Flight Crew Badge

If you’re going to a concert, Meet and Greet or some other Il Volo event throughout the year, identify yourself as a member of the crew compliments of The Flight Crew Board!

These badges are free to print and make into a lanyard to wear around your neck.  Simply click the link below and the badge will appear. Click the, “download” option (the down arrow in the upper right corner) and save the picture to your computer. Then you can print it from there. We don’t recommend using the print button (printer icon) because the badge may print much larger than it should.  The downloaded image should be 3.5″ wide by 2.36″ tall.

Keep in mind that you will need to have access to a color printer (unless you don’t mind your badge being in black and white).  You can find sleeves for lanyards at most department, office supply or art supply stores.

Hopefully we’ll see you at an event soon! 😄

1/27/2020  ~~  It came to our attention that the links previously on this page no longer worked. Pat has updated the Flight Crew Badge and here is the link:

IL VOLO Flight Crew Badge – Click Here

~ Kelly


19 thoughts on “Flight Crew Badge”

  1. Thank you so much, Marie. The badges are just perfect. And now we all will be able to identify fellow Flight Crew members when we go to a concert. It will be instant recognition and comeraderie. Great! And thank you to Kelly for posting it in such a convenient way.

  2. Thanks! They’re wonderful! Finally my lanyards I’ve saved from past occasions will have a use! Now I just have to find them! 🙂

  3. Unfortunately I don’t have a printer. Is there any way I can send someone a money order to have one made for me?

    1. Frieda, if you can save the badge you want to a flash drive, you can take it to Staples, or Office Depot or a place such as that and they will print it for you. You could also go to your local library, and see if they have a color printer. Most libraries here have computers where you can use the internet for free. If not, I think Marie has some extras. We can check.

  4. How do I get a badge, I’m really having a lot of trouble checking this site, is there any way someone can help me?

  5. I am sorry to reply here but was unable to find a place to tell this…feel free to put this where it belongs! I don’t have any social media accounts…
    My daughter (Gaetana in the yellow dress and red shoes–Tampa March 6, 2016–onstage with Gianluca & Piero (super protector Ignazio was joining them on stage with a little boy, but tragically tripped over the speaker with the boy and really twisted his body as he fell with boy so that the boy was safely cushioned by his body as they flew and slammed to the floor. BRAVO to him. (Ignazio hurt his shoulder)–as I call Il Volo–the beautiful gifts to the world) had an unbelievable experience with them on stage in Tampa tonight–as did I screaming in my seat! They even let us see them (only Gianluca & Piero since Ignazio has to be attended to for his shoulder–i pray he is well ) at the Meet & Greet after the show. They are all perfect human beings…fantastic role models for children–for all really! They lift you up, make you laugh, and are tender and caring. Really beautiful–inside & out. And as we all know, they are extremely talented and gifted. Gaetana absolutely loves them and loves singing opera (although i can’t find an opera teacher who will take her at the age of eight).
    I want to say Grazie to them for treating Gaetana and I so wonderfully!
    One day she wants to perform with them.
    Tonight was a dream for her–she told me that tonight’s experience was better than Christmas morning!! I told you earlier–Piero, Gianluca, and Ignazio are gifts to all of us, at any age! Grazie ragazzi!!

    1. I just love your piece about Il Volo!! Your words were beautiful and I feel the same way about them. So talented and gifted at their age and looking forward to listening to them for a long time !! I have met them several times and I will never forget their wonderful smiles, loving wishes, and their magnetic personalities!! I am glad that Ignazio will be all right. Watching him fall was terrible but the way he watched over the little boy was brave. I pray that he continues to do well, and wishing the rest of the boys continued blessings as they continue their tour!! (Ignazio Please take care of that shoulder) I love you and thanks for bringing your talent and inspiration to my life.

      1. Hi everyone I am a big fan of the boys. I had a great experience with Ignazio the night he fell and hurt himself. I was in the second row, and my children made a sign asking for a Birthday kiss Ignazio had just come off the stage and sat right in front of me. My daughers hold up the sign and Piero says Nellucha has a birthday, when Ignazio nears my name he says,Nellucha where is she? I tapped him on the shoulder and he turns around and jumps over a row of seats and into my arms. He was hugging an kissing me, I was in shock but so thrilled to have Ignazio in my arms kissing me. As he was getting up I held his gorgeous face in my hands. My daughters took video of this so I can relive it over and over again. Love al three of the boys, but Ignazio is my favorite, and my Idol.

  6. I do not know why, but I cant print out the pin or lanyard. I am in the US, does it make a difference?

  7. Daniela, I have written to you many times complimenting you on your posts and all wonderful photos and videos, etc., of our beloved “boys”…actually men now. I think my comments are not getting to you. Anyway, BIG THANK YOU. ALWAYS!! ELISA MARIE

  8. Kelly, Thanks for the link. I printed my out to 3.5 x 5. I thought it was too small as suggested. Mine were with older photos, this is more recent photo. I printed 2, Put them back to back and laminated them.

  9. Thank you, I have succeeded in putting it together with the membership card of Il Volo, another step further. Now look forward to seeing you in Dusseldorf

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