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IL VOLO Flight Crew Blog  (8/8/13)

Updated 1/27/2020

As you can imagine, in order to set-up this site and keep it running as effectively and efficiently as possible,  many important and immediate decisions had to be made.  No one can do this alone.  It necessitated in quickly declaring a Flight Crew Board.  These are the people who initially stepped up to the cause:

Kelly Aitch, Elizabeth Vancoevorden, Michele Azzara, Elaine Tse, Linda Snyder, Marie Crider

Kelly Aitch  ~  Michele Azzara  ~  Linda Snyder
Marie Crider  ~  Elaine Tse
Kelly Aitch
Marie Crider
Jana VandeLaare
Patricia Ward
Lisa Joy News & Videos
Myron Heaton“Myron’s Music Notes”
Gina (Regina Hanna)Bits & Pieces
Danielle CiarelliDanielle’s Diaries”
Daniela PeraniContributing Author & Translator
Jane CeminskyPersonally Speaking”
Julie Bernache



Come in and share the love of life, friends and Il Volo!

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