Happy 23rd Birthday, Gian!


Happy Birthday, Gian! From shotziew@cox.net  < — Click here to view e-card

Gianluca, your smooth, silky voice has enchanted me ever since I first heard you and the others in 2009. Wishing you a Very, Very Happy Birthday, and wishing you nothing but the best in the years to come. Sending you much love from Minnesota – Allene Shipman.


Tanti auguri Gianluca!  Spero che oggi ti trova bene e felice e piena di divertimento.  Ho visitato il tuo carino paese di Montepagano l’estate scorso, (ma tu non c’eri).  Ti auguro con tutto il mio cuore un anno piena di successo e belle giornate.  Ho partecipato a Quattro Il Volo concerti finora.  L’ultima a Los Angeles-una meraviglia!!  Mai smettere di cantare per noi…Baci, Manola DeMunda


Love you guys…hope your special day is great! Best wishes, Julia

Carissimo Gianluca

Sei un artista molto bravo e un ragazzo molto bello, ma la cosa più preziosa che ammiro in te è questo tuo essere così dolce e sensibile.
Ventitre anni e così tanta bravura e così tanta serietà ti distinguono.
L’amore per la tua famiglia e per la tua terra è sempre portato nel tuo cuore.
Non voglio dirti di essere bravo, perchè già lo sei, non voglio dirti di essere umile perchè già lo sei.
Non cambiare Gianluca.

I MIEI MIGLIORI AUGURI : Daniela dall’Italia

(translation:  Dear Gianluca;  You are a very good artist and a very nice boy, but the most precious thing I admire in you is this being so sweet and sensitive.  Twenty-three years and so much skill and so much seriousness distinguish you. Love for your family and for your land is always brought into your heart.
I do not want to tell you to be good, because you already are, I do not want to tell you to be humble because you already are.  Do not change Gianluca.  MY BEST GREETINGS: Daniela from Italy)


Happy Birthday, Gian, from Irene and Ann Louise in L.A. We are wishing you happiness for you and your entire family in the coming year.

I have a birthday riddle for you! (If you need help ask Piero!) “Who has the Pavarotti tickets?” Answer: “Our Aunt Kathie!”
She handed them to you and you showed them to Piero at the PBS fundraising reception in Minneapolis, Minnesota last March. At your L.A. concert a couple days later, Ann Louise and I bought tickets to the Meet and Greet, but I didn’t have a chance that night to even say hello to you. So here I have my chance to say “Ciao, and Buon Compleanno! Con un abbraccio!” Irene. (P. S. Ann Louise also sings in a popular trio in L.A: “Honey Whiskey Trio.” Maybe you could look them up. They are all over YouTube. Maybe some day the six of you will have a gig together!) Be safe, sempre. Love, Irene


Dear precious Gianluca,  I feel the earth awake and the stars twinkle in the Light of your beautiful heart and your magnificent voice.

May this birthday remembrance and all year long bring you joy, fulfillment, wonderful surprises, and your heart’s desires!

I celebrate your magnificence along with your beloved IL VOLO brothers in every Canzone Per Te!
Happy happy birthday!
Con Amore,
Jeanine DuBois


Best wishes for a “ Happy Birthday “ Gianluca .  I hope you come back to the United States in 2018 !

From,  R. Bilotta


Happy Birthday!          buon compleanno!          ¡feliz cumpleaños!

herzlichen Glϋckwunsch zum Geburtstag

Spero che tu abbia una giornata meravigliosa, piena d’amore e felicità con la tua famiglia ed i tuoi amici.

Looking forward to many more magical concert nights. Keep posting those wonderfully beautiful photos and fun-loving videos. Eagerly waiting for the new album.

Ti voglio bene,

Angelica Rosas

Las Vegas, NV



I hope you have a beautiful and happy birthday. May God give you good health and joy in your life. We wish you goodwill. You are always in our thoughts.

Love always,  Inés Rosas – Las Vegas, NV


My Dearest Gianluca,
Following your incredible journey for the last eight years has brought me more happiness and then you can ever imagine !! Your magnificent voice,loving heart and the concerts,M&G’s, Italy and my amazing Ilvolover friends have opened up a whole new beautiful world for me !!
May your special day be filled with love❤,wrapped with laughter 😄and blessed with happiness😊!! I know more of your dreams are going to come true for you in 2018 !!


Happy “23rd” Birthday !!   Lots of Love, Joan Brenin


You make so many people very happy with your beautiful voice and internal spirit.
We will always be loyal fans. We are thankful to your Mother and Father for raising such a great son.
Maria and Alan Hahn


Dear beautiful Gianluca,
we wish you a very, very happy birthday. You give so much ecstatic happiness to so many that it is only proper that you should also experience enormous joy.
Your incredible, deep velvet voice reaches parts of our souls that nothing else can, it is amazing. We adore your warm loving personality which you combine with humour and humility, you are an incredible person.
May all our dreams and aspirations continue to come true and your birthday be a truly special day,
with all our love Sue and Graham , Nottinghamshire UK


Gian, send your mother flowers for giving you this birthday, then enjoy a very happy one! -Tricianna


Dearest Gianluca,

Your exquisite voice is a wonderful gift from God.  You honor Him with your constant pursuit of expanding your talent.  Your kindness and generosity are additionally appreciated.  Have a fun birthday celebration.    P.S. In addition to sending your Mother flowers to say thank you…chocolates would be a nice additional touch!

Sandi E., Ohio, USA


Great grandmama Beverly and a few family members pictured.  Bless you forever.  My sweet husband of 65 years passed on three years ago, his birthday is February 4th. You are loved…


Buon Compleanno Gian !!!!   Jean Haines


My warmest Happy Birthday wishes to you, Gianluca. May your New Birthday year be one of joyful and fun events, while singing your way into countless numbers of loving hearts. God bless you!!! ♥ Nonna Harriett ♥ from Chicago, IL♥




Connie J. Bruns


I wish Gianluca a very happy birthday. He is so talented and I wish him many more years of success.
Lucy Galasso, New York, USA


Dear Gianluca,

Happy Birthday and best wishes for a year filled with love, peace, joy and good health!

Loved seeing you, Piero and Ignazio at your “Una Notte Magica” concerts in Easton and at Radio City Music Hall.  They really were magical nights with the most beautiful music! Looking forward to the new CD.  Even if you don’t tour in 2018, I hope you will be able to make some appearances in the US because we miss you!

God bless you, your family, and friends and much love to all!

Margaret Ladolcetta

Happy Birthday Gianluca– Bon Compleanno. Here we are celebrating another birthday. It seems just like yesterday that you won San Remo music competition and was celebrating your twentieth! What a week that was for you and look at all the accomplishments you have had since then! I attended your Notte Magica concert in Miami–breathtaking!! I look forward to your new music in 2018!!
Best wishes, ciao Annette, Naples, Fl. 🎂🎂🎉🎉

My birthday wish for you, Gian, is:

Laughter to kiss your lips;

Beauty for your eyes to see;

Sunsets to warm your heart;

Rainbows to follow the clouds;

Smiles when sadness intrudes;

Tight hugs when spirits sag;

Kisses on your forehead to comfort you

Confidence for when you doubt;

Patience to accept the truth

Courage to know yourself;

Love to complete your life.

Above all ride the energy of your own unique spirit and never sacrifice your family, your heart or your dignity.

Roxanne Pappas


Happy birthday, Gianluca. Thank you for being the sweet gentleman that you are. Hope it is a wonderful day full of love, laughter and lots of surprises.

Lots of love, Laura Parish


Well young man, another birthday for you means another year of sweet music for me.  We both have a reason to celebrate!

Avere una giornata grande e divertente il mio giovane idolo,   ~Marie Crider

                                       BUON  COMPLEANO GIANLUCA ~~ Gale Wall

Caro Gianluca,

Last March you wished ME “Buon Compleanno” at my first Meet & Greet and IL VOLO concert in Chicago. I will NEVER forget it!  And now it is MY turn to send “Auguri” back to you on your 23rd birthday!

I know you will have a wonderful day celebrating with friends and family.

I wish you, Piero and Ignazio much success and Buona Fortuna with your new album! I can’t wait to hear it!

Pat Ward in Missouri USA 

from Pat Ward


For Dearest Gianluca:   Happy Birthday wishes

For Gianluca: perfect Valentine hugs and kisses

For your special day:  many happy hours with family and friends

Enjoy!  Luv Ya!  Julie Bernache

Dear Gianluca,

Happy Birthday or Sto Lat! (as we the Polish say).  For your birthday I wish you smiles from your dear ones, sun on your face, peace and happiness in your heart, and God’s blessings for every day of your life.  I pray for Il Volo’s safety and your happiness every day.

May God keep step with you,


A very Happy Birthday to the golden, velvet voice of Gianluca. You are special in so many ways. Your great personality matches your talent. A Bass, Baritone and Tenor, you stand tall with brothers Ignazio, Piero Two great tenors, together you guys make that awesome wonderful sound that’s uniquely Il Volo. Congratulations. Vincent (Brooklyn, ny)


Dear Gianluca,
Happy 23rd Birthday! I will be thinking of you today on your special day wishing you the happiest and joyful of days surrounded by everyone and everything you cherish. You have brought immeasurable happiness to this fan and many many more by your incredible voice, your kindness, humility and always always by how you live your life and share the incredible gift that God gave you with us all. I wish always for you good health, happiness and to keep soaring high into the stratosphere with your special brothers.
I hope you will know especially on your birthday all the people you have given happiness to just by being YOU.
Love & Blessings Always
Margaret D. Mirailh

Happy birthday to our special crooner. Your  voice keeps our hearts beating and your eyes soft and sensuous gives us peace. Joanie G in california

Dear Gianluca,
I wish you the happiest of birthdays! You are an incredible singer and genuine person. I look forward to seeing you in concert again AND listening to that new CD!
Love from Minnesota, Jane

Dear Gian,
Have a wonderful birthday and a blessed year!
Jeanette Hicks

Dear Gianluca

 I wish for you a birthday full of wonderful things. May your dreams come true.

I’ve watched you grow from a young teen to the amazing young man you are now, sharing your gift of music, your thoughts and hopes with your many thousands of fans. We love you just the way you are!   Penina Honig (Toronto)

Wishing a very happy 23rd BD to one of the nicest, sweetest, most handsome and  most talented singers in the world today.  I hope your day is special and filled with everything you desire.  Happy Birthday dear Gianluca!!
Janet from San Francisco

Happy Birthday, Gian! From Leslie Newall  < — click here to see card

Joining my voice with all the others who are wishing you a very Happy Birthday! May your special day be filled with love, Family, Friends, Fans. Thanks for being you. From Texas, LindaP

Caro Gianluca,
Buon Compleanno.     23 annos.  Tanti  Auguri!!
Have a wonderful birthday with Family & Friends!!  I am sure this year will hold more triumphs in your musical career! I love your beautiful baritone voice & the songs you sing!! Loved Bridge Over Troubled Water when you sang it at the Dolby Theater in the 2016 LA Concert!!   Notte Magica is marvelous music bringing enchantment to the audience with  each performance!! Gian, you are such a sweet, empathetic, loving young man! Thank you for the joy & happiness you & the beauty of your music have given me!!   Amore, Nonna, Anne Quinto

 I wish you a Happy Birthday Gianluca. May your deepest and wildest dreams come true today and may you never stray from the true path as you continue your amazing journey. Grande abbraccio, all the way from South Africa. Ineke Poisson.

Dear Gianluca,  Buon Compleano, Hronia Polla, Happy Birthday. I know you don’t remember but I got the biggest, sweetest hug from you at a meet and greet. I will never forget it, it meant so much to me. You have a way of making everyone feel so special even for a moment. I love you and your family. Grazie.  ~~ Rosemarie P.


Dear Gianluca –

It goes without saying that we all adore you!  You send us your precious selfies just to remind us how much you care about your fans and want to make us smile!  We can’t help but smile, when we look into your beautiful hazel green eyes, the curls of your hair and grin on your face…. Grazie mille, for being so pure of heart and voice.  We saw you last year in Detroit, Chicago, Atlanta, and a few of us saw you at the Estefan’s Kitchen in Miami.  Tanti aguri, amico mio!  

♥♥The Detroit Il Volo Gals:  Sharon, Chris, Donna, Lorna, Ginny, Barb T, Barb D, Magdalena, Jeannette, and Jana♥♥

And in the end, it’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years.Abraham Lincoln

HAPPY BIRTHDAY from Gina in Texas


 Gian you really are the Best crooner on the planet from Loretta from Canada HAPPY BIRTHDAY AGAIN

Gian’s Birthday: Last “Last Call”


This is it….

Last Last Call!

Please send your well wishes to:


by 9pm tonight.

The original post has been updated with all of people who have sent messages up till this morning.  If you don’t see your name, please send your message to us again and let me know (you can email me personally at kelquishe@hotmail.com).  I will update the names again in the morning.  Thank you all for your participation, and welcome to the new people who have joined and sent messages!

~~ Kelly

Sanremo Update! by Daniela and Pat

Today Daniela emailed us a website link to RAI 1 TV. Here is her note:

Hello ,

For all those who do not have the chance to see Sanremo, I send you the link to watch the streaming.

I hope everything works.

Here there is a lot of emotion for tonight.

We must make our love feel.

A hug to all: Daniela


I was unable to view anything at that site. The message states “The streaming of this content is available in Italy only. We apologize for the inconvenience.”

I looked online and found this link that worked for me:


I have been watching the show, In Vita in Diretta, all morning. There are quite a few folks on stage commenting about the Sanremo Festival. They are also interviewing some of the people performing at tonight’s event. At one point I saw the guys of IL VOLO outside the studio sneaking behind Sting as he was being interviewed by a lady named Barbara. You couldn’t miss Gianluca’s bright yellow sweater with BLIND FOR LOVE on the front! I was hoping they would interview them too and sure enough a little while later Barbara was climbing into their van to speak with the guys and Michele Torpedine, their manager. Here is a screen shot from that interview.

IL VOLO Interview Screen Shot

The transmission starts at 8.35 pm tonight Sanremo time.

This just in! A message just popped up on my Instagram saying, “Tonight headed on the Facebook page, pierobaronehouseteca_ufficiale, we give the chance to those who can’t connect in euro vision to see the boys of IL VOLO.” You might try that as another way to view the broadcast.

ALSO!  Gianluca just posted on Instagram that they will sing at 9:30pm Sanremo time! Looks like the guys will be performing an hour into the broadcast tonight.

Thanks to Daniela for sending the RAI 1 link. I hope it will work for some of us. If not, give the link I found a try or the Facebook page above. One way or the other we should all be able to watch! 🙂

Credit to all owners of videos and photos.

Dalla sedia verde: Have we lost our lust?

New byline… dalla sedia verde or “from the green chair” in Italian….

Ah, sitting once again, in my sedia verde! Yes, it’s been a while now…. As most of you know, my work life was turned upside down last fall, and besides Il Volo, my work is my life, ergo, my life was also turned upside down and I was in an emotional roller coaster.

 I expect things to settle down soon though. 😊

But I believe good omens are upon me…. I went to my favorite Italian restaurant tonight for a carry out. They often play Italian-themed music, Sinatra, the The 3 Tenors, etc. We never hear Il Volo though…. However, tonight, as I walked in, I heard the unmistakable voices of our guys singing Mama! I stopped to listen, very closely, as they often play the 3 Tenors version. No, it was clearly Gianluca I was hearing, and then pretty sure Piero and Ignazio. I asked the girl behind the bar who was playing, she didn’t know. I said I was pretty sure it was Il Volo. Blank eyes stared back at me. She said it was “PBR?” station? I was not sure what she said. I asked her to go find out, as I listened and listened, I was more convinced it was our precious 3. She came back and said it was the “Bocelli” station. Perhaps like on Spotify, or Amazon Prime Music, you can specify a certain artists “station” and they play their songs, along with other similar artists. Well, I couldn’t resist telling her that I was pretty sure it was Il Volo. Of course, I just had to show her my phone with my wallpaper picture of Ignazio and I. I showed it to her saying, “This is Il Volo….” She seemed to glance, as she was wiping down the bar, and then when she took a real look, her eyes immediately bugged out in surprise! As she looked up with surprising incredulity, I said, yeah, I’m a big fan….and told her this song was recorded at their concert at the Detroit Opera House, as I heard the audience clapping… I left with a smile on my face. I may not have added a new feather to my fan base, but I may have gotten her thinking? 😊
The temps have been mild here and the fog was rolling in. It had been a hazy day. I thoroughly enjoyed my pollo pepperanato, salad, bread, and this awesome peach spumante. Belly full and sated, I sat in my favorite sedia verde and promptly fell asleep.
I awoke to this tapping on my window. Scared me, as I looked out, I swear I saw the face of Gianluca! No, it must have been too much peach wine! The fog had rolled in thicker now and I had forgotten to close the blinds when I got home. I looked again, and sure enough, Gian’s beautiful face and penetrating green eyes, were staring back at me in the swirling fog, beckoning at my window.  He wanted to know if he could come in. I’m thinking, my apartment is a disaster area! No way was I letting him in here, but as I looked around, it was spotless and neat as a pin. Ok, I must really be dreaming now! Lol! Ok, then! I went to the door and he was suddenly there. I let him in. I managed not to faint and asked him what he was doing there and how did he find me? He said, like Santa, they know where all the fans are! Especially those from the Flight Crew! “And you are here, why?,” I asked. Yep, leave it to me, to look a gift Gian in the mouth! Lol! He said all of the guys had heard how down we all were, since the guys didn’t have any concerts planned and could tell how sad we were. They decided they wanted to make us happy and to let us know that even though they weren’t officially performing, that they are always thinking of their fans and wanted to remind us that they were always there for us – “per te ci saro!”
“Oh,” I said, “that’s awesome!” He said he was also concerned about me! “Why?” He said he felt I was losing interest a bit myself and he wanted to be sure to remind me why I started to follow them in the beginning…. “Ok,” I said and before I could muster out an “how are you going to do that?” I was suddenly whisked off to my mom’s house, at Christmas time, where I sat flipping through the cable channels and happened upon PBS and the Takes Flight concert!
Ah, there was my Ignazio… chubby-cheeked, dimple-faced, adorable tenor that he was, even back then. Yes, the feelings quickly came back to me. Then I was seeing how excited I was when I was calling my one friend, Melinda, to tell her to quick, turn on PBS and listen to these guys. She’s like, yeah, yeah, not really interested. Oh, I said, you HAVE to watch them, they are awesome! I then watched myself again, sitting mesmerized watching the 2nd showing of the concert. It was so late at night by then, but I sat there like a little kid who had just seen Santa Claus! The joy, wonderment, and awe…
I forgot for a moment that Gian was even there, watching me. As I turned to him, he had the biggest smile on his face. He looked at me with those gorgeous hazel green eyes and said, “Yes, I think it’s starting to come back to you now…” I looked back at him and gave him the biggest hug! I was afraid it was a dream and he was just in my imagination, but it was real. He was real and his body had grown so strong from all of his workouts. He gave me back the best hug ever. I even kissed him on the cheek. “So where to now?” I asked. “Oh, there are a few more places I want you to remember…..” 😊
Ok, fast forward to about the end of August 2013. I must have told mom somewhere along the way, that I really liked this Il Volo group. I was upstairs, in my room and I remember her telling me that Il Volo was going to be on PBS soon. Oh! Awesome! Again, Gian was watching me as I watched the concert. This was their We Are Love Concert from Miami. Although “Beautiful Day” was an “old” song, I had never heard it before. I was quickly enamored and surprised when I saw my chubby-cheeked, dimple-faced, Ignazio, not so chubby anymore! I said, Gian, what really happened? He told me Igna had gotten some bad sushi, got really sick, and lost quite a bit of weight. He and Piero were really worried about him and then he kept on with the diet. As Gian was sitting there, I told him that this was when I decided that I just HAD to see them in concert when they came back, but that the September concert would be too soon and it was on my mom’s birthday!
We did a quick fast-forward to Christmas time again. They were replaying their Christmas concert on PBS. I was in heaven – figuratively speaking, of course. Gian asked me which song was my favorite. I replied, “O Holy Night…” By that time, I think I had purchased their Takes Flight, Christmas, and We Are Love CDs, maybe even the DVDs, too, I really can’t remember…. Anyway, PBS was announcing they had “special tickets” for their upcoming concert in June next year at Freedom Hill! What? Oh, wow, I’m going! They were in the VIP section! I quickly ordered these tickets. I was tickled, we were going. I didn’t even know who else was going with me, but I was going! Again, Gian is watching me. I said, “What?” He said, “I just love watching you, you were so excited!”
Suddenly, it was June 2014, Ginny and I were on our way to Freedom Hill. We had a nice dinner and were on our way to the concert when I realized we were going the wrong way! Oh no, U-turn…. Gian was laughing at me. I said, “Be quiet…!” 😊 We finally arrived at the concert, we still had lots of time, but the lot was filling up quickly. Reliving that concert, with Gian by my side, was so incredible. We even sang together on a few of the songs….”this time….” That was really one of my favorites, especially when Igna kind of takes it and runs with it! It was fun to see me watch Igna trying to find his Maria to sing to…. Even Gian said, “Look, he’s so close to you and then he stops!” True, but it was fun anyway. We did not know there was such a thing as meet/greets at that point and it’s a good thing, as I don’t think we would have afforded them anyway. We simply floated home after that concert. Gian asked me if I was having a good time? Well, of course, how could I not be?
We then had flashes of me at my job, trying to convert every soul that passed by my desk… “do you like opera? Ever heard of Il Volo? They are like the 3 Tenors…” Etc., Etc…. Every so often, I’d snag a new fan, it was so much fun. Gian was just looking on – fairly surprised. He had no idea their fans were so, well, fanatic! 😊 He said, “I wondered how our fan base grew so quickly – I guess this was part of it?” I even found an internet radio station that played “We Are Love.” He was really surprised to hear that and had no idea it was playing on radio stations in the US.
One thing that Gian didn’t know was that Igna was my inspiration for losing some weight. He did say they had heard Igna had inspired many ladies to lose some weight. Gian, hope you don’t mind, but you do know that Igna is my favorite, right? He said, “That’s ok, I know most of the fans have a favorite.”
Then we watched how I went home every night to scan the internet, just looking for anything and everything Il Volo. Gian was so surprised at that and then even he enjoyed reliving some of the videos I had found! Then he came with me on my walks around the block. He marveled at my joy and enthusiasm, singing to the songs on my MP3 player.
Yes, I said, I really needed to get back to that again soon. I’ve fallen off the wagon a bit… He said he understood and that they would always be there for me!

We even took a quick look at how all of the Detroit Il Volo gals, first met.  Of course, there were just a small group of us then.  We met at Antonio’s for Gianluca’s birthday.  “Look Gian, we met all because of you!”  “Awe…,” he said, “you really had a good time!” “Yes!” “We really made some good friends that night!”  “Gian, remember?  It was also the first night you guys sang Grande Amore at Sanremo?”
Of course, the following spring was their Pompeii concert. Gian told me how excited they were to do another concert for PBS from Italy, their home country. I told him how much we loved it as well and that Sharon, almost went!

Suddenly, we were flying again and it was June 2015.  Rumors were flying that they might come to town to promote their Pompeii concert at PBS.  Gian said they tried to keep it a secret as much as possible, but word got out and quickly spread like wildfire.  He said they were pretty excited also about the exclusive meet/greet at PBS!  We happened upon the day that I heard from Marie, that they were going to have the meet/greet.  It didn’t take much for me to remember this moment in time.  I had already signed up for PBS, just hoping I could be there on the night Il Volo was there.  Gian watched in awe as I returned texts and phone calls with Marie.  I was literally having secret conversations in the old-fashioned phone booth in our newly restored, historic Ford building.  I had been saving up money, just for this occasion.  Without hesitation, I gave all my credit card and personal info to someone I had never met!  Lol!  I told Marie, I was not taking any chances on missing this opportunity.  She had met them before, but it was my first time.  Again, Gian is watching… he had no idea we went through such turmoil, angst, and conniving!  He said, “Wow, I had no idea you went through all this, just to see us?  We are just 3 guys from Italy, singing and having fun!” – he said with a twinkle in his eye.  Ok, sure, downplay it Gian…  I told him I have never been so close to such an awesome celebrity before and I kept hearing from others that they were so nice to their fans, etc.  With that, he gave me this great little shoulder hug and even kissed me on the cheek!  Ok, now I was in heaven…. 🙂 

I then got the email from Marie that said we got the tickets!  I’m looking at myself and it was hard to tell, but I think I was in shock.  “Gian,” I said, “I remember this day so vividly.  After I read the news, I just couldn’t sit still for the rest of the day.  My heart was pounding and I was literally shaking.  I could not concentrate on work for the remainder of the day.  I remember running down to see the other admin and telling her of the news.”  Sure enough, there I was, just feeling like a Mexican jumping bean in my chair!  I could not wait until I got home.  “Gian,” I said, “watch…. I’m taking my walk and literally skipping around the block.”  I told him he couldn’t really read my mind, or hear me, but I was saying “I’m going to meet Il Volo – over, and over again!”  Gian started humming… we are love….

Part II to come….


Happy New Year! 2018!

Happy New Year! 2018 Is Here! I’m sure we have all made our new year resolutions by now, let’s hope no one has broken them already!? 😊 Does anyone’s resolution include seeing the guys, no matter what, this year? Let’s hope so! As we know, our guys had a busy year in 2017. I thought I’d do a little year in review – Notte Magica style!

nottemagica header

The first lucky audience was the United States!

2-Mar-17 Easton, PA
4-Mar-17 New York, NY
7-Mar-17 Philadelphia, PA
9-Mar-17 Washington, DC
11-Mar-17 Mashantucket, CT
14-Mar-17 Boston, MA

16-Mar-17 Detroit, MI
18-Mar-17 Chicago, IL
20-Mar-17 Minneapolis, MN
23-Mar-17 Los Angeles, CA
25-Mar-17 Las Vegas, NV
27-Mar-17 San Jose, CA
30-Mar-17 Tampa, FL
1-Apr-17 Miami, FL
3-Apr-17 Atlanta, GA


After a short break, they flew back to Europe!

24-Apr-17 Zurich, CH
26-Apr-17 Brussels, BE
3-May-17 Roccaraso (AQ)
5-May-17 Turin, IT
6-May-17 Bologna, IT
9-May-17 Milan, IT
12-May-17 Rome, IT
13-May-17 Rome, ITarena di verona - leonora
15-May-17 Ancona, IT
17-May-17 Livorno, IT
19-May-17 Verona, IT
20-May-17 Verona, IT
23-May-17 London, UK
1-Jun-17 Taormina, IT
3-Jun-17 Taormina, IT
4-Jun-17 Taormina, IT
8-Jun-17 Malta
10-Jun-17 Naples, IT
15-Jun-17 Dusseldorf, DE
16-Jun-17 Hamburg, DE
18-Jun-17 Moscow, RU
24-Jun-17 Madrid, ES
26-Jun-17 Warsaw, PL
28-Jun-17 Vienna, AT
30-Jun-17 Sofia, BG
8-Jul-17 Palmanova, IT
9-Jul-17 Padova, IT
21-Jul-17 Lucca, IT
28-Jul-17 Pula, IT
23-Oct-17 Kiev, Ukraine

Then it was off to sunny (and a bit shaky) Latin America!

7-Sep-17 Mexico City, MX
9-Sep-17 Monterrey, MX
10-Sep-17 Guadalajara, MX
13-Sep-17 Santo Domingo, DO
15-Sep-17 Panama City, PA
17-Sep-17 Quito, ECcuritiba 1
19-Sep-17 State of Ceara, Brazil
21-Sep-17 Sao Paolo
23-Sep-17 Sao Paolo, Brazil
24-Sep-17 Sao Paolo, Brazil
26-Sep-17 Buenos Aires, Argentina
28-Sep-17 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
30-Sep-17 Santiago, Chile

They had a few months break, it was off to Japan!

29-Nov-17 Tokyo, Japan
1-Dec-17 Kawasaki, Japan


How many concerts were you at? 🙂 


Hope you enjoyed Notte Magica – year in review!