~ Magnifico…MY WAY ~ by Jane and Penina

Penina wrote me that a friend of hers sent her this video of the Three Tenors (not the two tenors and a baritone!)  singing My Way in Los Angeles.  The cool thing about it was that Frank Sinatra was in the audience watching and appreciating their performance.

In response Penina sent her friend a video of the boys singing the same song.  Her friend’s response to the video sent was one word, “magnifico!”  

If only Frank Sinatra could sit in the front row RIGHT NOW and watch Gianluca and Piero give such timeless beauty to this song of his.  He would be so proud of these three young Italian men who are bringing their bel canto to the world and keeping his legacy alive by honoring his song.  Mr. Sinatra did it HIS WAY and IL VOLO is doing it THEIR WAY.  Yes, he would indeed be very proud of them.


~~ The Three Tenors ~~



~~ Piero and Gianluca ~~




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~ The Magic Night Tour Is Over ~ by Melina

 The last concert of the Magic Night tour has ended.   Melina summarizes all the emotions that have accompanied us in this beautiful year.





Our loves have inflamed and bewitched even the most composed and peaceful Japanese, who are known for their reserved nature and not  used to manifest too much impetus and ardor. And with these images that warm the heart, let me take a little consideration:

The Kawasaki concert was the last of this endless world tour of “Magic Night”.  We’ll miss them!!

We will remember the applause, standing ovations, overwhelming euphoria, and the love of the public.  We will remember the involvement of all the senses. We will remember the smiles and the happiness of our boys, their still wonder of the success.  We will remember their jokes and the laughter that they have snatched from viewers.  We will remember the emotion and the enchantment they have aroused in people… their beautiful voices  and the passion of their performances.



There will be other tours and everything will start again, and there will still be shows in every corner of the world, but this closes a chapter that made us thrill, rejoice, become proud.   


This Tour was more of a challenge than others, because it was a difficult and not very commercial genre to which not everyone was accustomed.   A challenge won in all respects and on all fronts, which gave irrepressible triumphs, demonstrating, if still we needed it, that “the trio of wonders” are capable of performing and captivating whatever they sing. It is right that after so much effort there is for the boys a little rest and time to reflect and prepare new projects, which will certainly surprise and give great sensations. We will keep these memories in the heart, and we will wait anxiously and with trepidation for the next artistic achievements that will make us, as always, jump with enthusiasm.


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~ Good Singing and Good Looking ~ by Daniela

As everyone knows, IL VOLO is in Japan where they are preparing for the two concerts in Tokyo and Kawasaki.

Tokyo has long been sold out, but Kawasaki has also been sold out since yesterday.

During these days the guys are doing promotions and interviews and today this beautiful article was published and translated on the Facebook page, IL VOLO JAPAN FAN SITE.


IL VOLO is currently staying in Japan. As you can see, they are a charming Italian threesome. When they got off the bus of the official they said, “We have been wanting to visit Japan for a long time.”  They gave a greeting in remembered Japanese as, “Ohayou Gozaimasu!” (Good morning!).

They shook hands and greeted  each and every staff member. During a walk in the town of Akasaka for a photo session, they saw a sample of food at the shop of Soba (Japanese noodle), took a selfee, and were sharing jokes.
Even though they debuted seven years ago, they looked like junior high school students on a school trip.










If street people noticed and said “Oh, IL VOLO!?”  They cheerfully answered, “Hi!”   They even said hello to a child in Italian.
They were cheerful, energetic, friendly, bright and so to say, looked like very ordinary boys.

But when they stand on the stage, the atmosphere is completely being changed.  They are a vocal trio of  tenors  who sing everything from opera to pops. The tour received great success both in Europe, America and South America. They can be described as nothing but “Super Entertainer,” standing on the big stage in a tuxedo and singing ” ‘O SOLE MIO, ” or “Nessun Dorma.”


Received by the Italian Ambassador.







The boys are extremely nice and playful, but when they start singing they become serious professionals.  This contradictory feature makes them very enjoyable to people.  We Japanese call it GAP MOE.
I guess the word of GAP MOE might be suitable for Il VOLO themselves.

This week’s YEO will shoot and interview with IL VOLO ( from the left, Ignazio, Gianluca, Piero).

We want to update their charm every day until Friday and introduce them. 


Please enjoy “IL VOLO Festival” for 2 weeks!!

~~ Credit to owners of photos.~~

 ~~ Credit for article to Il Volo Japan Fan Site ~~





~ Personally Speaking ~ Notable Quotes


I  recently came across several quotes that jumped off the page at me, making me think of none other than our three guys and the charming, alluring country they come from.

See if you agree…


“Venice is like eating an entire box of chocolate liqueurs in one go.” – Truman Capote, American writer.










“My favorite thing about Milan is that you see these guys, and it’s as if a spaceship came out of the most attractive planet invented and just dropped them off all across the city.” – Brad Goreski, Canadian stylist.


Tennis Meets Fashion At The Milano Gala Dinner Benefitting The Novak Djokovic Foundation Presented By Giorgio Armani












“Rome, the city of visible history.” – George Eliot, English writer.










“You may have the universe if I may have Italy.” – Giuseppe Verdi, Italian composer.

1491898767_Dolomites Robert J Heath

“In Italy, they add work and life on to food and wine.” – Robin Leach, English writer.


“And that is … how they are. So terribly physically all over one another. They pour themselves one over the other like so much melted butter over parsnips. They catch each other under the chin, with a tender caress of the hand, and they smile with sunny melting tenderness into each other’s face.” – D.H. Lawrence, English novelist.


The last one sums it up so perfectly.   The young men of Il Volo show their love and affection for each other and all those around them so easily.  They love having us complete strangers, give them hugs, kisses, and gifts!  We as fans love being close to them as much as they love being close to us!   Are we lucky or what?  



Credit to all owners of photos.



~Personally Speaking~ Tribute to Ignazio via Cappiddruzzo di Ricotta!



I am so happy to say, “We did it, we did it!!”   Penina and I made our first ever “Cappiddruzzo” di Ricotta…a Tortello in honor of Ignazio!

Jane says…

It was not hard.  The recipe is very easy. (See earlier post from 11/6/17 for recipe.)  I used the pre-made pizza dough you can buy in the refrigerator section at your grocery store.  I have to add a correction to the original recipe…roll the dough out to 1/4 inch thick, NOT 2-3 cm!    The ricotta-chocolate chip-vanilla-cinnamon combination is delicious.  I think they taste best just fresh out of the oven!   Besides sprinkling the finished top with sifted powdered sugar, I dressed it up a little more with a drizzle of melted Nutella…all the while listening to IL VOLO serenading me in the back ground!

Tortello 4 (1)


Penina says…

I found it very easy. The dough that I had came in a big thick rectangle. I was able to pull it apart into two thinner rectangles because the dough looked layered and I just turned up a corner and started pulling. It was a lot easier to roll it out that way as it was already a lot thinner. I started out doing what it said–folding it over twice.  Then I had a lot of filling left, so I went back and cut off the parts that were just empty dough and re-rolled them and made a couple more to use up the filling. I have plenty of ricotta left–I may try it again with the pizza dough in a few days (after we eat these up!).

If you have bought dough this is a no brainer.  How hard is it to stir up the ingredients? My grandkids could do it (okay, two of them couldn’t!).  The hardest part is rolling out the dough.



Now we are ready to sit down with a cup of Lavazza coffee, and feast on our creations!  The only thing missing is YOU, our fellow Flight Crew members.  How we wish we could all sit together at the same table and share our friendship in person, while enjoying a special treat in tribute to Ignazio, (and of course we can’t forget his brothers, Piero and Gianluca!)


2017-11-10 22.08.02




Credit to owner of Ignazio photo and to Nina, for the inspiration of the Tortello!

Need The Name of That Plumber…Please!

Here is one Marie sent us awhile back that almost got lost in the shuffle!  It’s too good to be missed. 

Whether you call them faucets or taps there is no

argument that Italians make the best ones. The latest

design provides Chianti, or anything else Italian,

whenever you need it 🙂 I’m getting mine fitted next

week – one with Prosecco and the other with Barolo ❤️



What would YOU order?




Photo Credit to Wine Trail Adventures


Fun Credit to Marie!

Il Volo Music As Therapy ~ by Antonella Esposito

Il Volo’s music as a therapy against a delay in expressive language? It is possible and it really happened. Talking is a young mom.




IL VOLO: “THEIR MUSIC HELPED MY BABY.” The testimony of a mother.


IL VOLO, the world-renowned pop-lyrical trio, who have  had a long history of success, has become the protagonist of a song therapy phenomenon, so-called music therapy. This is a psycho-emotional phenomenon that would help with the aid of music to overcome more or less important pathological events.

Tell us how your son discovered the group.

M.S. :  C.’s story with IL VOLO begins in February, 2015, with Sanremo.  He was only 3 years old when he was fascinated by their proud voices. When I bought the CD he listened to it by playing the songs.   In the evening he asked me to search the movies and lyrics on the net. He wanted to know everything about those three special guys.

So an irrepressible passion for IL VOLO has exploded. Then what happened?

M.S:  Meanwhile, C. had started logo therapy because of a delay in expressive language that forced him to express himself with a reduced vocabulary and all his own. He did not cooperate and to get it in tune with the therapist I came to an idea: if he had done well and with commitment did the exercises, at the end he could sing the songs of Il Volo. This tactic has produced good results.

When did he meet his idols?

M.S. :  In August, 2015, at a charity dinner held in Roseto, C. met his ‘Laluca’ (so called Gianluca Ginoble). It was the first conquest, when I saw him talk to the singer I was excited, until the day before he had never spoken to strangers.

Did he meet the other members of the trio?

M.S. :  Sure! On August 9, 2015, we were at the Chieti concert. We go in and C. sings all the songs, sees the boys and wants to greet them, but I do not know how to do it. He attracts the attention of a Gianluca companion who kindly takes us to the gates.   The gates are closed and security does not allow them to go further.  The little boy weeps and shouts.  Piero hears the child cry and says to security, ” Let that baby and mom pass.”   Ciro holds him tight and he also looks at Gianluca.   Unfortunately with Ignazio Boschetto, there was no meeting.

Since then did you start to see improvements?

M.S. : Yes, that’s right. The new CD is released and C. is more and more enthusiastic, and then a book on the trio is released.  Every night I had to tell him a story about the boys adventures.  Meanwhile, C. had achieved steady progress. 

You’ve done everything to create contact opportunities with IL VOLO …

M.S. :  Of course, because I saw my baby happy and benefited.  C., thanks to the music of Il Volo, has made giant footsteps.   He began studying singing (he was enrolled in a singing school) and as a song (for admission to the school) he performed PER TE CI SARO.

IL VOLO is now part of your child’s everyday life, which has identified almost a model to follow in them.

M.S. : Exactly. Even when he notices that someone behaves badly, he blames him and advises him to listen to their music, because he will do so well, because they are the best.

To what extent is your child’s therapy today?

M.S. :   He’s still doing therapy. The road is long, but today it is unrecognizable for the improvements he has made. I can only do thanks to my doctors and my family, Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca who unknowingly helped my child with their GRANDE AMORE.


Previously published on zon.it, and translated by Daniela.

Credit to owner of photo.