Ode To Ignazio Boschetto ~ by Valeria Bosch





I am a fan of all three of Il Volo’s boys.  I find matchless their way to make music, their song better than the angels, outstanding the idea of ​​putting them together, giving us all a phenomenon that will mark the musical history of these years. So it’s right I love and support them all in equal measure. 


But, you know, the flesh is weak and nourish a passion, a preference I think is a pardonable sin. Well, my weakness is called Ignazio.  I love Gianluca’s singing, with his wonderful hot and caressing voice, and also Piero, with his excellent male and powerful tone. But Ignazio, in my way of feeling,  has that extra quid, an added value, because he gives me, when I listen, an emotion that no other voice ever gave me. I tried to analyze, as if it were a chemical reaction, what “reagents”  cause me everything and here are the conclusions:

1- Ignazio’s voice is clear and crystal.  It is the very essence of FRESHNESS, referring to natural scenery made of clear skies, spring waters, and green blinding meadows.  His entrances make the lighter and brighter the musical fabric, think of “Quando l’amore diventa poesia”, “Tornerà l’amore” to the same “Grande amore.”

2 – Ignazio’s voice is FEELING and EMOTION.   When he sings “Memory” or “Unchained Melody,”  it  becomes penetrating and sensual, digs you into the soul.  His vibrations exert a fascination on the listener that leaves the desire that his singing will never end.

3 – Ignazio’s voice is PASSION.   In some songs he does not enter, but “breaks” into the musical fabric.   Just think of “Cinque giorni” or “Aspetterò,” where his impetus opens up scenarios of ardor and passion as whether it would lead to paroxysmal love.

4- Ignazio’s voice has a thousand facets and shades.   We are accustomed to listening to him in modern and lyrical pop. It was a great surprise that  last winter, during a House Party broadcast, we saw him masterfully interpret, “Somebody to love,” by  Queen, and naturally bear the impact with the rock style of Gianna Nannini in “Meravigliosa Creatura.”


5 Ignazio’s voice is MUSIC itself.  When Ignatio sings, he forgets everything, closes in a bubble of his own, becomes unique with the notes he is interpreting, allowing him to give the text an unprecedented expression.


Below, his solo interpretation of the famous “Caruso,” performed when he was not yet 20 years old in the “Porta a Porta” broadcast, just as an example of the extraordinary nature of this unique voice.


Written by Valeria Bosch and translated by Daniela with  Valeria’s permission.


Credit to all owners of video and photo.


This article previously published on Patrizia Ciava’s Blog and translated by Susan Ambrosini.


Gianluca, Ignazio and Piero are three normal guys in their early twenties, friendly, cheerful, funny, playful.


But when they go up on stage they become huge. They become ageless. Almost intimidating. They make you feel that kind of awe that is aroused by true talent. A talent that is made up, not only of their powerful voices, but also of their extraordinary capacity to immerse themselves in music and convey intense emotions to those who listen to them.


Usually, those who have important voices set their performances on their vocal skills and focus on virtuosity, while these three young artists use their beautiful voices as a tool to arouse empathy and emotion, as a painter uses colors, a poet words and a composer notes. This obviously entails a special sensitivity by both the performer and the listener, and you can’t try to explain rationally to those who don’t possess it what you are experiencing. Harmony and beauty in its many forms, touches deep chords of the human soul and is not always explainable in words.


Artistic talent is a divine and mysterious gift. As John Paul II wrote, in a letter to the artists: “No one better than you artists, ingenious creators of beauty, can imagine something of the pathos with which God, at the dawn of creation, looked at the work of his hands. A glimmer of that feeling has shone so often in your eyes when you, like the artists of all timescaptivated by the hidden power of sounds and words, colors and shapes, have almost felt the echo of the mystery of creation with which God has wished in some ways to associate you with. “

Unfortunately, recognizing true talent does not stir the same reactions in everyone; in some it elicits admiration, in others envy, because it makes them realize how insignificant they are.

Real talent can be daunting.

And it can be annoying. Above all, it is annoying to a certain kind of press that would like to be the only mediator between artists and the public. They would like to exercise unlimited power, become supreme judges to determine the success or failure of an artist, if he does not fall into their limited circle of friendships and interests.

Mass orientation techniques fail when the public recognizes true talent, hence the angry and scornful rage of certain journalists. The conformism that they try to impose crumbles in the face of true talent, which is free from genres, time or fashion.

So, dear boys, be prepared to endure many insults and humiliations. Those who cannot fly as high as you will do anything to clip your wings. But that’s exactly what will give you the magnitude of your worth and of your success.




Credit to all owners of photos.


Film Press Conference Un Amore Cosi Grande ~ by Daniela

Back in September at the Venice Film Festival, there was a  press conference for the presentation of the film, UN AMORE COSI’ GRANDE, where our boys will be present as actors.  It will be a beautiful romantic film. 

  Here in Italy the film will be released in February on Valentine’s Day.    It was said that a first vision will be released by December, and only in Verona.


 I sent a message to Federica Andreoli, the producer of the movie, Un Amore così Grande.

I told her that IL VOLO’s fans of Flight Crew  wanted to know if the film will be distributed to America as well.

Federica kindly answered me.   These are her words.

“Hi Daniela, we are now finishing the film editing and then going to the musical part! The film will also be released in other countries beyond Italy and I also hope in America … a hug and good Sunday.






The following is the Press Conference.  I will translate from the 10.05 minute…what the producer of the film says about the participation of Il Volo.


“What can I say, I’m the one who wanted strongly the boys of IL VOLO.

“The boys of IL VOLO, why? Because today are the most beloved, most followed Italian guys, in Italy and in the world.  They are the ambassadors of Italian music in the world, so it was the right choice  to have them in this movie, a film that must bring young people to the lyrical world.

Today they are not here with us, they send greetings because in a few days they will leave for a South American tour, the 7th will be in Mexico with the first concert, a tour that will see them busy for a couple of months.

Negotiation with them was not easy because they are always around the world, so finding them, talking to them by phone, it was not easy.   We put in 15 months and we did it.   They read the subject and fell in love with the screenplay.   I have to say a special thanks goes to their manager, Michele Torpedine,  because he helped me so much in this negotiation.

And then I chose them for another reason, because I’m a fan of theirs.   I had a dream, to make an event, a movie with these three guys and I succeeded.   I can say that the first ciak, the first “take” of the boys of IL VOLO, is in my movie.   As a producer and fan, I have  double satisfaction.”

Here is the video promo of the film.

Credit to all owners of videos and photos.


Daniela is once again right on cue providing us with this fun review from today’s event on October 26, 2017.


Today in Milan, at the GIESSEGI furniture factory, there was an in store event.

At 12:30 all fans could meet and receive autographs and take photos with our dear Piero, Ignazio, and Gianluca.

An opportunity not to be missed!

Already from early morning, preparations were made ahead at Giessegi.


For those who could not go, it was a loss!!

Here are the fans ready in front of the entrance.   Kindly, Giessegi prepared for each one, a nice postcard that could then be framed as their photo of the event.


And here is the arrival of our guys.

WELCOME GUYS, ready for the  day?

Barbara and Mr. Ercole Ginoble, always present !!

HERE THEY ARE, our treasures.


The guys are always wanting to be nice and available.   Notice at the beginning of the video below,  in order to hurry the girls, a woman out of view says, “Girls, unfortunately, you  have only three seconds per person.”    Ignazio immediately replies, “even four,” as saying not to exaggerate limiting the time. What a treasure.

Here are some shots with lucky fans.


And here’s the thanks from Giessegi

#Giessegistoremilano  vi ringrazia per aver partecipato al nostro evento di oggi  #IlVoloinStore.   Siete stati in tantissimi!

Rimanete aggiornati sulla nostra pagina per poter vedere le vostre #fotoinsieme ai ragazzi de #IlVolo!


#GiessegiStoreMilano thanks you for taking part in our event today #TheVoloinStore. You have been so many!

Stay up to date on our page so that you can see your #foto together with #IlVolo guys!



Credit to all owners of videos and photos.

~ALTAS HORAS ~ by Daniela

IL VOLO late last night (October 27, 2017)  appeared on the Altas Horas, television show recorded during their last concert in Brazil.




At the beginning, after the presentation, presenter Serginho Groisman revisits a piece of  last year’s program, where a very curvy girl is singing (note the famous bumbum).

Piero comments that this is the first time he does not pay attention to the words of the song and Ignazio admits that the Brazilian girls are all beautiful.

 It continues with the guys singing, ” Libiam de lieti Calici dalla Traviata.”

In the end Serginho says “the most liked trio of Italy.”

He comes close to the boys and says their appearance has made the return to popular classical music.  Piero confirms that they are continuing what the three tenors: Domingo, Pavarotti, and Carreras began. 

Piero says that the strength of their success is the music they sing, the beautiful Italian song, the Italian tradition that is loved all over the world.

Seginho asks Ignatius if he is married (casado) and Ignatius kidding on the word says he is tired (cansado) …….. very cunning!  Ignazio was asked if he was married (CASADO) and he replied pretending to understand if he was tired (CANSADO) and said, ” Yes, I’m very tired.” Ignazio had understood well but did not want to answer a very personal question.


Serginho asks if there are questions for IL VOLO.

The first question asks where they have seen so much beauty and they answer that they live in Italy and invite him to Italy.  It’s like saying all the Italians are beautiful!

Before the second question, Gianluca jokes about the boy’s resemblance with Marcelo, a Real Madrid player, and then everyone jokes about the significance of gestures in Italy and Brazil.

The second question asks whether they have participated in some Italian mafia. Gianluca replies joking that he must be careful of them !!

At the third question the girl asks if they had a good time singing in Brazil?    Piero responds that they did 3 concerts in Sao Paulo that were wonderful and then says they are looking forward to returning to Brazil next year.

Final greetings.


 Photos were published by Il Volo Mundial and Il Volo Sicilia.

All credit to owners of video and photos.

~ Spot Bologna ~

GRAZIE, to Daniela for sending this to us!

Our dear guys have just come back from Kiev.  Will they be resting?

Absolutely NOT.   Today Piero, Ignazio, and Gianluca starred in an advertisement in Bologna!


IL VOLO, the band consisting of two tenors and a baritone that is so successful  in Italy and in the world, landed under the Two Towers. An unexpected visit that has conquered Bologna.   Tourists and passing students stopped to photograph the three idols of young people: Piero Barone, Ignazio Boschetto and Gianluca Ginoble.


Using  the Piazza Santo Stefano square and the alleys that dive into the jewel of the city, the three very beloved stars have created an advertisement, transforming a quiet Wednesday afternoon into an exciting occasion to meet the young VIPs. The spot is for Ferrero, as part of an event that the multinational will organize in Mexico over the next few months. In front of the curious eyes of the fans, the three of IL VOLO have shot some scenes where they walk around the square, under the porches, in front of the church and via De ‘Pepoli.

The baritone Gianluca Ginoble, and the tenors Piero Barone, and Ignazio Boschetto, did not escape from the embrace of the fans.   They lent themselves to selfies and autographs. Although Ignazio was born under the Two Towers, Sicily and Abruzzo are the lands where the young singers grew up. For a few years, however, for all three Bologna is a second home because their manager is Bolognese, Michele Torpedine.  Their roads crossed in 2009 at a talent show by Antonella Clerici, “I Leave You A Song.”  From there their show began in 2015, with the song “Grande Amore,” to triumph at the 65th Festival of Sanremo.


The Journal of Bologna, IL RESTO DEL CARLINO,  published this article  translated by Daniela.


Credit to all owners of video and photos.

Grande Amore – 100 Million Views!

Hello all!  Just in case you hadn’t heard…. 🙂

Here is the Google Translate version of the article posted in the previous blog posted late Monday – kind of by accident.  (it said you could reblog post at the end, so I did!)  Ah well, live and learn!  Also posting some various photos circulating social media….thank you and well-deserved credit to all owners of the photos with such creativity!!  And of course, “our boys…”  🙂  For without them, we never would have known such Grande Amore was possible – meeting all of these wonderful people all around the world.

“Today, October 9, 2017 (now Italian!), The video of Grande Amore de Il Volo reaches 100 million views, obtaining VEVO certification. * Grande Amore can definitely be considered the battle horse of the 3 artists who, precisely with this song, written by Francesco Boccia il volo thank youand Ciro Esposito, won the 65th edition of the Festival of Sanremo. Thanks to this victory and the third place in the Eurovision Song Contest, Volo has become more known in Italy and the rest of Europe. Grande Amore’s video, directed by Mauro Russo, was shot in a single day, January 15, 2015, in the magnificent Villa Caroli Zanchi in Stezzano, near Bergamo. Congratulations to Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca for this new finish !!

This is the blog site I got it from:  Grazie Mille!!


Various pictures…. some from Gianluca, some from Il Volo, some from Gary Istok….







There is Gian, always teasing us!!  Really Gian?  You have to ask?  🙂 

gian tease

“When I think, I think only of you….”  How true – aren’t they always on our minds and in our dreams?


Ciao – til tomorrow….