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Bridge Collapse in Genoa, Italy

On Tuesday this week, the residents of Genoa Italy were devastated with a bridge collapsed.  At the time of one of the early articles, 37 people were presumed dead, and death toll was already rising:

Italy Bridge Collapse Leaves 37 Dead….  New York Times


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The cause and whom is to blame is being highly debated.  The reasons are not yet clear, but some are being considered:

Italy Bridge Collapse: What Might Have Caused It  ~~BBC

Some articles I have seen have harsher, more definitive leanings about what they think is the cause and who is to blame, but for the purposes of this piece, that is not necessarily important.   It’s more important that people’s lives have been changed, and the people of Geona are grieving.  Our hearts go out to the Italian people at this time.

~~ Kelly


#FBF: Painfully Beautiful

Hello from finally sunny Gulf Shores!

It’s unfortunate that the weather has changed for the better just as we’re leaving , but I have had some time to enjoy Il Volo’s music from way back….

Like back when they first had an album and we found their talent to be …. Painfully Beautiful.

I love this song…and don’t know why I don’t listen to it more often. …   Enjoy!

~~ Kelly


#FBF: Name That Picture: Answers



Dancing with The Stars


dancing with the stars

Grand Prix Formula 1 Racing, Abu Dhabi — 2014


@ilvolomusic; LiJoy
Il Volo – Formula 1 Grand Prix
Abu Dhabi 2014

Juarez Rehersal, 2014


Juarez rehearsal 2014

Taormina Concert, 2014



@ilvolofccampobello FB21
Il Volo – prelude to next number? Taormina 2014

Unicef Audrey Hepburn Society Ball, Houston, 2013

Extra Credit: (Who is  Il Volo Pictured with?)

***** Margaret Alkek Williams;  local philanthrapist     click —->      Margaret Alkek Williams Keeps a Busy Schedule

***** Jesse Metcalfe; actor     click —>    Jesse Metcalfe Wikipedia


Il Volo with Margaret Alkek Williams By @ilvolo -Audrey Hepburn Society Ball – Houston -2013


It’s Saturday morning, about 10:00 here in Italy.

The news of yesterday, have Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca to Bagnaia, in Tuscany, in a splendid golf club resort, where they participated at a very elegant dinner and sang two songs at a youth publishing event.

The guys in Bagnaia

I browsed the newspapers on the Internet, nobody talks about the Flight and their new video, but a title writes “…. Bagnaia” this name reminds me of the dinner so I open the article, and there is a live video. I open the direct and to my amazement, I see the guys very busy in an award ceremony.

It’s just like that, they are rewarding them in live streaming, with emotion I watched all the live, I felt very proud of them, and here I am to tell you everything.

Here is the video of the award ceremony.

Ms. Marisa Monti Riffeser, president of Poligrafici Editoriale and owner of Bagnaia, Golf & Spa, is called on the stage accompanied by her nephew. They are called on stage for the award ceremony: PIERO, IGNAZIO and GIANLUCA.

The presenter reads the motivation for this 2018 award “to these wonderful guys”. (his words)

“As a tribute to the road traveled so far, despite their young age, aims to be an example of how commitment, dedication, passion and study can allow you to achieve the prestigious goal of being recognized internationally and bearers of a message positive for all young people who want to continue believing in their dreams.”

What a wonderful motivation and I would say absolutely right for our boys!

The guys and Mrs. Monti

Later, Piero tells how he met Mrs. Monti, really a special and causal meeting that I’m going to translate.

P = We were on a plane to Paris. Gianluca and Ignazio were behind me. I was sitting in front and listening to music with headphones. From my place I saw the lady, whom I did not know.

The lady tried to open a small bottle of water, but it was difficult.

So I got up, I took my headphones off and asked her if she needed help.

Then, when I arrived in Paris, I gave the lady the arm to get off the plane. At that point the lady (who really knew who that guy was) said:

“Mr. Barone, you are not only a great artist, but also a very polite person”.

Since then a nice friendship has been born with Mrs. Monti.

Dear Piero, you’re really a special person!!! While I was watching all this live, I felt very proud of our boys.

Piero Speaking

Ignazio then takes the microphone and gives a speech to the boys in the room, tells them to never give up and to always pursue their dreams, that only in this way can they come true.

Gianluca instead talks about the next projects, 10 years of career. He says they have recorded a Latin record as a “tribute to Latin music” and to show that they can do something else.

Therefore, it is clear the concept, it is a tribute, and not a definitive turning point!!

And these are some photos and videos of the previous night where the guys sang GRANDE AMORE and MY WAY, very elegant and good as always.

The guys with their award

Piero and Gianluca at event

✨Special Evening✨beautiful place #Tuscany @labagnaiaresort #ilvolo

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Below is a clip of the guys singing GRANDE AMORE at the event.

Beautiful evening and a beautiful award. Nothing was leaked of all this, surprises are always around the corner.

And our guys know how to surprise us.


Credit to owners of all photos and video.

NOCHE SIN DIA by Daniela

Finally this long wait is over!!

The single NOCHE SIN DIA has been released, and is visible to everyone, on every page, including the official page of IL VOLO.

IL VOLO and Gente de Zona

Or rather, I have to rectify, because the video is visible to almost everyone, but for us Italians, it is not at all.

Unfortunately this is an unpleasant situation, but I’m sure it does not depend on the will of the boys, so for the moment we do not talk about it.

Let’s talk about music and video instead.

Here it is.

Let’s talk about the video.

Beautiful, captivating, engaging.

I see three guys who want to have fun, who want to dance, without excesses, without coarse manner, without vulgarity, without dancing with obscene movements. They are boys who aspire to a healthy fun, dressed in particular, colorful and lively clothes.

The script is beautiful, the movements also.

We do not think of NOTTE MAGICA or GRANDE AMORE, we think of many guys in the disco who want to have fun dancing and without having excesses . . . a nice party, in short.

I would say positive.

IL VOLO Gianluca Tweet

Let’s talk about music.

The rhythm is beautiful, stimulating, repetitive but not boring.

There are no swear words, no vulgarity, or masculine references typical of reggaeton, I would say it is very detached from reggaeton. I would say that is a rhythm to dance, to have fun.

The words are beautiful, they speak of love,

“There is no night without a day
There is no rain without water
That would be, of life
Without love it would not exist.”

Certainly their voices, here have a secondary role, it is true, but maintain a gentle harmony and that do not present the discord, typical of certain songs that are said “fashionable” and to which everything is excused.

I like it.


Marie and I exchanged opinions on the new single Noche Sin Dia, and Marie sent me this beautiful article that I enclose and which I report this beautiful statement.

Thanks Marie !!

This is an excerpt from the blog post:

“As opposed to their usual classic pop fare, the track instead sees them delightfully venturing into the globally popular genre of reggaeton, and although the sound is surprising some fans, the boys have not foregone the element that helped make them famous from the start–their powerhouse vocals and message of love. Rather, the song is giving them a fresh new and radio-friendly appeal not only for the Latin market but for the world.”

Music Notes Global Blog Post  – Click Here

IL VOLO screen shot

Summing up:

My opinion is positive. The boys did not distort their image, on the contrary, they tried to give their imprint in a different rhythm.

Not everyone will appreciate this type of music, but even when they faced NOTTE MAGICA, many fans said they would not follow them anymore.

Honestly, I do not think IL VOLO will abandon their style, but I think they have proven to be able to tackle anything.

They are young and it is right that they are also followed by young people. Let’s face it, too, their songs did not involve the boys their age too much.

They will always have a special eye for their more mature fans, and their repertoire will include this, but also all that they have performed before.

Here in Italy they have always called them “young old” because they present again songs of other times, the radio and the musical transmissions NEVER pass their songs. If this experiment can serve to approach people who would NEVER listen to IL VOLO on principle . . . welcome!

This project is welcome, if it is necessary to open up eyes and ears to people who do not know what voices these guys have. But they will notice, that IL VOLO, is this and even more.

Of course this is just my opinion, tell me yours.


Credit to owners of all photos and video.

Desire of the Sea by Daniela

We are all here in a frenetic wait for the new single, but the days go by and nothing new for now on the horizon.

But what are the guys doing???

SEA, SEA, SEA, desire of the sea.

We start from the oldest: Piero

SEA_Hotel du Cap-Eden-Roc.png

SEA Cap d'antibes

SEA Piero

He is located in France, on the Côte d’Azur. How lucky he is in the company of friends.

How sweet that you are Piero!


But where is Ignazio ???

Here he is playing on the beach at LIDO DELLE NAZIONI, on the Adriatic Sea in the province of Ferrara.

He too is with friends, I would say that it seems very happy, how nice to see him like that.


And the youngest, where is he???

Gianluca too is at the sea.

He is also on the Adriatic Sea, in San Benedetto del Tronto.

He is the most poetic of all, he wrote on social media: “The smell of the sea, the sand under the fingers, the air, the wind ….”

Also Gianluca here in the company of friends.

Ok guys, you had fun and also in good company.

But now we want to see you together again in your new project.

You have rested and we are very happy with this, but now give us even more happiness by letting us listen to your last new single FINALLY.


Credit to owners of all photos and videos.