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Notte Magica – The Movie Event! June 21, 2017

This is a spoiler alert for those of you who haven’t seen the movie yet!  Close your eyes and look away…..

nottemagica header

On Wednesday, June 21, 2017, a group of the Detroit Il Volo gals ventured to Bloomfield Twp. Michigan to the Maple Theatre to see the Notte Magica movie.  I had heard a few reviews/comments from Victoria and Jane, so I kind of knew what to expect.  They both told me there were a few clips that we hadn’t seen before of them playing around, a short bit from the Home and Family show and a quick excerpt from the LA concert at the Dolby.  They also showed a quick pic of them with Priscilla Presley.  Yep, that was all true – I think I had seen a few of the clips before, as well on some form of social media.

Then, as they both said, it went into the Florence concert with a few subtitles here and there, but basically it was similar to both DVDs of the Italian and PBS versions and in English.

However, as I recall, there was a constant camera going back and forth in front of us when we were there.  I have to tell you, with all the camera work going on, it was clear that this movie was part of their master plan of the future.  The footage that was shown in the movie was far superior to either of the DVDs.  Many shots and scenes were the same, but there were others that were not shown before here and there.

It was almost like being there, right in the front row.  Third row for me again.  Unfortunately, Lorna was not able to make it.  Every so often Gin would say, “there you are, I see you!”  Well, I must have blinked at that moment, because I didn’t see me!  lol!  However, nearer to the end, after the last orchestra solo, I saw Lorna and I sitting in the audience.  They flashed the same shot twice, just for us, to be sure we saw it.  🙂

Of course the guys were amazing.  I thought it was going to be too loud, but once it got started, it was just fine.  There were about 35 tickets sold, not too bad.  Not sure how many persons actually showed up, but I’d say there were at least over 25 in the theatre.  We had the 6th row all to ourselves…. no one was in front of us.  We clapped during the Libiamo song and clapped and cheered at the end of most of them – just like we were at the real concert.  Every once in a while, we heard those behind us clapping.  I sang along to Tonight and Maria.  It was so loud, I’m sure no one heard me…

I have to say, seeing them on the big screen, so much larger than life, was incredible.  The close-up shots were fantastic and so close and clear, that you could count the hairs on their chins!  It was almost the entire concert, but no songs other than what was shown on the other DVDs.  They did not show Adeste Fidelis, which I can’t figure out why they sang it and then just cut it out of the final cuttings.  O Come Let us Adore Him – yes, O Come Let us Adore Them!!  Any time, any place, we will be there!

I even brought along a new fan with me that evening.  I had converted her over at work.  She is a busy person and had not really heard them sing much, although she did say she looked them up on You Tube.  She is a “younger” fan and she thoroughly enjoyed herself, the movie and meeting us more “mature” fans.  When it was all over, I asked her if she had a favorite and she said it was too soon to tell and that each one is so unique, unto himself, that it was hard to choose.  She sent me an email a few days later and said she was still deciding!!  🙂

Before the show, we enjoyed a meal at the little café, right inside the theatre lobby area.  A little pricey, but nice and convenient.

We also met another Il Volo fan group from the area – Lynn Delaney and friends.  This was her second time of seeing the movie.  She said she enjoyed it the 2nd time, just as much!

The only comments I have about this is that I did wish they had included the Adeste Fidelis and I thought a really nice touch would have been to add the Grande Amore from the LA concert, to really tie in the 2 concerts.  Not sure why they seemed to emphasize both concerts and only about 5 minutes or less was spent on LA.  But, of course, they didn’t consult with me on this – if only they had, it would have been better!  🙂

So, for those of you who have not seen it yet and it comes anywhere near you, I would highly recommend it.  It is just about 2 hours long – they tag it as 110 minutes.

If they decide to release it on DVD, it is definitely going to be part of my collection!

This is the write-up from the IL VOLO website…

A concert-event that brings to life magical moments from Il Volo’s World Tour 2017 – from the backstage of their March performance in Los Angeles to the birth of their tour with Plácido Domingo in the magnificent setting of Florence’s Piazza Santa Croce. The event features the concert along with never before seen, cinema-exclusive footage.

This trio of young Italian tenors, today’s operatic pop phenomenon, have delighted audiences in prestigious venues worldwide.

Il Volo started their US tour with a sold-out show at New York’s Radio City Music Hall and then performing in 15 concerts. The cinema program highlights a recent concert at Los Angeles’ Microsoft Theater, where Maestro Placido Domingo joined the trio on stage.

Ignazio, Piero and Gianluca are now touring Europe and Italy.

This film-concert is distributed worldwide by Rising Alternative beginning from June 2017.

Images including stage and media appearances, rehearsals with Plácido Domingo, backstage moments and audience reactions during the US tour will precede this first concert exhibition, mastered for 2k Digital Cinema presentation in surround sound.

This title has already been booked into cinemas in about 20 countries: in Finland where it opens on June 7, in Spain June 13, in the USA beginning from June 13, in Italy June 15, in Switzerland June 15, in Ecuador June 19, in Slovakia  June 20,  in Mexico July 9 and 13, in Austria September 14 and in Brazil, Peru, Colombia, Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Germany, Denmark, The Netherlands and Ireland on dates to be determined very shortly.

Updated cinema show times by country are posted on http://www.ilvoloincinema.com

This project is a tribute to the Three Tenors. In 1990, José Carreras, Plácido Domingo, and Luciano Pavarotti performed their legendary concert at the Baths of Caracalla in Rome, and now, 27 years later, Il Volo’s Piero Barone, Ignazio Boschetto and Gianluca Ginoble honor the legend of The Three Tenors by bringing this iconic classical music to new and familiar audiences. Il Volo grew up listening to them, being fascinated and inspired by their voices and legendary achievements.

NOTTE MAGICA Tour 2017 kicked off with the concert in Florence – Piazza Santa Croce with the great orchestra of the famous Teatro Massimo di Palermo conducted by Maestro Ramón Tebar. As a special guest, Maestro Plácido Domingo also participated in the concert, conducting some of the operatic arias and popular songs.

Il Volo “Notte Magica” in Cinemas will show the group on tour and then singing some of the most famous Neapolitan songs and arias from the Italian and international opera repertoire – all of which were sung by the original Three Tenors.

NOTTE MAGICA – a magical night tribute to The Three Tenors’ is a project conceived by Michele Torpedine, Il Volo’s creator, manager and producer and is distributed in cinemas worldwide by Rising Alternative, in collaboration with Sony Music Masterworks, Sony Music Italy, C Major Entertainment and SpectiCast.

“A tribute to such artists and to such an event could be considered presumptuous, but in fact it is not, as we have not the slightest thought of comparing ourselves to our idols, our artistic inspirations,” say Il Volo.

“I am very happy to be with Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca conducting them in this magic night under the stars in such a beautiful city: Florence! I really love these guys. They are performing such a great repertoire around the world – some of the music my colleagues and I performed in our own concerts”, says Plácido Domingo

For those of you in Canada, it looks like the closest for you would be Vashon, Washington, which is between Seattle and Tacoma on the map.  It doesn’t look like they have added any additional locations since a month ago, but you never know – keep looking!

Il Volo Professional – Notte Magica 2017 – Los Angeles


Here they are, as they always do, with a picture of them arriving in town!

Arrive LA

Some wonderful pre-show pictures!

getting ready for the show

Conductor - LAGian - LA - Contemplating the night's performance17522634_610769392461538_97012672689406898_n

The following photos courtesy of @joanzmonkee.  Thank you, Joan!


The following photos are during, before, after – doesn’t matter.  They’re lovely anyway.  Looks like they were presented with Gold or maybe even Platinum records.  Hard to tell but go figure, right?  They should be at multi-gold and multi-platinum by now.

The following photos are from the photographer at the Microsoft Theater.  Professionally done!  Stunning!


The evening event even made it in one of the Italian news articles!


Alas, the evening is over.


Next stop, Las Vegas!

Next stop Las Vegas per Gian

I know many of the Flight Crew will be at the Vegas show.  We expect some great quotes and reviews from you!  Send them flightcrew.nottemagica2017@gmail.com and we will do our best to get everyone’s feedback posted.


~~ Leelee ~~

Il Volo Professional ~~ News and Links for week of 11/20/2016

All the professional dealings of Il Volo
All the professional dealings of Il Volo


Barnes and Noble CD Signing at The Grove in LA

The Grove - LA - Il Volo appearance - 2013
The Grove – LA – Il Volo appearance – 2013

Il Volo will sign their new CD, Notte Magica.  Event to start at 7 pm local time.

     ***Article: Il Volo signs “Notte Magica – A Tribute to Three Tenors”  ~~ losangeles.carpediem.cd


Il Volo Music For Charity

El disc - La Marato 2016
El disc – La Marato 2016

Il Volo has contributed a song to, “La Marato,” a CD for charity  coinciding with the 25th anniversary of  The Fundació La Marató de TV3.   They performed, “Et queda tan per viure,” the Catalan version of “Without You.”  The CD will be on sale December 1 through December 4 for 10 Euros, and is a part of a telethon to air on December 18 on TV3.  It is unknown at this time whether or not Il Volo will be attendance for the telethon.

   *** Article: El disc – La Marato 2016 ~~ http://www.ccma.cat

The Fundacio La Marato de TV3 is a foundation that was created in 1996 by the Catalan Audiovisual Media Corporation with the mission of fostering and promoting biomedical research of excellence, as well as raising social awareness about the diseases dealt with in the television program, La Marató de TV3, by means of campaigns involving the public and also through publicity and educational events.

*** Official Website in English: http://www.ccma.cat/tv3/marato/en/fundacio/


Vote for Il Volo

Twitter poll by Premios Latinos on Twitter:


Three Part Harmony ~ L.A. ~ Myron Heaton

PART III – Los Angeles – the Dolby theater in Hollywood – March 26, 2016

Giampiero Grani 2
Photo Giampiero Grani

Program order– Las Vegas 2016        Order for Los Angeles 

Overture                                                                    same

Volare                                                                        same

Il Mondo                                                                   same

L’Immensita                                                             same

Tonight (west side story) – Ignazio                     same

E Aranjuez con tu amor – Gianluca                    same

E lucevan le stelle (Tosca) – Piero                      same

Piove (Ciao, Ciao Bambina)                                  same

Beautiful that way                                                   same

My Way (duet – Piero & Gianluca)                     same

Quando l’amore diventa poesia                           same

Unchained Melody (duet – Ignazio & Ginaluca) same

Si me Falta tu mirada                                            same

O paese d’ ‘o sole (duet – Piero & Ignazio)       same

Delilah                                                                      same

Memory (cats) – Ignazio                                     Eternally ( full trio )

Anema e Core (Heart and Soul)Gianluca         Hablando de ti (Ignazio )


No Puede Ser – Piero                                     
El Triste                                                                  Bridge over Troubled Water-
O Sole Mio                                                                                        (Gianluca)
Surrender ( Torna a Surriento ) )                      Ne Puede Ser – (Piero)
Grande Amore and Finale                                   El Triste
                                                                                  O Sole Mio
                                                                                  Grande Amore


The day after the Las Vegas “blow-out” and the Fan Faire a few of us went to Los Angeles to take care of some business with Barbara Vitali of Il Volo and to attend the Il Volo concert at the Dolby theater. This is the theatre where the Oscars- Academy Awards are presented each year. At 3600 seats the place has about 1000 more seats than the Pearl (2500) and one of the largest stages in the country.

I have attached the program order for both concerts so that comparisons can be made. The biggest difference is in the last third of the concert. That difference was another “mind-blowing” experience for those of us in the audience.

Singing: As in Part II, the guys are employing great sophistication and artistic power with the greatest of ease and absolute control that most singers never achieve even if they go on into their 80’s. The guys’ singing was superb. Regarding their singing, you have to have sound tech sitting at the sound board who is on task properly. Friday had been perfect but Saturday he missed about three entrances – when a singer enters stage singing the opening of a song and the mic is not on right away but a split second later. Generally small item but professionals should not miss those key things. This is not the guys’ fault. The guys were superb once again.

Photo Giampiero Grani
Photo Giampiero Grani

Orchestra: they decided to use an orchestra half again larger than Vegas since it is a much larger stage and a much larger theater. They had a problem from the start keeping tight in their ensemble since the addition of a additional conductor. On the tour to that point they got used to Giampiero as conductor and music director. But now, they, in effect, had two until they settled down to trust the tempo. The guest conductor on one side of the stage referring to Gianpiero on the other side of the stage also conducting from the piano. For the first 4 or 5 songs it was a little tricky since they only had the one rehearsal as a full orchestra. However, the instrumentalists were very, very good.

Please understand that most groups like this travel with an inner core of 5 to 7 key musicians like piano, bass drums and guitar and maybe a few others and then they add the full compliment of strings and winds from the local musicians. Il Volo does too.

All other aspects of the Dolby concert were great.

I want to call special attention to the two biggest highlights of the concert which were a total surprise to everyone (you could tell from the audience response – no one expected these two things to happen). These two songs were NOT performed on any other concert up to now. Why they waited this long to present them I don’t know.

A new composer and his song:

First, instead of doing his usual solo, “Memory” from Cats, Ignazio went over and sat at the piano and announced that the next song was going to be (finally) a new song that he, himself, composed. IGNAZIO , himself, as composer as well as pianist and singer. The song (see list) was Hablando de ti” . When I saw him after the concert we chatted just briefly about this song. He has written several songs and this was written about 4 ½ years ago and he “tweeked” it over and over for a couple of years and it is just now being released for the first time on this tour. I loved the song and he sang it very well. I hope they do more of this.

The second incredible and unexpected event was a solo that Gianluca decided to do.

He had been scheduled to sing “Anema e Core” as in previous locations but he changed that Saturday night. I must say that it is very difficult to write with normal, English words what happened after his introduction to the song. He talked about the need for peace in the world and mentioned that many singers through the years have used this song written by Paul Simon many years ago. But Gianluca’s most personal and emotionally favorite performance is that of Elvis Presley. The song : “ Bridge Over Troubled Water” . A song that we need so badly right now. To add even more power to the scene was the fact that Priscilla Presley, Elvis’ former wife, was in the audience (just a few feet away from Jeannette and me) in the Dolby Theater that night.

giampiero Grani 1
Photo Giampiero Grani

Up to touch the face of God:

Then, just when you thought the emotional level could not get any higher, Gianluca started to sing. I could not believe it. The people around me (including Jeannette) and the whole audience could not believe it ! Gianluca took himself and us to an entire new level of passion. I am telling you this young man went to where he had not been before. We all were in tears and he was in tears. Way beyond the other songs in the show. When he was done he could barely breath and we were totally emotionally spent. The tears flowed like a river. This song stopped the show. The audience would not stop the applause – it went on for over 5 minutes. That kid was overwhelmed by the response and we were too. I know this has been put to video by people in our group and has been posted so you must take a look. But the only way to understand is – sorry – you have to be there live, in person to feel that kind of power.

When I saw him backstage after the show, Gianluca asked (after I mentioned the song) if I liked it. The humble kid has no idea how big it was. I could only hug him like my son.

The remainder of the show was very, very good but the audience was almost numb by that time from the power of the one song. Interesting that is was Easter Sunday because the spirit moving in that audience that night was so uplifting. To borrow a famous phrase: lifting us up to touch the face of God.

Coda: call it the “kitchen chat”

A little personal reflection on the Fan Faire: while our crowd was waiting up on the 52ndfloor in the View Room for the boys to arrive, I was getting conflicting reports of which elevator they were going to use – the two main ones that we all used or the west side one. Turns out there is another one in the back of the kitchen storage room. When the word came to me I asked them to hold in the rear kitchen so that I could talk with them before letting them loose (or should I say letting you guys loose on them). So as soon as they arrived out of the rear elevator (you could not see where they coming from where you were seated) I went back in there and we met again.

It was all hugs and wonderful statements of support and apology for being so late. I did not care about the apology because I was just happy to see them there. Piero and Ignazio found a table-top shuffleboard unit about 10 ft. long being stored there and they started to play it. Piero just about got stuck to that thing. I was laughing all over the place. Then I finally said “hey, guys! We are on my time now so please continue the game later”. It was all just in fun anyway. Those three came over and we formed a little huddle to talk about what we were going to do with the limited time. I tell you it felt like I was home with my family – just the four of us talking together to come to a solution. I had them all to myself for nearly ten minutes before Barbara came over to see what we were talking about. It was cool. We were back there for nearly 10 minutes and very few people even knew they were there already.

Love those guys. Love the fact that they came to us even though there was no contract and no money changed hands to get them there.

To those of you that came to the Fan Faire, it looks like they want us to do another and have offered to help out this time. I do hope that you remember this event for along time.



Here’s how Tippy spent her 85th.

s - tippy


On Aug 28, 2013, my 85th birthday, I celebrated at the We Are Love concert in The Gibson Theater, Universal City, SO CAL!

s - tippy2
The very best birthday of my life!!

Four of us went. My dear friend, IlVolover Marlene, my dear Grand Daughter, Dara, & her friend, Polly.  Our seats were good, I thank PBS. All of the crowd around us were there for a great evening! To share Il Volo love!!! Edgar Cortazar & his sweet family sat in front of us! He & Mark Portman composed We Are Love! He autographed our Il Volo booklets & wished me a happy birthday! Dara chatted with him the most. He told us our guys are great to work with! On time & prepared!

Word got around our seats & people were stopping by to wish me a happy birthday!

This was my first time to see the guys, Marlene & I were in seventh Heaven!! Dara & Polly (long time concert goers) said it was the best concert they had ever seen!! It was a magical, wondrous, enchanted evening!!! This was the concert where they seemed to be on upper stage singing behind the screens! Piero appeared on the unlit stage first, followed by Gianluca, & Ignazio! Realizing they were there, in front of us, we were all on our feet applauding as the lights came up! So wonderful to see them in
person! We were a great audience, clapped as each new song started! Standing ovation at each song’s end! Their performance was perfect, as always! I fell more deeply in love as the music unfolded! I felt like my heart would burst with the magnificence of their voices!! The Maria with the girls was such fun!! Toward the end of the concert Gianluca & Piero took off their jackets & laid them on the piano.
Ignazio said if they were taking off clothes, he was taking off his shoes! He did & performed a few songs in his socks. It was a beautiful concert!!!

We had M&G tickets! There were only 20 of us with PBS M&G tickets. Live Nation had a lot of people & went in first. They seated us all in upper theater seats as we waited! A happy crowd & waiting was comfortable just chatting with those around. I knew if I told the Boys it was my BD they would sing to me! Finally it was our turn, just the 4 of us, one on one! A big room with the banner Il Volo In Concert on the back wall. They were standing waiting for us for the photos!

s - tippy8

I get brain fade in their presence!!! So don’t know exactly what happened! I went up first & did manage to tell Ignazio that it was my 85th BD! The photo taken show them singing to me in our group pic.

s - tippy7

Maybe they sang twice. Ignazio looked down at me, I’m not very big, & said. Your birthday, hmmm, as tho he was considering a world problem. Then they all started to sing. I did not tell them how wonderful they & their amazing music are! My granddaughter said that didn’t matter, all they had to do was look at my face, it was radiant!!! The photographer said we were photogenic & took 8 photos when since there were 4 of us, she was only supposed to take the 4.

s - tippy3

Marlene is from England & had a purse with London double-decker bus on it so Ignazio remarked to her that he has gone to London many times. We got our photos taken & as I got to Gianluca I did tell him my husband was Italian & had family living in Italy. He asked where & I said Fondi, he said it was a beautiful region. Then we were outside & it was over!

We walked around their big white buses 2 & found we were close to the performers entrance. Not wanting this wonderful nite to end we tried to decide who would go to get the car. I need to throw in here, PBS stayed with us until we got into our car & started home! I was very impressed with that! We could see into the entrance & saw Gianluca & Ignazio walking down the hall. Polly went to get the car. Before she came back Piero popped out the entrance! He was with an older woman who was on the
phone. At that time I didn’t realize you can talk to our guys anytime you meet! I did have enough wits to call over to him that they were wonderful & his voice magnificent! He said thank you very much!

We all had the time of our lives, the concert being much more than expected!! It was an enchanted evening! We got to my Granddaughter’s home late, going up to bed at 1:50 AM. Beautiful memories for us all!!! August 28th was my 86th BD. I plan to go to next year’s Concert & anywhere here when they return to the States! The more you see our wonderful guys, the more you want to see them again!!


Music Notes ~ Painfully Beautiful ~ By Myron

Picture stolen from Elaine's video
Picture stolen from Elaine’s video
This one too
This one too

Il Volo in Concert – Los Angeles – Greek Theater – June 7, 2014

Have you ever loved something to point where it hurt ? You know this tiny amount of heaven will only last for 2 ½ hours and then you go back to your everyday life – “reality”. You wish it would go on forever and that hurts. So I am using the title of a song Il Volo sang in their first album (see title) to describe the concert last night. So many times the singing was so beautiful that I was in tears – music that was “Painfully Beautiful”. Why did it have to end? Well, here is a review.

First, the boys, the guys, THE MEN – (Piero can’t possibly be turning 21- why do I feel so old ? ).
If ever a fan might be worried that their singing might be less than what it should be, just remember the years of training and solid family life-style they have had. This amounts to such a tremendous work ethic that I can’t imagine they will ever let us down – if they have anything to do with it. This was a perfect example of that work ethic. The vocal work was always right on the mark. The details such as HUGE BREATH support, perfect vowel shapes (watch a video of Gianluca for a lesson on perfect vowels), beautifully supported high notes (Ignazio never fails); pure vocal projection and power without the usual pop singer screaming (Hooray for Piero). This year, more than ever in the years since I have been seeing them in concert, they have shown such passion and emotion and it was laid out there on the stage for us AND we could feel it – WHEW ! Feel your heart skip a beat ! I will discuss the personal side of the boys later. Pardon my pride of ownership: “My boys were absolutely on the money” . This was 2 ½ hours of artistically superb singing !

This was the first stop on their tour that used full-live orchestra of about 30 players. Most other concerts will use five instrumentalists and pre-recorded orchestra track on computer.

The program was sort of a potluck of their favorites from the past years:

Act One

Un Amore Cosi Grande


Tous les Visages de l’Amour

We are Love

No Puede Ser (Piero’s solo)

Caruso (done as a trio this time)

Ti Voglio Tanto Bene (Ignazio’s solo)

(from the very first PBS show)

This Time ( from first season)

I Can’t Help Falling in Love With You

(brand new Elvis arrangement for Gianluca )

Mama (from first season)


Act Two

Can you Feel the Love tonight

Per Te

Memory (Ignazio’s solo)


Il Canto


Night and Day (Gianluca’s solo)

Beautiful Day  

Maria (fro three)

Non Ti Scordar Di Me (Piero’s solo)

Surrender/Torna a Surriento

Il Mondo



El Triste

O Solo Mio/Now or Never


Long-term fans will see music from three seasons mixed together and it was great.

My favorites;
The new arrangement of the Elvis song: “I can’t Help Falling in Love You”. I like this song and Gianluca wrapped it in a blanket of beautiful passion. His maturity is showing more and more. His “Night and Day” was even better than last year- superb. Ignazio stopped the show with his wonderful “ Ti Voglio Tanto Bene” (they joked about how the last time he sang that song (three years ago) he was 75 pounds heavier. He did look good last night. He also was showing more maturity in singing. Piero just wiped up the whole place with his powerhouse solo “No Puede Ser” . They talked about him training to do an opera role later this year. This young man is serious. For the full ensemble pieces my favorite this time was “Il Canto” which Ignazio accidently announced as “ Il Volo” – whoops ! Then would come my main favorite: “Il Mondo” But they were all so good.

Staging and crew:
Well, the boys may have been nearly perfect in their work but the crew that backed them up was not. The stage crew at the Greek was very sloppy in the stage set-up. The general lighting was poorly timed (to the music) and the worst tech problem was the follow spot-operators. I know some of you may think this is silly but when you are in the audience and your favorite singer starts a song and he is totally in the dark for two or three phrases that is terrible. It was so bad that the boys made mention of it several times in the show. At one point all three spots were to be on each boy but Ignazio was in the dark and he was the one scheduled to talk. So he said, in his typical light-hearted fashion, that “electricity is so expensive that we cannot afford to have lights” (huge audience laugh ! ) (power to you Ignazio – the audience was very pleased he said that). There were other times that made a lot of us feel that spot operators needed to be fired.

The Il Volo sound system was tied into the Greek Theater sound system which was way overloaded to bass sounds (like a rock band) and that drown the boys’ sounds once in a while – fortunately not too often. I do get annoyed because our boys’ work very hard and they need to depend on a good partnership with tech and crew and when that does not happen it hurts the boys’ presentation and the entire show.

The tech stuff aside, there was so much that was wonderful about this concert. I don’t usually like open-air theaters but that evening the sky was clear, the moon was out and the weather was beautiful. The acoutics in the Greek work very well for an open-air place.
I was about 8 rows back and the viewing was great. The orchestra was very fine indeed.

My favorite thing (aside from the singing) was seeing how these boys have matured since I saw them last November. They are engaging the audience more and more and their between-songs banter does not feel a little rigid anymore but very natural and really funny this time. I mean really funny. In the past Gianluca would tend to stay out of the clowing around but this time he engaged just as much as the others. It warmed my heart to see this funny, loving banter and a little horse-play going on and the audience loved it and loved them. One scene: Ignazio was fooling around between songs messing the hair of the guitar player and then the pianist and then he went to mess the hair of Gianluca and WOW – you don’t mess Gianluca’s hair ! So they had a pretend hair fight. We all laughed outloud. Then they turned around and sang just perfectly.

One little cute and funny story: during the singing of the Lion King song, “Can you Feel the Love Tonight” Ignazio made a mistake with the text – the words. After the song was done he owned up to it in a funny way telling the story of how they saw the show on Broadway and he went back to his hotel room and could not sleep because the words “ Hakuna Matata” were going through his mind. That was the reason he goofed the words on the song – “Hakuna Matata”.

End result: the audience (about 4000) was totally transported into a heavenly realm of musical artistry and it was obvious from the pre-show and intermission conversation that the people came loaded for love. They already knew it was going to be great. I had several meetings during my time there: There were three different groups of fans from the Flight Crew that I ran across, both before the show and after. Some I was expecting and the others were a suprise to me. All in all 14 new friends and Flight Crew fans.

Personal side:
The other meeting was at 3:30pm in the afternoon when I had set up to meet backstage with Barbara, Piero, Gianluca and Ignazio as best they could fit it in. I arrived just as they were in sound check and rehearsal. It was very interesting to watch them do their rehearsal work. Barbara and the boys were very welcoming and warm but the time was cut short because they had added another radio interview to be done before concert. I did have a little more time with Piero and wished him a happy birthday. Ignazio was so sweet to mention the flowers for his grandfather’s funeral. Gianluca waved at me (on the side of the stage) but was busy with the orchestra working out Elvis. I must say that the term “Flight Crew” got mentioned by them here and there during the talk. I tell you we are becoming a large family.


Thank You Myron, This was just beautiful!


EDIT: Il Volo Professional ~~ April10, 2014

Hey, Everyone!

Want to go to the Greek Theater on June 7?

You may be in luck!  Latin Pop radio station, K-Love 107.5, is featuring a contest in which the prize is free tickets to the show!  klovelogoThe contest was announced on their website,

here —> http://iloveklove.univision.com/blogs/article/2014-04-08/gana-boletos-por-il-volo

Translated according to Bing, the announcement reads:

“Win tickets to Il Volo in concert! Saturday, June 7 at The Greek Theatre in Griffith Park!Sign up here…”

Thanks to All About Il Volo for the link, and Good Luck!


Edit: Hey Miami Fans!



Il Volo Mundial provided this information for you guys.  It appears that Il Volo will be appearing on the Sabado Gigante Television show at some point.  It’s unclear to us if they will be appearing live for all of the listed dates, or not.

The full Facebook Post is translated by Bing to say: Special announcement of Sábado Gigante on Twitter! This month in Sabado Gigante: GLORIA TREVI, RICARDO MONTANER, LARRY HERNANDEZ, JESSE and JOY, IL VOLO and many more! The dates of recording of SABADO GIGANTE in April will be: 16, 17, 22, 23 and 26. Make your reservation 305-471-8262. Free tickets! Thanks to @solepicero and our correspondent   Giulia Giana report…

To find out more about the show, check out their Wikipedia page

here —> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gigantic_Saturday , and if you would like to see the guys, call that number and find out the deets!

Throwback Thursday

The Guys have been tweeting about working more in the last few days.  Piero tweeted that they are recording in Bologna; Gianluca mentioned that he is working hard for us (well, he actually used the word, “y’all”, which cracked me straight up!  Speaking my language; I love it! 😀 ); and it looks like they were all in Milan (what could they be up to?).

outline question

With the US and Canadian tour coming up (not soon enough for most of us), seeing them perform with another great musician, striking out and talking about original music and their fame growing throughout the world, I think it is an exciting time to be an Il Volo fan.  So, on this Trowback Thursday, I’d like to go back to when they took North America by storm–just to remember how it all began.  Enjoy!

From imryanmac

From snpacia

From umusicNZ


And for more viewing pleasure at your finger tips, please check out additional videos on our “Becoming Il Volo ~~ Audiovisual Style”  page under Biographies on the left side of your screen.  🙂


~~ Kelly