-Ax & Fedez, Ligabue, Litfiba, Lowlow, Fiorella Mannoia, Marracash e Gué Pequeno, Ermal Meta, Modà, Fabrizio Moro, Gianna Nannini, Nek, Max Pezzali, Gabri Ponte, I Pooh, Eros Ramazzotti, Massimo Ranieri, Francesco Renga (writer of L’more si Muove), Fabio Rovazzi, Sfera Ebbasta, Sergio Sylvestre, Thegiornalisti, Umberto Tozzi, Renato Zero, Zucchero.

As usual, they will be awarded the stars of the Italian music scene that reached (in May 2016 / May 2017) with their albums the “gold”, “platinum” and “multi platinum” achievements and with their singles ” Platinum “and” multiplatin “(FIMI / GfK Retail and Technology Italia certifications).

The “Live Prize” based on SIAE certifications, in collaboration with Assomusica, will be introduced for the first time this year and will be delivered to all the artists who have distinguished themselves for the relevant results obtained in terms of the number of viewers present at their Concerts (in May 2016 / May 2017). Among the “Live Prizes” an acknowledgment will also be reserved for the non-musical live performance that has received the highest number of inputs during the reference period.

The categories selected for the award ceremony during the “live performance night” are: “gold” over 40,000 viewers, “platinum” over 100,000, “double platinum “over 200,000,” triple platinum “over 300,000,” diamond “over 400,000. (surely our guys are at least triple platinum?)

During the evenings, including the participation of Clean Bandit, Imagine Dragons, Lenny, Luis Fonsi and Ofenbach as international guests, will be awarded other awards and special awards for artists who have distinguished themselves as exceptional performers.

Wind Music Awards is realized with the collaboration of the FIMI, AFI, and SME Discography Associations and with the collaboration of SIAE and Assomusica, produced by F & P Group with Ballandi Multimedia for the care and management of all aspects of the event .


From all of the stars that will be there, it looks like it will be quite the program!  I’ve highlighted people I’ve heard of before, as well as those Il Volo have collaborated with – it is quite the list!!

Next week, look for Myron’s review of the show and all the results!

If you don’t already subscribe to RAI1 on your cable or satellite, be sure to call your cable company today and see if they offer RAI1 and if you can subscribe to it.  I don’t know if it is available is all areas, but often they will let you subscribe for just a month, and then you can cancel it.  You can give this link a try on your computer….   This seemed to work for me, but I do not know for sure if it will work for you.  I just ask you do not shoot the messenger (that would be me!)  I also tried the actual RAI1 link, but it seems to be restricted for Italy viewing only.

Which reminds me, I better do it now, too, or I will certainly forget!!  🙂

Ciao for now!