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Thank You! Grazie Mille! from Kelly…

Kelly wanted to give everyone a big THANK YOU, to all of you that have sent in donations for the past year!!

We are able once again, thanks to you, to keep our website going for another year, without ads!! 

Also, thank you to Pat, Daniela, and Susan, who keep our site going and keep us up to date on everything that is going on!

Next up – song choices for Piero’s birthday, coming soon!

Thank you!


Site Reminders…

Hello Flight Crew Ilvolovers!

Just a few reminders for those that read and post comments on our site.

Our site’s motto is “Share the Love.”  Please remember that when you are posting comments about someone or something, please keep it respectful.  If you are not sure, try replacing your name, in place of the person or thing you are referring to, and think if you would want your name published in that context for all the world to see?  (in case you were wondering, the last post from June 5, has been viewed by 70 countries on all 6 continents!)

We don’t know for sure, but we have been told that family and friends of the guys read this site and maybe even on the RARE occasion, the guys themselves. 

We’d like to maintain the high integrity this site is known for.  We are not FaceBook (although we have a FaceBook page – your comments there, should reflect the same), or the latest tabloid news site.

We respect everyone’s opinion and know that not everyone will like everything, but let’s keep things friendly.  It’s ok to disagree, but please keep it respectful.

We ask that you remember this for all future posts and the wonderful stories and translations we have coming to you from Daniela, Susan, Giovanna, and others!


If you have a concern, please feel free to send it to our address.  This email is not public and is usually only read by me.  🙂


Pat, Daniela, Jo Ann (Giovanna), Susan, Jana

Flowers/Fiori for Vito and the Boschetto Family

Ciao a Tutti!!

Grazie Mille for everyone that sent in a donation to this site.    Shortly after the posting announced we would be sending a floral message, the donations started rolling in.  We have such wonderful and generous fans on this site, and we can’t thank you enough.  Kelly and I were overwhelmed!  We had more than enough money to send flowers.  🙂

We wanted to share what was sent and said… I really liked this as it seemed bright and cheery.  It said orange roses and white gerbera daisies.

We signed it:  With deepest sympathies to the Boschetto family – with love Il Volo Flight Crew. (In Italian…)

Thank you also for sending such heart-felt condolence messages on the last 2 posts.  They are beautiful…


The Crew…

“My Addiction” from Sheryl Anderson…

Ciao a tutti!  

A few days ago we received a nice little email from Sheryl Anderson, sharing her “addiction” with us…. I thought I’d share it with you, with her permission….

Dear Kelly, Pat, Daniela, Jana, Jo Ann,

I just wanted to express my appreciation for all your website efforts to promote IL VOLO. I am in St. Augustine, FL, USA (oldest city in US). Since January, I have become “addicted” to watching their concerts, interviews, etc. With the Pandemic keeping me at home, they are the “light” of each day. If there is any way that you could get a message to them, please do.

My first overseas journey was to the northern part of Italy in May, 2019.

I simply fell in love with Italian history and values. These three young men do such a good job of representing everything Italian–from their self-assured “humbleness”, to their Italian good looks, to the Catholic religion, landscapes, small cars, and not least, the closeness to their families. For me, my brain chemistry is affected by watching the “best possible” for human connection.

I know they must have relationship challenges at times, but they have the foundation of trust in self and trust in the other….Indeed, they are a blessing to me and to the world and I look forward to following their career.

Warm regards,

Sheryl Anderson

Thank you, Sheryl, for your warm thoughts and thanks, it is much appreciated!  We keep this site going for you, ours, and Il Volo’s fans.  I always say though, we couldn’t have this site without you fans and all of your wonderful comments, etc.!

I did have to tell her we do not have any direct contact with the guys, but we are told a few of their friends and relatives read this site, so maybe word will be passed along… 🙂

The guys, as well as their extended friends and family, like Alessandro, Giampiero, Eleonora with her beautiful Instagram posts, and Fabio; are certainly doing their best to keep their fans entertained and as happy as possible during this pandemic nightmare.  We all hope it will be contained soon, not sure if it will ever be truly over… but I know many of the US fans, myself included, are awaiting the green light to fly back to Italy again… 🙂

Ciao – Jana

TIME CORRECTION: Gianluca on Billboard Italia March 26 – 11a EST (16:00/4p Italy time) via Instagram!

(Sorry, I was off an hour, didn’t realize Italy hadn’t changed time yet!  It is 11a EST….)

Hello folks!

Looks like Gianluca is reaching out to his fans and will be live on Billboard Italia, via Instagram.  If you don’t have Instagram, you can go to to download it.  You can also access Instagram on your computer, but I honestly don’t know if it will work for the live feed.  There are not a lot of details, but I believe Billboard Italia will be contacting Gianluca via live video on Instagram.  You will need to be sure to subscribe to Billboard Italia and wait for the notification the live feed is active.  You should get a notification that Billboard Italia is starting a live video.

So, have your questions ready!  Thank you Dani Ci for the heads up!  🙂  

(Cosa vorresti chiedere a Gianluca = What would you like to ask Gianluca?)  🙂



I’m sure it will be flooded with fans!