Gianluca Ginoble

Gianluca is the youngest member of Il Volo.   Ignazio calls him the “serious part” of the group and describes him as a perfectionist.  His birthday is Feb. 11, 1995, and he lives in Montepagano, Abruzzo [pop1207].  He has a  younger brother, Ernesto.

His inspiration for singing is his grandfather with whom he sang as a young boy in the square of their village, but was very shy. In an Italian TV show interview, his Dad said  to him, ” When you started singing as a child, you looked the other way [because you were] so shy.  You were insecure in school [and] did not want to make mistakes.” [translated]  His parents were concerned that this would be a “hindrance later in life.”

As a child, his musical idol was Andrea Bocelli, and he often sang Bocelli’s songs.  Before he became a member of Il Volo, he got a big surprise when he received some advise from Mr. Bocelli: “Always think with your head; always sing with your voice; always listen to your heart. ” [translated]

Gianluca’s feelings about music are as definite those of his Il Volo brothers: “To me, music is life.  It is a way to convey what is inside me”.  He plays the piano, listens to all kinds of music but in the past two to three years, his musical taste has been centered more around the likes of Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Andy Williams, Perry Como and Mario Lanza, with his current favorite being Frank.  The highlight experiences in his career  have been singing with Barbra Streisand and performing in Il Volo’s three PBS specials.

In school, his favorite subjects were Greek and Latin, and he still enjoys learning different languages.  His favorite sport is soccer–both participating and watching his brother play.  He likes comedy and adventure movies–recently tweeting that movie watching is his hobby–and has no reservation in admitting that his celebrity crush is Natalie Portman.

Myron Heaton , our music expert, wrote this about him:

” In America he would be called a “Romantic Baritone” and used as a tenor-baritone in a lot of musical or opera roles. In terms of pure vocal size, his voice is the largest with very rich chest resonance which you can hear when he talks.

“Of the three, he has the greatest  vowel control with nearly perfect vowel shape and purity. He has also been working on supporting his “head tone”, what some people call “falsetto”, which he has used in some songs this season.  His range is huge…”

Note: Myron Heaton is an experienced vocal coach, but does not coach any member of Il Volo.

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  2. Is there an english translation somewhere of a song called sweet seranade that gainluca sings in a recent facebook posted video. Its lovely i would love to know the words. Thanks

    1. The song is actually called “Una lunga storia d’amore.” I think that’s spelled correctly.

      1. I was introduced to these incredible singers when I watched Americas Got Ta
        lent when they sang with Laura Bretan. She is 14 and has such a beautiful voice and should have won. What a wonderful thing they did for her. I looked them up and bought their DVD and cd IL VOLO. The DVD is such an incredible visual and musical experience and we love to watch all their expressions. Ignazio is especially fun to watch. We had our first “A Night At The Opera ” last night with friends so they could experience these incredible men. I have not listened to opera very much but they have captivated our hearts. We will see them in San Jose in March.

      1. When I saw Gianluca take young Laura Bretan’s hand to step down and move forward on the stage of AGT, I saw the kindness of a young, gentle boy. Then to see Piero and Ignazio congratulate her, I fell in love with the warm, caring hearts of Il Volo. They love and are loved in return!

  3. Patricia, you have a lot of catching up to do! Go on youtube and start watching videos from 2011, 2012. There are some concerts where Piero and Ignazio do some very funny things–lones with kettle drums come to mind. Have fun watching and seeing how they have grown, how their voices have matured, how much they love each other.

  4. I have not been a follower of the art of singing classical music but stumbled upon IL Volo a year ago in 2017. I can’t remember how I was led to listen but I am totally hooked and an avid follower since that day. Watching videos and listening to Gianluca, Piero and Ignazio individually or together has found a place in my soul and my heart. I can’t tell you how my life has found meaning and joy in their music, and I am eternally grateful to these three gifted men. I would love to visit Italy someday, but for now I find much pleasure, joy and love in all of the
    dedication and feeling these beautiful men give. I am very blessed being able to hear their beautiful voices in solo and together. I am in awe of the love they have for each other. Very heartwarming, and I say Grazie with Love.

  5. I like the voice of Giancula Ginoble.,and the other two ,Piero ang Ignazio. Sooo beautiful.

  6. Gianluca Ginoble, you take my breath away! I have listened to all of the concerts and love everything about YOU! I love to watch you smile, the way you walk across the stage, the clothes and those dress slacks on your amazing body! Your voice and the way you move! I have fallen in love with everything about YOU! Don’t change, please NO tattoos! The world is blessed to have you and I stay on my computer everyday, watching you and IL Volo and have all of your CD’s. YOU are God’s gift to the world! Stay the man you have become, keep that smile, the kindness you show to your team members! THANK YOU for your gift to the world in the amazing man you are! We are blessed to have YOU!

  7. I am infatuated with IL Volo. I have watched them on PBS and have tickets to see them in March. Gianluca has the most beautiful voice.

  8. Dear Gian, I don’t know how I’ve missed this bio. I’ve been a huge fan of IL VOLO since your first PBS SHOW. Watching all of you grow in to the handsome men you are, with voices straight from the Heavens (God’s gift to you and all of us mortals) but most impressive to me is you are still sweet, loving guys with hearts of gold looking always to bring peace to our broken world. As for you as an individual you rock the world of this 78 yr. Old widow . I’m very partial to baritones and you are an exceptional one. Your voice has given me more peace and joy since my husband’s passing 5 yrs ago on Thanksgiving than anything else. I have 3 children with 7 grandchildren and 7 great grandchildren and I love them endlessly but your voice and manner makes the biggest difference to me. I love your smile and your intensity reminds me of my Husband…also sweet, intense and loving.
    One of the sweetest and most loving things I’ve witnessed with you are the times I’ve seen you with Eleanora, coming into the audience to sing to her…so tender, loving, romantic and wonderful….lucky girl! I wish you both a long happy life together, don’t ever lose who you are and what you believe in…please. When you and Eleanora get married, one word of advice from an admirer….if you have a disagreement never forget WHY you married each other!
    You are one talented and wonderful young man (your diction is so perfect (it’s a joy just to listen to that), easy to tell you study Sinatra. Frank was always the best, but there’s a new man in town!😉
    With love and affection always,

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