Set Your Clocks for 6pm EST on Nov 1, 2021!! Il Volo and Morricone and an Interview!

Hello folks!  I’m sure this has already been all around FaceBook by now and maybe even Twitter, but we are posting it here for your convenience.  Below is also a great interview that Daniela found.  Just fyi, it’s REALLY long, but  a great interview.  It’s a little history of the guys and how they got to where they are now.  Enjoy!

Il Volo sings Ennio Morricone: exclusive interview with the Italian trio

You may have seen the post from the guys on Instagram, advertising that they will be on “TalkShopLive” on Instagram on Monday, Nov 1, at 6pm, EST – That’s “New York” time!  🙂

So here’s what you have to do!

  1. if you don’t already subscribe to Instagram, sign up.

  2. If you already subscribe, find “TalkShopLive” and follow them.

  3. It should be automatic that they send you a notification for live events.

  4. Be sure your phone is set up to notify you of Instagram notifications.

  5. That should be it – wait until 6p on Monday!  🙂

The guys are supposed to be on there live to answer questions!  Here are a few screen shots I captured….

26 thoughts on “Set Your Clocks for 6pm EST on Nov 1, 2021!! Il Volo and Morricone and an Interview!”

  1. WOW!! That was a great interview!
    Thanks, Daniela for finding it, and Jana for posting the link, and all other info.
    I have pre-ordeed the new CD, and look forward to listening it. :))

  2. Thank you Jana and Daniela for posting this interview. I feel it is one of the best ever with great and insightful questions, Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca as always gave thoughtful and intelligent responses. They love what they do and wouldn’t change anything even though there are many sacrifices involved in their total commitment to music.

  3. Thanks, Jana and Daniela! Great interview and loved the videos.
    Sadly, I’m not on Instagram so won’t be able to see the interview in November. But, having read what was said is great. They are such well spoken and interesting young men. I’m so grateful they have emerged in our life time, all of our life times!!

    1. I use Instagram on my laptop. My mobile doesn’t really have the capacity for loads of apps and such like. Well it was cheap, and it was what I wanted at the time. Haven’t seen any reason to upgrade the thing next February when my contract ends.

      I don’t know if anyone has seen this but I found it last night while having a ratch through t’Internet. 😉

  4. Great interview. Had seen it on my facebook page and had already saved it. So many nice things said that were certainly deserved, and, upon reading it a second time I accidentally scrolled down further and found all the comments the guys had said. Just love reading positive things relating to them, although I have never really seen many bad things said about them, except the Italian critics at SanRemo who don’t count in my books. looking forward to seeing them Monday night and have already checked out shoptalklive. Thanks for keeping us all up to date. You are all so much appreciated.

  5. What a lovely interview. I do so agree with Gianluca about the University of Life. Thank you soooo much for finding it for us, much appreciated.

    I’m not sure what time 6pm EST is in UK terms, so I hope the interview will be available for the rest of us mortals to see.

    Only another week to go before the new CD plops onto my doormat, unless I grab it from my lovely Amazon chap before he reaches my front door. 🙂

  6. I just read this article again. It’s the best! I think I knew all of the details already but they were brought together beautifully. Thanks for bringing it to us.

  7. Lockdown allowed for returning to biological clocks in
    their lives. It’s healthy, creative, and evidently expanding
    their life-review which is a huge stage in their growth.
    So thanks to Daniela and Jana. This interview is like
    a time capsule and one I will treasure.

  8. So glad everyone enjoyed the interview and news!

    Hope the Instagram thing works for everyone. If you are not aware, I think you can access Instagram from your computer as well.

    Will be a late night for the guys, if it is truly live! About 11p for them. I think italy does fall back this weekend.

    1. Yes, the clocks did go into reverse throughout most of Europe in the early hours of this morning. Here in the UK we used to be a week earlier, but when we joined the EU we went into line with the rest.

      Even though we are no longer part of the EU I can’t see us changing to the old system. Of course some bright spark may decide that we should retry British Standard Time again, which will no doubt upset the Scots. Seeing as there are only so many hours of daylight I fail to see what difference it makes.

      Gone are the days when folks went to school or worked near to their homes. We don’t even have the 9 to 4 school hours anymore, especially for the older children.

    1. That would cost more than twice as much as Amazon UK charge for an unsigned version, and I would have to wait two to three weeks for it to be posted. Soooo as I just wouldn’t be able to wait that long, I would have to buy the MP3 version as well.

      I have been very good and not bought the 2 MP3 songs that are available, tempting though it is, but I just couldn’t keep myself in check for another month of so.

  9. The regular Amazon cd is a bit higher than the shoptalk price at $11.29 but includes shipping if you have prime. Not sure what the shipping is on the shoplive….but price is less.

    Oh, p.s. for signed version, expected delivery is not until January!

    I also got notice from pbs that mine is delayed, wirh no expected delivery date. No clue if pbs is signed….would be nice. 😉

    1. I got a notice from that I can expect delivery of the unsigned CD between Nov 15-18. As I am in Canada I expect that is why it is taking a bit longer.

  10. I am very happy that The-Shortlisted interview, all already in English, you liked it, when I read it I immediately sent it to Jana to publish it, it was worth reading, long but interesting and beautiful .
    I hope that tomorrow, some of you will be able to ask Il Volo a question.
    Happy Halloween everyone !!

  11. Hi there, regarding the shoplive event, you may need to actually sign up to watch it….not sure, but I did, just in case. 😉

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