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It seemed like yesterday that Il Volo was about to leave for the Latam Tour 2023, and instead we have already reached the last three concerts: Panama, Santo Domingo and Puerto Rico, but let’s go in order.


The PANAMA concert takes place in the Anayansi theater. Also here, many people and a warm affection towards Ignazio, Gianluca and Piero.
Thanks to the presence of Eva Wasner in the audience, there are some very good full videos, thanks Eva!




HALLELUJAH (dedicated to all the people who suffered during the Covid and to all those who have left us)






RELOJ (Truly impossible to sing with all the people around!) + SI ME FALTA TU MIRADA

RELOJ  (and people submerge them!)

Beautiful photos.


The day before the concert, a good interview, turn on the subtitles.

Triumph for Il Volo in the Dominican Republic! 🇩🇴
An absolutely dedicated and in love audience! 🤩🙌🏼
Message from the show producer:
“We experienced a show overflowing with passion and energy.
Without a doubt it was a magical and unforgettable night, full house, which in addition to music, they added important elements to feed the soul! Thanks for your art Il Volo!” 🇩🇴  🏻



Beautiful this article that I translate for you.
Here is the original link.

Listin Diario Article – Click Here

Classical music and opera, genres that have transcended throughout history, Italy being their cradle, have always been associated with the most mature or knowledgeable public. However, Il Volo, the trio of Belcanto-loving Italian musicians, have dismantled this myth, bringing their passion for classical and romantic ballads to the listening of the younger generation. 
The baritone Gianluca Ginoble and the tenors Ignazio Boschetto and Piero Barone have shown since 2010, with their first debut, that the love for this type of music is ageless.
After four years away from the Dominican stage, and ten years after their first time in Santo Domingo, the classical musical trio returned this Wednesday the 29th with “Il Volo Live in Concert”, under the production of Cesar Suarez Pizano.
Their show achieved a “full house” in the main hall of the Eduardo Brito National Theater, where adults, youth and even children came together to enjoy these memorable voices.
The stage opened its curtains at 8:55 p.m., at which time, among the lights, the applause, and the excited shouts of the audience, Piero Barone, Ignazio Boschetto, and Gianluca Ginoble, appeared before the public as a whole of the orchestra. symphony, which was under the baton of Amaury Sánchez.
They opened the night with a tribute to Ennio Morricone’s memorable piece “The Ecstasy of Gold”, followed by “Nessun Dorma” from Puccini’s Turandot, an emblematic aria within lyrical singing.
 ”Buonasera tutti, buonasera!”, they exclaimed in their native language when appearing before the public. The three young people showed great presence on stage, it is inevitable to bring out the great sense of humor that this trio possess, who, between jokes, anecdotes and stories, broke the ice and won the sympathy of each of the spectators, because if something can characterize this show would be the laughter, the warmth and the contact with the public.
Among their repertoire, apart from paying homage to pieces of classical art, they also included songs from their most recent album, three voices, one soul, interpreting hits such as “Forgive me” or “Tan enamored”. Likewise, they paid tribute to the great Latin classics and the legendary artists of Hispanic music, giving life to songs by Julio Iglesias, José José, Luis Miguel, among others.
 Il Volo, although it is known for being a musical trio since its inception, it is also true that each one of its members has a marked personality and distinctive character, for this reason, for approximately 5 years they have decided to give a space in their concerts for that everyone can express their tastes and open up personally with their viewers.
This event has not been the exception, since halfway through the presentation, everyone had the opportunity to interpret their favorite piece, beginning with Ignazio, who sang “All by myself” by the iconic Celine Dion.
He was followed by Gianluca, who sang “Can’t Help Falling in Love” by the legend Elvis Presley, who he noted was his greatest inspiration to follow his dreams in music. Finally, Piero sang the notes of a piece of classical lyrical art.
The concert lasted approximately two and a half hours, in which the public remained euphoric and energetic until closing. At the end of the concert, Il Volo said goodbye with a final performance of “Volare”, the classic Italian song that brought the entire audience to their feet to dance and sing along.


Here’s what People music Puerto Rico writes:
“Italians Il Volo close their world tour in Puerto Rico🇵🇷.
Voice trio Il Volo closes its world tour in Puerto Rico.”
and Puerto Rico Magazine:
“The Coca Cola Music Hall was the setting for the presentation of the famous, authentic and prestigious Italian trio composed by Piero Barone, Ignazio Boschetto and Gianluca Ginoble, as part of their long concert tour which toured the whole world and culminated in Puerto Rico, where they also took the opportunity to celebrate their 14 years of music.” 




Incredible moments



Il Volo posted this beautiful video made in Mexico with these words: Thanks Latin-America, it was amazing!!

Gianluca instead wrote these beautiful words:  (what a sweet and deep man )

“Music has given meaning to my life. The goal has never been to desire and pursue ephemeral concepts such as fame, success or money, but to do what makes me happy and serene and express my essence.
But to understand who we are we need to get to know each other, dig deep into our inner self, dialogue with ourselves daily to discover what our vocation is and persevere in the search for what we were born to do, always recognizing our potential and humbly our limits and with tenacity and ambition everything else will come by itself…
Thank you for the love you have shown us every day since the beginning of this wonderful journey. ✨
With love, Gianluca”

The tour is over, but the fans still manage to amaze with their affection:
And still some fans (note that they are also male, not only female), waited for Il Volo after the concert and as they passed they started singing Il Mondo. Obviously Gianluca, Ignazio and Piero stopped to talk to them.
Gianluca also posted this photo of the team that follows Il Volo.

Between hugs, screams, emotions, love, lots of love, the tour is over.
I would say it was crazy, theaters were packed, tickets were sold out on very short notice. The people were enthusiastic and Piero, Gianluca and Ignazio, euphoric for the affection received, for the reconfirmation of what had already happened in the past, despite the forced arrest by Covid.
Surely this tour, also attended by a lot of young people, both male and female, has given a big boost to Il Volo’s pride, which has understood that the road is right, that there really is room for their type of music, and that it is not only relegated to mature people.

Now Ignazio, Piero and Gianluca are at home in Italy, you would think a well-deserved rest…….but no, on Friday 7th April they will be guests of a new television show and then there are the two concerts in Verona to prepare.
“Guys, you are truly tireless and this does you credit.”
But I want to finish this long post with the beautiful words of Luz Adriana Toro Arango, which you will surely appreciate a lot.
Daniela 🤗

They leave Latin America and surrender at their feet, waiting for them again right now!
Guatemala, El Salvador, Colombia, Ecuador, Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Panama, the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, we were filled with your charisma, that fraternal love, your perfect and blessed voices, your wonderful staging, his dialogues, his kind words for each of our countries, his concerts that passed so quickly and that are an indelible mark on our souls, his bitter little touches, which are also necessary for balance and, above all, that Love that they give to all of us who love them intensely forever and ever. Thank you!! Thank you!! and thanks.
Total Admiration, Much Respect and immense Affection from Colombia.
~ Luz Adriana Toro Arango ~


Happy Easter to all the members of the Flight Crew!


Credit to owners of all photos and videos.

LATAM TOUR 2023: MEXICO by Daniela

Piero had said it in an interview with Red Ronnie, he would have liked to visit the area of  the Mexican pyramids:  and in fact Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca, as soon as they arrived in Mexico, before the concerts, had visited the site of the pyramids of TEOTIHUACAN and made some beautiful photos. They were also reached in Mexico by Torpedine!!
Beautiful video from Gianluca!
And of course there’s Barbara too!
Then Il Volo participated in the live radio and television program ME LO DIJO ADELA, hosted by Adela Micha, Mexico’s most renowned journalist.
A chat between friends, this interview seemed to me, total relaxation. The usual questions about the first meeting of Il Volo, about how they chose the music of the last CD, about the similarity and diversity between Italian and Latin music, the bel canto, a memory of Carlos Marin of Il Divo, the duet with Montaner, the dates about the concerts they will do in Mexico, but all this between one chat and another, talking about their clothes, shoes, food, how beautiful Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca are in the photo, and of course the amazement generated when Il Volo sings a cappella. In short, a chat between friends!!
And then they participated in a television program ENTREVISTA UNO TV MEXICO.

Here too the questions are almost always the same, however, while they are talking about the food, there is a rather humorous moment that makes Ignazio exalt, the conductor says that there is always a dilemma with them whether to put the pineapple or not on pizza …….. (you must know that for us Italians it is inadmissible to put pineapple on pizza) and Ignazio categorically says NO and Gianluca also confirms and justifies Ignazio and Piero who points out how the conversation got heated talking about pineapple pizza.
Really fun!!!😁😁😁
And here we are at the moment of the concert, the  Auditorium National  is sold out!

The beginning of the concert, ECSTASY OF GOLD + NESSUN DORMA + IL MONDO . Hear the explosions of people’s screams!!



HALLELUJAH. How exciting for Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca to see all these lights in front of them!! ❤

Che Meraviglia!!!

What do we want to say about the beautiful tribute to Mexican culture made by Il Volo who sang the song for the first time accompanied by 11 Mariachis? Simply wonderful!!
Here is the comment written by Auditorium National:
The music of Il Volo has been accompanying us for 14 years. Today Piero, Gianluca and Ignazio give this special gift to Mexico in front of a full Auditorium.

There is so much love in the air and the Mexican fans have also decided to give Il Volo this nice gift:
‘O sole mio is one of the most famous Italian songs that exist. And for Gianluca, Piero and Ignazio it marked the beginning of their greatest adventure, Il Volo. This song is very special for the boys and for the fans, because from back then we only saw them grow up and fly away. That’s why the Mexican fans decided to give them a very special gift; to light up the National Auditorium with the colors of the Italian flag while the boys performed this song. We hope they keep this moment in their hearts. hearts as we are. We love you very much.’
And it seems that Il Volo saw and were happy, Gianluca said: ‘Look, the colors of the Italian flag and of Mexico.’ (bandiera italiana e Messicana)

A huge success, 10,000 voices, one soul!!

The happiness of Gianluca Piero and Ignazio at the end of the concert!! ❤❤❤
Just one day before the concert in Monterrey and this day was by no means restful, there were several interviews with Il Volo.
This conference held at the Monterrey Arena where they will perform is very beautiful, our boys say many beautiful things, turn on the subtitles.
Ignazio’s opening words: ‘The most beautiful thing is when a fan arrives and tells you that your music saved her life, this is something that fills your heart…..’

The words of Gianluca in the final part are also very beautiful:
‘When a person achieves fame, he has a responsibility, because you are famous and you can also be an example for people. It can also be a dangerous thing, because some famous people can negatively influence people. That’s why it’s a big responsibility and our aim is to transmit our music, but also to be good people, to be a good example, to be very responsible, we have fun, we enjoy life, but without exaggerating, always with great seriousness and responsibility, we want to be an example for young people and for all people. It is not true that age means maturity, it is the experiences you live in your life, and the people you meet. And we are very proud of what we have achieved in our lives, always with humility and thanks to our fans.’ 
Also nice is this interview with Jessie Cervantes. (turn on subtitles)
At first Piero says they only slept two hours to be there to do that interview, poor people!!
Maestro Giampiero Grani is also present at the interview.
Furthermore, Ignazio explains the difficulty of singing a song by the ‘mariachis’, because everyone seeing the ‘mariachis’ thinks of fun, of a party, while the ‘mariachis’ sing sad love, therefore one must put one’s heart, and Gianluca explains that one must study the words and the culture of what you are going to sing, because it is not only important to sing, but to interpret.
The acapella song they perform at the end is beautiful!!

And this interview with POSTAmx .
Il Volo, happy to meet the Mexican public again.
In an exclusive interview with POSTAmx the guys from Il Volo revealed how they feel about returning to Mexico after almost four years of absence.


On the road to Monterrey.



HISTORIA DE UN AMOR (Piero with one lucky fan. ❤)


(Note the hugs of Ignazio and the happiness of Gianluca who runs from one side of the stage to the other, the final photo with the audience)
Beautiful words of a fan, in this video.
Being a fan is complicated and even a little risky,
Because the life of a fan is always based on dreaming, dreaming of concerts, dreaming of meetings, dreaming of hugs, which we may never have.
No wonder they call us ‘crazy’. We are aware that sometimes euphoria overcomes us, and it is something that many will fail to understand, that what you laugh, cry and scream about, is what you have dreamed of since you were a child.
It is inexplicable to have so much affection and admiration. How do I explain that a person so far away feels so close?
And that’s when everything makes sense, when you remember who was with you, even in solitude, their songs weren’t lacking, and obviously, growing up together everything becomes more complicated, because the reality of a fan is based on waiting, waiting for ephemeral moments that he will keep inside his heart.



        Click Here to view the video! 😀

BESAME MUCHO Ignazio ………fantastico!! 



At the beginning of the video, Piero explains that during the soundcheck Il Volo rehearses in front of the fans of the fanclub, and a fan gave him a very special letter. Then she asks the fan, who is in the front lines to approach and Piero hands her something, it also seems to me that she says “It’s a very special thing, it’s not the phone number from Italy, and she says it was a very special letter” ……that maybe it touched him! 😘
Then Piero presents a very special song, a union between the three Italians and the Mexican tradition. Lights out, the Mariachis enter.
There are no words to describe the great success of this beautiful tour, which sees packed arenas, extraordinarily screaming audiences full of love, and what about the captivating happiness of Ignazio, Gianluca and Piero? A contagious happiness that produces other happiness.
These young men are loved more and more, not only because they are excellent singers, but also for what they say, for what they want to be. Thank you!! More and more proud to be a volovers!!
Daniela 🤗

Credit to owners of all photos and videos.

LATAM TOUR 2023: BRAZIL by Daniela

And so came Brazil’s turn.

Here too Il Volo is much loved, in fact, there will be 7 concerts in Brazil.

(Rosa Elena Urzúa Ramírez)

Let’s start right away with the two concerts in São Paulo:




Once in Brazil, Ignazio wanted to pay a special tribute to the public, first of all, as we recall, he now speaks Portuguese well and therefore presented his solo with these beautiful words (I translate sparingly, but I think I interpret it correctly), I must say once more that Ignazio is a beautiful shining star!! 😘

(At the beginning of the video he is finishing a speech, then he leans on the piano and says these words).
I haven’t prepared this speech, (he has to present his solo) maestro make some music, I haven’t prepared these words, when you have a great understanding it’s difficult, I haven’t prepared words because it’s better if the words come directly from my heart, they are better than the written ones (applause).
For me being here is very special, not only because I’m coming back to Brazil but because Brazil is in my heart. Many of you know that I spent a lot of time here (with Ana Paula) and I really had the opportunity to really know Brazil, and I can say that I love Brazil and all the people of Brazil, you are simple people who love life, I learned this in Brazil and it stayed in my heart and so I wanted to dedicate this next song to all of you who are here tonight and to all the people who have been a part of my story here in Brazil, and they are many people.
I hope you can help me sing this next song, the words (of the song) I wrote here on the paper above the piano. (Ignazio sits down on the piano). Let’s begin. (He starts singing to everyone’s surprise: Ocean, a very famous song in Brazil, sung by the Brazilian Djavan) 
And here is a good part of the song sung by Ignazio.

On the second evening Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca wore their beautiful shiny jackets.

This short video is really nice, where at the beginning Ignazio interprets in Portuguese everything Gianluca is saying. Gianluca says that their music must also be known by young people, and then he talks about a great Brazilian interpreter….at that moment Piero pretends that they are talking about him and gets up and thanks (it’s a joke).😁😁… ..but instead they are talking about Roberto Carlos who was also in Sanremo with this beautiful song:

CANZONE PER TE! (while they sing Ignazio takes a Brazilian flag on his legs)





Piero with Maestro Adriano Machado that conduced the orchestra in Brazil.
And now off, Rio de Janeiro is waiting for Il Volo!!


These excerpts of songs taken only on Piero are very beautiful.


Gianluca with Maestro Machado.
Not even a day off… fact, just the day after another concert in Belo Horizonte. The venue is much smaller and the stage is central.
A really nice thing, Piero sat at the piano and played while Ignazio and Gian sang the national anthem of Minas Gerais (the State of which Belo Horizonte is the capital)


Another important moment, when Il Volo invited Paula Fernandez on stage who sang Grande Amore with them.
Here are the words posted by Paula:
“EXCITED, that’s the word that describes me! I’ve been waiting so long for this moment…
Il Volo what an honor! What a privilege! Thank you guys! Shine in our Brazil!”

And these are the words of a fan present at the concert.
“The happiest day of my life! Today I made my dream of meeting Il Volo come true! And even more I managed to hug Piero Barone, I still can’t describe in words what I felt at that moment. Thanks to God, to Piero for being so thoughtful and loving to me! Thank you, thank you my God! I fell even more in love! The best day of my life!” ❤️ 🔥
I think Maestro Machado is having a good time with our boys.


Maestro Machado with Ignazio.

And now Brasilia.

Here’s what Metropoles Music, organizer of the event, wrote.
“Il Volo enchanted the Brazilians in a breathtaking show at the Ulisse Guimaraes Convention Center this Tuesday (14/3). The unforgettable evening was marked by photos with gifts, declarations of love to Brazil and much more. Between music and the other, the Italian tenor trio was ovated by the audience, which crowded the room.
Throughout the presentation, the audience extended their show into their seats and did their part. Amid emotional screams and standing ovations, the audience went into tears and returned all their love and affection to the singers.
Entitled to an apotheotic finale, with the audience standing in front of the stage in communion with the audience, the Italian trio is back again for an encore.
And it wasn’t just the fans with more emotions. On stage, the musicians also clarified the happiness of returning to Brasilia and hugging each other. During an interaction with fans, Il Volo joked about the language they were going to speak and they remembered that Ignazio speaks Portuguese.
Il Volo continued to surprise and excite the public that crowded the Ulisse Guimaraes Convention Center. In addition to the onstage presentation, the Italian trio of tenors put on a show by reciprocating the love of fans offstage and walking through the crowd.
In addition to circulating through the corridors of the room, the musicians took the opportunity to take a photo with those present. Several people who were seated moved around the Congress Center and met the singers.
Shortly after the moment of pampering, the tenors invited the audience to sing Come Vai by Roberto Carlos. With full lungs, the fans responded to the invitation and accompanied the trio in the Brazilian song.



Among the fans present at the concert, there were also Ana Paula and her parents. Ana Paula sang “Como vai voce” loudly, it is clear that Ignazio has maintained great friendships with her and her parents. 😉
Ignazio also met Ana Paula’s parents, in his dressing room, who were really very affectionate with him and he with them. 😊
And how can you not love Ignazio when he embraces the security officer who helps him like this? 💓
Or when, at the end of a song, he kisses Gianluca? 😘
Or when he makes an admirer dance.
Then Il Volo participated in the television program THE NOITE hosted by Danilo Gentili.
Here are some videos.


In the videos, after the presentation of Il Volo, Piero asks Danilo if he has Italian origins and he says that his grandfather was Italian and came to Brazil by himself and was a painter, and painted many churches.
The rest of the interview is joking, Danilo asks the meaning of some Sicilian gestures and Piero performs the gestures and Ignazio translates. Danilo asks if a tenor or a baritone earns more and Ignazio says it depends. The direction shows some stages of Il Volo’s career (several videos cannot be seen due to the agreements with YouTube). Then they also talk about the pandemic and the moments lived with the family and also the video of Grande Amore made remotely with Paula Fernandez, with whom they had the pleasure of singing together for the first time in Belo Horizonte. Then Il Volo sings Como vai Voce in Portuguese.


We are at the last two concerts in Brazil, Porto Alegre and Curitiba.

Here is Porto Alegre, the Il Volo concert is opened by an Italian-Brazilian artist Fabiano Lafalce, and he was playing a song by Eros Ramazzotti, and surprisingly, Piero and Ignazio took the stage, in casual clothes and sang two verses from the song.
The video is not beautiful but it was really a surprise.

Fabian wrote this:
“What an honor guys.”

And now Piero and Ignazio immediately change clothes, it’s time for your concert!






Last concert in Brazil: Curitiba.






I would say that all the Brazilian concerts went very well, and despite the effort being really great, I don’t think I see Ignazio, Piero and Gianluca particularly tired, but certainly happy.
Now Mexico awaits them!!
Daniela 🤗
But before concluding, enjoy this nice interview with the translation below.😁😁😁
“Il Volo members accepted Caracol‘s challenge to show how well they know each other with a few questions about their tastes and personalities.”


(At the beginning there are two pieces that we find later, the interview begins with the photo of Il Volo, CULTURA CARACOL is the title of the TV program.
The nice thing is that everyone has to answer for the other, to understand if they really know each other well.)
 The question written under the photo is:
“How well do the three of Il Volo know each other?”
GIANLUCA= Hi everyone, I’m Gianluca.
PIERO= I’m Piero.
IGNAZIO= And I’m Ignazio.
PIERO= And together we are Il Volo.
QUESTION= When are your birthdays?
IGNAZIO= 11 February (he indicates Gianluca) and 24 June (he points Piero)
PIERO= 4 October (he points to Ignazio)
QUESTION = What is your favorite dish?
GIANLUCA= Pasta with tomato and basil (for Piero)
PIERO= Beans with oil and guacamole (for Ignazio)
GIANLUCA=….no, no, I know what Ignazio likes, Ignazio likes pizza…
GIANLUCA= …with tuna and you like grated lemon (obviously Gianluca is right because Ignazio confirms it by giving him a kiss)
PIERO= And he (Gianluca) likes the pizza his mom makes for him with tuna.

QUESTION= What would you have done if you hadn’t been singers?
GIANLUCA= Technical composer of sounds (for Ignazio)
IGNAZIO= Chef! (He doesn’t confirm what Gianluca said about him and says he would have been a chef) and Piero would have been an opera singer or piano teacher, and Gianluca an interior designer.
QUESTION= Your favorite movie.
GIANLUCA = (for Ignazio) The Truman Show, (and then Gianluca says)  all Robin Williams’ films are my favorite films.
QUESTION = What is the emoji you use the most in chat?
GIANLUCA= I’m using…..
PIERO= I say it, and he joins his hands making a heart
GIANLUCA= Yes, always, I like the new one (emoji), the heart with the hands.😘
PIERO= And he (Ignazio) replies this when I send him a message (the emoji is obscured) 😁
IGNAZIO= But he knows what I mean by this…
GIANLUCA= Or the one who laughs. 
PIERO= He, (Ignazio) never answers.
IGNAZIO= I use laughter or the little monkey that closes its eyes. 😁
QUESTION= What do you dislike about each one?
GIANLUCA= He, (Ignazio) is touchy, easily sensitive.
PIERO= What I don’t like about him (Gianluca) is that when lunch arrives on the table…. (he makes a quick gesture)
GIANLUCA= I eat everything, even the dishes.
PIERO= If you go to dinner with him (Gianluca) you don’t have to share … (Piero and Ignazio laugh)
GIANLUCA= But between friends we do…😁
IGNAZIO= But how….. is it done???
QUESTION= What are you addicted to?
GIANLUCA= Ignazio is addicted to videogames.
PIERO= I do the news, I like reading the news in the morning.
GIANLUCA= You don’t have to say it, we are the ones who need to know about you….
PIERO= Ah, it’s true!!!
IGNAZIO= Gianluca likes photos.
QUESTION = Who is the most jealous?
GIANLUCA= Ignazio is not the most jealous of the three of us, he is the most jealous of the world….
IGNAZIO= No, you don’t know me….
GIANLUCA= …..of the world…..yes, I know you……he’s the most jealous in the world, of the whole universe…..
IGNAZIO= It’s not true, but what are you saying???
GIANLUCA= (Asks Piero for confirmation) Come on, is he jealous?
PIERO= No, no (but Piero says no with his mouth, but yes with his head, he and Gianluca laugh). 😁😁
IGNAZIO= What do you say??
GIANLUCA= Don’t be touchy!! We just said it (that Ignazio is susceptible)
PIERO= (to Ignazio) Don’t get angry ….
IGNAZIO= But I’m not jealous!!
GIANLUCA= Of course, look!!
QUESTION = What shoe size do you have?
PIERO= (for Ignazio, laughing) 50 .
GIANLUCA= (for Ignazio) 46
IGNAZIO= 45/46
GIANLUCA= (for Piero) 42
IGNAZIO= (for Piero) no, 42 and a half
PIERO= (for Gianluca) 40 he is Cinderella
GIANLUCA= no, 41
IGNAZIO= 40 and one (confirm)
GIANLUCA= I have a small hand but a bigfoot.
IGNAZIO= Why is 41 big?? 😁 
GIANLUCA= 41 is big compared to the man I am (he means his body)😁
Then they talk about the CD TRES VOCES UN ALMA, the musical culture of Latin America, and how many South American songs they know, the homage to Josè Josè, why they included a song with the Mariachis. In the end everyone says goodbye.
I’d say it was fun watching them answer, and I can tell they know each other really well, good and bad!! 😉

THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT!!! Listen carefully to what Ignazio says in this video.


Credit to owners of all photos and videos.




The tour continues unabated and we are now in Ecuador, again a wonderful welcome.


Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca only have one day off between one concert and another but during that day they have continuous interviews and the same questions are often repeated and therefore I will try to translate only if there are interesting and different things.
For example, this is a really nice video. During a stop, Gianluca tells this girl that in one day they will be in Argentina and asks her to say a local tongue twister. She says it and in the end Gianluca says, no, I can’t say it, it’s too difficult.
But then he tries and the result is good!!😁😁😁
In this interview in Los 40 Ecuador the boys are asked some questions.
QUESTION= The most sleepyhead.
GIANLUCA= Ignazio, he is a vampire.
Ignazio says he sleeps little at night, which is why he sleeps when he can.
QUESTION= Who is the one who eats the most.
GIANLUCA= Piero and Ignazio.
Then Gianluca also adds himself and in fact Ignazio says that yesterday he was eating a hamburger sandwich and a potato chip came out and immediately Gianluca was ready to take it.
QUESTION= The most punctual.
But then Gianluca asks a woman from the production and she replies Gianluca much to Ignazio’s amazement  😁😁
At the end they explain their EP Tre Voci Un’alma.
Then Il Volo was a guest in a television program: GAMAVISION
In this  video Ignazio, Piero and Gianluca say it’s been a long time since they’ve been back to Ecuador and they talk about the concert saying they’ll try to have fun.
Then they are asked the question that is very dear to the Equatorian fans, that is if each of them has a girlfriend.
Piero replies that he is free, Ignazio too and Gianluca says that he is busy in Italy and they tell him to send her a greeting.
Eventually Ignazio invites everyone to the concert and Piero says it will be an Italian night, with three Italians singing Italian classics and there will be fun.
Some moments of the beautiful concert.


One day and then immediately off to CHILE.
Here they are upon arrival at the airport.


A moment of relaxation and an excellent lunch.
The show begins and the night becomes magical, who is good, who is ugly, and who is bad?? What an emotion!! ☺




And another VOLARE video – Click here




Another Here’s to You Video – Click Here




This was posted from Gran Arena Monticello where Il Volo performed:
Il Volo 🎻 at the #GranArenaMonticello ❤️ was crazy!
The Italians 🇮🇹 Il Volo 💫 delighted their fans with great songs 🎼 and their vocal talent 🎤 it was definitely an amazing experience 😍
His charm    and his perfect harmonies 🎶 made the concert an unforgettable evening 🤗 so much so that the audience gave them standing ovations 👏
Come with us to see 👀 the most shocking moments of the concert 💞 and tell us which one was your favourite? 🤩
Thank you guys! 🇮🇹   We look forward to seeing you soon at the Gran Arena Monticello.
And this nice summary of SWING MANAGEMENT


Magnificent concert in Chile, but time runs fast, so, off you go, Argentina awaits!!
They arrived in Argentina, Buenos Aires.
All ready for the sound check.


IL MONDO + dialogues to thank the Argentines for being present, and for being so happy, after 4 years of detention due to the pandemic. Il Volo is happy to be back.








HALLELUJA  Brief but beautiful to see the crowd with the little lights

Gianluca makes all the Argentines sing the songs of the last World Cup they won.




ll Volo Live in Buenos Aires Promo Video -Click Here

And there have already been 6 concerts in less than 15 days, and they have all been a great success with the public. Multiple interviews and participation in shows, lots and lots of love for Il Volo, and Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca have felt all this love and have reciprocated with just as much love!!
But Brazil is waiting with 7 concerts……guys, rest your voices well when you have time, please!!
See you soon: Daniela 🤗


Credit to owners of all photos and videos.

LATAM TOUR 2023: COLOMBIA by Daniela

I’m late with the list of various concerts in South America, due to Michelle Impossible’s translation, but now I’ll try to catch up quickly.
We continue the LatAm Tour with stops in Colombia.
Here is Gianluca, Ignazio and Piero upon arrival in Bogotà, very warmly welcomed!!

There is very little time to rest and therefore we immediately move on to the concert.
There are many nice full song videos, which I am attaching.




UN AMORE COSI’ GRANDE (spanish version)





Beautiful collage of songs


Colombia, Bogotá waits for them and receives them with all the expectation and love that they have always generated in their public. We love you, we admire you and we are happy and grateful for your presence in our country. Welcome Always.
It is another fantastic trip that is done with all activities. Seeing them together is already cause for joy. Their brotherly love is the ideal complement to their beautiful voices and they should know that almost 50% is a component of their success!!!!!! … all their presentations in whatever activity they carry out have a stamp that they only imprint on each concert, at each moment, at each response, at each composition they perform, everything becomes warmer, more tender, more meaningful, they produce the double the butterflies in the soul, double the emotion in the heart.
If the songs are beautiful, they become sublime, pure feeling, pure emotion.
With the fact of having chosen them, what lives inside each one is revealed.
For their wonderful voices, for each tone of voice, for each harmony we have clues to a bit of their world.
Since there is a common factor between them, their great and blessed talent, their love for singing, their brotherly love, their admiration for one another, their dedication to the profession and their public, their sincere appreciation to their families, to Its origins and its great team: manager, assistant, teacher, band, technicians…, transmit to us all that beauty that the world contains where they are super talented, loving and charming hosts, intelligent, very different from each other but absolutely complementary. Hearing and seeing them is the closest thing to being in Paradise.
God allow your union to last, your brotherly love be the foot for many, many more successes. Let nothing and no one separate you or induce you to leave this great road that you have built for 14 years now. Wishing that time multiplies. ….it only remains to express
Sincere admiration, great affection and much respect from Colombia.  (Luz Adriana Toro Arango)

Very sweet moments  ❤

Sweet Moment 1 – Click Here


This is an Instagram comment by MUSIC TREND COLOMBIA:
Rarely does a three-voice ensemble have the chance to move with total confidence between some of the most famous songs in the world without failing in the attempt.
What happened to @ilvolo today at the Movistar Arena was simply perfect 👌🏻

This is the comment of LUZ ADRIANA TORO ARANGO after seeing the concert:
Yes, just perfect. One does not “die of emotion”, because God is very great. My heart stopped, I floated on a cloud of fantasy, I was in paradise during the entire concert. They are much more than what one expects. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! Admiration Love and respect from Colombia.

This comment by MOVISTAR MUSIC COLOMBIA is also beautiful.
The music of IL VOLO won everyone’s heart! 💙🤩🎶
With a repertoire of poems made into songs, IL VOLO delighted us with its incredible voices. 🤩 Language was not a barrier for everyone to dance and sing at the top of their lungs, because music was the main language, turning it into a concert full of emotions and indescribable energy.
Music makes you feel alive, it makes you feel more connected to the world!

Il Volo participated in a television program: DIA A DIA CARA COLOMBIA
Very interesting this exchange of views on love, which I translate for you.
GIANLUCA= We should always do crazy things, right?
WOMAN= How crazy are you made for love?
GIANLUCA = I traveled very far to see a woman, in Mexico, I remember.
PIERO= Never, never, like him (Ignazio)
GIANLUCA= But he is the craziest.
PIERO= He fell in love with a Brazilian, and every month: “Where’s Ignazio?”
He went to Brazil, always Brazil, always.
WOMAN= Once a month did you go to Brazil to chase love?
WOMAN= Loving from afar, is it possible?
PIERO= I believe that love is nourished if they are together.
GIANLUCA = Out of sight, out of mind.
WOMAN= In other words, you don’t believe in love from afar.
GIANLUCA= Well, it’s very difficult, but everything is possible… isn’t it?… If you believe in something. That love is like learning to do something, if you want to learn to be a singer you have to study every day, you have to have a cure, right? Even for love, I believe.
IGNAZIO= I don’t agree, they are all words…
PIERO= They are all words…
IGNAZIO= Love is such a spontaneous thing that you don’t control it nor can you study it.
WOMAN= And you? You say no, you’ve already lived it, you don’t want to live it again.
IGNAZIO= Well, I’m a person who doesn’t set limits and therefore I won’t say no… but it’s difficult because… one of the most important things in a relationship is everyday life, right?
WOMAN= Spending time together…
IGNAZIO= Yes, fine, you go to work, you have your life, I have my life, but when we want to be together, we stay together.
GIANLUCA= (addressing the woman) What do you think?

Then, they were interviewed in the LA POSTA program for Ecuadorian TV. (I translate briefly)
It’s an interview to publicize the arrival of Il Volo in Ecuador, so the questions are aimed at this purpose.
The interviewer asks why they have dedicated an EP to Latin songs and Gianluca replies that they have always had the opportunity to sing these very beautiful songs. The woman says that there is a lot of reggaeton there and it is remarkable to return to the songs of their fathers with beautiful voices.
Piero also says that he loves the way of dealing with life in South America, always with a positive attitude. The woman asks if it is the first time they have been to Ecuador and Ignazio replies that they have been other times. So they talk about the beautiful beaches and she asks if they like Equadorian food and if they are going to visit Quito, but Piero replies that they will only stay one day but next time they will try to stay and visit the city.

Il Volo also had an exclusive interview with CTV Faranduelando, here’s what they said about them:
“We talked to the Italian trio Il Volo, about their new production in tribute to Latin America entitled ‘Three voices one soul’.  Enjoy this great interview with Il Volo.”
(I translate briefly)
Gianluca begins by saying that in 2013 they paid a tribute to the great Josè Josè and from that moment they fell in love with Latin American music and now with their EP they have decided to pay homage to romantic music.
When asked how does Latin music influence Il Volo’s music, Ignazio replies that Latin American music is very close to Italian culture, both are very romantic and since Il Volo always says they bring Italian culture into their music, the idea was to bring all the tradition of Latin America to the younger generation.
They are asked if Il Volo will make a video for the song Tan Ennamorados and Piero replies no, they are too busy in the tour, the EP is already out and they will sing the songs in the concerts, and then they are concentrated in a new project.
The new question is how Il Volo felt singing with the mariachis.
Gianluca replies that it was a challenge because powerful voices are needed but also full of passion and feeling to better interpret the song with the marichi.
Piero replies to the last question about what Il Volo thinks of current Latin American popular music.
He says that Il Volo respects every musical genre, music is for everyone, and the three of them are nobody to criticize. The musical genre of Il Volo is a genre not very well known by the new generation, and that’s what they try to do, it’s a genre that has been sung in the past by great artists and also the young people, as happened to the three of them, yes can fall in love with these songs. Everyone recognizes himself in a musical genre, everyone can listen to what he wants, we respect all musical genres and all artists who sing.

I would say that the tour is going very well, but damn there is no time to breathe and immediately another country to add to the concerts.
Tell me what you think and…… see you soon!!
Daniela 🤗


I was sending this post, but I saw a video recently posted by Ignazio on Bosky TV.
Activate the subtitles, and read carefully the purpose of TOGETHER IS BETTER.
Once again a demonstration of great heart and generosity.
“Solidarity does not tremble: help us save!!”


Credit to owners of all photos and videos.