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Il Volo Professional ~~ Carpool Karaoke and Then Some


I can’t believe this.  Just the other day, I was thinking about Il Volo appearing on Carpool Karaoke (the one in the U.S. hosted by James Corden).  Who knew that Italy is starting their own rendition of Carpool Karaoke hosted by Jake La Furia.  Guess who the first guest will be?  Well, our Il Volo, of course!!


If you have never seen Carpool Karaoke, I highly recommend it.  You Tube it, Netflix it, Google it…whichever way you can find it.  It is so much fun.  I know I’m hooked.


Matthew says: “You have 10 seconds to recognize these rappers.”


P = Jack promised us that will be at our concert in Milan in the front row.
G = not wait


in other newsPiero was interviewed by London One regarding their upcoming concert at Royal Albert Hall.  They are so excited.  Click on the yellow circle with arrow to listen to Piero.  It’s in Italian.  Read below for Translation by Daniela!



Piero says they are excited to bring the Magic Night on May 23 at THE ROYAL ALBERT HALL which is the temple of music.
He asked how outweigh the anxiety before a concert and Piero replies that exceed thinking about all the people who came to hear their voices.
We talk about the Tribute to the Three Tenors  that are performed   when the boys were not yet born and the great thing is that Piero , Gianluca and Ignazio are young and then carry out the project also affecting younger age groups.
Piero does not deny that in the beginning as a group have also had discussions, but now are finding the meeting point.
 He says the classical repertoire is a passion that have all three and the Americans when talk about bel canto, refer to classical music.
Piero says that at first it was risky for them this kind of repertoire, but acquiring security have realized that with the commitment of the study everything becomes more manageable, also points out that it is the only way to bring young people, in fact now in Italy in the talent show they have included pop-opera category and this is a way to encourage young people in this direction.
Piero announces that on stage with them we will also Mario Biondi.
He says that after singing NESSUN DORMA and removed his tie, below are three carefree boys.
Singing with Domingo strong emotion.
You are asked what makes IL VOLO off stage and Piero says they do sports, go to the disco, in fact have already booked a disco after the concert at Albert Hall.
He speaks of respect for the fans because they owe their success to the support of the fans.
You are asked to Piero as is do interview without Gianluca and Ignazio, and he replies that is a beautiful thing because no break their interruptions.
It also says how important families at the end of a concert by 5/6 thousand people, retire to the room and call home, their loved ones even if not physically present they are spiritually.
Do not is all that glitters is gold and in dark moments there are always family members who support them.
The day of the concert Piero sleeps 10hrs, then three hours in the gym.
Piero sends a message to all fans, he says to continue listening IL VOLO and he loves us so much.””


We love you, too, Piero!!!  (and Gianluca and Ignazio, too).


From Daniela:  The following is a link to an Italian article that reveals how you play the episode of AMICI.  You must know that AMICI is a program where kids who have been admitted will compete with the rehearsals and dance.  It seems that two dancers will compete accompanied by the music of IL VOLO

Here they are with Luis Fonsi who will also host the program.



Final Note!!

If anyone is planning to attend the Vienna concert, it has been rescheduled from April 24th to June 28th.  Here is the announcement.


That’s all the news that’s fit to print right now!


~~ Leelee ~~

Il Volo Professional – Il Volo’s Official Tour Car/Photo Shoot/Italian TV

il volo car

Il Volo is on the move again, this time to Bologna!  They are doing a photo shoot and they were also at Audi Zentrum Bologna to retrieve their tour cars.  By the looks of the writing on the side of the cars, Audi Zentrum is the official Il Volo car for the Italian/European Notte Magica Tour.  Enjoy!

Gianluca on the way to Bologna.  Lucky Bologna!

Pictures/video courtesy of @audizentrum



With the boss man!


With the General Director of AudiZentrum Bologna


Bye bye – see you throughout Europe!


Getting ready for a photo shoot for a commercial for Giessegi furniture!  I wouldn’t mind having these three as my home furnishing accessories.  You?

Courtesy of @fdloto_iv
From the Giessegi Store Bologna website:

“A special meeting in #giessegi store! It’s gonna be the beginning of a new adventure together? Soon we will reveal all the details of this meeting, come and discover the great surprises on all the furniture #giessegi, only in the store officers!”

Thank you, Lisa Joy and Il Volo Sicilia, for sharing the following videos.



Daniela sent the following rough translations of the videos.  This just gives us an idea of what is going on.  Please pay attention to what Gianluca is saying at the end of the first video.  They will be recording for an important Italian TV show (see below).

Translation first video
G = We are live. A beautiful girl has put so many hearts.
Here we are, there are many people.
T = What do you think of the sultan who has 21 wives?
G = The Sultan has 21 wives? He is number one.
We have finished a day of filming, will see some good.
Piero, Piero, Piero you want to see?
(Piero looks and smiles, Gianluca is reading the display).
Hello from Hollywood ……. Michael, hello from Malta, Russia, Croatia ….. want to speak in English or Spanish?
T = What is this thing?
G = we live ……. Romania, Brazil, Honduras, ….. (someone calls to take a group photo) …. Daddy you reprove, rebuke us.
E = Gianluca images not.
(Everyone starts posing and someone calls … Ignatius Ignatius Ignatius …)
I = (from afar) You wanted to take a picture without me? ……. (everyone laughs)
G = The photo with the crew, love, greet, greet here are a lot of people (embraces the make-up artists …… more photos, cheers …. Gian takes his cell phone in hand)
We ‘video, we live, from around the world are watching us, from Venezuela, from Honduras, from Russia, from America, from around the world, you see? From Greece, my brother is in Greece now, how nice …… (looking Ignatius making a photo with a girl), selfies time.
(Reply to a message) hello, how are you Fracann, see you soon in Panama, say hello to your family, please. (Speaking in English)
Greetings from Fabriano, see you in Ancona is fine (is reading messages), Poland, hello Grove,
You want something to eat? Here again there is something.
A banana? An Orange? what do you want?
That’s my father, greet him, he is my father, this is Ignazio Boschetto with Catherine’s mother.
Natali You like when I speak Italian (he says it in Spanish)
From Japan, even Japan.
However, now I have to go, I have to change, otherwise my father gets upset, because we do later, we’re going to Rome, and tomorrow we have the recordings of an important Italian program, do not say anything, you’ll find out very soon …… ..I am changing ….. a moment dads do not get mad, hello ….. there strucchiamo?
Hello to all.
Second Video
G = We give a greeting to all the people who are watching us.
Here I am, I serve you?
operator. = put yourself in that position I make you a close-up while you continue to write and to my way …… are you recording? ….. my way you look at him (Piero) going through skateboarding .
G = Okay
= operator but you’re for live?
G = is, you can not?
operator = why not? live on IL VOLO.

Il Volo will be guests at FRIENDS on Channel 5.

These are the articles that talks about it.
The episode will be broadcast on Saturday 15th at 21.00.
These articles are in Italian of course but they basically say that they are recording today with for show to be aired April 15th on Canale 5.  Also appearing is Emma Marrone, James Blunt, and Luis Fonsi.
~~ Leelee ~~

Il Volo Returns to Las Vegas 2017 ~ Myron

nottemagica headerEver since they mentioned to me over three years ago (almost in passing) that they were going to start work on a “big” project about the famous Three Tenors, I have been very eager to see this concert on this tour. The boys of Il Volo started their singing life learning quality singing techniques with voice1myron lessons. This included learning some arias from operas which is sort of a basic foundation of repertoire. They learned this very well. Then they took this technique and applied it to a wide variety of different styles of music – mostly Italian romantic songs, American love songs and some Broadway – all under the loose title “pop” music or as they called it: “operatic pop.”

Now with this project, they are returning to their cultural roots with some solid opera arias – some real gems! That takes work and lot of work with their vocal coach. The end result was a wonderful concert called Notte Magica given in the city square in the center of Florence last summer. I have already reviewed that program on this site and I must say that I was so proud of the guys.

That was on TV and now I get to see that program LIVE on stage in a brand new theater here in Las Vegas. Hooray ! Finally !


The program order was basically the same as Florence however a couple of songs were dropped from that program and a couple of songs were added that were not originally on that program. First of all a song that I did not pay enough attention to when it first came out but now it affected me very strongly: Ave Maria, Mater Misericordiae written for the boys of Il Volo by Giorgio Pintus and Romano Musumarra. I tell you, that it is one thing to hear a song on a stereo system in the car and it is drastically different to have the boys singing it “live” just 8 feet away from me (I was in the front row). What an incredible song. The boys said that they hope to one day sing this song for Pope Francis. I hope so. They deserve that honor and also, the Pope deserves to be blessed by their singing. The other song added to the program was “Grande Amore” , their signature song from the San Remo Festival in 2015. Great to have it back again.las vegas monte carlo

Il Volo in concert at the Park Theater – Monte Carlo Hotel in Las Vegas

Saturday, March 25, 2017 – 8:00pm to 10:34pm

  1. Overture – La Forza del Destino Sinfonia by Giuseppi Verdi Orch.

  1. Nessun Dorma – from Turandot by Giacomo Puccini

  1. Granada – Agustin Lara

  1. Mattinata – romance by Ruggero Leoncavallo

  1. Una Furtiva Lagrima – from L’elisir d’amore by Gaetano Donizetti Ignazio

  1. La Danza – Gioachino Rossini Gianluca

  1. E Lucevan le Stelle – from Tosca by Puccini Piero

  1. Torna a Surriento – Giambattista de Curtis

  1. Intermezzo – Manon Lescaut by Puccini – orch.

  1. Core ‘Ngrato – Cardillo

  1. O paese d’o sole – Annibala Bovia Piero and Ignazio

  1. Maria – from West Side Story by Leonard Bernstein Gianluca and Ignazio

  1. My Way – Paul Anka – Gianluca and Piero

  1. Tonight – from West Side Story by Leonard Bernstein – Ignazio

  1. Grande Amore

  1. Intermezzo – Cavalleria Rusticana by Pietro Mascagni – orch.

  1. Cielito Lindo – Quirino Mendoza y Cortez

  1. En Aranjuez Con Tu Amor – Josquin Rodrigo Gianluca

  1. No Puede Ser – Pablo Sorozabal Piero

  1. Ave Maria, Mater Misericordiae– by Giorgio Pintus & Romano Musumarra

  1. O Sole Mio – Eduardo de Capua and Giovanni Capurro

  1. Libiamo – from La Traviata by Giuseppe Verdi

  2. Nessun Dorma – with extra ending


The concert was presented in a new theater called the Park Theater which is part of the Monte Carlo Hotel-Casino complex on the strip in Las Vegas. It opened in December and everything is the latest, state-of-the-art equipment and a huge stage with great sound system. A tech man told me at the end of the concert that they were filled with 4132 people (the upper balcony was not open).


This high quality music requires an ensemble of good size. Two years ago they used 26 musicians. Last year they used 38 and this year (hold your hat) they 1gclefhad 55 in the orchestra. Or to put it the way Piero said it: “55 plus one” because one of the cello players was pregnant !!! Cool . That is a huge orchestra. Sitting as close as I was I noticed many players who are also in the Las Vegas Philharmonic. That is the kind of quality that our boys deserve. Minor point: it was the first time they have used harp in their programs. Very, very nice. This really was an excellent quality ensemble.


The program order is listed below. The first thing that I always note for each live concert is that I am hearing the well-trained, well-seasoned singing of 1-2notesthree gentlemen of 35 to 40 years of age. That kind of control. That kind of musical security. That kind of resonance and tone quality. EXCEPT FOR ONE THING they are only 22 & 23 ! ! !

I know that I make this kind of comment each time and it is true each time. Incredible quality singing from “ kids” (Ignazio will pop me in the nose for that one – Ha ). When you think that the human voice is the last organ of the body to mature – usually around 35 years of age – these guys are incredible ! My choice for outstanding work:


For the whole group Ave Maria – a great piece of music sung to perfection and it sent chills up and down my back.

PieroNo Puede Ser he knows this song inside out but tonight it was fresh with new vitality and excitement. He always delivers.

IgnazioUna Furtiva Lagrima – this is a very subtle and demanding song – very easy to screw it up and over sing. He was splendid.

Gianluca tie between La Danza and Aranjuez but for this show the edge went to Aranjuez because Gianluca had a first class violinist for the counter part (this song is kind of a duet) and Gianluca was in ABSOLUTE CONTROL. That is art of incredible beauty.

The “hidden secret” that I don’t think many people in the audience knew or paid attention to was what some singers sometimes call “Vegas Throat.” I spoke with Ignazio after the concert and he was having quite a time with the dry climate condition that makes it more challenging to sing well. He could not seem to drink enough water. Just as the boys walked on stage at the beginning I could see that this was starting to happen to all three of them. It makes you feel that you are not sure that you can hold out tones for long periods of time for fear it will crack or sound like static. They had water on the stage and the theater was pumping humidity onto the stage for them but it still was a challenge. They had come from Minneapolis (humidity center) to L.A. which is desert and then drove across the Mohave desert to Vegas (an even drier city). It doesn’t happen that often but once in a while. I have heard Celine Dion, Barbra Streisand and Michael Buble have problems in a concert with this.

Now here is my point: each of these young men showed incredible will power for the entire two and half hours of that concert. They kept solid, well-supported tone going under firm control. They never allowed the tone to crack or break once. They each presented us with wonderful, pure and very musical singing throughout. So the “secret” is that they were challenged with potential problems BUT the audience never heard anything but quality, professional singing. I had a hint of it in the concert but when I talked with them later last night after the concert, then they let me know what a challenge it was. BRAVO! BRAVO! Very few singers can do that.

End result? This was one of the best concerts I have ever attended played by a superb 55- piece symphony orchestra and featuring the three best male singers in the business today.



After the concert we hung out watching the Meet and Greet line go by and when that came to an end Jeannette and I finally had a chance to take some time and visit with Gianluca, Ignazio, Piero and with Barbara. They were in a happy mood and relieved that the concert went as well as it did. We talked a little about the next Il Volo Fan Faire which will happen when the next American tour happens. However, we do not have a date yet because they will be occupied with a major new recording project next year so

The American tour will be delayed … They do not plan on touring in 2018 unless they make an announcement later changing their plans…To Be Determined  
Remember they still have a lot of touring to do yet in other areas around the world after they finish this American tour.

We found they are getting to know us better and better each year so conversation gets going a lot easier than it used to years ago. Now they pick up where we left off last March. They ask us questions. It gives us a warm feeling (after all they meet thousands of people on each tour). Relations with Barbara are starting to feel like that of an old friend. (maybe I should say “friend we have known for a long time” rather than “OLD” ). Each of them was eager with hugs, kisses and wonderful conversation. If it were not for being about 1:00am we could have gone on much longer. Indeed, security was closing up that part of the building so we had to leave.

One final note: we figured since there was no full-sized Fan Faire this year we would just do dinner and invite a few people to join us just before the concert. Well, that went different than expected. We started out thinking about a dozen, but we ended up with nearly 50 people in that little Italian restaurant right next to the doors of the theater.

It was a big family gathering. What a family – the extended Il Volo family.

Thank you, Myron!  Great review!

Stay tuned for more reviews from our Flight Crew.  Coming soon!


~~ Leelee ~~

Il Volo Professional ~~ Home and Family/Matrix

While in Los Angeles, Il Volo had an opportunity to do some interviews and guest on TV.

Home and Family 

17390684_1285465931533571_3969089398627511010_o17434639_1285465894866908_1666836720882998772_oThe following is a video from Home and Family that shows Il Volo assisting in making Panzanella Salad and then participated in a game of charades.  So fun to watch!

Video courtesy of Il Volo Mundial Oficial


Matrix is an Italian TV show that was broadcast on Canale 5 live from Il Volo in Los Angeles.  The following link will take you to the show.  Sit back, relax, and enjoy as the interview was close to an hour.  Even if you don’t speak the language, just watching them is worth it.  Be patient, though, as there are commercials.

Some beautiful photos were taken.  Below is just a sampling.

Grazie, Il Volo Sicilia, per le fotografie.


I found the map of Il Volo’s fan base interesting.  What do you think?

The following is a summarized translation of the interview by AAIV.  Thank you, AAIV!

First, the guys talked about their March 23rd concert in LA, with Plácido Domingo as special guest, conducting the orchestra in 3 songs and performing together Non ti scordar di me. The Mediaset US correspondent Maria Luisa Rossi Hawkings was there at the concert and she interviewed Piero, Ignazio, Gianluca and Domingo in the backstage. As always, Plácido had very kind words, full of affection for them, such as “With Il Volo, I feel like home” and “Being with them here in LA means showing them my esteem”; and more, “Tonight in the audience there were not only fans but also people who love music. This means that these guys are really talented”.
Short videos of the rehearsals were shown as well. It was amazing to see this parallel version of Nessun Dorma on/off stage and Ignazio discussing his part with the Maestro (and following his suggestion)! The Los Angeles audience was in awe, of course!

As the interview went on, Piero said that they decided to do this Tribute to The Three Tenors only because Plácido Domingo accepted to be with them. Gianluca added that he made them feel more confident.

Matrix March 24 2017

A map of the fandom location was shown afterwords. But we are not sure about the data source. We truly believe it’s only a partial representation.

The night went on with many video clips taken from the LA concert. It was very nice to see them performing, we felt a little bit like if were there at the concert… Some information about how their tour work goes on were given, too. And the guys mentioned their collaboration with Maestro Joseph (Joe) Modica on Notte Magica tour. The guys having fun on stage and speaking English with Italian accent was also part of the topic!

There was also time for joking about them playing FIFA 2017 on their Play Station and the fans love for them! Will I Am of Black Eyed Peas was supposed to be at the LA concert, too but he couldn’t attend. He gave the guys new headphones as a gift! She was there instead, and very proud of Il Volo, Priscilla Presley! Wow!

We could also listen to a fragment of Grande Amore once again! The guys announced that 2018 will be a no tour year. They will lock themselves in a recording studio – and throw away the key! –  to work on a new album of Il Volo’s hits! Yeah, we love this plan!


Our Daniela also added that in the original interview the journalist asks a question naughty boys talking about the issue Sgarbi / Trump, telling the boys that so many supporters persons Trump spent their money to go and see them and Gianluca wryly responds that Sgarbi from Italy came to see them.

In addition to a certain point and Gian Piero Ignazio tease calling him GOAT GOAT GOAT, these words are often used by Sgarbi, and is another clear reference to him.
Thanks, Daniela!
~~ Leelee ~~