Hey folks – I think you had to actually sign up to watch it live.  I did.

In case you missed it though, it’s repeated and in a video –

hope this link works for you!  it’s on now! Link to interview below…

New Album Pre-Order! by Il Volo (

A few tidbits from the interview…. they will be in Orlando doing promos next week, they did not announce the new tour dates, but alluded they may be announced on Nov 5.  They did mention LA and Nashville!  Lucky Judy!  😉   Sounds like they are still waiting on confirmations on the cities, etc., before they can officially announce anything.  Gianluca said “he’s taken”  Igna says he’s in love, but according to Piero, Igna is always in love lol!, and Piero said he was single!  Enjoy!


    1. Glad you were able to watch it. Glad I signed up. I was able to watch it in my computer, but I never got the notification on my Instagram account.

      Would be nice to have a new Christmas album from them.

      Yes, maybe Gianluca had a rough day. Lol. It was late for them though, really like midnight as they just turned the clocks back yesterday!

      Igna, always the flirt.

      Didn’t seem to answer many questions though…

    2. I’m soooo sad I had to miss this tonight 😭😭😭due to family emergency ‘everything turned out positive though’ thank God 🙏🙏🙏 Piero I’m single too babe 💜💜💜😂😂😂💋💋💋🙏🙏🙏

    1. Hi Pat, I was just thinking about you, and here you are!
      So glad you could see this interview.

    1. that is for sure! he was flirting pretty well with the interview lady – I’d say the age is about right? 😉

    1. Mark – how nice to hear from you! Of course, there may be more than one Mark? 😉 nice to hear from you anyway! So glad you were able to view it!

  1. Thanks for sharing this beautiful interview. I enjoyed and most happy because they are coming to US, a live in Mexico but they mentioned LA is only 3.5 hour drive from my home city Mexicali, Baja Yupiiii

  2. I watched it but like you Jana I didn’t get any notification. I wanted her to ask about Covid precautions at the concerts, she didn’t. Maybe it’s too soon. My copy will be here on the 9th, I’m excited. Igna is happy, that’s good, he deserves to be. Piero said to bring the CD and a pen to the concert and they will sign it. Does that mean there will be MnG’s?

    1. yeah, good question – $200 for a signed copy? lol! oh, and a quick flick! haha….yeah, glad I went ahead and signed up ahead of time…

      They told me my PBS version was delayed. I’m not in any hurry for it, it will get here when it gets here! 🙂

  3. Jana, thanks so much for the link. I just finished watching the interview. It’s always wonderful to watch the guys, whether singing or speaking. And I learnt so much about the background of the new CD. Looking forward to listening!
    The guys were asked about the possibility of recording a new Christmas album.
    FYI, the CD and DVD they recorded in 2013 have been re-packaged, and called “Il Volo Buon Natale Deluxe Edition CD + DVD”. They are not identical to the originals. The list of songs have been adjusted. I ordered my set a few weeks back, and it was delivered within a week.
    Best regards to all!
    Peckyin (Singapore)

    1. that’s awesome, thanks for the info! I did check it out and many were complaining that the DVD would not play in the US, which happens. I did find it on Amazon, and the CD is basically the same, but seems they have added a few more songs in Italian, that weren’t on the original one. Although, it still says the original release is 2015. Might still be nice to have. I do have the DVD of it from PBS – a gift from someone! 😉 Thank you, Chris! 🙂

  4. Thank you Jana for telling us how to get the interview. I signed up for talkshop and it worked out well. I hope that we will be able to get our cds signed at the concerts.That would be great. I preorderd mine from Amazon but it won’t arrive til November 15th.I guess I’ll just have to have patience.

    1. you are welcome, glad it worked for you – not everyone was able to see it the first time, live…. yes, they alluded to the fact that they will be signing CDs at the concerts? but does this mean we have to buy an expensive m/g ticket? Frankly, you can’t hardly read their names now much anyway, as they are barely a scribble that sort of looks like their initials. If you buy a m/g ticket, you usually get an ID badge that they have signed. It’s funny, if you go to more than one concert, you can tell the difference in the later ones, they are getting sloppy! 😉

  5. Jana I’m desperate to know LA show Please let me know as soon as you know the date 🙏🙏🙏🙏thank you ❤️

    1. Dear Maria! We all want to know the dates they will be coming to our town! From the interview, it sounds like they will be announcing the tour dates on Nov 5 when the album is released. We will post as soon as we can, but stay tuned to Il Volo Music on Instagram, as they are likely to post them first and then it will be all over FaceBook and then we’ll likely post them, as well. 😉 Based on previous tours, CA is usually near the end of their tour, so LA will likely be in April sometime….as they are starting in Canada on March 4 and we know they will be at RCMH after that. 🙂 However, we do not know when ticket sales will be starting. BUT, this may be a good time to try and join the Fan Club again – I heard people were having some issues though, With the pandemic and everything, our “technical” yearly membership has now been 2 years or more, since nothing was going on. I hope they will still send the presale emails out to the fans, since there was no way we could really renew our membership.

      1. Hi Jana, I also had trouble signing up to the Fan Club and even reached out to out to them with no reply. If you know of a way to resign up please post that. It was nice to get a password code to get into tickets faster 🙂 Thanks, Diane Fusco

  6. Jana I hope this mail finds you well
    ( i dont recall if it was you that had surgery ) Hope that everthing is fine

    I knew you were a darling taking care of us fans and the boys but there, you made me a fantastic gift today!!!!!!

    I woke up and I connect to your link and i Could see the US interviews with the 3 musketeers !!!

    Thank you ever so much Jana I am an Italian that leaves in France but I follow them world wide

    Grazie mille Jana you cheer my day!

    Take care of yourself
    Warmest regards

  7. Thanks Jana for the link. I watched at 5 AM. EDT. Just me and the coffee pot and a cat in my lap. Sounds like a serious tour. I hope Ignazio is planning a little mischief?

  8. Wow!! Even without Facebook I was able to go to the link “Talk Shop Live” and, before having a shower and breakfast, took the time to see our wonderful men. Yes, they could do a movie of the Three Musketeers and be totally believable.
    Gianluca was very quiet but with Igna and Piero doing most of the talking there wasn’t much chance to get in. Love them all!

    So glad to see your comment, Patti, and know that you are recovering. All the best to you!!! Hugs, Dolores

  9. Thanks my lovlies for telling me about the interview. I did get myself an account last night, so managed to watch it. It was ten o’clock here in the UK, so we are an hour behind the rest of Europe, except Ireland of course.

    Anywhoo, just out of interest I checked on my phone this morning while waiting for the bus. Well one has to do something to pass the time! It went round and round, probably a rotten signal. Tried again on my Kindle Fire when I got home, worked perfectly, as it does on my laptop. 🙂

    I thought Gian was a tad on the quite side too. I wondered if he was a little under the weather. It only seems five minutes ago he was saying that he wasn’t ready for marriage and fatherhood. As for Ignazio, I would be inclined to agree with Piero, he is always in love!

    I asked about a new Christmas album, finger crossed it might happen one day. What I don’t want is a repeat of what I already have, which is the CD and DVD. I want Christmas carols, as in hymns, not songs. I don’t mind them throwing in Mary’s Boy Child, Little Donkey, When A Child Is Born. It is primarily the carols/hymns I sung at school, though I reckon I am probably one of the few who has heard of a couple of them.

    Only two and a bit more days before Amazon bring my CD. 😉

  10. I got to see it live and was surprised when they said they would be in Orlando next week I am only a couple of hours away and would love to drive up and see them only have no idea where in Orlando Anybody I could contact to find out exactly where they will be Hope you are feeling better Jana Thanks for all the info, really appreciated.

  11. Thanks, bev! My guess is pbs in Orlando if there is one, bur I’m sure it will not be a public event. Orlando is a big city to hang out in. Maybe they will go to Disney world? I actually saw someone I knew there once, total coincidence!

    Not sure I’ll ever feel normal again!

  12. Yeah, my copy has arrived…………………….. I heard the Amazon lady arrive, so I was on my front doorstep to receive it. 😉 Unsigned of course, but signed copies are not available here in the UK. No matter, just to hear their voices is more than enough for me. 🙂

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