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NERVI : MUSICA TOUR 4 by Daniela

It was their first concert in Genoa and of course it was a success!

But here are the first photos, thanks to Mr. Ginoble.

Nervi 01

Nervi 02

Nervi 03

Nervi 04

The audience seemed much more timid than usual. It was the first time here, for IL VOLO and probably also for the public it was the first time, they were all very firm in their seats.

Let’s start with “A CHI  MI DICE”.

But now, I want you to analyze the videos of the solos well, because they are really beautiful.

Gianluca, Ignazio and Piero, have certainly chosen songs that are absolutely suitable for them.

Gianluca, “MI MANCHERAI”


I believe that these two songs are really suitable for Gianluca. With how much love, with how much feeling, our perfect crooner performs, indeed interprets these two sweet songs.

Bravo Gianluca !! 👏

This song was a great news for us Italians. Battisti-Mogol (authors of the song) are considered among the greatest Italian authors. This is a sweet song and Ignazio interprets it very well, at first sweet and then going towards the high notes, which he performs so well.

Bravo Ignazio!! 👏

This piece became Piero’s workhorse. It is now part of his fixed repertoire. He strongly interprets this song, he feels it “in his strings”.

Bravo Piero!! 👏



These following photos have been posted from the Nervi Festival page, and have been published with this comment:
“Yesterday, fans of all ages filled the audience of the # FestivalNervi2019, to experience, a TOTAL experience, that left its mark: thanks to Il Volo and all the participants for giving us these unique emotions!” ⭐ 💗

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And these, some comments from the people:

Ottavia Primicerio = Good also as soloists, but together they are explosive, overwhelming, magnificent. And they are nice.
And the orchestra … a mention for violin and piano.
Great evening, young, and not so young, very old people, all happy, they sang, and they applauded for a long time.

Angela Pazzano = Three spectacular voices! Good guys with solid roots simplicity has been perceived a lot! 👏👏👏

Fran Ci = Wonderful concert! Very good, no doubt about it !! I went to accompany my mother, who has loved them for years, and I was also surprised by their sympathy and ability to involve the public. … a compliment also to the organization of the event. I found kind and helpful people. Thanks for the nice evening. 😊

Laura Tina = Fantastic location, they are great, great violinist, great orchestra … what more can we say? Let’s hope for a reply!

The regional television newscast also reported the news and made a nice article on IL VOLO. This is the title:
Il Volo enchants the Nervi Festival, a great success for the pop-opera trio at the international festival.

And finally, the wonderful words of Alessandro Quarta at the end of their performance. They are beautiful words of esteem and affection: thanks Alessandro!

And thank you to Christiane Chouery for the video.


A = It is wonderful, I am breathless. I’m out of breath, not because I do the dance, even if I’m not brought for the dance, but because they force you to every concert, to always do one more beautiful than the other.

I played with the greatest singers and musicians in the world, it seems to me that I have NEVER had anything to do with the older ones.

Because for me, in this context, we have them, because they have heart, they have heart, boys. I pride myself on being Italian, (applause) but you must not applaud me, but you must applaud them.

G = Thanks Alessandro, you are great.

A = Because they really do wonderful things, thanks guys.

P = Thanks to you.

I = Obviously these words, were part of the script …. (laughter, while Alessandro waved his arm and hand to say no). I’m kidding.

Nervi 12

In short, this time everything was fine, and the people, who seemed more detached, actually made beautiful comments and articles.

Guys go to rest, for a short while, the concert n. 5, Cinquale is ready !!



Credit to owners of all photos and videos.


Between the various commitments of IL VOLO in this period, there is also a presence at the Collisioni Festival Barolo.

This event takes place in Piedmont in the beautiful land of Barolo, which also gives its name to the very tasty and famous wine.

It is a beautiful land, full of vineyards and certainly with a very pleasant climate, given the stifling heat of these days.

Look at the picture, what a splendor!


Collisioni Festival, promoted by the Piedmont Region, was conceived in 2009 by an artist team made up of Italian journalists and writers.

Collisioni is the agrirock festival of literature and music in the hills. Concerts, meetings with writers, actors and musicians, musical and theatrical performances, street artists, all in the natural amphitheater of the green hills of Barolo.

The Festival takes place outdoors in the country itself, which is therefore totally involved. Of course there are also food stands and in particular dedicated to wine. Good music, good literature, good wine, fine place, what more could you want?

The peculiarity is that the singers are first interviewed on stage, and, in the case of IL VOLO, the moderator was Ernesto Assante, music critic journalist, who has never been too benevolent with IL VOLO and who had also promised to go to the concert From Rome. We didn’t get any feedback, that Assante was at the concert in Rome, but surely, today, he will have the opportunity to ask Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca some questions and then also be able to hear them in live performances.

COLLISIONI FESTIVAL article – Click Here

So let’s keep our fingers crossed, and let’s hope that some fans will record videos, because Collisioni Festival does not provide any connection, it will only publish some photos.

Here, to you: IL VOLO.
Thanks guys and welcome to Collisioni.
They are very expected.
Good listening.


Fortunately, the Volo Highlights, whom I thank, made a video of the interview. Unfortunately at some point the view is tilted, but the interview is really interesting.

Translate for you.

A = I guess they’ve already asked you a million times: what did you think the first time you sang together?

I = It’s not about what we thought when we sang together, but what we thought about the week before, when they gave us the parts of the song to study …

A = It is true.

G = ….. but with these I have to sing ??

I = … because we were three singers, and at a certain point we have to study “O SOLE MIO” because you have to sing it in trio with other guys. Who knows what it will bring us. Then we re-found ourselves on stage, you know when you are small you face things with naivety, with less responsibility and less knowledge of what you are doing. But we had fun and then it went great. (very well)

A = You realized at the time, that an alchemy had been created, which in fact now exists. Then you couldn’t be friends without knowing each other. Alchemy, is created immediately, because people from home noticed that it wasn’t the usual thing.

P = The thing that brought us together right from the start is the musical genre we were singing, we understood and we all felt the same thing, the same passion for bel canto. At the beginning they called us “the three tenorini” (small tenors), that nice name was born with Antonella ….

I = But now how do you manage to call me a “tenorino”? I also weigh 120 kg.


P = Fortunately, that alchemy has always improved, day after day.

A = Apart from “O SOLE MIO”, what was the song that you immediately understood to be in perfect harmony?

P = Maybe “SMILE” by Charlie Chaplin

I = But also, “IL MONDO”. I also explain to you, that all the songs we proposed together, I had already sung by myself, in the program. I had sung “IL MONDO”, “UN AMORE COSÌ GRANDE”,  “É LA MIA VITA”  by Al Bano, and then we sang them together. I think that “IL MONDO” is really the song, where we immediately found ourselves in harmony.

P = He too (Ignazio) immediately found harmony with “SMILE”, tell him about it.

A = I want to know.

I = When we recorded the album, they divided the parts, we were small and I came from Sicily and I didn’t speak English well, and then, we arrived in the studio, I entered the first room to record the song, then I repeated the first sentence 58 times.

G = And in any case we were three children, catapulted into a totally different world, which perhaps did not belong to us, or perhaps belonged to us, and we still did not know it.


A = Being so young on television, what was it like? After each television episode, did you return home, and life, was it normal or wasn’t it normal for nothing?

G = For us, life has always been more or less normal, the important thing, even during the journeys that have taken us away from the family, we have always found the time to go back to being the ones we have always been. It is as if we lived a life with two parallel tracks.

A = Are you telling me that you haven’t lost anything? Childhood, adolescence?

G = More than lost, we have gained something, because we have certainly been privileged, we have lived experiences, which probably our peers have not done, and we are aware that there are so many whose talents they cannot explore, so we feel lucky and privileged in this. (applause)

I = I think it’s also very subjective. Each of us lives it differently.

A = You, how do you live it?

I = I am a bit special, I live everything as if nothing had happened, in the sense, sometimes, I can’t distinguish the two things, for me it’s always normal.

A = This, however, helps you overcome certain difficulties that I believe you have had.

I = I always try to surround myself with normality, I always look for a daily life, which is difficult to find, since we are always traveling. I am always in constant search for normality.


P = I suffer this thing, I can’t enjoy the moment, I always think of tomorrow, I always have the urge to do more and more. When we do a concert, an event, something important, when we come down from the stage, I think … and tomorrow what should we do ?? I always think I do more and so I don’t live the moment.

G = As often they tell us: “getting to success is the easiest thing, keeping it is difficult”, because after the summit, there is only the descent.

A = But did you think about doing this career when you were small? I do not believe.

P = When I was 8 I went to piano school, I helped my father in the body shop to fix the cars, then I went to my uncle to be a mechanic.

A = Did you think you were a mechanic?

P = No, I wanted to live on music, being a piano teacher and after a path in the conservatory, becoming a singing teacher and then the tenor in theaters.

A = Teaching music to others.


G = We were so young that we really didn’t know what we wanted to do. Imagine if at 14, one can know what to do, but in the end it happened like this, so fast that we didn’t realize, a sudden change, of life.

A = What you said before, that you don’t think about what can happen tomorrow, is it perhaps due to the speed with which it all started? I mean, it wasn’t your choice, and now maybe you have a little fear that everything can end?

P = Do you know what the biggest problem is? That this year we are celebrating 10 years of career and we are 24 years old.

A = Certainly.

G = Even if it’s beautiful, it’s also scary.

A = Indeed, if you were not afraid, I would be worried. And to you Ignazio, you are less afraid, what do you think?

I = It is not that I am not afraid, but sometimes I do not realize what is happening.

A = You can also be afraid of so many things, but don’t be worried.

I = I think that a person must always be worried, and be afraid, because in any case it is what gives you the incentive to do more and more. I am a very cheerful person, and often, when I spend moments of solitude, they immediately tell me, “What’s wrong? Why don’t you laugh?”, but I think that every person needs that moment of sadness and loneliness, because then it is what helps you to produce, to invent, and to do more and more.


A = 10 years, not a few, we have just said it, and you only have 24, but the thing that comes to me to ask you, when did you realize that it was really a success? That you were IL VOLO, that something had changed, you were no longer  in the television program, it was no longer the success of the moment that could end, that it was really your way ……. always, if you understood it.

P = The difference, the transition between hobby and work. Yes, there was the moment when we realized that it has become a serious job, in effect, when Torpedine, our manager, who is that guy among them with white hair, calls us and starts the meetings to solve problems. Maybe at the beginning, everything comes suddenly and you just have to decide whether yes or no.

G = I think the answer is simple, when at the beginning when we were little we took part in concerts, but now we are the ones doing concerts for the people, that’s where the change happened, we’re on the other side, and we, we didn’t expect it.


A = That is, people come to hear you.

G = Yes, now we are on the other side, first I used to go and hear the singers I liked, now, after years, I’m on the other side, I even met and I sang with the singers I used to listen to when I was small, you realize how life has changed and you appreciate it.

A = Can I ask you a trivial question? How do you define yourself? Artists? Singers? Entertainer? Because you are all three things for sure, that is people who entertain the public and therefore know how to do an important and beautiful job, but singers of an important and beautiful and rich repertoire, and artists, of those who put something of their own, to transform something improper, in something of IL VOLO. Is there any for you that prevails over others or not?

I = It is a very difficult question, because we are, in some respects artists, in some respects singers and in some respects ….

A = ….. entertainers.

I = Communicators, because we think that music is sharing, music must be shared, any genre and any way of making music. So for us, being able to transmit emotions, especially with the kind of music we play, is a very important thing.
And then it depends on where. On stage we are artists, but we always try to bring the more human side, also because this is the beauty, knowing how to put yourself naked on stage and show what’s inside you, to people, and it’s the thing, harder.


P = Don’t worry that he doesn’t (to get naked).

I = Also because it’s not a good show.

P = Do you know what the beautiful thing is for us three? Do the concerts. You never came to one of our concerts.

A = No, I confess I never came.

P = You ask the people who came to our concerts, we have fun, because for us, there is not that barrier between stage and audience, for us it is a whole, and we talk to people, we joke, we laugh, everything we think, we externalize it, and it is the most beautiful thing. Your question before, as we define ourselves … we are three normal but extremely lucky boys, because we love music and sing it and there are those who come to listen to it. If these 10 years have passed, it is only thanks to the people who come to listen to us, we are not super-heroes. (applause).

I = He said something nice, really.


A = Now I speak as a critic, not as a music critic, you know that I haven’t been your fan since the beginning.

P = No, but what do you say ….. (Assante has always written bad comments on IL VOLO) … his vote in Sanremo 3,5 !!!

A = …. I got there very slowly ….. besides, my vote was high, because to other singers I gave even less. In reality you know that, with those like me, you have struggled, because you were very good but very small, more considered phenomena than artists. Now, for those like me, I don’t say the public, because they loved you from the beginning, overcoming this fact, it was not easy, you committed yourself, not only to convince me, but also to convince yourself that you were not only child prodigies,

P = Yes, because at the beginning we were child prodigies, a phenomena, but after so many years, after so much study, so much effort, so much dedication, so much h.24 work, we never stop, our work is not alone on stage, before arriving on stage, there is a lot of work, which does not depend only on us three. Our manager works every day, at the beginning we had a record company that was on the other side of the world, so with the different time zone, he worked until 5 am. OK, at the beginning we were child prodigies, but then it was time to show that there was something else, that there was commitment, and all the projects and collaborations done together with great artists, therefore, the criticisms bad, we couldn’t tolerate them anymore.


A = (to Gianluca) I want to know what you think of the passage, from child prodigies to IL VOLO.

G = It is clear that it was not easy, important and doing something, to have a goal, and ours has always been to sing, because it makes us happy. We do not do it just for success, but to reach people, which is the most important thing.

Usually there are child prodigies, like Nikka Costa, for whom it is difficult to overcome that line that marks the transition from child prodigy, so you can last a year, two years, but then, if there is not a team that works for you, as Piero used to say, but also the ambition itself to go beyond, and go farther and farther. So thanks to all the people who are working for us, but also thanks to our perseverance and determination, which has helped us to keep going.

A = And how do you choose songs? Choosing songs is crucial to making others understand who you are.

G = We choose the songs together, and then 80% of our songs are covers, the repertoire of the bel canto, of the crossover, is not only Italian, but there are songs like “SMILE” or “MY WAY”, we follow, a little in the steps of Bocelli.

A = Exactly, but considering a song, instead of the other one, is very important, it makes the difference, how do you do it? Do all three choose songs? Do you bring the proposals and discuss among you?


G = Yes, we discuss every day, also because we have different thoughts and tastes, different personalities, but with a single goal, to get the best for the group. In the first CD there was “IL MONDO” by Jimmy Fontana, “SMILE” by Charlie Chaplin, two unpublished ones in English, there was “O SOLE MIO”, in short, all the songs that contain the Italian and American tradition. The bel canto, a little like the repertoire of the 50s where Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin also sang in Italian, or Elvis Presley who sang SURRENDER or IT’S NOW OR NEVER and above all in those countries, Italianness is thanks to those singers who they made it known to the general public.

A = Being, of the flags of your country, do you feel it as a burden, a responsibility or an honor?

P = He (referred to Ignazio), heard it, for a long time as a burden.

I = No. Surely it is a great pleasure, from the first day, we tried to bring the Italian spirit to the world.

A = And you, you succeeded.

I = Yes, and it just makes us feel that pleasure and honor, it was a goal, and that’s what we’re doing.


G = We want to greet the great Mauro Corona (an Italian writer and sculptor, a frank and unconventional person)

P = Grande Mauro, number one. Last night we had dinner with Mauro, boys, it’s an idol!

A = How is Italy welcomed abroad? You represent the traditional way of being Italian, the historical culture of our country. What reaction is there from the foreign public?

P = Not only that, as far as Italian music is concerned, for everything, ITALY IS THE MOST LOVED AND ENVIED, COUNTRY IN THE WORLD.

G = Many abroad, they do not know Italian music, they appreciate lyric music, bel canto, Italian music, it is not really known.

A = De Gregori (an Italian singer-songwriter) does not know him.

G = No, unfortunately. He is one of my favorite artists (De Gregori sang with IL VOLO all’Arena)

P = However, the answer to our success abroad is due to the strength of the music we sing.

A = But what do you like about the great Italian melody you sing? Is it something that moves you and excites you?

I = It’s not an easy thing to explain, it’s like if you like pistachio ice cream, but you can’t say why, there are things we can’t even explain ourselves.

A = Is it the satisfaction of singing it?

I = I can’t tell you, for example, I really like lyric music, I listen to the opera, we also sang it, but it’s something for which, I personally wouldn’t do projects, instead Piero, in his life, he wants to sing opera in theaters, full time, what maybe, I don’t think, but listening and I really like it, when I listen to it, it gives me a very strong emotion.


G = Instead I arrived afterwards to opera music, at most I listened to Andrea Bocelli first, I didn’t listen to opera, because my father made me listen to De Gregori, Guccini, Lugli (Italian songwriters). A music even, far from what I sing now. So I came later to appreciate classical music.

A = But do you think that this variety of tastes is actually the real value?

G = It also depends on the choice of songs, because if there are less national-popular songs, there is a different choice.
(a person from the audience speaks loudly with Piero, Assante jokingly says to stop talking to each other)

I = He wants to offer (to Piero) a glass of wine, but he is a teetotaler, and when he told him that he gave him a pear juice.

P = That guy, he doesn’t like my glasses ….. I’m a serious guy, I don’t wear glasses like yours.

A = Torpedine, these are unruly, you must tell me how you manage them, on tour, for the world, they do as they like, it’s a big problem. (he jokes) Talk to me, not with them (Assante refers to guys who disturbed the interview, but Piero decides to leave the stage and satisfy them by taking a picture with them.)


I = (to the people) We lost Piero, someone wants to play the part of Piero?

A = I speak, with you two, if you listen to me (Piero returns to the stage), thank you for this off-program. The relationship with the public, how is it? Above all abroad? (The boys among the people continue to disturb and Assante takes them back.) Is not that you always satisfy all the people like that?

G = There is something to worry about when people don’t ask you anything anymore.

A = There is no doubt about this, I agree with you.

P = Do you know why our relationship with the public is beautiful? We always say, often we have seen, of our colleagues who, in the past have denied photos with fans, now you put yourself in the condition of that person, who comes to you, asks you for a photo because he appreciates you, how can you say no? It’s the same thing as a shoemaker with customers, you can’t say NO.

A = But do you like being a star a little bit?

G = One STAR nut.

I = You talk to the wrong person, I live things very quietly, sometimes even wrongly.

The video is interrupted because the girl who was shooting, discusses with the guys who disturbed the interview, however I think it was almost over.

And here is the final moment, the boys sing a cappella “GRANDE AMORE”.

And here is the time to say goodbye.

IL VOLO, greet all the friends of Collisioni Festival.

And here are the guys who disturbed the interview because they wanted to take the picture with Piero.

The same guys with Ignazio who says, “The noisiest guys I’ve ever met.”

This interview was really very interesting and with many questions never proposed.

Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca are always very correct.
I believe that Assante admitted to having changed his mind about IL VOLO.

Finally we also make a nice toast to Barolo, with Gianluca.



Credit to owners of all photos and videos.


During the concert in Rome, the boys sang, among the many songs, also “VICINISSIMO”.


Piero Ignazio and Gianluca,  sang this song, with the company of some children and even a not-very-young person.

A very sweet video came out, which perhaps not all of you have seen, also before the song there are some nice dialogues, which I now translate to you.

Here is the video.

G= Hello baby, what’s your name?
S = Sofia
G = Are you happy to be here?
S = Yes
G = Love (meanwhile Ignazio raises a very small child on stage)
Hello baby, what’s your name?
E = Emma
G = Emma !!
I = Emma, who is your favorite? Don’t tell me Piero, otherwise I’ll go. So who do you like?
P = (only Piero’s voice is heard) Emma, Emma …… (everyone laughs, I think Piero shows Emma a sign to say his name)
I = (imitating the child) ACHILLE LAURO (Achille Lauro is a young singer who has been in Sanremo 2019, he is very disputed because it seems that in his songs he praises drugs.) (people laugh)


G = It’s nice to see people of all ages at our concerts, this is beautiful, and our goal is to get to everyone’s heart, especially even small children like these, we fell in love with this music when we had the their age, and it’s nice to see them here at our concert.
I = (to Emma) But do you want to stay here during the next song?
P = (Piero’s voice) I remind you that the last time you sang with a child next to you, you fell off the stage.
G = Come and say hi to Piero, give Piero a little kiss.
P = (he is sitting) Love, I do not move, otherwise I break my pants.
G = (to Sofia) Do you want to be close to Ignazio?
I = (to Emma) Do you want to stay here? (she says no, with her head), do you want mom? (Emma says yes with her head)
I = (to Emma) But do you want to stay here during the next song?
P = (Piero’s voice, in a tone of playful reproach) I remind you that the last time you sang with a child next to you, you fell off the stage.


They start “VICINISSIMO” and the two babies remain on the stage between Gianluca and Ignazio, while Ignazio makes Emma sit, some of the people tell him to be careful, so he makes a face that seems to mean, don’t bring bad luck. (remembers Tampa)

The video moves on to Piero, who is a little further away and while the image shows us Piero, a woman with dark glasses, approaches Gianluca and Ignazio, and will remain close to the boys for the rest of the song. Ignazio and Gianluca are very sweet, both with girls and women.

Eventually it will be discovered that this woman came from England to see IL VOLO, she made this trip because, for now, there are no scheduled dates in England. She is 99 years old, walks little and often uses wheelchair support, was accompanied in Italy by two other women (who are also seen on video) who take care of her.

Ignazio holds an arm around the woman’s neck affectionately, while Gianluca is always close to the two little girls. Piero is joined by two other little girls.



It is really a video of a unique sweetness, both for the words of this song, and in particular for the beautiful and spontaneous images.

These beautiful moments make us admire your personality even more.
Impossible not to be fascinated.

A hug to you!


Credit to owners of all photos and videos.


The first articles and videos about the first concert in Matera have come out, some really nice.

They say 01

Beautiful is this TRMh24 video that summarizes the evening, enjoy the images and activate the subtitles.

This is from Murgia Live 24, Radio Altamura 1.
In this video, people entering to watch the concert are interviewed, they are very nice short interviews, in their answers we find all our thoughts.

I translate for you.

Where are you coming from?
From Matera.
From Matera, why IL VOLO, what is written on the sign?
It says: Unique emotion, one thought.
Ten years of career, Il VOLO.
How wonderful, why do you love them?
Because they are very good and sincere guys, they are not presumptuous, and of course they sing very well, they have a real natural talent.
They are great, I love them.

Where are you from?
From Perugia
Why Il Volo?
Because we always follow them, since they started, this is the sixteenth concert, and we have another five scheduled for this summer.
Yes, in Taormina and everywhere.
We also went to Naro in Sicily.
How wonderful, thanks.

Where are you from?
 From Matera.
What’s your name?
Antonella and Rita
Why Il Volo?
They are great,  they are a show.
The favorite song?
Grande Amore
What will you do when they sing this song?
We will go directly under the stage, or we will even go over the stage.

They say 02

Where do you come from?
From Matera. 
Why Il Volo, ma’am?
Because they have a music genre that makes me shudder.
Your favorite song?
Grande Amore, by far. 

Where are you from?
I from Policoro (near Matera), but my friend is from Poland.
Even from Poland?
From Warsaw
Why Il Volo?
Because they are extraordinary and deserve the success they have had.
Thank you

It’s a video, we’re on Radio Altamura 1, where do you come from?
From Matera
What’s your name?
Why Il Volo?
Because I like them.
The favorite song?
Grande Amore

I’ll come to you, where do you come from?
From Matera, always from Matera.
Is she a lady from Matera too?
Yes, I am from Matera.
Look, lady, why Il Volo?
Because they are very good.
What do you like?
I like all of them, all their songs and how they are.
And Grande Amore?
Grande Amore is beautiful.

Where do you come from?
From Gallipoli.
Why Il Volo?
Because they are fantastic, what other explanation.
Thank you

They say 03

Where do you come from?
My city is Matera 2019, capital of Europe culture.
Why Il Volo lady?
Because their music transmits emotions to the heart.
Thank you

So where do you come from?
But really Naples center?
Why Il Volo? and why Matera?
Because they are special and I love them.

Where are you coming from?
From Lecce so far away.
Why Il Volo?
Because they are three simple and genuine and very good guys.
Thank you

Where are you coming from? 
Why Il Volo?
Because they are special, they are three good guys and I like their songs.

They say 04

Where does she come from?
From Matera
Why IL Volo? Why tonight here?
Because it’s nice, see Il Volo.
They’re good?
Well done. 

Where do you come from?
From Matera.
From Matera too, why Il Volo?
Because we like them.
From one to ten?
10 and praise with the academic kiss?
Exactly, it’s normal.

Where are you coming from?
I’m from Vietri sul mare, from Salerno, from Campania.
They’re telling me you’re a soprano.
Yes, I’m a soprano.
Why Il Volo?
Because we love the same musical genre, I’m soprano, and then I know them.
What do you expect this evening?
To get excited, they are very good and therefore, to share this evening with them.

Where is he from?
From Palagiano.
Why Il Volo?
My sister is crazy about Il Volo, so I had to go with her, of course. But I like them too.

They say 05

We are in Cava del Sole Matera, why Il Volo?
Because it was a wish of both my mother and my in-laws and mine too.
Where is he from?
From Gioia del Colle, Taranto.

Madam, where did you come from?
From Potenza.
From Potenza, why Il Volo?
Because I have been following them since they started their career, I have followed their entire path, I love them, I love them, as if they were my grandchildren.

Why Il Volo, why are you here?
No, no.
Why are they good? They are unique?
Yes, I think they are very humble people, and they give me a lot of emotions.
Where are you from?
From Calabria.
From Calabria, and how old are you?
Why Il Volo?
Because they are unique and inimitable.

Hi everyone, I’m from Matera.
Where are you from?
From Matera.
After I chased them in all the cities, finally they are here in my Matera.

They say 06

They say 07

Ten years in Volo: “It’s the era of lyric pop.”

by Andrea Spinelli

They say 08

QUOTIDIANO.NET Article – Click Here

They say 09

Matera, 17 June 2019 – These are feelings carved in stone in a city of sorrowful beauty, to be observed “through a veil of poetry and melancholy” as Pascoli said, those left in Matera by Il Volo to kick off the celebrations of their tenth anniversary.

A celebration in which Piero Barone, Ignazio Boschetto and Gianluca Ginoble paid homage with two concerts in extraordinary spaces of the European Capital of Culture such as San Pietro Caveoso and, just yesterday, the Cava del Sole, ranging from the hits of its repertoire such as “Grande amore”, “Musica che resta” or “A chi mi dice”, Italian version by Tiziano Ferro of “Breathe Easy” by Blue, and classics poised between lyric and pop like “Nessun dorma”, “Arrivederci Roma” and “Caruso”.

“It was two quite different performances,” explains Piero Barone. “The first, in fact, was filmed by the cameras of Duccio Forzano for a television special that PBS will air in America in November, which will also feature a CD / DVD celebrating this anniversary of ours, while the second is the concert that we are going to bring on tour more oriented on the last album Musica.

The live record repertoire will also take them on tour, debuting on February 5th at Radio City Music Hall in New York and then returning to Europe and Italy between spring and summer.

They say 10

With PBS you have often worked.
Barone: “This is our sixth special with them. The first one was realized in Detroit, the second and third in Miami, the fourth in Pompeii, the fifth in Piazza Santa Croce in Florence and the sixth in Matera because we try to bring Americans not only singing and Italian tradition , but also the beauties of our country.”

The celebrations for the tenth anniversary began, therefore, in Matera.
Barone: “Yes, even the mayor told us in front of the play of light for the special TV that Matera has never been made so beautiful.”

Boschetto: “The Americans said we were amazed and convinced in Piazza Santa Croce that we could not have done better, this time we were able to surprise them even more”.

You arrived among the “Sassi” before Daniel Craig with the filming of Bond 25.
Barone: “But we already have our James Bond. And it is Ignazio.”On September 24th, return to the Verona Arena.

Ginoble: “News from yesterday, the date is sold-out. Last time we entered the Arena for a special TV, this time for the end of the tour party.”

They say 11

What are the surprises of these 2019 concerts?
Barone: “The largest is probably the violin presence of Alessandro Quarta. Because the public deserves to listen to music that remains performed on the tour as we did in Sanremo in the evening reserved for collaborations.”

Last month you were in Japan. A concert was shown in cinemas. What welcome did you find?
Boschetto: “We brought the show of Magic Night because it rests on our most classic repertoire. And the record came in second place in the standings behind Bohemian Rhapsody of the great Queen.”

Ginoble: “It all started in the nineties, when lyric pop was exported all over the world by Pavarotti and Bocelli. Singing this music in Japan in 2019, doing it in a cradle of beauty like Matera or like the Arena makes us proud to export it all over the world.”

If a “tenor” voice like that of Alberto Urso triumphs today at “Amici”, is it not a little your merit too?
Barone: “We may have cleared this genre of music, helping to free it from the prejudices it brought with it. Perhaps there are people attracted to this genre, but fearful of having to overcome the reserves that are there especially in Italy, because if it is very popular abroad, there must be a reason.”

They say 12

They say 13

Well, we are very happy with these nice articles.
I think that in front of the obviousness of such a beautiful concert, it was the least they could write.
We hope that things continue like this.
They deserve the best.


Credit to owners of all photos and videos.


BIANCA MAGAZINE, has dedicated the cover to IL VOLO and inside there is a nice article by Omar Gelsomino, which I now translate for you.


Summer 01

When we saw them on TV for the first time, they were single beginners at the second edition of TI LASCIO UNA CANZONE. Since then Piero Barone, Ignazio Boschetto (both Sicilians, the first from Naro, in the Agrigento area; the second from Marsala, in the province of Trapani) and Gianluca Ginoble, from Abruzzo, have come a long way and since 2009, they have “taken off” as IL VOLO. This is the name of this extraordinary trio that in 10 years, from the talent of Antonella Clerici onwards, signed a contract with Universal and then with Sony, sang for the greatest personalities in the world, dueted with international stars, done and continue to do sold-out tours in every part of the globe, and in 2015 won the Sanremo Festival with “Grande Amore”.


We saw them at the cinema with “Notte Magica”, a concert film that marked the stages of the silimar “A Tribute To The Three Tenors”, recently in a film “Un Amore Così Grande”, and now engaged in their “Musica Tour”.


Three different personalities, but who are you really?

We are three guys with a great desire to make music and share what we love doing. Three boys, with completely different personalities, united by the passion for the same musical genre, a little forgotten, and we are trying in every way to bring back again among the “young”.

Summer 02

From a talent to global success. How do you experience it?

We live it with a lot of tension, as it gives you the incentive to produce new things, to make music, to never give up.

Our typical day is marked by the 24-hour workday, we can’t imagine our life without this work, the last thing the artist does is get on stage and sing, before the whole job is behind.

The people who are close to me every day, see me one day nervous, one day very happy , one day thoughtful, one day tense, we all have the stimulus and the question mark of tomorrow, but we must always enjoy the moment. (Piero’s words).


If you look back, what and how do you see yourself?

We see three very privileged boys, looking at our past we cannot but believe in destiny.

If one of us had participated in the first or third edition of that program, IL VOLO would not have been born.

Since then, thanks to Michele Torpedine, our current manager, we have done a lot of work.


How you have changed?

On the positive side, but also on the negative side (they joke).

We have grown humanly and professionally.

It is clear that each of us has his own needs, he wants to spend the holidays alone, he wants to be more alone.

We cannot complain, clearly as any marriage or cohabitation there are moments of discussion, the most mature thing for a group and for any relationship is to find the right compromise, a meeting point.

Summer 03

How do you feel, being ambassadors of the Bel Canto in the world?

It is a great responsibility. Pavarotti, Bocelli and Il Volo share the same songs.

People living in the wild cannot wait to hear “O sole mio”, “Torna a Surriento”, “Nessun dorma”, “Libiamo”.

Our success is due to the echo and strength of the Italian musical tradition.


Among the celebrities you have met, who has impressed you the most?

Each of us has his favorite, when we signed the tour contract with Barbra Streisand we didn’t realize how important and great the meeting was.

A magical moment that I will carry throughout my life and tell my grandchildren, it was two years ago, when we were next to Placido Domingo (We grew up listening to his music, I always listen to him because I am an opera lover,  points out Piero Barone.), an icon of classical music who gave us advice on how to sing.

It is the luck of our work, a way of life, it leads you to sing with Placido Domingo, a moment of extreme difficulty and two days later you find yourself in front of the Pope in front of one million people!

There are mood swings and moods that are difficult to control.

When you look in the mirror, the most important thing to do is to think, “What can we do tomorrow?”

We think of tomorrow, never cradle ourselves in success and what it gives you, and never say, me, me, me.


You returned to Sanremo celebrating ten years of career, what did you feel?

We felt so much emotion to sing there. The edition of TI LASCIO UNA CANZONE in 2009, took place right at the Ariston Theater, so that stage saw us being born. Last year we went as guests, this year instead as competitors.

The stage is a moment of sharing, whether you are a guest or a competitor, people are there to listen to you, the rest are just circumstances.

Summer 04

Tell us about “Musica Che Resta”, the song you brought to Sanremo and your new album Musica ……

This album is particular because it contains our other musical tastes, explains Gianluca, we believed that it was necessary to satisfy our three tastes and our personalities: “Be my love” is close to Piero, “Arrivederci Roma” is more my genre , while “A Chi Mi Dice”, to Ignazio.

“Musica Che Resta” is a fairly representative piece for IL VOLO, so we called Gianna Nannini, because it was missing that rock feel. When we sing this song, we perfectly express our vocals and we can’t wait to go back on tour, in June and July, among other things we will do two concerts in Sicily, on July 21st in Palermo and July 23rd in Taormina.


In what spirit did you start this new tour?

With a smile. With this tour, we celebrate our 10-year career in front of our audience, our fans, those who have allowed this.

The public is the reason we live.

We consider ourselves privileged and for this reason we thank them, because they allows us to share our gift, our voice and our passion.


What are your future plans?

There are so many, but IL VOLO’s goal is to confirm and consolidate everything we’ve done in the past.

Summer 05

BIANCA Magazine Article – Click Here

A really nice interview, with questions that are by no means trivial.

The boys always respond impeccably, and their answers make us discover more and more their personalities who have matured, but who have not deviated from the main road.

It’s very nice to read about you guys.

Until the next interview!


Credit to owners of all photos.