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February 15: CHICAGO

And here we are in CHICAGO, the theater is sold out !!

But how much emotion must Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca have, as they walk in this street in front of the theater where they will perform?

Chi 01

Chi 02

Once again, an incredible welcome for these young men.

Chi 03

Chi 04

 Impossible to get used to this affection by the audience.

Security increasingly forbids videos. 🙁

Fortunately, Deborah Georgini Beaupre was also at the concert, she made many beautiful photos, some short videos, but in particular she was present and her comments make us understand, what happened during the evening.
Thanks Deborah !! 😘

“This happens to the girl sitting right next to us during 🎶O sole mio🎶 Notice first Gianluca comes down and is singing to her, then after he goes back to the stage, Ignazio decides to sneak down to sing to her also!! Meanwhile…Piero needs to outdo both of them with his famous part of the song not far away from all this!! (Sorry the videos are very short.) The ragazzi were in rare form that night!! Gotta love them!!💖💖💖”

Chi 05

Chi 06




(Please click on each photo below to view at a larger size.)



Mix of songs:

In the backstage of the concert, a young and nice Italian actor Salvatore Esposito was also present. I will translate what he says in this video:

S = Igna, so Chicago is yours (by Il Volo)
I = Wait, the concert has yet to begin.
S = All sold-out, all Chicago is talking about you, come here Piero, come …

February 17: ATLANTA

And here they are in ATLANTA, it seems that security was less demanding here, better for us, these videos are beautiful!!






(At the end of this video, you can see that Piero’s  microphone quits working and Ignazio reaches him with his, to help him finish the song. ❤️️🎤)

Final greetings

Without words ❤️❤️ 

“The Atlanta concert was incredible! In my wildest dreams, I never thought this would happen to me. Ignazio…Me…Grande Amore!”

 – Debbie Sanders Folds


ATL 01

ATL 02

And now, go, go to the sun 🌞, Florida and California are waiting for you.

The tour continues, good trip !!!



Credit to owners of all photos and videos.

Michigan Honors Il Volo’s 10th Anniversary Feb 13, 2020

Even before the guys announced their ten-year tour celebration, Sharon Bear, Detroit IlVololover and fellow Flight Crew member, wanted to do something special to commemorate this momentous occasion. It had to be special, not just your everyday, average, congratulatory “key to the city” presentation, but something really big! This was Il Volo and she’d been following them from the very beginning when they landed in Detroit just over ten years ago. She was even in the audience for their inaugural DVD, Il Volo Takes Flight, taped from the Detroit Opera House and received Piero as he sang O Sole Mio to her in the audience. Yes, what could she do, what could she do? She thought.

The wheels in her head started to spin and she came up with a plan. But first it was time to contact Il Volo management. Through a good Il Volo friend connection, she was able to obtain Il Volo producer, Michele Torpedine’s email, and she contacted him. Shortly afterward, at the end of January, they arrived in North America to entertain us with their first few concerts, beginning in Canada. Michele forwarded Sharon’s email to Barbara Vitali, the guys’ personal and road manager. Barbara contacted Sharon. At first, Barbara was not too sure what Sharon was talking about and felt this was just another ploy of fans trying to get Il Volo’s attention. But when Sharon explained, in detail, how she had already put out feelers to the mayor and the governor, it really got Barbara’s attention. She listened carefully to the plan and was quickly on board. Barbara and Sharon stayed in close contact for the next few weeks, emailing and texting all of the details, both major and minor. In addition to keeping in constant contact with Barbara, Sharon worked tirelessly getting final commitments from the media and public offices, by making phone calls, late night texts, organizing press releases, writing biographical data, setting up remote Interviews, going through chains of command in sending emails, and even old-fashioned snail mail.

Since Il Volo was launched in Detroit at the Fox Theater and Detroit Opera House, Sharon decided to contact the Detroit mayor’s office. Well, why not? She called Mayor Duggan’s office and with a bit of negotiation and coordination, was able to get some agreement to honor the guys with appropriate fanfare. However, as he was going to be out of town, who could do the presentation? Sharon and his office manager discussed a number of people and finally assigned this important task to a communications director in the office, who just happened to also be Italian. Then began the decisions of what to say and how to present it – a letter or a certificate? Both were cookie-cutter formats with only names to be filled in. Nope. Not good enough for the Il Volo guys. A new format had to be designed – personal, informative and exclusively for Il Volo. More work, but finally all were in agreement. Ok, one hurdle down, on to the next. Who else should she call?

Sharon then called the governor’s office of the State of Michigan, Governor Gretchen Whitmer. Again, she was able to get through to the governor’s office and relay her project, which was also met with cooperation. However, much time was required to process this request as Sharon insisted on a new, personalized certificate, which was specifically worded for Il Volo’s 10th som folderanniversary. This endeavor consumed a couple of weeks of her time, ending with the governor’s office promising to overnight the document to Sharon’s home to arrive the day before the concert. Ok, who’s next on the list?

She called the Italian consulate, of course! Maria Manca is very proud of Il Volo and was looking forward to attending the concert.

Sharon had the three areas of government covered, now what else? The media, of course! She contacted the Detroit News, as well as TV channels, 2, 4, and 7, along with a local news radio station, WJR (with wide signal coverage to several states). Then Mike Hodges, of the Detroit News, was assigned the task of writing this beautiful article celebrating Il Volo and the event which would happen before the concert. The entire event would include the mayor’s office presenting Il Volo with beautiful certificates of congratulations for their 10th Anniversary, as well as their ground-breaking roots stemming from Detroit. Also, the Italian consulate would offer comments and the governor’s commendation presented. 

Our Detroit concert date, of Feb 13, was fast-approaching and the excitement of this whole event actually coming together was a bit mind-boggling. Even though this was what Sharon was used to doing in her past career, this was still a very complicated endeavor to take on.

As the Detroit Il Volo Gals celebrated Gianluca’s 25th birthday (Feb 11) at a local restaurant on Feb 8, Sharon could not contain this surprise any longer, and told us of her plans! This media project, was to take place after the soundcheck, at approximately 6p – 6:30p, with the concert beginning at 7:30p, at Detroit’s Fox Theatre. We sat there surprised and stunned at the news. We were also very happy for her and wished we could be flies on the wall, but alas, this was pretty exclusive, so we would not be able to attend the ceremony backstage.

The night of the concert finally arrived. The plans and logistics had changed a bit and it was decided that Il Volo would be presented with this honor during the concert, before their last few songs. A local

spokesperson presented Il Volo with personally signed letters from the mayor’s office, from the City of Detroit, making them honorary citizens, along with pins, and congratulating them on their 10 years of success. They also certreceived certificates of appreciation from the governor’s office. The Italian Consul was in the audience and her praise of them was expressed. Il Volo was informed that this was going to happen, but they did not know to what extent. The guys were very gracious and

surprised at this honor from the City of Detroit and the State of Michigan. Ignazio was pleased to be an honorary citizen of Detroit, as he is looking at the pin below.

igna pin
Igna looking at the pin

After the presentation, they quickly went on to sing the aria from La Traviata and the remainder of the concert.

For those of us that were able to get home a little early after the concert, it was “news at 11”, or in actuality, more like 11:30p for Il Volo! Sharon was also able to arrange for channel 7 to do a short segment on the guys and the evening’s concert. It was just over a minute, but it was still a thrill to see them honored on our local TV news channel – an ABC affiliate – in the evening, and again on the morning news. There is a snippet of the segment here:  

Although things had not gone quite according to plan, Sharon was still pleased for the guys in receiving this grand recognition for their 10 years of hard work and success in their home country of Italy (and the rest of Europe), as well as the United States, Mexico, Canada, South America, Australia, Asia, and Russia! They are truly loved, the world over, on all six continents! Well, who knows, maybe there are some happy penguins in Antarctica, waddling along to Grande Amore!?




(facts sourced via Sharon Bear, photo credits are mine)


IL VOLO grinds out successes and continues their journey between the US cities.

The public seems increasingly enthusiastic and finally American fans are also involved in singing and dancing, together with Ignazio, Gianluca and Piero.


February 11: BETHLEHEM




February 11 is also the birthday of Gianluca, 25 years old !!! Celebrated on stage by friends-brothers Piero and Ignazio. ❤️❤️





And here is the photo of Gian’s cake.


A mix of songs:

Some videos:





SURRENDER (sorry this one is sideways! 😯)

Beautiful photos from the concert:

(Please click on each photo below to view at a larger size.)


February 13: DETROIT

DET 01

DET 02

Thanks Deborah Georgini Beaupre, what a wonderful theater!

Few and very short videos from “Volomusic”, it seems that security is uncompromising.
It doesn’t matter, they still give us the taste of the evening.

Mix of songs: 

But how beautiful and elegant are the guys in this video with our dear Jana in the front row. You can see her at about one minute into the video.

In a vote from 1 to 10, I would say 10 with honors. ❤️

Jana, how lucky to be right in the front row, so close to them.

We await your other photos and your impressions.😉

DET 03

DET 04

DET 05





Still some nice pictures of the evening:

(Please click on each photo below to view at a larger size.)

And here are our friends in the Meet & Greet, with our beloved Gianluca, Ignazio and Piero.


DET 11

ROSEMARIE PALIOBEIS  😘 with her granddaughter.

DET 12


DET 13


DET 14


DET 15

Even in these two stages, everything is fine.

How many friends are enjoying these beautiful concerts and we are still only halfway there.

Another nice thing, are the meetings between fans, before and after the concerts …. there is a long thread that binds us, beyond linguistic differences, culture, distance …. it’s called IL VOLO.


Credit to owners of all photos and videos.

3rd Who’s Going Where and other questions…

Hi – I’ve been getting loads of questions on the soundcheck and meet/greet, etc. from some newbies!  🙂  Here is a quick rundown of answers…..

Sound Checks DEFINITELY sign up for these, even if you have meet/greet.  If you are computer savvy, it’s fairly easy.  If not, you may have a few issues.  Sign up for the digital membership.  It comes to just over $18, or so.  You need to go to: and click on the “shop.”  Purchase the membership. That is the easy part!  You will get 2 emails.  One is your confirmation receipt and the other contains your activation code (read this email very carefully, and be sure to click “here” where it says)If you don’t get both emails, check your spam account.  This happened to one of our group.  This can be tricky – you will need to answer questions and put in your info and code, etc.  Sometimes this other window pops up and you can’t enter your code.  Play around with it a bit…  after you are activated, you will see you can get into the fan site and see the “facebook like” conversations.  This is where they will post the upcoming soundchecks.  They only post about 2 or 3 days ahead of the concert.  When you see your city is posted, click on the link to register.  More questions, etc.  When you are done, it will say “print registration.”  Click this button, even if you are doing this on your phone.  It will bring up the picture confirmation of your sound check.  Do a screenshot and save to your phone, or print out and take with you.  You are done!  Then, you wait until the day of the concert until they post the time/place to meet for the soundcheck.  They did not post Detroit til narly 1p!  However, I called the box office on another matter about 11a and asked if they knew when the sound check was, and they did!  🙂 

During soundcheck, was pretty cool for Detroit (more details later), but there were maybe 30 of us?  And they did come down and greet everyone and were allowing hugs.  Many people, including myself, gave them items during this time.  Again, they also stressed no photos during soundcheck.  OMG VIP also hosts the soundcheck, John, our favorite photographer, will take a group photo at the end.

For meet/greets:  Gotten a few questions on gifts, timing, etc.  Guys always appreciate gifts, but would suggest keeping it small, or tokens.  Remember, they have to fly back on a plane and we’ve been told, by them, that although they appreciate everything, many things are donated to charity, etc.  Also, if the future meet/greets are anything like Detroit, we only had about 15 seconds, I think!  They did not say no hugs, but it was basically go up there say 2 or 3 words to each of them, smile, snap, and you are on your way.  A very nice, but expensive photo!!  (but more about that later!)

For getting your VIP info, each venue is a bit different, but basically after you clear security (nightmare at Fox) you are allowed to find the VIP OMG table and you can check in.  They just need ID and you get your lariat with pass and likely a wristband and a bag with a few goodies in it.

OK, on to Who’s….. hope I did not miss anyone, this will take us to the end of Feb!  Also, for anyone attending the Indio concert, Kay Roseff has offered accommodations in her home for up to about 3 or so persons.  Please let me know if you are interested and I will put you in touch with each other.  🙂 

Vegas pre-show gathering to eat:  Please be sure to send a note to the so Jeannette can add you to her list. She checks it every so often and has been sending out “blind copy” to those in attendance.  But, remember, she is attending a few concerts as well, so give her enough time for her to respond to you.  🙂

Chicago – Feb 15
Jeannette Giglio
Maija Zaeska
maria danille/figiel-krueger
Susan Tafanelli
Annette Simonini and daughter

Atlanta – Feb 17
Norine Korvink
Sara Hunter
Lucy Buzzee
Diane Fusco
Irene Edwards
Susan Johnson
Christine Wolff

Join us at Maggiano’s Little Italy, 1601 Cumberland Mall SE, Marietta, GA 30039, to meet and share IL Volo stories. Those attending the concert with you are invited as well. The more the merrier!
Reservation is made under the name of Il Volo Fan Dinner from 4-6pm
The Cobb Energy Center Box Office opens at 3pm, concert at 8pm (usually doors for seating opens 1 hour prior)
Maggiano’s is approximately a 10 minute drive to the venue.

Please let us know by February 7th if you would like to join us by saying “YES” below in comments with the number of attendees.

Can’t wait to meet you all! Debbie Sanders Folds and Christine Wolff on Facebook

Orlando – Feb 20
Joan Brenin

Sunrise/Ft. Lauderdale – Feb 22
Marie Crider
Joan Brenin
Marion Ferrari and friends
Kay Jones
Joanne Mekeel
Beverley Foster

Tampa – Feb 24
Rose Marie Paliobeis
Joan Brenin
Annette Simonini and family
Allene Shipman
Vicki Marsee and granddaughter
Lia Marsee

Dallas – Feb 27
Jackie Lewandowski and sister
Judy Fierro
Karen McClure

Gina Hanna

That’s all for now, folks!   If there is anyone else going to these cities, let me know and I can try to update the post, or you can just comment on here.





But where do Ignazio, Piero and Gianluca find their strength, to make concerts with such close dates?

Every time it seems impossible to us, yet as usual, they are succeeding in this endeavor.

But let’s go in order.

Saturday 8 February: ATLANTIC CITY

AC and WASH 01

AC and WASH 02

AC and WASH 03





And here are the nice pictures of Susan, who was present at the concert.

(Please click on each photo below to view at a larger size.)

And here is Susan Medal at the Meet & Greet. What a nice quartet !! Susan is the one who designed and sent to the boys, the puppets depicting Il Volo !! ❤️

AC and WASH 09

Great success also in Atlantic City, but not even time to rest and go, but went immediately to Washington !!


Sunday,  9 February: WASHINGTON

AC and WASH 10

AC and WASH 11

And here are the videos sent by Donna Pothier who was at the concert:






And here are her beautiful photos: Thanks Donna!

AC and WASH 12

AC and WASH 14

AC and WASH 13

AC and WASH 15

And here, Donna with Janis! 😘

AC and WASH 16

And here is Donna’s review.

Ok , so I met Janis and 2 other ladies, Maria and Karen, ar National Harbor. This is a Casino and Theater at Oxen Hill Maryland near D.C. we went to Soundcheck which was really nice. They rehearsed a bunch of songs, fooled around some as usual and then one by one came down and said hello to everyone . No hugging , because of all the germs floating around. Gianluca says DONNA! ciao! Because he knows me which always makes my stomach drop…lol. Next was dinner, not very good for such a well known place. Time for the show. We were on the right side, unusual for me. So that with no pictures or videos allowed, made it hard to get them but many of us did it anyway🤣.They open with Nessun Dorma. Then songs like Surrender, Volare, Il Mondo, and quite a few solos. In between a couple of funny conversations, always teasing each other. They had the audience participate in Volare and Grande Amore. They did not come down at all, or have anyone up on stage, except for Piero during O Sole Mio. I think because of flu and the coronavirus scare. Really great concert. Their voices are all so great, and you can really tell a difference in now, and a few years ago. When Ignazio sings Memory, it is with so much expression. Wish I could go to every single one!!!! I will be in Taormina …in the center! and get good videos there! Have a great time everyone! ….Donna P.  

And how beautiful these photos taken from above by Debora Georgini Beaupre.
Thanks Deborah!

(Please click on each photo below to view at a larger size.)

Atlantic City and Washington have also been done.

 We now know their song program, but it’s always nice to see their performance.

The feeling is that everything went well so far on the tour.

But the next stage will be very special, because in addition to a nice concert, there will be

Gianluca’s birthday !!!! ❤️❤️❤️



Credit to owners of all photos and videos.