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An Extra Hour with Il Volo!

We in the USA gained the extra hour this weekend, although Europe fell back last weekend.

This is what I did with my extra hour, ok, maybe a little longer than an hour…. but what did you do?

Ok, I challenged all of you a few years ago to do this.  Now, I challenge you again!  Gather all of your Il Volo memorabilia and/or all things Italy and make a space on a shelf or in a room and devote it to the Guys!  🙂 

I’d been wanting to do this for quite some time now, and I finally did it!  🙂

It’s not perfect and I still have some ideas, but that is most of it!

We want to see your pictures!  Please feel free to send to

Take care all – they are coming – I’m sure of it!



Gina Asks Again…

atlas close up dark dirty
Photo by Aaditya Arora on

Getting to know each other.

Can we share our birth place?

I was born in Panevezys, Lithuania but lived in two more cities , Kaunas and Siauliai, before we had to flee due to WWII. I was 9 years old. 
A city in the central part of Lithuania, located on the banks of the upper reaches of the Nevezis river. It is often referred to as the capital of Aukstaitija. Panevyzys is an important centre of industry and culture. As the fifth biggest city in Lithuania, Panevezys has 132.000 inhabitants. In historical sources the name of Panevezys was first mentioned in 1503. In the old town a visitor’s view is attracted by the churches of Sts. Peter and Paul’s and the Holy Trinity and the cathedral of the Kings Christ. The town has been famed by the performances of the Panevezys Drama Theatre under the artistic director Juozas Miltinis. The museum of local lore presents an exposition on the history of the city from its very beginning. Upyte has an interesting museum of linen. There is also a memorial museum of the writer G. Petkeviciute – Bite. On the left bank of the Nevezis river the city has preserved its oldest park called Skaistakalnis


See more images of panevėžys

Where were you born?


Please Excuse Our Mess…




It has recently come to our attention that our chosen “theme” for the website has been retired, and we have to choose a new one.   I have tried to choose something that will have a minimal impact on the look/function/and features you already know and love.

The change will take place this weekend, so please bear with me while we get everything in place.


~~ Kelly

IL VOLO at the ROXY BAR by Daniela and Jana

In these days an email has arrived to all the members of the official fan club of IL VOLO. The e-mail informs everyone that on 3 May IL VOLO will be hosted in the ROXY BAR broadcast for 4 hours.

For those who have not seen it, here is the email in Italian.

IL VOLO Fan Club Email

The translation is:

Il Volo will be guest of Red Ronnie at his Roxy Bar, visible live on and
Thursday 3 May from 10 PM to 2 AM (Italian time)!

Two very exclusive opportunities have been reserved for the Official Fan Club:

1. For the first hour of the program, only YOUR questions will be read!
We will publish a post here on the community and you will comment with your question!

2. Fill out this form with all the required information, you could be one of the lucky ones who will be selected to speak live on Skype with Il Volo during the Red Ronnie Roxy Bar: 


You DO have to be an official IL VOLO Fan Club member to have a chance to fill out the form and you also have to have a Skype account.

Maybe it could be the time that we can listen to the new single?

Here is what Jana wrote as to why she should be the one of the ones they choose to talk to the guys:

Ciao!  My name is Jana & I am one of the lead persons from the Il Volo Flight Crew, based in the United States.  I am in Detroit & also volunteer at Detroit PBS. We write posts nearly every day & have readers from all over the world in over 130 countries!  Most are from the US, Canada, & Italy, as well as So America, Asia, & Africa!  The fans that read our site, love the guys, & they comment beautiful things.  We write many heartfelt & funny articles, as well as keep up w/the guys.  We often comment as if the guys were really going to read it one day, but they probably don’t  have time.  Our fans keep asking us what the guys are doing & when they will be back in the United States and Canada. We in the US & Canada, love the guys & are anxiously awaiting their new album. We may not be as many fans as South America, but please do not forget us.  We love you!  Our site is unique! Spanish is the 2nd language in the US. We’d love to plan another Fan Faire in Las Vegas!

What question would you would ask the guys if you had the chance? – BESIDES when they are coming back to the US/Canada, or when the new album will be out.



Happy Administrative Professional’s Day! April 25, 2018

Yes, a big, special thank you, goes out to all of you!

Not just those “real” secretaries, in an office, but to all those behind the scenes!  And not just to those on this site, but to all of the administrators of all the blogs, Facebook, and Twitter, and Instagram sites, and the rest of any social media I forgot?

As we all know, it’s big job taking care of a site on any type of social media.  You have to be careful what you post, making sure it is as accurate as possible, coming up with new things all of the time, hoping you get the latest and greatest news, so your site is read.  We can’t forget the writers of all sites, too!  🙂

Speaking of writers….once again, the Flight Crew site is in need of more writers!!  This seems to be an annual plea.  It does not have to be much, it can be easy and fun to do.  Don’t let the current writers intimidate you!  If you’ve got an idea, or want to write something, please comment on this post.  You can also send me a personal email at  

It is very sad, but Jane will be stepping down from writing, but let’s hope she still throws out an occasional article or two?  I guess you will be hearing more from me!  I don’t know what I will do without her.  Daniela P. is so wonderful at finding info and articles and Jane just whipped them right out.

We really don’t want to have to take the site down.  I am always so amazed at how many countries we touch – like where is Estonia, exactly??

You don’t have to be in the United States, you can be from anywhere, as Daniela is in Italy.  It is preferable that you read, write, speak English, but that is not a requirement, as long as you can translate your thoughts, feelings, other writings, etc. into English, like Daniela.

We can do just about anything on here, except direct translations from 1-flowersbooks.  I know many of you still want to read their original book, which is still in Italian, but I recall some Facebook sites getting in trouble for that, so we will not be doing that.

The picture of the flowers is what I gave to a few of the girls at the office.  I think the picture turned out really well and I love the accidental reflection of the one in the mirror!

Kelly, Pat, myself, and occasionally Myron and Marie, are our only real “almost” regular writers/contributors.  If you want to write something, we’ll give you access to the site and even let you push the button!  Lol!

No, we have no idea what the guys are really doing right now – we just wait to see what is posted from a few other sites and what comes through Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.  Of course, Daniela is a “little” closer to the action than us in the US!  🙂 

Are you planning another trip to Italy soon?  I know of a few people that are.  Let’s hear about it!  Take us with you – we want to live it through you!  Are there any other poets out there?  We want to hear from you, also!

Have a great day, Admins!!  We are sorely underappreciated!  Ever wonder why admins get a whole week and bosses, only one day?  Think about it!  🙂

Take it easy out there – I think Spring has finally sprung!