Ignazio Boschetto

Ignazio calls himself the “funny part” of Il Volo. He was born on October 4,1994 in Bologna.  His family has since moved, and he now calls Marsala, Sicily [pop 82700] his home.  He has an older sister, Nina.

He started singing alone in his room and was discovered by his mother, who came in after hearing him, wondering what he was doing.  In an Italian TV show interview, his father said that as a young boy, Ignazio “always sang and made noise with his drum set, ” and his Mom thought that it was all just for fun, but, after his first concert, they [his parents] knew that it was serious.

Ignazio plays the piano and bass guitar as well as the drums.  He listens to all kinds of music, although as a child he listened to Luciano Pavarotti and Andrea Bocelli. The first album he bought was that of Bocelli.  To him, music is like family and it’s something you breathe everyday.  The Highlight of his career so far was singing with Barbara Streisand at The Barclays Center in New York.

History was Ignazio’s favorite subject during his school years.  He is very interested in airplanes [he used to make model airplanes with his Dad] and would like to be a pilot someday. He likes Harry Potter movies, but like his Il Volo brother, Piero,  his celebrity crush isn’t among his favorite movies.  He confirmed during the Kris Jenner Show to promote their “We Are Love” tour that his crush is Anne Hathaway.

Ignazio has been open about the fact that he loves his Il Volo brothers very much and credits them with encouraging him in many ways.

This is what our music expert, Myron Heaton, wrote about him:

“In America he would usually be referred to as a lyric tenor. Sometimes in Europe, that kind of voice would be called  spinto tenor, from the Italian, “lirico spinto”: a voice that can float high above all the other sounds but can, when needed , become powerful to dominate.

“From my personal standpoint as a voice teacher/coach, I admire his ability to give enough solid breath support to create gorgeous high notes that are not “forced” but fluid or “lirico”: lyric.  This guy will always be a great tenor.”

Note: As Mr. Heaton has mentioned, he speaks from his personal experience as a voice coach, and does not coach/instruct any of the members of Il Volo.

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  1. I love all three, but Ignacio has always been my favorite because of his twinkling eyes and joy of life!!! His voice is amazing. The saying Three Voices, One Soul is so true!!!

  2. Ignazio is a dimpled darling that ‘s for sure. He does have a beautiful, rich lyric tenor voice and can reach high C’s quite easily. I don’ t understand why his handlers want him to sing leggiero lately. Maybe they want more of a contrast between his voice and Piero’s dramatic tenor voice.

    1. I love Il Volo – all of them. However, I LOVE Ignacio because he looks like he always tries to have fun and as the “funny man” of the group, I can appreciate him as I, too, love to laugh and have fun. As to anyone making rude remarks about Ignazio and his girlfriend- he has to shake it off and consider the source of someone who is jealous and ill mannered, Love you always, Ignazio.

    1. He had picked up a little boy on one end of the stage, was trying to carefully make his way over some cables on the floor there, holding the child against himself with one arm & hand while holding the microphone in the other hand, tripped & fell down upon the stage. He saved the boy from injury, but landed, full- weight, upon his shoulder apparently. There are a couple of quick, audience videos of the unfortunate mishap, possibly still up, here & there, & there was also a short video taken by a couple of fans outside the emergency room, later that night, when he emerged with his arm in the sling & found a little crowd of well-meaning fans calling out to him. He didn’t look exactly thrilled by that, but he was admirably polite. Barbara ( Vitali) kind of ‘ shooed ‘ them away from Ignazio, understandably.

      1. Yes, I was at that concert in the middle of second row. It was a hard fall to keep the little one from being injured.
        I had meet and greet tickets. So happy to meet Piero and Gianluca, but sorry Ignazio was injured and understandably not there.

  3. I just discovered your site. I think it’s wonderful. I too have been follow in Il Volo since their first PBS special. I fell in love with their voices and them as well. They have this special persona that is evident in each one of them. Ignacio has always been so special to me because he looks so much like my grandson. I love how he has grown as a singer and a young man. I would like to become part of your group. What do I need to do.

  4. I saw them at the San Antonio concert and they were great. I have been following then since their first PBS special. I love all three of them but Ignazio has something very special. He has a very warm persona.

    1. Sandy, I truly believe Ignazio has been very hurt because of all the negative comments about Alessandra! You know there were a few girls who were very rude and vulgar about him and Alessandra. They were just jealous, but I know he loves Alessandra and this hurt him very much.
      They all deserve their privacy. They have been more than generous with their news, photos, etc, and we should be very grateful.
      I just hope he can get some well deserved rest and shake off the negativity and know how much we love him and the other two.

      1. I couldn’t agree more – he has been hurt and he needs time to get over that hurt. He’s a happy and beautiful person inside and out.

      2. The song he wrote Paradiso reminded me of him and Alissandra. Did he have her in mind when he wrote it? The English lyrics are so poignant.

  5. Ignazio really guards his privacy. He rarely participates in social networks and does not like to talk about his private life. Piero always says, “Next question”, when interviewers get too personal. I believe Ignazio as well as Piero and Gianluca are physically exhausted from the rigors of travel and performing. During the “interminable tour” they also prepared for 2 classically oriented concerts with Placido Domingo. They deserve a break and their “ferragosto” with family and friends. Ignazio’s bubbly personality will return after he gets some rest.

  6. Please allow the young men (Il Yolo) some privacy and respect. They are all very talented and put on a wonderful show. I was privileged enough to get to see them in Houston, TX – a birthday gift from my son – and I would see them a million times more if the opportunity arose.

  7. I love absolutely love the music of Il Volo,
    and am thrilled to have discovered these
    amazing young men just recently. Their voices
    and feeling of what they sing takes me back
    many years when Love was new and
    exciting. When I listen to Gianluca,
    Piero and Ignazio sing their parts it makes my
    heart feel so good and I relive many lovely
    moments! Thank you.

  8. Its too bad their isnt a site that keeps up to date what the il volo boys are doing & where they are going to be performing so we could know beforehand when they would be in our area of the world. I am in Canada & will be on top of the world if they came here again

    1. I agree Loretta, I have followed them since 2011,just after my dear husband died. They were so young with such mature voices. I have loved them ever since and attended two concerts of theirs in London England and would love them to come back very soon. I am now 72 and crave the opportunity to see and hear them live.

  9. I LOVE THEM, and is true they need some privacy, they give an amazing performance and they are always so immensely nice, but they are entitled to live their own private life, I ADORE THEM , they are super talented, glorious voice

  10. I too have been following Il Volo since their first PBS special; have all of their CDs and DVDs. They are my joy. The music is constantly playing while I do my household chores and in the car. Was lucky enough to see them in Detroit in Feb. I love them all, but Ignacio does have that playful spark. He is just full of joy; let it shine.

  11. These beautiful young men are absolutely amazing!! I have fallen in love with them and their beautiful voices and music!! Ignazio resembles my son!!

  12. I was there that evening in 2016 when Ignazio fell with the small boy in his arms. That’s exactly what happened: he tripped on a cable across the stage and he protected the child who was not hurt.
    I had a “Meet & Greet” after the concert but he wasn’t there. I missed meeting him.

  13. Yes! Thank God the child wasn’t hurt. Typical, self sacrificing Ignazio (and all of IlVolo who love kids) thought about the child before himself. God love him. We certainly love him!

  14. I just got back from a wonderful IL Volo concert here in Burlington, Vermont. There were four amazing vocalists but Ignazio was not one of them. They said that one of the vocalists was a replacement for one of the group who had died from Covid awhile ago. I’m not able to find any details online.

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