39 thoughts on “Tanti Auguri! to the Il Volo Flight Crew ~ Share the Love…Aug 8, 2013

Ciao a tutti!!  Ok, well, we didn’t reach our goal today of 50 comments, even with me answering everyone… technically we only had 17 initial posts.  But that’s ok.  We heard from some that haven’t commented in a long time, or was even their first time, so welcome!  And several of our “young” faithful and loyal commenters returned.  There are some lovely comments below – I hope you have a chance to read them.  If you didn’t comment on this original posting from yesterday, I welcome you to comment now.  Even if you don’t comment, that’s ok – we know you are reading!  🙂 

I loved how many of you said that we are the first thing you read in the morning and that you either found us through other friends on FaceBook, or just through frantic searches on the Internet!

Sorry, no pictures today… but OMG, have you seen the ones Gianluca and Piero are posting!!!???   Holy Bologna!  (ok, how are you pronouncing it?  lol!)  They stay in the water much longer and they will turn into prunes.

Below are your comments!  Thank you all!  🙂

  1. Camille says: August 8, 2017 at 7:30 am Edit

Love this site – always has the best stories and information


Camille, how lovely to hear from you!


  1. Maria Marques says: August 8, 2017 at 7:50 am Edit

Love this site. Found out about it from an Il Volo follower who I made friends with on fb. I have made so many friends on fb bc of these three amazing young guys. I just love them all but have to admit Ignazio pulls at my heartstrings. I look forward everyday to look at my e-mails to see if there are any new posts . So happy I found this site. Thank you.


Awesome, maria!


  1. Loretta Foley says: August 8, 2017 at 8:47 am Edit

Thank you Jana for including me in your post. I’ll never leave this site because you girls work so hard to give us all the up to date information of where & what our precious young men are doing. Still saying Ignazio is MINE.


I love Ignazio too.


He’s MINE! All mine! Will always be mine! Can’t bring myself to share him, but I understand how you feel.

Igna is just special, there is just something about him. Many start liking Gian or Piero, but then all of a sudden, they start to stray toward Igna. There is something about those eyes and dimples!

  1. LindaP says: August 8, 2017 at 8:48 am Edit

My day starts on this site. And ends on this site. I don’t remember the date I started to read the posts on the “official” site, but happily came over here to be among the loving fans of Il Volo from it’s beginning. Our combined love for Il Volo has made us a family that is just as caring and nurturing as the blood related family God gave us. I am grateful for our boys, their talent, their hard work and most of all, their love for us, their fans! Thanks to everyone on this site. Love you all.


Thank you so much, Linda! I sure like a lot of these people on this site better than my family!


  1. dorothy henderson says: August 8, 2017 at 9:16 am Edit

I truly don’t remember how I found the CREW, but it was one of the best things that I ever did! As I approach my 8th birthday I still enjoy seeing posts from all you gals and guys! Some are just fun, some newsy, and some informative! Keep up the good work! Here’s to many more years and many more concerts….but hurry! Lol, love youall…Dot in Texas!


Hey there Dot!! Thanks so much – we are all young at heart…


  1. Laura Parish says: August 8, 2017 at 9:37 am Edit

I was introduced to the Flight Crew by a fan I had met on fb. What a delightful place it is. I don’t comment a lot, that is just me. But I do love it here. Here’s to many more years together!


Laura – yes, I recognize your name! That’s ok if you don’t comment much – thanks so much for commenting today! Many, it seems found us from FB friends – that is awesome!


  1. Barbara Dixon says: August 8, 2017 at 10:14 am Edit

I discovered the boys in 2012, and literally hung on YouTube looking for music, and reading all the other comments from old ladies like me, shocked that I wasn’t the only one. I went to Meadow Brook for their concert in Aug 2012, then started searching the Internet for more than just YouTube. Somehow I found this. I keep coming back because it is just chock full of info, pictures, reviews, fun reading. I don’t have a specific me ryan of anything special, but I do remember you, Jana, contacting me when you read I was also from Detroit. I think that is pretty cool, and then I got to meet others thru you. ,


Oh, Barb, that is so sweet!! You know, you are always welcome at our parties and your hubby, too! We just may need to do some more convincing to him of your affections to the guys! Next time a concert or trip is planned, we will just drag you along!


  1. pitterpat0 says: August 8, 2017 at 10:20 am Edit

I found the Flight Crew from an internet search for IL VOLO. What kept me coming back was all of the comments about the guys and stories of the concerts and meet & greets. I had yet to attend a concert and was craving information about what everyone else had experienced. You all did not disappoint! I don’t really have a favorite post because I love them all!


That’s great, Pat! So glad you found us, and we met in Chicago. Too bad we never made it for dinner, but breakfast was fun!


  1. marion says: August 8, 2017 at 10:22 am Edit

Four years already, I cannot believe it !!! Four years of going to the Flight Crew site first thing in the morning and a couple of times during the day to read all the comments. Flight Crew members may unknowingly pass each other in the street , but when we come to the site we are the best of friends., as we are all united in our admiration, (and love) for our 3 handsome young men. How they have grown since the first PBS concert in Detroit in 2011, and we have followed them along that path.Thank you to everybody who originally started the site, and to all who followed and continue to keep the site up and running. Thank you for keeping us all up to date on their various activities and future concert dates, where and when.Long may the site flourish, and continue to grow.


I love your last line there… So wonderful that our site ranks right up there with your morning cup of coffee. Such devoted fans and followers we have. Let’s hope the people we pass on the street are not people we “think” we don’t like for some reason? lol!

Thanks for staying with us this whole time – cheers to many more years!


  1. mariecrider says: August 8, 2017 at 11:17 am Edit

Even though you don’t hear from this little birdie much, this site is still my heart.

One of my fondest memories has to be that when we started this site we were hoping to be read a thousand times. Remember, Kelly? We said if we ever reached ten thousand we would have a party. Well…this site has been read more than a million and a half times. Unbelieveable!

The very best thing though has been meeting people like Linda, Jane, Jana, Kelly and many more of you who have had the good taste to love those boys as much as I.


Grazie mille, little birdie!!


Doesn’t matter what you say or how you say it Marie. Keep dreaming, it’s good for the soul & I can also understand how you feel. No matter he is still & always will be MINE & eventually he will permanently belong to someone else.


Marie – yes, even though I have sort of taken over managing the day to day postings, this site will always be “your site.” I and everyone know it! You are a legend in your own time! And Linda, may she rest in peace and keep a look out over the boys. You, and Kelly and a few others have kept it going. Let’s all keep it going as long as we can! Let’s get to 2 million! Then we’ll really have a party!


  1. Mary Bohling says: August 8, 2017 at 11:53 am Edit

I started watching the old Il Volo Music site and through that got to know Marie if I remember correctly. She cued me into the Flight Crew site when it was just getting started. I immediately loved the intimacy of its format and getting to know the people who commented regularly like family. I would be hard to identify a favorite post, but it would have to be one of Marie’s. When she asked me to be a regular contributor I was pleased, but very unsure of myself. I actually wrote over 60 articles, some under the title Personally Speaking, a task which has been a great joy to me, and spurred on by the encouraging comments of our readers. Our boys are truly an inspiration, and the Flight Crew blog has been the perfect place to share our admiration and love for them.


Mary, wow, 60 articles! That’s incredible! Thanks for sticking it out from the very beginning. I was also honored that Marie let me write for the site too – what a monster was unleashed, she had no idea! lol! It’s definitely like coming home again – your safe place. You are indeed an inspiration to all of us, as well as a beautiful writer.


  1. joaniefl2 says: August 8, 2017 at 12:14 pm Edit

I discovered Il Volo in 2012 and went to my first concert that year at the Kravis Center in FL. My next concert was in Orlando FL September 2013 and afterwards I immediately went into unimaginable Il Volo PCSD (Post Concert Stress Disorder) !!! There was not a soul who I could vent my pent up love and emotions to !!! I wanted to scream !! I was tired of being looked at like I was a mental case !! Then in October while scanning the Internet I thankfully found the Flight Crew !!! Finally a place to go where everyone felt the same way and shouted out their love for our three talented and endearing young men from their hearts without reserve !!! I was welcomed with open arms !!! I was home !!! All the posts are my favorite and although I don’t post everyday I read all of them !!! It’s been a fantastic 4 years and I hope we will all still be here for many years to come !! Congratulations to all of you who keep the Flight Crew going day after day !! You are doing a fantastic job !!


Thanks so much Joanie! Yes, we all had those same crazy thoughts – we thought we were crazy. Until we found this site. Then we realized, we were perfectly normal. It was everyone else that was crazy that they didn’t understand us! Thanks for coming back!


  1. Joan Guyon says: August 8, 2017 at 2:01 pm Edit

Hey I have been on board since that first PBS concert from Detroit. Never mind about Igna. He is wonderful, but Piero is all MINE. JoanieG


Sorry Joan, but you must share. Piero has held my heart since his first PBS concert at Detroit Opera House. He only gets better – voice, looks, smile, eyes!


Chris might have something to say about Piero, he keeps calling her, but she is having troubles with her phone, so he has to call me. I keep telling her to get a new phone, that Piero is calling! No one wants Gian?


Ok Laura, but you may have to fight Kelly for him!  🙂

  1. DANIELA says: August 8, 2017 at 3:33 pm Edit

In the fall of 2015 I was browsing many pages of facebook searching for IL VOLO News. Suddenly I come across a review of their beautiful concert, I liked it as it highlighted the feelings and then talking about the meet and greet and how he was noticed by the guys and what a surprise when I read that whoever wrote was A man, John. At the bottom of the review was written: posted on Flight Crew, here’s how I found it. When I came to this site I read for many months without ever commenting but finally I was where I wanted to be, surrounded by people who really love Piero Ignazio and Gianluca. I was at the concert in Florence on July 1, 2016 and a few days later I decided to comment. Ever since then, I follow all your comments with anxiety and affection. I am enrolled in several fanpages but this one remains the page I admire most, the one I’m most fond of and where I have met wonderful people. Becoming also an active part has been a further pride for me. I feel in a big family.


Daniela – I never realized you were also at the July 1 concert! So glad you finally commented. We are so grateful for your almost daily contributions. You are key right now in keeping us informed over there. We are so glad you answered the “distress call” from Marie and started helping us out! Grand Grazie Mille! I think we have a very unique site.


  1. Jill Manning says: August 8, 2017 at 3:51 pm Edit

I found the Flight Crew about two and a half year’s ago, and if I remember rightly it was through the Il Volo Music site. Everybody was so welcoming, and it felt like I had come home. Since then, I go onto the site as soon as I get out of bed every morning, and several times during the day. I don’t want to miss any news about the guy’s. My favorite post’s were when Marie and Jane were in Italy. They were so funny, and I told them they could be the opening act for Il Volo! Their sense of humor is similar to mine( I don’t know if that is a good thing or bad) Thank you to everyone that keep’s this site going


Jill – how lovely to hear from you! I’m sure Jane and Marie are very flattered you enjoyed their Italy posting!! I’m amazed that we are the first thing many go to in the morning! Hope you keep coming back for more! Grazie mille!!


  1. Gina says: August 8, 2017 at 5:50 pm Edit

I cannot remember the date I joined but It has been my morning ritual to check to see who posted a personal story or news about the boys. MY MOST FAVORITE time was before and during San Remo. We were excited and voting day and night on various contests and ‘yelling’ when the critics were so unfair to the boys during San Remo an Eurovision.


Gina – yes, Sanremo was an exciting and exhilarating time for us and the boys! Sometimes I think – where would they be now, if they hadn’t have won 2 years ago? Would they have tried again? Would they be drowning their sorrows on our shoulders at the meet/greets? I know our tickets to the concerts would probably be a lot cheaper! lol! Grazie mille for all that you do! We love all your ideas for posts, too! Just give us some time to put them together!


  1. Annette Simonini says: August 8, 2017 at 8:13 pm Edit

Like so many others my interest in the guys began with their first PBS special. After that, I began searching the Internet looking for information on who they were, where they came from etc. My first Il Volo concert was their first at Radio City. From then on I was in overdrive for more info. I don’t know how I stumbled across the Flight Crew but I was very hesitant at first to post. It wasn’t until June of last year that I posted my first comment. Like others I enjoy reading the many articles be it on the guys or the foods and customs of the different regions of Italy or the adventures of some of the Flight Crew members on their trips to Italy. And of course, the great stories and reviews by other Flight Crew followers after attending an Il Volo concert. Thanks to all who keep this site up and rolling!


Wow, Annette!! You waited a long time, just to be sure, we really weren’t crazy after all and joined in on the fun!! We are so glad you did! But, I know how you feel…. when you first post, you are like “are they going to like me? what if I say something someone doesn’t like, or what if Marie says I can’t have Igna, because he is hers?” But, I’m so glad you were brave and took the plunge! So wonderful to have you here and your personal account of the Miami concert was terrific! Grazie mille!!

I hope everyone enjoyed their flight today… 🙂  Your next flight leaves promptly at 7:00am EST tomorrow from Detroit!  Thank you for flying Il Volo Flight Crew – Share the Love, and fly with us again, soon!  Arrivederci!


Remember, write us at FlightCrew.NotteMagica2017@gmail.com


Tanti Auguri! to the Il Volo Flight Crew ~ Share the Love…Aug 8, 2013

What?  Has it been 4 years already?  Seems like only yesterday, well maybe last week to many of you.  (ok, just pretend the picture says “4th” anniversary – I’m too tired to try and change it!) I did not find anniversary post 3this site til about a year later, about June 2014.  I have to say though, sometimes it feels like it’s been a lifetime already.  How much the boys have done, grown, and accomplished in these last 4 years!

A little birdie swooped down about 6:30p last night to “remind” us it was the site’s 4-year anniversary.  But before I could catch her, she swiftly few away as quickly as she made her fluttery appearance.  So…. I thought I’d repost the “first” post, but somewhere the original Aug 8, 2013 post had disappeared?  So, I went with the first one that is dated August 10, 2013 – 100 Comments in 2 days!  Wow, those were the days!?  It was written by Kelly and had 14 comments.


Wow we work fast! 100 comments in only 2 days!

I think The Boys approve! 😉

It’s looks like everyone here is having fun. I hope anyone that hasn’t made it over yet,  will find their way. We miss you guys! *hugs*

Happy commenting!


I know Kelly and a few others are still around, that is pretty awesome!  So, in honor of all of you who started with this crew and all of the new people that have joined us in the last few weeks even – a GRANDE GRAZIE MILLE!  We couldn’t have done it without you!

Today, this is going to be YOUR post – made up of all of your comments.  I will post it on Wednesday.  I’d like you to answer 3 short questions:

  1. Do you remember how you found this site?  How did you feel?
  2. What kept you coming back?
  3. What are some of your favorite posts or memories from this site?

I will give you my answers:

  1. After I had seen my first concert at Freedom Hill in June 2014, I just started scouring the Internet and somehow this site popped up.  I felt I was finally at home, surrounded by hundreds of crazy people, just like me!
  2. I loved all the stories and each and every tidbit I could get from the site about the boys, personal details, pictures, concerts, meet/greets, and when they were coming back.  I also loved reading all of the comments and the fun sparring back and forth of the fighting over the guys from all the “grandmothers!”  🙂 
  3. Of course I have to say I love the things I wrote – lol!  And of course all of the meet/greet reviews, concert reviews, heartfelt stories from Mary and Jane, and can’t forget Marie’s poetry – I love “Night before Christmas….”


Ok, here’s the challenge, we want to hear from you!!  Let’s go for a goal of at least 50 comments.  Pretend it’s one of those Il Volo polls and you can vote as many times as you want!  Please feel free to comment, even if you never did before!  And even if you have commented a 100 times before, like Loretta, Penina, Pirate, Rose Marie, Rosemary, Cynthia, Victoria, Gina, Jane, Kelly, Marie, Ann, Pat, Daniela, Dani, Lydka, Joanie, Madeline, Lynn, Mary, and these are just right off the top of my head, I know there are many more out there!!  It says we have over 270 followers….

On your mark, get set, Il Volo!!!


Ciao – Jana

Another New Fan in Germany!

Ciao a tutti!

I wanted to share this nice little story with you on this absolutely gorgeous Saturday morning!!

1a2-oliverSeveral months ago, I came into contact with this very nice gentleman from Germany, through my work.  He came to town to visit my boss.

Of course we got to talking about Il Volo and I just had to tell him as much as I could.

Unfortunately, the guys’ concerts were just a little too far away for them to attend and they were going to be on vacation when they were in Germany, anyway.

So, as the avid fan I was, I could not give up and persisted with thinking of some way for them to find the guys.  So, I went in search of their CD/DVD.   Did you realize it’s practically sold out online everywhere?  You can’t find it too many places, not even on Amazon or Barnes and Noble!  I think I mentioned this and someone did find it on a site I was not familiar with.

However, I did find it on ebay, of all places and they were selling it for a normal price.  I quickly sent the email to him and said he might want to order it quickly, as they said they only have 4 left!

He thanked me for the idea, as he said his wife’s birthday was coming up in July and this was a great idea to get it for her, for her birthday!  🙂  Although the site said they would ship to Europe, he said he had a friend in the US that he was seeing soon, and he agreed to order it for him and bring it to him later.

Ah, what a great little story and I had made one more fan for Il Volo, maybe even 2!?

Several months past, as this was back in May and I had really, totally, forgotten about it.  Last Monday when I got in to the office and opened my email, there was this nice note from this gentleman.  He said he got the CD/DVD, gave it to his wife for her birthday and she loved it!  (Of course, we knew she would!)  He said she’s listened to it several times already.  He also sent this beautiful picture below!

I asked his permission to tell his story and use his picture and promised I would not reveal his name – a promise I am keeping here.  He said, “ok.”  🙂

I am sending you his quote to me:

Hope you are doing fine.  I received the CD/ DVD in the meantime from my friend.  My wife’s birthday is on the 15th of July and I wanted to let you know that she loves the CD and listened already a couple of times (see also attached picture).   Thanks again for the great tip & hint. 

Wish you a great day & best regards


What a lovely and thoughtful husband!  🙂

Ciao!  Enjoy your weekend!



Some Friday Updates….

Ciao a Tutti!  and Happy Friday! 

I saw a cute little quip on Google Images when searching for “happy Friday” pictures.  It said… “only one choice needs to be made today, will that be a glass or a bottle!?”  Well, we will let you decide!!  I guess it all depends on what is in your glass or bottle?  🙂  A genie in a bottle, how about the guys, in a bottle?  Wouldn’t that be cool if we could rub our magic lamp and out would pop our favorite guy saying “your wish is my command?”  Ah, what would we wish for?  What song would we have them sing?

I’m so glad most of you enjoyed Lorna’s and my trip through Italy.  Hard to believe it was a year ago.  I wish I could post all of my pictures.  I really thought I was going to bomb the site out last night when I was doing it.  It was so long and so many pictures!  Thankfully, it loaded just fine this morning.

I’ve been organizing this site now for just about 3 months or so, with the great aid of our loyal writers and staff of Jane, Kelly, Daniela, Pat, Myron, and a few other contributors.  Lorna and Pat will be debuting soon…. 🙂   We are still waiting for Marie to come back “officially” but she is having a wonderful summer, enjoying her time off.  Even though she may not be commenting, she’s still reading!  Yes, my evil ploy of digging out that post from many Augusts ago, worked!  But, I believe she has gone back underground again, for the last of the summer.  Enjoying lazy days by the lake in her cabin, tucked away in the hills of wherever it may be!

The guys are wrapping up the European leg of their Notte Magica tour.  Already, they are adding more concerts to the Latin American schedule.  They’ve also rescheduled a few concerts that had to be cancelled in Europe.

I believe starting, possibly this weekend, the guys will be officially on vacation.  I’m sure they are looking forward to a nice break, walking on the beach and spending time with family and other loved ones, as well as seeing friends they have missed the last several months.

Since the guys will be on vacation in August, I thought I’d give our hard-working staff a break also!  Sorry guys, it’s unpaid, but that’s the way it goes!  Lol!  This weekend will be the last “official” posting for the month of July.  There will be one item posting on Saturday (haven’t quite decided which one yet) and Kelly will be posting her last weekend item on Sunday.  Kelly will also be taking a little time off next week.  🙂  No, Kelly will still be posting her articles, but she will technically have weekends off! 

Of course, if the spirit moves us, or something exciting happens over the weekend, we will post it.  But officially, The Flight Crew is on vacation for the weekends in August.

What’s Coming up Next!

We still have several personal accounts of peoples’ concert experiences from Germany and Taormina and I think one or two others that will be coming out.  Also, we’ll be posting a wrap-up of Il Volo’s last appearances and concerts from the Wind Music Festival, Lucca, etc. and their last one, which I think is “today” – July 28, in Pula.

I also plan on a few interesting “factoid” pieces and a nice article from Myron that fit nicely with something I had Pat put together.  Look for these in August!

This bit of time off on the weekend will also you give you some time to catch up on your Facebook and any other social media – as well as that dreaded housework or yardwork you’ve been putting off!

Don’t know what the weather is like where you are, but Detroit, Michigan is having quite a beautiful summer!  Not too hot.  So far our only days of 90 were in June!  Maybe a few in early July…. enough rain, no major wild storms; and thankfully, no fires, floods, or tornadoes, or earthquakes (yes, we do get them here, but we feel them from the fault line in Ohio – I’ve felt 2 or 3, it is freaky!).  The weather has been almost fall-like the last few days.  Tomorrow it is not even going to hit 80 and just barely 80 on Saturday.  Yes, Michigan has the perfect climate – Jeannette will realize that very soon!  🙂  Have the window open right now, as I type in front of it in my bedroom, feeling the cold front coming in with the slight breeze out there.

A little techie talk…recently, and a little while back, people have noticed, myself included, that our site is not “mobile” friendly.  I’m not sure how to change that (if someone knows, please let us know!) and I know many probably only access this from their smart phones.  Not sure how it comes through on tablets,  probably ok, since the screens are so much bigger.  Perhaps Kelly can take a look at how to figure it out.  When we do our previews before publishing, we can do a “mobile view” and yes, it looks just like it does on my phone!  I’ll nose around as well to see what I can find out.

Ok, enough babble from me!  🙂 

Here’s an oldie, but a goodie – picture of our guys.  And just a little “Flashback Friday” for you – here is the link to the TLUC show the guys were on.  I hope it works for you.  There is a bit of a menu and if you click on the left side, it is most of the episodes of the show.  They have really come a long way, especially Ignazio, and they seemed to be put together quite a bit on the show.  It’s really wonderful they kept these in the archives – who knew they would become such international sensations?  Almost seems a foregone conclusion that they would win…


a-boys-finalCiao!  Have a great weekend!  August – here we come!


Flight Crew Welcomes a Special Guest Artist Today: Alfio!

Sunday, July 23, I had the pleasure of attending my first Alfio concert. For alfio 1those of you not familiar with Alfio, he is Italian, but is from Australia, and currently lives in New York. He has also had concerts for PBS, like Il Volo. He plays the piano, as well as sings and has this truly amazing tenor voice, reminiscent of a cross between Gianluca, Piero, and Josh Groban, while throwing in a little Elvis, although still having a sound of his own! Last night’s concert was a tribute to Sinatra, Bocelli, and Elvis.

The concert started shortly after 6pm and lasted until about 8pm, with no break. He had with him a small band, consisting of a trumpeter, two guitar players, a “one-man” drummer with some electronic effects, and a keyboard player (no piano).

He fooled us a bit walking on stage – “Here’s Alfio….” And we are looking, waiting, and watching this shadow walk across the back of the stage from one side to the next and then he suddenly appears before us – we kind of thought he got lost for a second!

The theatre, a small locale in Canton, MI, called the Village Theatre, was a cozy venue, seating a max number of 400 persons. We had lovely 2nd row seats to the right of the stage, thanks to Donna, who told us about the concert, and we sat right next to the Rugiero family, of Antonio’s, who were one of the many sponsors of this event. They also hosted the afterglow/meet & greet, but I will get to that later!

On with the show….Alfio came out nicely dressed in a black suit, with white shirt, black tie, and black patent and leather shoes. A very classy look. He opened the show with the song we are so used to hearing at the end of the Il Volo concerts of O Sole Mio! He started out, almost a capella, with the classic Italian words to the Neapolitan song, with just a light accompaniment from the keyboards. He then burst into the “Elvis” version of It’s Now or Never. After that he sang Il Mundo and then Granada – both in English! I never knew there were English words to the songs. It was kind of nice to know what the songs meant for a change. 😊 So, for the first several songs, we felt like we were at a mini Il Volo concert. Except for the English of course! His voice was impeccable and strong with a very slight edge to it. He chatted a bit with the audience between songs and asked where people were from – “anyone from New York, etc.” A couple walked in late and he teased them a bit, asking them why they were late and telling them the songs they had missed, which were about five at that point. Reminded me a bit of when Piero did that at the Fox Detroit concert a few years ago and many were late because of the traffic and parking. But they sat down and were soon enjoying themselves. I believe they drove all the way from Virginia! Wow!

Everything he sang was incredible. When he sang Il Mundo, he actually played the keyboards while he was singing. He did that with Hallelujah, as well.  I really wish I could have snagged the playlist, but he snatched everything up before he left the stage! Guess he just wanted to be tidy! Maybe if I ask him real nice, he’ll send me the list of songs he sang. I actually thought about writing each one down as he sang it, but didn’t want to dig in my bag for pen and paper. So, if you’ll bear with me a bit, I will name off as many as I can remember! Those above, of course, then there were, in no particular order, My Way, Caruso, Suspicious Minds (awesome), an impromptu Cryin’ by Roy Orbison, an original song by him called I love you like a song (I think?), Unchained Melody, one of Bocelli’s solos, which I cannot remember, Surrender (part Italian and then the “Elvis” version – Ignazio and Piero could give him a few pointers on that one, if you catch my drift? 😊), New York, New York, and several others I cannot remember right now. He also sang that really fun song that Piero and Ignazio had fun singing at the Bambar in Taormina a few months ago, that several persons were able to video and I think the “Fabulous 3” were there in person – the one that goes “Oh ma-ma….” He had the whole audience clapping through the song. It was full energy and spunk and lots of fun. There was one song that he sang that this one lady kept begging him to sing on his FaceBook page. Apparently, all of her begging worked, and she was also in the audience. He pointed her out and knew her name! The song was one that Ignazio sang very early in his career as a solo, it was Il Mare Camo Della Sera. OMG!! That lady was so right!   It was so incredibly perfect (and I think my favorite of the evening!). So sorry, Ignazio… Of course, Alfio’s voice has a few decades on yours when you sang it…. But trust me, it was truly amazing!

I was pretty mesmerized at times, even with the proverbial chills and goosebumps (it was a bit chilly in there though 🙂 ) and a few tears of emotion on certain songs.

Even though he is a bit older than our three, I’m not sure which, but either Gianluca had his mannerisms, or vice versa. It was kind of cute watching him sing and “seeing” Gianluca as he sang, as they used many of the same gestures.

When chatting with the audience, he mentioned social media – Instagram and Facebook and invited us to “like” and “follow” him. Haven’t gotten to Facebook yet, but I did click to follow him on Instagram last night. Early this morning, he was following me back!! He was on his way back to New York this morning. I have to say I was a bit tickled!! He is certainly prompt!

I think I mentioned he also writes his own songs and he sang one of them for us. It was a slow, romantic song and quite beautiful. He was saying how he sings “other people’s songs” because that is what the audience wants to hear. Until you are well-known or have a lot of play on the radio, that is probably one of the few ways you will gain fans and a quick following, kind of like Il Volo. He asked us if we liked his song, and of course we said yes. Then he asked if we would like to hear his original songs one day, all of his, in a concert, and of course we clapped loudly!

Alfio, just a word or two on “cover” songs, if I may speak metaphorically a bit…. Covers can be good. They are familiar and cozy, and give comfort and solace when you are feeling sad and lonely. They wrap you up in their familiarity and hug you tight, as you share their melodious warmth with the one you love. So, of course, no artist wants to sing cover songs the rest of their lives (I promise never to ask you to sing Danny Boy…); they want to sing their own music and want to be known for their own music. Even right now, we are clamoring for the guys to write music of their own, like Ignazio did a few years ago. Even if you are singing someone else’s “hit” or “song,” you should think of it as an honor, as well as a challenge. Some songs are such major hits for people that others don’t even dare to try to imitate or try to make it their own. How many people do you know dare to sing a Streisand hit? So, if you do that and do it well, it will become your own. 😊

All-in-all, I don’t believe he got as many standing ovations as he deserved. We all stood after “Oh ma-ma” and after the last song, which was My Way, but that was it. His fans were pretty laid back compared to Il Volo.

On to the afterglow! When we got out of the theatre, we were lucky. The thunderstorm had just passed and the skies were blue and sunny again, but with puddles everywhere! We made our way back to Antonio’s and into the meet & greet room. We were greeted with a glass of prosecco and I quickly spotted a table for seven. We claimed our table, as there were not many, and waited for the others. Donna and Sharon arrived shortly and got in line for the food.

Antonio’s had a beautiful spread of an antipasto salad, consisting of roasted red peppers, artichoke hearts, and tomatoes, on a bed of romaine, with Italian seasonings/dressing on it. After that, we were greeted with broccolini, calamari, pesto pasta, chicken marsala, meatballs and gnocchi with Mama Rita’s special sauce – which by the way, Alfio raved about! There was also a beautiful tray of fruit, their famous bread, and a tray full of mini cannoli. On the side were bottles and bottles of red and white wine. Along with the glorious food was some live music and serenading. When we walked in they were playing El Reloj! Another Il Volo song! Oddly, a good portion of the songs that were sung were Spanish. Of course, they were beautiful, and many were sung by Il Volo, but I thought there would be more Italian…later on we did hear Volare and Il Mundo.

About a half hour or so later, Alfio arrived. He was sweet and charming and very down to earth. He went table to table (I think that was how our “Fan Faire” was supposed to be orchestrated?), chatted, took selfies with everyone, and signed the CDs that were in our gift bags. Both Mama Rita and Tony were on hand, along with the rest of the Rugiero’s, to mingle with the crowd. It was quite the beautiful event and everyone had a lovely time and we were so glad we went. Thank you so much to Donna, our lovely Il Volo pal, for suggesting we attend this.

I hope you enjoyed your evening (or morning) with Alfio as much as we did. I know it’s not Il Volo, but I hope you can find just a small place in your heart to appreciate Alfio. Maybe a right or left ventricle, or just even a tiny capillary, because he is certainly worth it. After last night, he definitely carved out a small place in my heart!

Ciao, Alfio! Grazie mille!


p.s. I uploaded our photo below to Instagram this morning and Alfio gave it a like! 😊

I found a small clip on YouTube of some of the highlights from his PBS special last year…


(Throw WAY back Thursday) In case you missed it – by Nurselin61 – Aug 31, 2013

Hello folks!  I had planned something else for today, but my plans changed, so I thought I’d go back and find an old post.  This post had 126 comments!!  This was written by, I believe, Linda, one of the “foundresses” of this site with Marie.  The comments are amazing.  A few of you are still out there commenting – Loretta, Myron, Kelly, Allene, and several others I recognize, and many I don’t, and many that we haven’t seen for quite a while!  Enjoy – it will take most of your morning to read through this – it’s over 7000 words!  🙂

(there are no pictures, but it looks like people had put links to various sites, as they were referencing articles and interviews, etc.  Take a look and see what you might find.  It is interesting to see these comments and see how much as come “true” 🙂 – what things have changed and what has stayed the same!)

The John Saroyan Theatre at the beautiful Fresno Opera House was sold out. More than 2400 people stood and gave Il Volo a standing ovation!! The Theatre was sold out and the applause was deafening for the more than 2 hour performance!!
Our Elaine drove 200 miles in Labor Day traffic to attend her second concert this week! She tells us it was well worth the trip!

1) Twitters, Tweets and Keeks:
Gianluca tweeted last night “Thank you Fresno for the sold out! What a wonderful concert!
Piero tweeted # feelings # live # concert.
See keek of Piero rehearsing with the drummer before concert on Mundial Facebook.
See Keek of Paul Sorvino singing “O Solo Mio” with Il Volo at LA concert, also on Mundial.
Ignazio, no tweets? (some things never change!  🙂 )

2) Have a look at Il Volo Tumblr of the audience during the standing ovation last night. Anybody here recognize the age group of that audience? Hmm.

Please check our resource category on the left side of the site for things Il Volo.

The next concert is September 1st in Phoenix, wonder if they’ll ride the Il Volo bus to this concert?
After Phoenix they’ll be in Chicago on September 4th and Detroit on September 5th. Many of our Flight Crew are looking forward to these two concerts, as they’ll be attending! More on that later.

Love and Luck in Phoenix, Guys!!



lynngbal4 says:


If Ignazio picked either Marie or Loretta to sing to, they would both have to share the couch, because neither one will let the other get Ignazio alone. And when the song is over, he won’t have to walk them back to their seats, because they will have melted by then. Talk about a spectacle!!!



Lynn he wouldn’t be able to walk back anywhere because we would be both sitting in his lap & he would have to sing to us & seeing as the audience is there well they could hear him sing as well.

After all this hype I probably won’t even be able to utter a sound. Shocked into silence either by seeing HIM or by Loretta’s antics. Either way I’m toast. I just don’t want to drool. Please God, don’t let me drool.

It’s hard to drool if your chin is on the floor!
Y’all better all write about your experience at the concert-Marie, Loretta, Mary, & anybody else who is going. I will get to see them only through your eyes!



Allene I don’t mean to be cruel but if by mature you mean OLD then he won’t want you at all as Iganzio won’t me either or Gianluca won’t want Marie or anyone over 20. We are over the hill & had the biscuit. But we can still dream & listen & look oh its fun looking.

I meant to say DROWN out my voice I need all the drowning I can get.



For all you Ignazio lovers, I found the sweetest quote from him:

“It’s not important the beauty as long as she has a heart and gives it to me.”
Now, if that doesn’t make you melt, I don’t know what will!

kyalpn says:

Oh boy…

Either “they” haven’t seen it yet, or they are still weeping in a puddle somewhere…

That is truly beautiful, though.



What a beautiful and heart-tugging quote from Ignazio. And Loretta, I know about daydreams, I have plenty of them!




Gianluca said in his tweet “Look at me carefully” Has anyone worked out why or what he meant? Maybe the Elvis TShirt?

“confused” in Vancouver!



We’ll probably never know, but the only thing I can see is that his right eye looked swollen.. A sty or small infection, maybe?


4thforbridge: You are SO smart and perceptive, Now I see what you mean about his right eye, I was too busy looking at his left, normal eye, that is so big! I hope he’s allright! I can’t wait to read how the Phoenix show went. Even when sick, they say “the show must go on”!


They are staying in all those hotels, I don’t know if they are four star or not, but maybe the linens aren’t in the best of germ-free condition and it caused an eye infection, but then, maybe they bring their own pillows, I know, what a silly think to conjecture about, just wondering out loud.


He probably has either a sty or conjunctivitis, sometimes known as “pink eye” easily picked up from someone else. Consider how many kisses, hugs and handshakes they do on a daily basis. Antibiotics usually quickly takes care of it.


Thanks, guys, that makes sense. Poor baby!




Still in a puddle over Helen’s comment! I would give him my heart and the Pink Eye I caught from Gianluca!
Hey, I don’t have to choose!



Pink Eye?!?!?!?!?!








Yep, i got to hug all three and they hugged back. Then we all stood with arms around each other for the photo, then were politely moved on by assistants. So not a lingering one, but a hug just the same!






Look at minute 26 of this interview. Is that what Loretta is goong to be like with Ignazio?

http: //youtu.be/ D1EpYo_2Iew (no gaps)



That’s exactly the visual I have of both Loretta and Marie.

I have seen this interview and wish that I could speak Spanish. It looks like they are having such a good time but I can’t understand any of it. The closed caption to English doesn’t help.


I;ve seen this before. Pausing the video at 25:57 minutes in, talk about “meet and greet” how about cease and desist! Gianluca was a willing particpant though! Also at one point, I have to look for it, Gianluca kisses the interviewer’s (in the red) neck, really goes after her and she gets all flustered. Hope their moms to Latin America too – to keep an eye on ’em!


So many Latin american girl lovng Il Volo, Soooooo many girls, yet so little time! No more shy Gianluca from was on the Italian TV show. That was ancient history, 4 years ago! Well he is latin, therefore a latin lover! Geez I hope my post isnt’ misconstrued or misinterpreted. I am easily shocked, but I have seen this video before and was shocked then!




Yes, Loretta. One of the things that I was able to make out from the conversation was that she was in the hospital. I believe she s a cancer patient. They were so sweet to her.




It doesn’t surprise me they are so classy young men with hearts of gold.



Did you watch Loretta? They guys are really animated in this video posted above. Ignazio, so cute and how tall he has gotten in last couple of years, what a growth spurt. Piero is really interested in that cell phone of his. It looks like “all hell can break loose” in Latin American interviews, I’ve never seen them so off the wall in US interviews, but they were having fun which is good!


Myron Heaton says:


I am looking forward to the Phoenix concert myself. It would so nice if those on this site who are going could meet up in the lobby of the Comerica Theater prior to start of program – Some of you I have been “talking with” since months before this wonderful site started and it would nice to finally put a face with that name. I will locate near the V.I.P. check-in table and will hang out there just in case any of you are around.




Enjoy the Phoenix Concert Myron! I hope those going to the Phoenix Concert meet up with you.




We need some kind of Flight Crew convention. It would probably closely resemble an AARP convention (:



Oh Lynn that is hysterical. Thanks for the laugh because it’s so true 🙂
Myron, have a great time tomorrow night. Don’t forget to give us the details!



If we were able to get IL VOLO to meet with us & sing a couple of songs, we’d have better entertainemnt & more fun than an AARP convention!


If the working plan for an “authorized” Il Volo International Fan Club gets approved they will have such a convention in Las Vegas every year or every two years. This is now being discussed amongst various entities.


Thank you for ALL your efforts, Myron!

What fun we will have at this convention! I’d definitely like to see a concert there as part of the festivities. Maybe various levels of Meet & Greets. Perhaps live interview questions from the fans. Hmmm… If there’s a Disney movie in the making, perhaps there would be some usable footage.

I’m sure you all are making wonderful plans. I just found my enthusiasm over-flowing.

Have a glorious time in Phoenix! And I hope the performance of Maria will be the emotional masterpiece that it usually is.

In gratitude and delight,
~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway



Check out on Team il Volo the mediocre review of Il Volo by Donald Munroe in Fresno. He didn’t pan the performance, and he made it clear that Il Volo doesn’t try to be opera. But he was obnoxious about Ignazio and his funny antics on stage. It really bothered this reviewer that people in the (sold-out ) crowd absolutely loved the guys. What is wrong with these people?




I guess critics are critics and have their own opinion, but “sweet” voices, please!! Didn’t like the fooling around? Well hello! they’re teenagers and of course are not sophisticated, they’re not supposed to be and it’s exactly why we love them!! These critics have no taste, they just love to pan the performances. Too bad, they don’t know what they’re missing out on!!



I think he went in with his nose out of joint because we objected to the first review. These critics like to feel like they can’t be criticised. What bugs me is that he too acted like Il Volo relies so much on amplification. I repeat, however, when placido Domingo and Barbra Streisand choose to sing with teensagers new to the business–that means Our Boys are pure quality.


I’m glad he was forewarned. Truly, I must have read 100 responses to the first reviewer, and every one spoke highly of Our Boys and their performance.

Good point, Sheridan, about Streisand and Domingo choosing to sing with IL VOLO!

I just popped a short response to the Fresno review:

“What draws us with delight into IL VOLO Land? …magnificent voices, warm open hearts, authenticity to the point of silliness on occasion, Love, energy, enthusiasm, glorious harmony, powerful voices, impressive musical arrangements, Loving spirits, joy, fun, heartfelt emotion, Love…

Thanks to this reviewer for acknowledging that this is not your cup of tea IN CONTRAST to the enthralled audience.”

~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway



Ok…don’t shoot me, but I don’t think this review is that bad. I think he makes it clear that they just weren’t his cup of tea…like Jackie Evanco and One Direction aren’t. Win some and lose some…



I’m with you guys. The wonderful thing about Il Volo is that they are natural. I know they plan the back & forth & practice, but they do what comes naturally to them in concert. Sure they are young, not jaded, they are fresh and they make me laugh! That’s the beauty of Il Volo. Of course, somebody that didn’t see them last season wouldn’t understand the “woorrlld” thing, but it tickles me every time I see it! On another note, I found a very nice article on them at ‘Teenink.com/reviews/music’. Written by Branderz of Chicago IL entitled “Il Volo: Three Young Tenors Destination: World Wide by Il Volo”. Sorry, I don’t know how to attach a copy -I don’t even know how to copy! ( my son is going to help me tomorrow.). I hope you can find it. Have a good evening everyone.




I found the article on teenink.com. It was written in 2011.
I agree with Kelly that the Munroe review wasn’t all that bad. At least he acknowledged that maybe it was just him. Maybe he just doesn’t “get it” because he doesn’t like that kind of music. If I were sent to review a concert of some rap artist, I know I wouldn’t get it, & I would hate it. At least he understood about the whole package of IL VOLO: good looks, youth, charm-but he said “nice voices”. He missed that part; their voices aren’t just nice & sweet. They are amazingly powerful.

I like what he said about Piero’s magnetism on stage; I agree. But I feel that all 3 guys have great stage presence. They all smile & respond to the audience well, from the videos I’ve seen.

Elaine, when you’ve rested from your long trip, I hope you will tell us what all the laughing was about when they sang “Maria”. I saw a video of it, but the camera concentrated mainly on Piero & the girl sitting with him, so I couldn’t see what was happening with the other 2 guys.



the only thing I really question is his comment on finding three teens in town that could do as well. Having taught voice to teens for many years I would say to him that it really is quite rare to have voices like that and the right voice teachers. Also, most singers in that theater use mics.



Lynn, you’re right, all three are charming with great stage presence. They each have their own character and charisma, no one outshines the other.


Hey Lynn, LeeLee and Helen, I like that idea of a convention AARP indeed! We may be –er – old, but we’re not dead!,




I know I am getting into hot water here, but I saw that Maria treatment in LA and thought it did not work. It distracted us from an incredible song that is passionate and serious – not funny. I don’t think that Il Volo intended the humor – I think they were planning on the romance side of the concept. But you can never know for sure how audience people will react and kill the moment. In L.A. Piero got the wierd girl that caused laughs but in Fresno Gianluca got the girl that was wierd and caused laughs. (while he was singing to her she kept looking at Ignazio – WWWWWWWWierd ! They should have brought the girls out for Surrender or something lighter. I usually don’t find fault with Il Volo staging but this is one time I do. Maria = romance not funny.



Myron, I know the guys wanted to share the singing of “Maria”, but I loved it when Gianluca sang it as a solo. It was like he was acting the part of Tony, with all the emotion he put into it. I like all 3 of them singing it, too, but it lost something in the sharing of it.

I have a question for you, since I don’t know any language other than English. Piero’s & Gianluca’s operatic solos- aren’t they sung in Spanish? I know “Caruso” is in Italian.



I have been watching a video of the LA concert on you tube that is 21 minutes long. It has the segment with Paul Sorvino who tells the story of the writning of O Sole Mio. It is a pretty good video if you can overlook the person talking over the singing at times. The title is Il Volo Agosto 28 2013. It was uploaded by Elizabeth Algazi. You can’t see much, but there is a little bit of a lot of songs.




I fully enjoyed last night’s concert at Fresno. Our guys were truly amazing and they delivered another outstanding performance. I particularly love the three opera solos. They were all powerful and I can feel their passions. I almost cried when Gianluca was on his knees because it was his passionate singing and that YouTube video that gave me this second chances to see them. Thanks Ginaluca!

Mundial and Team Il Volo have a few videos from last night. Make sure to check out El Triste. It was fantastic! I wish someone will post another video on Maria because it was hilarious. Gianluca’s Maria kept looking and waving at Ignazio. Gianluca sang his heart out but still was useless! Our sweet Gian was very nice though, he played along and made that awkward situation to be the funniest moment of the show. It’s really fun to see our guys being so playful. And it didn’t ruin the song. The singing was still fantastic.

I guess I am done with all my concert unless there is another miracle (please, pray!). For those of you that are going in the coming weeks, hope you will enjoy the concert as much as I did. And please give each of our guys a big hug for me. This is my only regret, I should have go to the M&G.

Gianluca, Ignazio, Piero, you guys are amazing. Thanks for those wonderful time. Love an



It makes me so excited for Chicago!




Someone whom went to Fresno concert could tell me what happened whem they sang Maria. I watched the video and read some comments, but I didn´t have a clue. For some comments it seemed that Ignazio was making some funny thing and distracted the girl who paid more attention to Ignazio while Gianluca was singing or if the girl was so stupid to embarrass him that way.

I think they ruined the song bringing girls to stage. This song is so intense and dramatic (his solo last year prove it) that people laughing when he was singing was a little disrespected to him. Maybe they could bring girls in Little Things.



I don’t think they meant disrespect, it was just a spontaneous moment if comedy that Gianluca picked the wrong girl, and she couldn’t hide it. 🙂



Josie, please read my post above regarding “Maria” at Fresno. That was not a bad arrangement at all. I think it is a good way to interact with the audience and bring some surprise element to the concert. It really was fun. Hey, our guys are so young, it is good to lighten up a bit. Gianluca owns the drama of Maria in his solo. So why not do something else this time as a trio. There is no disrespect at all from the audience. Everyone was just enjoying the moments. Kelly is wise to see that it was a spontaneous moments and Gian was able to make the best out if it. Way to go Gian, I am proud of you. Kisses for you…




One of the great things about Gianluca is his ability at times to poke fun at his own movie star idol image and good looks. I saw one video of him at an interview where he messed up his hair and put on this really funny face. He is also a good sport–always! On Il Volo Mundial this morning there is a picture of his mother and Ignazio’s mother. The caption also said Piero’s father has accompanied him. The parents are the key to the lovely behavior of these young men. All three guys are all old enough to tour on their own–BUT, their parents are with them anyway. I think that says a lot!



Sheridan, I saw that too, I think he was trying to impersonate Charlie Sheen. Gianluca is so funny. I loved what you said about him making fun of his own movie star idol image. That, he is, paaaleeese, someone put him up on the big screen, he said he wants to be an actor and Justin Timberlake tackled it and is not an actor to begin with (how about Justin’s 20 minute performance at MTV awards, fabulous), anyway, Gianluca can do it. His paesans, Scorseze and/or Coppola need to cast him quick!


It does say a lot for them and their culture, Sheridan. I don’t think fame will change them. They have lofty yet humble goals. You really can’t compare them to anyone else no matter the age. They are a special and different breed of human being. They are Our Boys. They are perfect!




I just watched a video of the Maria episode and saw Gianluca’s girl waving at Ignazio, but a man’ head blocked most the girl’s antics. However, I noticed when they were standing up that Gianlucs’s girl looked about 6’2″–she towered over him. That in itself looked funny.



I saw the video many times and I´m not sure if the girl was waving to Ignazio or to the girl with him. At the end the two girls held each other as they were friends. Anyway was very wierd her behavior. I twitted to Gianluca to next time choose a nice girl or maybe a lady.


Perfect indeed, Marie! We now need Loretta to give that Dan Monroe a piece of her mind for what the critic (everyone can be a critic) what he said about Ignazio not being sophisticated and not funny. I think he’s a howl! And I absolutely HATE when they single out one over the others, this is twice now that reviewers have said Piero has the most talent. Yes, we know Piero is talented with that voice and he has that sexy Italian swagger going on, but, hello, the other two have just as much magnetism. I can’t wait for the Radio City Music hall review. In that big city, surely there are some really good reviewers who are going to recognize how all three are awesome. So the girl was sitting with Gianluca during Maria and kept looking at and wating at Ignazio. Did they let her loose from the insane asylym for one night? If you are sitting next to Gianluca, then you look into HIS eyes, right? What accounts for stupid people?


You are so right, Christine. I have always paid special attention to Piero beause he and his voice together remind me of a young Placido Domingo. I adore Placido Domingo. BUT… I also happen to love and admire Gianluca’s voice and Igazio’s voice. Each one brings something into the performance. They are very different but the combination of their voices and personalities are what makes them great. I also think that Our Boys would not like having themselves singled out, one over the other. They are friends, and they recognized each others talents




You all know that I’m an Ignazio woman but, if Gianluca was looking at me that close, with those eyes, I would have melted into them. And occasionally glanced at ….you know!



Marie, I don’t know…what to you mean occasionally glanced at ==what? I honestly don’t know. Is it printable? Anyway I am so confuuuuuused Marie I didn’t know you were an “Ignazio” woman! I have to start paying more attention to your posts. Nothing wrong with that, he’s gorgeous too. He’s a man of few words though, Gianluca is on twitter all the time, he must get a rise out of how people pounce and write a response when all he is writing is that “he likes cookies”. While it won’t make the headlines, it is still a nice way for him to keep in touch with his fans, whereas Ignazio will go for days and days without writing nothing, Niente!




Well I AM an Ignazio woman & I will only melt if Ignazio looks at me & no one else can entice me away from my precious, He is MINE, MINE, MINE.



AT LAST!!!! You don’t know how LONG I have waited for MINE! MINE! MINE!!!!




Oh, here she goes again!! with the MINE MINE thing, I bet Marie will have something to say about that. Loretta dear, he’s really MINE!!! 😉



She’s baaa-aaaaakkk! Lol


All 3 of them are baaa-aaaaakkk, Kelly. It is getting so close to their concert time, I guess we couldn’t expect them to be silent for long. I love it (:


By Branderz, Chicago, IL
More by this author
Email me when Branderz contributes work
The author’s comments:

What really inspired me to write this was, due to every other upcoming band, or artist, getting reviews-and I thought about writing one as well-they as well needed to be reviewed. And, plus, I am in love with their music as, mostly, everyone, else is.

Have you ever dreamed of being in the spotlight? Have you dreamt that you’ve seen three vocally, and beautifully, talented young men just coming from out of the blue and sang like maturing forty year old singers?
Il Volo; the band that first started out no more than two years ago competing on Italy’s most popular Television show, “Ti Lascio Una Canzone”, after Gianluca won the show, they each began taking small steps with each other, by still performing with one another in the music world. Still unsigned, and yet, left still hoping, they began going around their own home country: Italy; inspiring young people to reach their dreams and also doing what they do love and are best at: Music.
After an appearance at a showcase their manager, Humberto Gatica, discovered them and showed them to the biggest name in the music industry. Immediately they were signed on as the first ever international boys band to ever be signed with a national record. Compared with the Jonas Brothers, they thrive the media and their fans to know that there is no comparison whatsoever.
The only thing that sub-sides to being compared is the music they do. Operatic pop; a cross between Pop and Opera styles of music. And, further on out, they will be sure to take over the world one day and be successful. With countries, especially their home country, that have given them a Platinum and Golden Records, each from Malaysia, India, France, Germany and tons more.
The only aspect they have in mind is really clear, they want to share their music with the world, they don’t care for the riches, they care for the love of their music going into other peoples’ homes.
My message is also clear to those that reading this article as well: Listen to it, research them and fall in love all over again with these three young singers that will make your mouths drop and wanting more.

Edit: Diane provided this link to be copied/pasted in your browser for the letter:
linkink.com/review/music il volo


Poor Linda you are having hallucinations again, Did you take your pills dear? I have an IN with Ignazio which is so strong that it can’t be broken so all your pining are to avail. I had to bring out my MINE to emphasis the bond between is so strong. When he sees me he will run to me with open arms. I can’t wait to be in his arms again. don’t cry Linda your special man will come along.




Hello Stephanie I have found the article you were referring to on google (see above) I live in the UK so the only way to get all the information on the boys is via your site, you tube Il Volo Mundial Official and by following the very very talented boys on their twitter account. I have just recently got the brabble app and I was very very surprised that Gianluca, Piero and Ignazio accepted me as their friend. A very lucky lady indeed and a good birthday present. I just love their music very much it it very addictive and have recently bought their We Are Love CD on Amazon. Enjoy reading all your article on this new web site.
On google I just typed teenink.com/review/music il volo
Best Wishes



We are of like minds Diane! Thank you.


Wait just a minute! You Canadian wench! Who raised you! How can you lie like that? and in public too. You know he belongs to me! Saying MINE a thousand times won’t change the facts, Missy!


Ha Marie, I knew you wouldn’t let THAT pass. To think that Canadian wench once called YOU a wiley woman!!!

So you know Loretta, I don’t need my medication as much as you need yours. I sure hope you take your meds in Detroit or Marie will really have her hands full!!:/


Its unbelievable how jealous & out of touch you two are. Open you eyes girls HE has only eyes for ME. The sunset is waiting for us to ride off into it.. HEis preparing forour life together so PLEASE do yourselves a favour look elsewhere for your beaus STOP giving yourselves so much suffering. Marie Gianluca is waiting for you with his sweet face & heart & also Linda he can go with you as well. He is a treasure also. Get it with it girls & realize I am the BEST.for my precious.


Loretta, Sweetie, If he didn’t love me so much you might have a shot. No, now that I think about it, Linda would probably be next. You’re pretty scary! So, sorry!
p.s. I would take Gianluca too! In a heartbeat!
p.s.s. I don’t share!



Marie how can you say I’m scary when you haven’t even seen me, we have never MET remember???or are you having memory lapses. Ignazio & I have met & not only have become friends but more than that. He thinks I am the most beautiful woman he has ever seen. So dear beauty is in the eye of the beholder so I have it made, neither of you girls have a chance in H____.. You can prance around all you want & Linda you can follow what Marie is saying & agree but the fact remains I AM THE ONE & ONLY FOR MY PRECIOUS.





Hey everyone, wouldn’t you all love to be a fly on the wall in Detroit?
I wish we could see the fight for Ignazio (poor guy) I hope they don’t hurt him jumping into his arms!! The bail money is still available!!!!



lol I know that I wish that I had gotten the M&G tickets just so I could keep my eye on those two. Mary is just going to have to handle them herself, poor thing. Hang in their Mary, don’t get run over by them. You had better hold on to that bail money Linda S. I agree, I wish I could be a fly on the wall in Detroit.

Linda, it is a good thing that the MG is after the concert, so Ignazio can still perform in Detroit. rotfl




Thank You!



You girls are a hoot! I just love reading your “bickering” back & forth.





Sorry Sheridan I didn’t look down far enough to see your review, Also saw a review by Linda so don’t know which one that was but at least he heard from the back seat.



I just didn’t like his inferring that they were one of those “boy bands,” meaning mediocre talents but a lot of show. G-R-R-R






Uh, Oh! Hey I was just calling that plan B. Plan A wasn’t working out so well. Man! I can’t get a break. Elizabeth will kill me if I even say Piero. Maybe I’ll just try for Myron. Hey, Myron! You married? Is some other wench going to come after me now?


Marie, if you go after Piero, you will have Elizabeth, Mary & ME to contend with. I can’t wait to see what Myron has to say about this!







OMG – I cannot wait until next week to find out the results of the Loretta and Marie Show!! You gals are way too much fun.

Sorry to say gang, when it comes to Piero, Gianluca, and Ignazio, it’s every girl for her own! I personally have no preference, so I would be thrilled to be on the couch (for the song, of course – ahem) with any of them. I’m sorry if I’m stepping on toes, but a girl’s got to do what a girl’s got to do!!



LeeLee, at this point, I would be glad just to be in the audience at one of their concerts. I would be in heaven to sit next to one of them & be able to have any one of them sing to me. But none of us girls have to worry about that. They won’t pick any of us grandmas to sit with them on stage! Maybe Elizabeth has a chance.


Lynn, I agree about being in the audience. But wouldn’t it be nice if they chose older like us? I can say I’m not a grandma as I don’t have any kids, but I guess I’m old enough to be someone’s ‘young’ 🙂 grandma.

Loretta and Marie, please don’t make spectacles of yourselves if they pick you to go up on stage. (Oh, who am I kidding?)




Go for it LeeLee long as its not Ignazio’s couch



But Loretta – if Ignazio picked me, how can I say no?




If Ignazio picks me for his couch they’ll have to close the curtains. Are there curtains? I hope so!



Marie, bring your own just in case.








There’s no security guard that’s going to let you two crazy ladies near that stage. I think there’s a restraining order out there.



After this conversation, if there isn’t a restraining order, there will be one by the time they get there.

Loretta – I’ll try and send my ‘Ignazio’ vibe from him towards your direction. Marie, the only reason I’m not sending it to you is because you’re willing (I think) to go to Plan B (Gianluca). Loretta doesn’t seem to want to budge (you know – the old MINE, MINE, MINE thing).

Linda – don’t put that bail money away yet. Only a few more days.


ROTFL Linda, maybe you should call the Fox Theater and alert them about those two. Where is Mary, she is being awfully quiet. I am sure she will not know those two in the M&G or so she will say. lol

d hug to you all!

I hope everyone enjoyed reading all these comments –