Il Volo Professional ~~ Carpool Karaoke and Then Some


I can’t believe this.  Just the other day, I was thinking about Il Volo appearing on Carpool Karaoke (the one in the U.S. hosted by James Corden).  Who knew that Italy is starting their own rendition of Carpool Karaoke hosted by Jake La Furia.  Guess who the first guest will be?  Well, our Il Volo, of course!!


If you have never seen Carpool Karaoke, I highly recommend it.  You Tube it, Netflix it, Google it…whichever way you can find it.  It is so much fun.  I know I’m hooked.


Matthew says: “You have 10 seconds to recognize these rappers.”


P = Jack promised us that will be at our concert in Milan in the front row.
G = not wait


in other newsPiero was interviewed by London One regarding their upcoming concert at Royal Albert Hall.  They are so excited.  Click on the yellow circle with arrow to listen to Piero.  It’s in Italian.  Read below for Translation by Daniela!



Piero says they are excited to bring the Magic Night on May 23 at THE ROYAL ALBERT HALL which is the temple of music.
He asked how outweigh the anxiety before a concert and Piero replies that exceed thinking about all the people who came to hear their voices.
We talk about the Tribute to the Three Tenors  that are performed   when the boys were not yet born and the great thing is that Piero , Gianluca and Ignazio are young and then carry out the project also affecting younger age groups.
Piero does not deny that in the beginning as a group have also had discussions, but now are finding the meeting point.
 He says the classical repertoire is a passion that have all three and the Americans when talk about bel canto, refer to classical music.
Piero says that at first it was risky for them this kind of repertoire, but acquiring security have realized that with the commitment of the study everything becomes more manageable, also points out that it is the only way to bring young people, in fact now in Italy in the talent show they have included pop-opera category and this is a way to encourage young people in this direction.
Piero announces that on stage with them we will also Mario Biondi.
He says that after singing NESSUN DORMA and removed his tie, below are three carefree boys.
Singing with Domingo strong emotion.
You are asked what makes IL VOLO off stage and Piero says they do sports, go to the disco, in fact have already booked a disco after the concert at Albert Hall.
He speaks of respect for the fans because they owe their success to the support of the fans.
You are asked to Piero as is do interview without Gianluca and Ignazio, and he replies that is a beautiful thing because no break their interruptions.
It also says how important families at the end of a concert by 5/6 thousand people, retire to the room and call home, their loved ones even if not physically present they are spiritually.
Do not is all that glitters is gold and in dark moments there are always family members who support them.
The day of the concert Piero sleeps 10hrs, then three hours in the gym.
Piero sends a message to all fans, he says to continue listening IL VOLO and he loves us so much.””


We love you, too, Piero!!!  (and Gianluca and Ignazio, too).


From Daniela:  The following is a link to an Italian article that reveals how you play the episode of AMICI.  You must know that AMICI is a program where kids who have been admitted will compete with the rehearsals and dance.  It seems that two dancers will compete accompanied by the music of IL VOLO

Here they are with Luis Fonsi who will also host the program.



Final Note!!

If anyone is planning to attend the Vienna concert, it has been rescheduled from April 24th to June 28th.  Here is the announcement.


That’s all the news that’s fit to print right now!


~~ Leelee ~~

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  1. I had never heard of Carpool Karaoke. Where have I been? I just watched the ones of my favorites, well..besides the Boys, Adele and Bruno Mars. What fun! Can’t wait to see more after work.

    1. Where have you been? I had never heard of it either until my cousin showed them to me on Netflix. That was it. Actually you saw two of my favorites: Adele and Bruno Mars. There are SO many that James Corden has done and he is really good himself…and funny. You’ll be hooked.

      1. Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca that make rappers are just ridiculous.
        I think we will laugh a lot.

    2. You need to get out more Marie. Quit being such a homebody and go to a concert or something.

  2. For those who have the opportunity to see the Italian TV, this program will be broadcast from ITALIA 1..

    Question: any of the crew has a card of the official fan club of ILVOLO and gave membership to be a BETA and be able to verify the program before it is made public?

  3. I don’t think most people know, that Bruno Mars was born in Hawaii. He does quite a few concerts on Oahu, but he is coming over to my island soon.
    Unfortunatly he will be appearing on the other side of the island ( I live on the Big Island, also called Hawaii Isle) I’m saving my money for our guy’s, so won’t be going to see him.
    He was also raised to be humble, and he work’s hard at his craft. He started out when he was three year’s old ! His whole family was in showbiz, and when he was three they would dress him up as Elvis, and he would play the guitar and imitate Elvis on stage.
    I think it is Gianluca who is a fan of his. 🙂

  4. Thank you so much for the translation of Piero’s interview.  I could only get a few words when I listened.  Gotta keep working on my Italian.

  5. I found this karaoke video by accident today and here it is already on our site. Bless you for jumping on this and it is so entertaining. I just loved it and Jay laughed through all of it. Girls…..You are the best and I just love you all for participating and sharing this with all of us. I must have missed so many things. I’ll have to retrace my steps. Every day is a new Il Volo experience. How do they keep up the pace. Of course having youth on their side helps and their great sense of adventure and humor. I had no idea ther was such a think as a karaoke show in the USA much less Italy. Great idea! Great entertainment. Hugs to everyone.

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