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IL VOLO TOUR 2022: VICENZA by Daniela

The last stage of the Italian summer tour has also arrived: Vicenza.

I must admit that, even though Vicenza is less than 80 miles from Brescia, I have never seen this city.
My friend Antonietta, went to the concert in Vicenza and sent me many beautiful photos and so let’s start by seeing how beautiful the Piazza dei Signori is.
Antonietta sent me some videos of the guy’s speeches, which I gladly translate for you.
PIERO = It rains, it does not rain, it rains, it does not rain.
Luckily, so far it has gone well (obviously because the concert is outdoors).Thank you for coming to this concert, we are delighted (applause).
Today is the last date of this summer tour, tomorrow we leave two months for the U.S. on tour….
GIANLUCA = Who wants to come with us ???
PIERO = Anyone who wants to come can go with them !!
GIANLUCA(He reads a sign)
“You are the best gift for my 90th birthday !!”
Greetings lady, best wishes, best wishes !!
PIERO(he talks to Ignazio) Since I’m a mature person and I know you well, before you chase me away, I’m leaving.
IGNAZIO = Bravo!
PIERO = Ciao, see you later.
GIAN(to Ignazio) Did you drink the coffee?
IGNAZIO = No. Coffee hurts, for heaven’s sake, because it can create gastric reflux, so the mucous membranes become inflamed (he points to a grandmother in the audience), see the lady nods. I studied!
GIAN = What happens now?
IGNAZIO = Before the tour, I called Gianluca and told him:
“What should we do in a duet Gianluca?”
And I propose a song that was already part of our wishes.
GIAN = We’ve been wanting to do it for years.
IGNAZIO = One of those songs that you think we have to do sooner or later. Let’s do it.
And so we decided to sing this song, especially this year, because we have come from two very difficult years, where there have been people less fortunate than us, who have suffered and continue to suffer. We want to dedicate it to those who are suffering, to those who listen to all the music to feel a little better, and especially to those who are watching us from up there. (applause)
Ignazio’s thought certainly went to Vito , and now, how touching is this speech by Piero, dedicated to the memory of his grandfather Pietro !!  
PIERO = You know the love I have towards opera.
I study every day to improve, and to learn more and more.
It is a magnificent journey.
I owe everything to a person, who unfortunately has not been with us for a few days, and it is the person who made me discover, (applause) who transmitted this vocation to me. My grandfather.

A few songs:

“SE” Thanks to Laura Peyretti
“ALL BY MYSELF” Thanks to Francesca Brazzale

“LA DONNA E’ MOBILE” Thanks to Francesca Brazzale

The final notes of GRANDE AMORE!!
There were a lot of people and big screens were put up to allow everyone to see the guys.
The audience enjoyed the concert very much and responded with a lot of applause !!

And look at the beautiful photos published by the Municipality of Vicenza.

And look at what beautiful photos Antonietta managed to take during the Vicenza soundcheck.

And so we came to the last summer concert, a little sad, because for two months we will not see Il Volo here with us, but …………. we celebrate because they are already in your continent, they have rested very little and are ready to start your adventure !!
Enjoy every moment of their company !!!
Credit to owners of all photos and videos.

IL VOLO TOUR 2022: BRESCIA by Daniela

It was fantastic, the magic started 7 years ago for me, my first Il Volo concert was in 2015 in Brescia, in Piazza Loggia and yesterday 2 September 2022, after 7 years, the magic was repeated.
There are no words to describe the emotions.
But let’s start from the beginning.
Piazza Loggia was bright, ready for the concert.

In the afternoon I attended the sound check, we members of the fan club were able to enter and sit in the first row. Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca arrived but did a very short sound check, but then they got off the stage and greeted all of us from the fan club one by one, exchanging a few words with each one. They were very kind and apologized for the shortness of the sound check due to the fact that being an open square, many people were behind the barriers and could watch and listen. The thing I did not like was that we at the fan club were absolutely forbidden to take pictures or videos, so there is nothing that testifies that we were in contact with the boys, and the people outside the barriers, on the other hand, could do all of them, the photos they wanted ….. what nonsense!

In the afternoon I also met Judith, from Canada, she reads to us on Flight Crew and told me that she has been following Il Volo for 10 years, since she casually saw them on the PBS television station, and she heard ITALIA,  immediately she searched on the map where it was that nation of which he did not even know the name and since then, thanks to Il Volo, she returns to Italy every year. Now she loves Italy very much, but we know very well that Il Volo is the best ambassador of Italy !! ❤
And then it was a surprise in the evening, to discover that Judith and I at the concert had seats next to each other in the front row !! Perfect 🤗

My country is not far from Brescia, about 15 minutes by car, so we left an hour before the concert, but once in the center of Brescia, the chaos, there was no parking and long queues of cars, so we parked a little distant and then almost running to arrive in time, long queue at the entrance to the square and then, time to sit down and the concert begins.
I was ready with my video camera. “Ecstasy of Gold” starts, the camera starts having a thousand problems, and then “memory full” appears, but it’s not possible !!!! So all evening I had to shoot with my cellphone, which is not of excellent quality, I had to keep the images close, otherwise it blurs, but I must say that I am quite satisfied with the result and I hope you are too.
The first song that opens the concert is “Ecstasy Of Gold”.  I really like this song, here is a small piece.
I haven’t recorded all the songs, but there are several videos and the following is of the beautiful Your Love, which reminds all us, Ignazio’s sad moments.
Click on the photo below to view Your Love.

The lineup is always the same as in Verona, and soon the solos arrived, beautifully sung by all three,
Ignazio begins with “All By Myself”.
Superb interpretation, sweet and powerful at the same time. ❤
Gianluca immediately follows with the beautiful “Your Song”.
The speech before the song is also beautiful. He would like to thank his family who have always supported him and the luck of having found Il Volo and having been able to give life to his dream of singing.
Bravo Gianluca. And what about his voice? A marvel of beautiful emotions !!
It’s Piero’s turn, I chose “E lucean le stelle” from his singles.
Touching interpretation and power of voice which drags us into a whirlwind of emotions !!
Click on the photo below to view E lucean le stelle.
Naturally, people reacted with lots of love and lots of applause and standing ovations.
Even in the duets, wonderful as always:
Gianluca and Piero: MY WAY
Click on the photo below to view My Way.
Ignazio and Gianluca: HALLELUJAH
But how much emotion is there in this song?
It is a whirlwind that carries you, and that also carries Gianluca and Ignazio.
How much emotion overwhelms all those present and the singers themselves.
IGNAZIO: This song is like a prayer, a prayer for those who have been less fortunate than us in these two years, for those who have not made it and for those who are still suffering, unfortunately.
To those who are experiencing war today, which is unthinkable (applause)
GIANLUCA : Music too, can save lives, and can really unite, and we hope that with this song, which we will surely sing together, we will get excited together, and also think about who is no longer here.
At the end of the song, I didn’t film because I was applauding, but Ignazio and Gianluca were standing tight in embrace and Ignazio raises his arm up and, with his finger, he marks in the sky, he evidently dedicated the song to his dad. ❤
And now Piero and Ignazio, in the beautiful opera aria “La donna è mobile”, wonderful and what powerful voices !!
In these seven years there has been a great maturation in the voices of Gianluca, Piero and Ignazio, you can guess the great study work they have had over time, the results are evident.
A song that always has a certain effect: “Un amore così grande”.
As they perform “Here’s to You”, they descend among the people, confusion and happiness.
A short video with Gianluca in the crowd.
“L’amore si muove” and “Musica che resta”, while Ignazio is still in the crowd.
CARUSO, always beautiful.
And now let’s have fun with  IL VOLO. All up to dance with VOLARE! 😁
Ignazio saw that I continued to film and in this video, he keeps an eye on me and nicely as Ignazio knows how to do, he tells me to follow him and warns me that he is watching me !!
Everyone will laugh with this video !!😁😁😁❤
And now, finished with the videos, a roundup of photos !!

And finally, the article published in newspaper Bresciaoggi, I’ll translate some parts for you.

Bresciaoggi Article – Click Here

Il Volo conquers Piazza della Loggia: in Brescia the trio is reaping applause.

No one more than them today is the bearer of made in Italy around the world: they are Gianluca Ginoble, Piero Barone and Ignazio Boschetto, alias Il Volo, who landed on the evening of Friday 2 September at the foot of the Loggia for the penultimate appointment in Brescia Summer Music, traditional summer festival organized by Cipiesse. In the square 2,500 enthusiastic spectators and a sea of applause at each performance.
The three singers, who returned to Brescia seven years after the concert held in the same setting, have come a long way, always in the wake of the neo-melodic and the lyric lyric lent to pop; mixture thanks to which the trio, by now, plows the skies at all altitudes………..
………….If what works, in music, deserves respect, the three guys who started from the television program “Ti lascio una canzone” and landed in theaters all over the world, evidently deserve the role of standard-bearer that Sony has built for them, with a suit classic that leaves several exceptions to pop, from Celine Dion to Elton John. With the rather successful intent of getting as far as possible.
I went to the concert with my husband and my sister (they were in the third row).
For my sister it was the first concert of Il Volo, needless to tell you how enthusiastic she was to have come, she told me that these are the concerts that it is nice to attend, she had a lot of fun and recognized the great skill of our loved ones.

It was a great evening.

Seven years ago I didn’t know what to expect, but I was thrilled by their concert, so much so that I decided to be their fan.
Today after 7 years, they have still been able to amaze me, their voices are always better and, even if I know every nuance by now, they always amaze me. Their concert is a joy for the ears and also for the eyes, we like what we hear and see, they are always elegant, great brothers in their manner, but always within the limits of elegance, very sweet with children and the elderly, representatives of an elegance that becomes increasingly rare in young artists. Brilliant voices that make millions of hearts shine all over the world.

They are Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca, they are Il Volo!

…… but tomorrow is another day and another concert: Vicenza !!
Here are a few screen shots of Ignazio from Deborah.❤❤❤


From Japan to Abruzzo, here we are in Tagliacozzo for the closing of the Midsummer Festival. This concert was not included, in the Il Volo program, but it was added with great pleasure.
This is the beautiful Piazza Obelisco where Il Volo will perform. It is a pity not to be present, but a friend of mine, a good photographer,  Giorgio Algherini­­­, who managed to photograph Il Volo in St. Peter’s Square during the armored exhibition of Christmas 2020 (due to Covid), he’ll be there.
Here is one of his photos during rehearsals in December 2020.
Therefore, Giorgio is present and will give us an account of the concert.
Let’s start with the view of the square, but I leave the floor to Giorgio.
Giorgio: Impressive at first glance, almost everything ready, only the final touches and … here we are! The Midsummer festival in Tagliacozzo has always, every year, its charm and its great growth thanks to the dedication of fantastic people, including Chiara Nanni councilor for culture and entertainment, the Mayor of Tagliacozzo and the artistic direction of the master Jacopo Sipari Of Pescasseroli.
Giorgio: We are almost at the start !!
Giorgio and I spoke just before the concert began and he promised me that he would contact me the next day, instead at 11:30 pm immediately after the end of the concert, I received this nice comment from him that encompasses everything.
Pure magic, unique show, wonderfully good, stratospheric, even humanly speaking.
So the next day he sent me his shots that I put here for you immediately,  and then he kindly agreed to answer my questions, the result of which you will read immediately after.
Some videos by Giorgio Algherini.
Giorgio: Closing of the Midsummer Festival in Tagliacozzo with Il Volo concert.
Every word is superfluous, WONDERFUL EVENING I would say stratospheric from every point of view, thanks, thanks to Il Volo, and thanks to the whole organization.
GRANDE AMORE – click the photo below to view the video
And here are the impressions of Giorgio Algherini:
It was my first live Il Volo concert.
I have always followed them on TV from the first appearances to “TI LASCIO UNA CANZONE”, now years ago.
Now that I’ve heard them in concert, I have a very strong and positive opinion of them.
I attended the soundcheck and their voices had already amazed me, but live they are wonderful.
The concert was of absolute professionalism in all its nuances, even in terms of acoustics, lights, orchestra, the whole organization, beautiful location. The conductor, Jacopo Sipari di Pescasseroli, besides being my friend, is a great professional.
Il Volo conducted the whole concert without any flaws, without holes (he means without pauses).
The audience was absolutely ecstatic, applause and … I won’t tell you when they went down to sing in the midst of everyone, the delirium …. each of the three, went down to different sectors in the audience and created panic, absolutely brilliant to share certain moments with the fans.
The audience has always acclaimed them in each of their songs and the moments of talk between one song and another.
Difficult to choose a better song for me, all to applause !!
Surely their voice has matured a lot, the result of studies, I believe, in addition to their gift that nature has reserved for them. Surely those who believed in them are to be admired, then I know that at the beginning they were followed in America for almost two years, by many professionals.
They have absolutely all three voices very clean and beautiful deep, in my opinion Ignazio seems more incisive but the choice is very difficult.
In Italy, we have many excellences but …, I hear many people who ignore Il Volo, then however, when you attend their lives you understand that there are bad, incompetent and very envious people. I do not consider myself a great connoisseur of music but … here it is not difficult to understand what is in those voices.
Of the national press, which hardly ever writes about them, more than journalists, I consider them pennivendoli. (pens, sold)
I went to the concert with two fan friends, which are the seventh concert they attended, plus a friend who is almost always in Rai and was greatly admired, even though she already knew them very well.
Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca, are absolutely of a kindness unique . Personally, I was lucky enough last night to be close to them after the concert, 3 delightful guys, playful, easy-going, never over the top, absolutely humble.
Yesterday there was the whole family of Gianluca and his grandfather, very friendly.
During the concert, there was a very beautiful thing, a very, very meaningful photo. They brought a little boy down on stage, it was a beautiful moment, very touching and also to laugh at the shrewdness of this child who sang with them, really touching.❤
Giorgio = Courtesy of my friend Giancarlo Gneme, present at the concert, could I not post it? It was such a fun moment for everyone and the love that the guys from “Il Volo” have for Mattia!
Thanks to Monica Carducci, Mattia’s mother for allowing us to publish videos and photos!


Monica says:
Here is the video of when Piero Barone called Mattia, who up to that moment had not stopped singing for a second, asking the security to take him on stage! who lives for music, I think it was the most beautiful of his life ….. indescribable!
Monica Carducci (Mattia’s mother) = Giorgio Algherini we lived a crazy dream …. Mattia is a driver who wins hearts, it is his innate gift❤️.
The boys of ‘Il Volo’ were of a crazy humanity …. And with them a lot of people present at the concert who showed us so much affection. A beautiful music page performed by three great artists, but also a great message of humanity ❤️Mattia loves music and also sings very well. He had never been on a stage of this thickness and he was very charged …. I sincerely hope he will soon meet these wonderful artists again …. He faces many trials, sometimes even tough ones, but the little lion that is in him makes him love life without reserve and music is all his life, lymph that gives him great emotions ❤️ Thanks to all of you, really. ❤️
Those three big-hearted boys noticed the passion for music of that ‘wren’ who sang among the large audience and when Ignazio, Piero and Gianluca asked the security to bring him up ….. I could not believe my eyes!
Thank you for giving my baby an emotion that is impossible to describe … really so much bigger than him! ❤️When Mattia got out of that stage …. he held me tight and tight and whispered to me…. ‘Mom, I’m happy!’ ❤️❤️

I saw you next to three splendid voices, I saw you sure of yourself ….. and as always ….. you glowed.❤️

In the newspaper article that I am attaching, I translate the title:
terre mariscane article – Click Here
….. and the final part:In addition, during the evening, a tender episode that moved all present. Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca noticed, in the audience, a child singing their songs. They invited him to go up on stage to intone a fragment of a song. To account for what happened to little Mattia’s mother: “Thank you for giving my child an emotion that is impossible to describe …. really a lot, a lot bigger than him!”
We can only imagine the happiness of a mother who sees her child fulfill a dream.
And then there was this other very beautiful moment, where Gianluca sang a short song dedicating it to his grandfather who was in the front row, very sweet !!

Other video and shots of the evening.
Here’s to You – click on the photo below to view the video


Dedication to Piero’s grandfather.

IGNAZIO = Thank you very much Abruzzo !!
GIANLUCA = Thank you, HAPPY Abruzzo !!
IGNAZIO(He approaches Piero and Gianluca)
We wanted to dedicate the concert to a very special person for us, but above all for Piero, to grandfather Pietro who is watching us from up there. ❤❤❤
The master, Jacopo Sipari Di Pescasseroli, with Ignazio, Piero and Gianluca.
And some splendid shots by Sara Allevato.


Piero, reposted the above photo from Sara Allevato on his Facebook profile with sweet words and Sara thanked Piero:
Sara Allevato = This photo says it all, I was happy to be there in this moment, I was happy to immortalize it.
Piero is right:
“Faces and hearts full of joy”.
Thanks Piero for the repost and thanks to both, Mattia and Piero for the emotions.

Beautiful concert, wonderful voices and many sweet attitudes that make our boys the best artists in the field.
There was a lot of effort on the part of everyone for a splendid success and there were also many beautiful photos and videos, thank you all!
Thanks Giorgio Algherini for giving us a wonderful review and kindly answering my questions.
But now it’s my turn !!! The next concert will be in Brescia and I will be in the front row !! I can’t wait.
Daniela 🤗

Credit to owners of all photos and videos.

VOLO TOUR 2022: JAPAN by Daniela

In the first days of August, Il Volo flew to Japan, where, after an absence of three years, three concerts were scheduled.
Before the concerts there were some interviews and appearances in programs, moreover our boys like to visit beautiful Japan and therefore Il Volo left in time for Japan.
Here are some beautiful photos of Ignazio , Gianluca and Piero in the beautiful Japanese places.
And here they are during some interviews and participation in radio and TV programs.


Nice interview of Il Volo with Italianity that we translate:
Italianity Web Magazine article – Click Here

It has been more than 10 years since it debuted in its teens and has found success in the American market right from the start. The three young vocalists of Il Volo have become beautiful young people and have returned to Japan for their third performance.

They have already won many fans in Japan and around the world and responded to the interview. At the end of the article, there is a video message from Il Volo to ITALIANITY readers.

On this visit to Japan, in addition to the aforementioned performances in Japan, live footage was recorded at the World Heritage “Kiyomizu Temple” with no audience. Subsequently, the scheme will be turned into a film and will be screened in Japan and other countries around the world.

The first foreign artist in the world to perform in Kiyomizu-dera
ー ー For this visit to Japan, I heard that you will be recording live footage at the World Heritage-listed Kiyomizu-dera Temple. Please tell us what you think about this project.

Gianluca (G): I believe that the musical power of the opera Bel canto allows us to sing in such a historic and wonderful place. Perhaps it is because of the magic of Puccini’s “Nessun dorma”, the music of Maestro Morricone, and our music becomes like the soundtrack of the place. It was like this in 2016 when I performed the Concert Dedicated to the Three Tenors in Piazza Santa Croce in Florence, and when we performed the concert in memory of the great maestro Ennio Morricone at the Verona Arena. We are very honored to be able to return to Japan and do our best in music. We would like to thank everyone who believed in us and we are delighted to be able to play our music in this wonderful country.

Ignazio (I): We are particularly grateful that you have chosen us as the first foreign artists to perform at Kiyomizu-dera. And I am happy that it will be a benefit concert praying for peace and freedom in this world.

This is your third visit to Japan, has your impression of Japan changed compared to the first time?

G: 2017, 2019 and 2022. Compared to when we started, we have grown a lot and to some extent got used to Japan, but I feel that Japan is a wonderful country that always surprises us and amuses us with its differences. Fortunately, we have the ability to absorb everything and even enjoy the differences in places, people, food and culture. I am happy to be with people who share the same experience. We love Japan now.

What do you want to convey to the Japanese audience this time?

I: Sure, I want to convey various things every time. Hoping to give you something different from the last time. It all comes down to our passion for music. And we want you to feel like you are in Italy. We want you to feel the culture and background of Italy at our concerts. I always have that thought in mind.

A group that sings not only the songs of the past but also the new ones
Do you have any special secrets for singing in a trio?

G: I think we have been very lucky. Because they had three different voices. All three have a different charisma. Despite these great differences, everyone had the same passion for music. When we combined three different voices with this passion, it all boiled down to our unique vocal quality.

You held a concert in memory of the great Italian composer Ennio Morricone, who passed away in 2021, and also released a studio recording album. What kind of person is Morricone to you?

I: Ennio Morricone is a true genius. It had the magical power to transcend music in movies and to convey so much more. We are very honored to have the opportunity to cover his songs with beautiful melodies.

Many of your original songs were written by famous Italian artists such as Francesco Boccia, Tommy Esposito, Francesco Renga and Gianna Nannini.

G: For us, singing new original songs alongside singing many historical songs in bel canto is an attitude that we are not just a group singing songs from the past. We are very happy that great artists provide music for a young group like us.

You have a repertoire of many covers, but is there something special about singing original songs?

I: It’s much easier to sing songs from the past. To sing a new song, you have to look for new sensations, new techniques, new feelings and so on. However, when we covered the great master Morricone, he was already dead, so we couldn’t directly ask him to teach us, so it was difficult.

When you were in your teens, you made your debut in the world of music in 2009 when you appeared on the talent show “Ti Lascio Una Canzone” for young people. What are your memories of that period?

G: All three of us were kids, and we were still young, and we just started chasing our dreams and we got our calling. I think I was very lucky. Being able to live with your passion without suffering setbacks. We only believed in our dreams, but it was like a miracle that the three of us were able to catch that dream.

Famous singer and talented producer Tony Renis and another talented producer Michele Torpedine have contributed to your expansion in the American market.

G: Yes, yes. They are the benefactors who worked hard to make our childhood dreams come true. Michele Torpedine was also a talented manager who nurtured artists such as Andrea Bocelli and Zucchero who would later become big names. We weren’t strong enough to sell a group of 15-year-olds singing non-commercial songs. But it was they who found the market for it.

I: I think the exact same thing!

At the end of the interview, please deliver a video message to ITALIANITY readers.

G= Hello everyone, we are Il Volo, there are two of us, Piero will arrive tomorrow. (Piero went to Japan a couple of days after Ignazio and Gianluca, due to his grandfather’s health condition). Piero also greets you. We send a greeting to all the readers of Italianity.

I = He said it all, see you soon in concert. Hello, Arigato Gozaimasu!

*The live recording video shot in Kiyomizu-dera will be streamed on Sunday 19th September. After that, it will be made into a worldwide movie. Details will be announced on the official website of Sony Music “Il Volo”.

And here we are at the three concerts, very few videos that have come to us and then you will also understand why, few even the photos, but something has come.
Here is the list of songs that will be sung by Il Volo. The orchestra will be conducted by Maestro Marcello Rota.

Our friends, Yukio and Kumiko, from Japan, had tickets to Taormina, but due to the closures for Covid, they couldn’t come, and they were delighted that Il Volo was going to Japan, and so not one, but all three concerts were attended.
Here is what they wrote to me:

Impressions of Il Volo’s Japan Tour

In May 2019, Il Volo left a message to Japanese fans, “we would be coming to Japan again in the following year”, but due to the global outbreak of COVID-19, Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca were not able to come to Japan.
This August, we are very happy to see them and listen to their voices after this long-awaited visit to Japan in three years.
We are also very grateful to them for traveling over 20 hours to come to Japan, as they had no choice but to take the southbound route due to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.
This visit to Japan was marked by the first charity live concert without an audience, as a foreigner, on August 5 at Kiyomizu-dera Temple on Mt. Otowa, wishing for world peace, and following concerts in Tokyo (August 8), Osaka (August 10) and Nagoya (August 12). The Kiyomizu-dera concert will be streamed on September 18.

Concert in Tokyo
The concert in Tokyo was held at the Tokyo International Forum Hall A (about 5000 seats).

After the end of their 10 Years Anniversary, the cancellation of their performances due to COVID-19, and the memorial performance for Ennio Morricone in the meantime, their activities have been introduced on their official website, YouTube, etc. for the past three years. We were excited to listen to and see how much they have grown up over the years.
Since this July, the number of people infected with COVID-19 in Japan has increased dramatically. We thought it might make people a little hesitant to come to the venue, but it was almost full, showing how many fans had been waiting for the concert.
However, due to COVID-19 measures, strict conditions were imposed, such as the wearing of masks, no loud voices, and no gifts, etc. If anyone stood up or held up a penlight, theater attendants would fly in and warn them, giving the venue a different atmosphere.
Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca were probably a little confused by the masked audience and their lack of reactions, as mask-less performances are the norm in Europe.
As the lights dimmed and the stage was lit with a dark red color scheme, Piero, Ignazio, and Gianluca appeared from backstage and began to sing “The Ecstasy of Gold”, a tribute to Ennio Morricone.  When Gianluca started singing, the hall was filled with thunderous applause.
Many of the songs were based on “the best of 10 years”, and were interspersed with songs dedicated to Ennio Morricone, “Se”, “Conradiana”, which was a very good selection, I think.
Between songs, they sang the Japanese song “Shiawase nara te o tatako (If you are happy, clap your hands)”; which they had learned at the previous performance, and talked to the audience, which the audience enjoyed very much. It was a pity that Caruso, which was on the program, was not sung at all the performances.
Piero has been relentlessly challenging himself as an opera singer, and his voice range has widened, giving him a beautiful voice that is balanced and effortless.
Ignazio successfully combined the contrast between the taut tenor voice that overwhelmed the audience and the soft high tones of falsetto.
Gianluca’s velvet voice seems to have changed to a deeper, thicker, more voluminous voice instead of the light sound of the past. I thought it was probably due to his muscular, macho body from his daily gym training, as can be seen from the photos uploaded on social media.
After the final encore piece, Grande Amore, the audience rushed under the stage like a wave even though they had been quiet until then.  The venue staff rushed to stop them, but Piero stopped them with a loud “It’s OK”,  and Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca shook hands with the fans as usual.

Concert in Osaka
The second performance was held one day after in Tokyo at the Festival Hall Osaka, which has a capacity of approximately 3,000 people. Unlike the Tokyo performance, the stage of the Festival Hall Osaka had low steps and a short distance between the audience and the stage, allowing the audience to feel a sense of unity.

The program was the same as Tokyo’s.

Before this concert, there were interview programs with Il Volo on FM broadcast stations in the Kansai area on August 3 and 4 (unfortunately, Piero did not attend). On August 5, they appeared on a TV broadcast in Kyoto, attracting the attention of the audience in the Kansai region.
The audience was in a groove from the beginning of the performance. Because people in Kansai area realized the humorous talks of them, which create a good resonance between their witty conversation and the traditional Kansai sensibility, then their singing was much better than at Tokyo. Their ceaseless talks between songs also had the same feel as Kansai’s, so Michiko-san, translator, had a hard time interpreting.
After the encore, the audience was allowed to take pictures, and after the Grande Amore, they rushed to the stage edge to shake hands with Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca, which was a usual scene at such performances.

Concert In Nagoya
Aichi Arts Center Concert Hall (1,800 seats) Nagoya is located between Tokyo and Osaka, where cultural performances are scarce and audiences often travel to Tokyo or Osaka.

This was Il Volo’s first time to perform in this area, and although I had heard that tickets were not selling well, the venue was more than 80% full by the time the performance began. Unlike other venues, there were audience seats in the back of the stage, and the acoustics were very good compared to others, allowing the audience to enjoy the voices of each Il Volo member.
The small size of the venue also made it easy to convey the audience’s sensibilities, making it the second-best performance following the Osaka concert.
During the encore at the end of the show, as in Osaka, photographs were allowed and the usual offstage contact with the audience took place.
It was a great pleasure to hear the three singers up close and in tune with each other. Many thanks to Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca.
Love from Japan.
Kumi and Yukio
Now, Kumico explains to us the importance of Kiyomizu-Dera Temple, where Il Volo recorded a concert that will be broadcast via streaming in favor of world peace.
Here is a brief introduction to Kiyomizu-Dera Temple, excerpted from what is described on the temple’s website in Japanese.
Kiyomizu-Dera Temple Website – Click Here
The temple was built about 1,250 years ago, and was registered as one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites “Cultural Properties of Ancient Kyoto” in 1994.
Kiyomizu-dera Temple is famous for its “stage” which extends out from the main hall and is approximately 13 meters high. The current stage was rebuilt in 1633.
There is a Japanese proverb, “Jump off the stage at Kiyomizu”. It is a phrase that expresses the seriousness and determination required to jump off the stage of the main hall of Kiyomizu-dera Temple, which is perched on a sheer cliff.
The fact that this performance started at Kiyomizu-dera Temple may mean that they started the performance with a serious determination.
Beautiful experience of the Il Volo concerts in Japan.
The Japanese public, despite the limitations and impositions, was very numerous and loving, even challenging the strict rules imposed in order to see, adopt and interact with Ignazio, Gianluca and Piero.
Thanks Japan and thanks to Yukio and Kumico for the nice description of the concerts.


Unfortunately, the return of our young men was marred by the sad news of the death of Piero’s grandfather, the one who has always supported our tenor, who has been very ill for a long time.
Courage Piero, our hearts are with you, condolences to the whole family!
Credit to owners of all photos and videos.


The first half of July saw our favorites engaged in four concerts in Central-Eastern Europe.
Unfortunately, the concert on July 7 in Zaprešić in Croatia had to be postponed due to bad weather. These are things to put in the possibilities in outdoor concerts. In this case the concert was postponed to July 22nd. We cross our fingers hoping that the weather will be better on July 22nd.

On July 9, Il Volo had a concert in Poland, exactly in Łódź.
Poland welcomed the concert with great love, it was a great success. The event was organized by Prestige, who has a lot of respect and also friendship with our boys.
From the very first moment, Prestige MJM posted photos and comments like these:

The fourth concert of Il Volo in Poland is upon us! Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca have already arrived at the Atlas Arena. They are good friends of ours, so the greeting was friendly.
Then, after the beautiful concert they posted wonderful photos commenting like this:
️ Fantastic atmosphere among the audience and the enthusiasm of Il Volo conquered the audience of ❤Łódź, Il Volo Atlas Arena.
️ Wonderful voices and thrilling interpretations of famous hits have kept the concert in the memory of all fans for a long time.

Then Prestige also published a beautiful summary video.
Please click on photo below to view the video.

Prestige video from Lodz Poland

And finally this nice video where there are questions to our guys and people from the Prestige staff and also a radio journalist who expresses their sincere admiration for Il Volo. Really nice words that you can read translated at the bottom of the video itself.
Please click on photo below to view the video.

IL VOLO promo video from Lodz, Poland

It was a memorable concert and now we see some great videos of the evening.


Thanks Alicjia for this great video. 😘
Then Il Volo went to Bulgaria. Three wonderful concerts, with an adoring audience.
July 11, Plovdiv, in the beautiful old theater.


Little Vaja is the happiest child!

This is a press article published after the concert.
Plovdiv News article – Click Here

The fantastic Gianluca Ginoble, Ignazio Boschetto and Piero Barone appeared on the stage of the Ancient Theater of Plovdiv with the hit ‘The Ecstasy of Gold’ by the unforgettable Ennio Morricone from the film ‘The Good, the Bad, the Ugly’. Other magnificent melodies followed by the famous composer, musician and conductor – author of the music of unforgettable hits in the history of Italian and world cinema, including ‘E più ti penso’ from ‘Once upon a time in America’, from ‘Malena’, ‘Cinema Paradiso’  and others.
“Let’s sing love” – said the magnificent singers with cosmic voices and fascinated the audience of the Ancient Theater with a palette of favorite classical arias. Among these ‘La donna è mobile’ from the beloved opera ‘Rigoletto’ by Giuseppe Verdi, ‘Nessun Dorma’ from Giacomo Puccini’s ‘Turandot’, combined with the timeless songs ‘My way’ by Frank Sinatra, ‘Io che non vivo’ (without you), Leonard Cohen’s ‘Hallelujah’.
The song ‘Delilah’ by Tom Jones and ‘Can’t Help Falling In Love’ by Elvis Presley caused a real excitement among the spectators of the Ancient Theater. And with the performance of the song ‘Volare’ Gianluca, Ignazio and Piero made the audience stand up and danced on the ancient seats. This was followed by the success of Lucio Dalla ‘Caruso’, which aroused the adrenaline of music lovers.
Little Vaya, embraced by Gianluca, approached the stage in the midst of the audience. He congratulated the beautiful girl and said that the performance ‘O Sole Mio’ was dedicated to her. The most loved song in the world, created more than 120 years ago by the composer Eduardo di Capua based on the text of the poet and Napoleon admirer Giovanni Capuro, was sung from the entire hall and filled the historic center.
This inspired the wonderful musicians of IL VOLO, and the three went to the public in three of the sectors of the Ancient Theater, where they greeted their fans. Among the guests were admirers from Italy, unfolding national flags, from Greece, Germany, China and others. To applaud their favorite artists, music lovers didn’t sit down until the concert was over and gave their favorite flowers, gifts, sweets, hugs and kisses. This was followed by the wonderful ‘Cheers’ from Verdi’s favorite opera ‘La Traviata’.
And for the finale, as an encore, the magnificent angelic vocalists performed the unique song ‘Grande Amore’.
The wonderful Italians took their leave with the promise that they would return to Plovdiv again. Kisses and hugs.
With the spectacular show, Gianluca, Ignazio and Piero started their tour in Bulgaria entitled ‘IL VOLO SINGS MORRICONE.’

Listen to how pleasant this interview made in Bulgaria is.

And now here are the last two concerts in Sofia, on July 13 and 14, two wonderful concerts full of music and love.

Please click on photo below to view the next video.

Yes, you have seen well, at the end of the video Piero dances with Barbara !!

My goodness, how much joy, how much happiness, how much love Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca gave, but how much love they also received!
People were completely involved, and there were many gestures of affection and admiration.
The tour is proceeding in the best way, but there is no time to rest, next stop: Romania!
But there is also a video for the promotion in Japan, there will be three concerts in August, on the 8th, 10th, 12th.
I am very happy for the fans of Japan, Il Volo is coming !!
Please click on photo below to view the video.

And finally a new Italian concert was announced, on August 22 in Tagliacozzo in Abruzzo, to the delight of Gianluca !!
That’s all for now.
See you soon: Daniela


Credit to owners of all photos and videos.